Kuwait. Travel and vacations in Kuwait, oil, gold and boredom.


Population 2,789,132 People Kuwait Territory 17,820 sq. km Located on the continent Middle East Capital Kuwait Kuwait Money in Kuwait Dinar (KWD) Domain zone .kw Country phone code 965


The capital of Kuwait, reflecting the country’s rapid economic growth, has the privilege of hosting guests in upscale hotels. The most popular hotel in the country is Al Manshar Rotana – Kuwait. For less wealthy tourists will find accommodation at a lower price: “Hawthorn Hotel & Suites” – hotel with four stars, “Oasis Hotel” and “Shiik Hotel & Resort” – with three stars. The most expensive hotel in Hawally is “The Palms Beach Hotel & Spa” and the cheapest is “Continental Hawally Hotel”. In total, there are 62 hotels in Kuwait.

The climate of Kuwait:: Dry in the desert. Intensely hot summers. Short, cold winters.


The main attraction of the capital of Kuwait, are three huge towers. They were originally designed as reservoirs for water. The tallest tower is 187 meters high. Now they are equipped with an observation deck and a restaurant. It is also worth visiting the ancient island of Failaka, once a colony of Greece. From the capital to the island is a ferry. Among the attractions of the country is the mosque of Ibn Hammes, which conveys a real oriental flavor. A historical monument of architecture is the palace of Emir Old Seif Palace, which contains centuries of history.

Terrain in Kuwait:: Flat or slightly undulating desert plain.


Leisure activities in Kuwait can be found in a wide variety. For fans of passive, beach holidays, tourists are offered a Cape As-Zuur. Lovers of active leisure can visit the numerous sports clubs and stadiums, which hold a variety of competitions. Those who wish have the opportunity to take part in fishing for pearls. Those who are interested in fauna of the country will be impressed with the bird sanctuary of Kuwait. Fans of wildlife will enjoy a holiday in Umm Al Kuwait. For lovers of horses, a pleasant surprise will be the academy of horseback riding, with rare breeds. The main center of leisure in Kuwait is the “Entertainment City” – an amusement park and festivals. Gourmets will enjoy the local cuisine, a feature which is a complete absence of pork. Main meat dishes are made of lamb.

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Kuwait has resources like: : Oil, fish, natural gas.


The first cultural center worth visiting while on vacation in Kuwait is definitely the Kuwaiti National Museum. It is rightly considered the owner of the best collection of Islamic art in the world. Unfortunately, not all exhibits have survived. Some of them were destroyed during the Iraqi aggression.

Also in the country there are private museums: Tareg Rajab, Dar Al-Atar, the Museum of Science and Natural History, where the famous 18-meter sculpture “Skeleton of a Whale” and the Maritime Museum, located across the street from the hotel Radisson SAS.

Kuwaiti Money: The main currency is the Kuwaiti dinar, which is represented by bills of ¼, half, one, five, ten and twenty dinars. Foreign exchange is in the form of fills. The largest coin is 100 fils and the smallest is 5 fils. Dinar is a very stable convertible currency.

Resorts of Kuwait

Almost the entire territory of Kuwait is a resort area. Among the popular vacation spots are the islands of Karoo, Kubbar, Warba, Failaka, Bubiyan, and Umm al-Maradim, washed by the Persian Gulf, which locals call Arabian. The climate on the islands is dry and hot, and spring is considered the best season. Summers are too hot, sandstorms are not uncommon in spring and downpours in winter. When choosing a place to rest, you should focus on a civilized area. Kuwait – is a sparsely populated country, so life boils only in the capital. There you can find entertainment for all tastes. The most popular places for swimming are Messila beach, Al-Okeila and Sea Front.


Transport links between Kuwait and other countries are either by air or water. There is only one international airport in the country, located 15 km. from the capital. Flights are carried by national airline “Kuwait Airways Company”. The central seaport of the state is Kuwait. Most of the country’s imports pass through it. The center of oil transportation is Mena El-Ahmadi port. There are no railroads in Kuwait. The most convenient mode of transport is a cab. It is also possible to rent a car. The most popular car rental company is Europcar.

Standard of living

Kuwait is an example of the true economic miracle. After gaining independence 42 years ago, the state became the rightful owner of its own oil fields. Since 1990, the industry has added $140 billion to the treasury. Two years ago, the ruling house of Assabahs doubled the indemnities, introduced a law on emergency allowances and even gave their people a year of free food. These measures were taken as a matter of urgency after a wave of revolutions swept through the Arab East. Among the incredible innovations: the abolition of payments for public utilities and state regulation of prices. The authorities have total control over pricing.

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Cities in Kuwait

The capital of the Arab emirate of Kuwait, is the city of El-Kuwait, considered the center of civilization of the state. Since the mid-20th century, the city is considered a major industrial, business and tourist center of the East.

Almost all cities of Kuwait have names of resorts: Safat, Ardiyah, Mina-al-Ahmadi and are washed by the waters of the Persian Gulf. Also in the country are located cities: Hawalli, Salmiya, which have a small population, but by their status belong to the cities. Among the Kuwaitis, the city of Al-Jasrah is particularly respected. It was there, in 1920, that the then Emir defeated the invading forces of the Saudis.

Mysterious Kuwait (32 photos)

Mysterious Kuwait (32 photos)

Kuwait is one of the richest countries in the world. Its enormous oil reserves allow to live and not deny yourself anything. There is no place to spend money – Kuwait is little more than the Kaliningrad region, and there are only 3.5 million people, of which only 1 million are citizens. The oil revenues are distributed among this golden million. For example:

1. At their wedding the young couple receives from the state a gift of $250,000 (according to other sources – $15,000).

2. The salary of a doctor or teacher – $15,000 (here it should be noted that the locals do not work as rank-and-file doctors, but only occupy senior positions).

3. Land costs pennies for locals, a mortgage loan of $250,000 can be obtained at 0%. Most likely, half of the loan in 5-10 years will just be forgiven to you.

4. Health care and education are free.

5. If you want to study abroad, the government will pay for your flight, tuition, and a $2,000 scholarship.

6. If a Kuwaiti falls ill and cannot be treated at home, the government will pay for treatment in any country for the sick person, as well as all expenses for accompanying relatives.

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7. The child allowance is $200, payable until the baby is 26 (twenty-six) years old.

8. The allowance for a divorced woman is $1,400 a month until she finds a job.

9. The minimum pension is $3,000.

10. In 2007, the government forgave $1 billion in loans to citizens

11. sometimes they just give money away, for example, on the 50th anniversary of independence they gave out $3,500 to everybody.

12. Last year, everyone could get free basic necessities (rice, oil, chicken, etc.) for a year.

13. Monthly allowance for advanced degrees: $700 for a master’s degree, $1,400 for a doctorate

14. One-time bonus for teachers for length of service – 18 months salary. For men, 30 years of continuous service; for women, 25 years.

15. There are plenty of bonuses in general, on average every Kuwaiti gets another 50% on top of his salary in the form of bonuses.

Mysterious Kuwait (32 photos)

All these bonuses apply only to Kuwaiti citizens. 70% of the country’s population are disenfranchised guest workers who cater to the “golden million.” It is virtually impossible to obtain citizenship. Kuwait is just another small country bathed in oil. There is nothing interesting here, no history, no special culture or traditions. Kuwait is a huge shopping center in the aftermath of the desert, where fed, lazy Kuwaitis walk around, each served by 2 guest workers.

With a population of 3.5 million people, only 1 million are native Kuwaitis. These people hardly work at all. 80% of Kuwaitis are employed in the civil service, the rest work for a lot of money in commercial companies. Here’s how it goes:

All foreign companies that work in Kuwait are required by law to employ a certain percentage of the local population (same situation in Saudi Arabia, Oman and Bahrain), and they must be paid a very decent wage. Here is what the connoisseur writes:

“A particular case from the experience of a colleague. They hired a Kuwaiti as a factory worker, 10 thousand dollars salary, and a couple of Indians in his place for a pittance, because the Kuwaiti just does not go to work, and it is impossible to fire him. Not only that, when the administration needs his signature on some documents, they call him at home and ask him to come to work to sign, and he just answers: “You need it, you come.” They are met by a sleepy, fat Kuwaiti, who can’t even write, and he just gives them a stupid cross. In general, as a colleague said, Kuwaitis are mostly lazy fat people who were just lucky to be born in Kuwait.”

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But Kuwait has good laws. Yesterday, a Kuwaiti court sentenced a local man to five years in prison for insulting Emir Sabah al-Ahmad al-Sabah on Twitter. The prohibition against criticizing the emir here is written into the Kuwaiti constitution. Kuwait has been active in recent months in combating microblogging criticism of the country’s leadership. In January, a local journalist was sentenced to two years for criticism on Twitter…

Kuwait… a view of the non-business district of the capital… Good roads… Only there is nowhere to drive on them The main entertainment of well-fed Kuwaitis is cars. You can buy an off-road car and jump over dunes, or you can buy a sports car and crash into a pole. You might have seen some videos on the Internet with crazy Arab drifting “There was also a case, they were sorting out an accident that was called “a clash of two mentalities”. It went like this. Three young Kuwaiti engineers were driving home after work and got caught in a traffic jam. Without thinking twice, they took the wrong side of the road and drove around the traffic jam. A Hindu man in a jeep drives toward them (a Hindu man in a jeep is cool, your whole huge family in India will make legends about you, about how high you’ve climbed in your life. And God forbid a white person fall into the subordination of such a Hindu, he will remind you of all the oppression of the proud Indian people). Engineers drive on the wrong side of the road and flash their long-distance blinkers at the Hindu (like, are you nuts? We’re in our own country, pull over), and the Hindu drives in his lane and blinks his long-distance blinkers at the Kuwaitis (are you nuts? I’m driving in my lane, I’m right and I have a Jeep, I’m a cool Hindu.) So they’re driving towards each other and flashing their lights and no one is going to swerve. Insolent and stubborn! And what do you think? Collided head-on so that it was unclear later, where any car! Horses and people got mixed up! A meat grinder!” Business quarter Alcohol is completely banned in Kuwait. They don’t sell it at all, and if they find it at the border they can even send it home. But in terms of clothing for women, there are no restrictions. Although all the locals, of course, dress in black bags. Residential neighborhoods, guest workers live here. In Kuwait, there is a very strong division of neighborhoods. There are Egyptian, there are Indian, there are European. That said, a Hindu can’t move into a house where Europeans live, the ads always specify who can buy or rent an apartment in the house. For example: “Americans and Europeans only.” Skyscrapers… Construction of a new mosque Kuwaitis are very fat because food is almost the only entertainment here Residential neighborhoods for guest workers are very similar to ours. It is very hot in Kuwait in the summer, up to +50. There are drinking fountains at many of the intersections All the cars are under sheds. In the summer, people wear a glove on one hand to open the doors, and the handles get red-hot. No sidewalks, lots of parked cars and dirt. All as we have under the house are satellite dishes, on the roof are not allowed to put for some reason sidewalk In Kuwait, a lot of cats Tourism is not developed here. I think it’s impossible to get a tourist visa. There’s a lot of cold winds in the winter and 50 degrees Celsius in the summer. To this is added a strict ban on alcohol and dirty, empty sea. The fishermen of Krabiki … Fish … A Kuwaiti walks through the market and points his finger at the products of interest. Behind him walks a special guest worker and carries the bags That’s such a wonderful Kuwait One day is enough to see Kuwait. I do not want to come back here. U.S. Air Force planes over the burning oil fields of Kuwait. In 1991, the U.S. began liberating Kuwait after the Iraqi occupation. Retreating north, Iraqi troops used scorched earth tactics, burning all oil derricks and blowing up oil pipelines : fresher.ru

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