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La Pineda

La Pineda (photo)

La Pineda is a resort town located in the province of Taragona in the Catalan region of Spain. It was named after the pine trees growing in the area. La Pineda is located 100 km from Barcelona.

As befits a seaside resort town, it has many beaches, here are the largest ones: Playa de la Pineda, Playa de Els Prats, Playa de la Pineda, Playa de Raso. The latter is awarded a Blue Flag for its developed infrastructure and designated diving site.

In the center of La Pineda is located Aquopolis – la Pineda water park, its vast area is full of water attractions, mini-golf, as well as the Dolphinarium.

Coordinates: 41.08307100,1.18347000

Fountain on the waterfront

La Pineda is a young resort town in the Spanish province of Tarragona in the autonomous community of Catalonia. Near the seafront of La Pineda are these fountains. The peculiarity of the fountain is that you can run under water )))

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Torres Winery

Torres winery (photo)

The Torres Winery is a premier winery in Spain that has been producing wines since 1870. It is the best winery in Europe and around the world. Back in 1979 she won the palm in the tasting in Paris.

The Torres winery was founded at the end of the nineteenth century by Jaime Torres. The Torres family had been growing vineyards and making wine since the seventeenth century. Today the company is owned by the fifth generation of Torres. They have vineyards not only in Spain, but also in the US and Chile.

These days the president of the Torres company is Miguel A. Torres. His brother Juan Maria is responsible for public relations and the company’s image. Sister Marimar Torres heads a winery in the United States. The family’s vineyards, located 200-700 meters above sea level, now occupy more than 2,000 hectares of land.

Coordinates : 40.46967300,-3.74942700

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Pablo Casals Avenue

Pablo Casals Avenue (photo)

Pablo Casals Avenue is the main street as well as the promenade of the beautiful resort town of La Pineda. It is named after the famous Spanish musician, composer and social activist Pablo Casals. This street also has the title of the longest promenade in Catalonia – its length is 2.5 kilometers.

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Pablo Casals Avenue is a beautiful well-maintained street, bright and wide with picturesque palm trees along the sides and the trees that gave its name to the city, the symbols of La Pineda – the Mediterranean pine trees. Opposite the central beach on the avenue you can also see man-made pine trees – the Pine Sculpture, created by the designer Javier Mariscal and which is the trademark of La Pineda and one of its brightest landmarks.

On Pablo Casals Avenue there is also the huge Aquopolis water park, which is more than 110,000 square meters in size and boasts a variety of water attractions and its own dolphinarium.

Do not forget the wonderful and comfortable beaches of La Pineda – one of the best in the world for a civilized family holiday, with golden sand, cozy bays and lagoons with clean, warm and calm water, as well as excellent service.

Waterfront infrastructure includes many cafes and restaurants, clubs, hotels, stores, water sports equipment rentals. In addition, a variety of festivals and shows for holidaymakers and locals are regularly held here.

Coordinates: 41.07621300,1.18106600

Playa de Els Prats Beach

Playa de Els Prats Beach (photo)

Playa de Els Prats is a stretch of coastline in the beautiful Spanish resort of La Pineda between the central beach and the breakwater. Prats Beach is a popular vacation spot for residents of nearby hotels and neighborhoods of La Pineda, as well as neighboring towns.

The beach has a well-developed infrastructure that meets high international standards – in its immediate vicinity there are several comfortable hotels, and on the territory of Playa de Els Prats itself there are cafes, restaurants, playgrounds, pedestrian paths, a small square, showers and toilets.

Because of the close proximity of the breakwater, the sea here is very calm, making Playa de Els Prats an ideal beach for couples with children of all ages. Here, as on the other beaches of La Pineda, vacationers waiting for the golden sand, a flat entrance to the sea with gradually increasing depth and the clearest warm water. The beach is also very attractive with octagonal pine arbors built along the shore.

Coordinates: 41.08490400,1.19174600

Dolphinarium in Costa Duarada

Dolphinarium in Costa Duarada (photo)

The dolphinarium in Costa Duarada is one of the most beautiful dolphinariums that is located in Spain right outdoors. It is a large complex that includes a water park and a dolphinarium. In the dolphinarium you can see a variety of tricks involving seals, dolphins and sea lions. The most interesting thing is that those who wish can take part in the performances and swim with dolphins.

Attentive and professional instructors supervise the swimming process itself and teach how to handle the sea creatures. Performances are always very interesting and exciting, which attracts a huge number of vacationers and guests almost all year round. All performances are held exclusively on a schedule at a certain time.

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Coordinates : 41.07181400,1.17832100

Four Elements Suites Hotel

Four Elements Suites Hotel (photo)

A hundred meters from the beach in Salou, the hotel Four Elements Suites offers suites with lots of space and a kitchen area. Such accommodation is convenient for families. The cost of accommodation for children under 12 years is calculated at a discount. There are two outdoor pools on the territory of the hotel. The Aquapolis water park and PortAventura amusement park, as well as the golf club.

Costa Daurada is a resort for families, offering something for everyone in the family. Read a book lying on the beach or do water sports – everything is possible here. There are playgrounds for the little ones, too.

Salou beach is one of the most popular places in the Mediterranean. The quality of holidays here is confirmed by many certificates. The season starts in March and ends in November. The town is 103km from Barcelona, 12 km from the provincial capital of Tarragona and only 9 km from Reus airport.

Coordinates: 41.06442000,1.17783000

Pine Sculpture

Pine Sculpture (photo)

The Pine Sculpture is one of the most impressive and famous monuments, the calling card of the resort of La Pineda, famous for its magnificent beaches.

The Pine Tree sculpture is an original and memorable embodiment of the symbol of La Pineda – the Mediterranean pine tree with its curly high top. The authorship of this sculpture belongs to the Spanish designer Javier Mariscal (hence the alternative name – “Mariscal Piney”), who had no idea that his work would later gain enormous popularity.

But to be precise, the Pine Tree Sculpture is not one but eight trees ranging in height from 20 to 25 meters, the first four were installed in March 1999, the other four – in July 2008. The trunk and branches of the Mariscal Pines are made of steel, and the tops, which are huge openwork metal saucers, are made of copper. The total weight of the sculptural group is about 130 tons. The monument is located on one of the most beautiful promenades in Catalonia, Pablo Casals Avenue, in front of the central beach of La Pineda.

Coordinates : 41.07112900,1.17907800

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Going on vacation to La Pineda

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La Pineda, the City Surrounded by Pines

La Pineda. A young resort, suitable for a quiet holiday with the family

La Pineda is a small resort town located between the bustling resort of Salou and Tarragona, the oldest city in Spain founded during Roman rule. La Pineda is known for its quiet and romantic atmosphere among the majority of resorts in Catalonia. That’s why it’s a popular place for families with children and young couples. You will not find crowds of noisy tourists in the streets, and you can fully enjoy the quietness and beauty of nature.

Nature and Beaches of La Pineda

La Pineda. The beaches of the resort are very cleanLa Pineda. Almost all of the resort hotels are located on the second shoreline. From the beach they are separated by a narrow roadLa Pineda. In the west of the resort you can find a quiet cove, separated from the busy beaches by a stone spit

The area around La Pineda is famous for its lush Mediterranean vegetation. The city is literally immersed in the greenery of fragrant pine trees with a characteristic flat spreading top. The city’s name comes from the Spanish “pino,” which means “pine. Conifers are planted almost all the coast of the resort, the length of which is about three kilometers.

La Pineda. View of the resort's coastline from the western tip ofLa Pineda. Metallic pine trees rise next to the beach

Unlike other resorts in the Costa Dorada in La Pineda there is no great variety in the landscape of coastal areas. The beach line is flat and long, without rocky coves and cliffs. The beaches of La Pineda are one of the main calling cards of the Barcelona area. Those who have been to La Pineda know the cleanliness and livability of the local beaches, which have been awarded the Blue Flag.

La Pineda. View from the top of the hotel

The entrance to the sea is gentle, comfortable for children of small age, and the water is immaculately transparent, sparkling in the sunlight. They say it’s the glow of gold particles. The sand in La Pineda is surprisingly clean and soft and has a pleasant golden hue. During the summer season, workers remove trash from the beach daily in the early morning hours.

La Pineda. In some areas, the width of the beach reaches 100 mLa Pineda. On the border with Salou, the coast is wild and not comfortable for swimming

The coastline of La Pineda borders Salou, where one of the widest and most spacious beaches of the city, Playa del Raco (Playa del Raco), 80 meters wide, starts. From the southwest, the beach ends with a stony spit, and in the east side, it smoothly passes into Playa de la Pineda, narrowing sharply in width. Most of the hotels along Playa del Raco are behind a moderately busy highway. Only the three-star Golden Donaire Beach Hotel is located directly on the beach. The hotel is worthy of special attention of tourists for its quality service and quite budget prices for accommodation.

La Pineda. Hotel Golden Donaire Beach La Pineda. La Pineda coastline stretches for almost 3 km.

Raco Beach, like other beaches in La Pineda, is equipped with toilets, showers and facilities for people with disabilities. Along its entire length there is a pedestrian walkway with benches stretching almost 200 m.

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Playa de la Pineda, bordering Playa del Raco, is the busiest and most popular beach in the city. Most of the hotels, apartment complexes right on the beach are concentrated along it, as well as summer cafes, restaurants, stores and souvenir pavilions.

La Pineda. Pinar del Perruque Park in the center of town, where you can see another metal structure that recreates the shapes of the local pine treeLa Pineda. The lush pines are the main decoration of the city

The regal splendor of this place is given by the pine trees. They are clustered in the middle of the beach to form the Pinar del Perruquet Park with benches and fountains. This is an important attraction of La Pineda and in the evening there are cultural and entertainment events. Children can play in the large colorful playground and there are four playgrounds in La Pineda.

La Pineda. The Pinar del Perruque park has comfortable benches where tourists love to relax and take picturesLa Pineda. In the evening the fountain in the park is truly magical - thanks to the many lights, the water jets sparkle with iridescent reflectionsLa Pineda. There's always a lot of people in the park in the evening

What to see in La Pineda

La Pineda. The town is located close to the famous amusement park Port AventuraLa Pineda. From the shores of La Pineda you can see the spectacular rides of Port Aventura

One of the great advantages of the resort of La Pineda can be called its proximity to the famous amusement park Port Aventura. If you need at least an hour to get to PortAventura from Barcelona, La Pineda takes no more than 15 minutes. You can get to the park by bus, the route of which goes through the neighboring town of Salou, and also by a free steam train. The steam train goes to the park from the western end of the city. If you can’t find the steam train stop, ask any hotel guide for help.

La Pineda BeachesLa Pineda BeachesThe beaches of La Pineda. A view of the neighbouring town of Salou

The main attraction of the city is the Aquopolis water park. Many water slides and rides, eight pools, cafes, shady lawns and sunbathing areas covered with sand and lawn, and a large dolphinarium are located on an area of more than one hundred thousand square meters. Be prepared for long lines to the rides, the water park is very popular not only with visitors to La Pineda, but also with tourists from the entire Costa Dorada, and can accommodate up to 3,000 people.

Sightseeing in La Pineda. Irones Pines installation.

Another important attraction of La Pineda is Irones Pines – a huge metal installation symbolizing the “goddess” of local nature – the pine tree. Straight from it stretches a long promenade Pau Casals with many cafes, restaurants with a typical Mediterranean menu and Spanish paella, clothing boutiques and souvenir shops.

La Pineda in the eveningLa Pineda. The promenade stretches along the coast and the road

After midnight Pau Casals becomes a concentration of nightlife: a few meters away is the famous nightclub Pacha La Pineda – the largest on the Costa Dorada, as well as several cozy lounge bars with night discos and cozy outdoor terraces. The resort’s nightlife area is called Pineda Drink.

Next door to La Pineda

La Pineda. A 15-minute drive from La Pineda is Reus

Those who are attracted to architecture and want to get acquainted with the Spanish modernism should go to the city of Reus. It is located just north of Salou and is one of the cities-memorial of the art of Lewis Domenech y Montaner, a famous Catalan architect. There you can also get acquainted with the work of Antoni Gaudi. There is a center dedicated to the life and works of the architectural genius.

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Reus is a typical Spanish city with narrow streets filled with the spirit of antiquity and the smell of vermouth. Interestingly, the vermouth of Reus is also known outside the city. Be sure to treat yourself to a glass of the local hot drink. You can do it in a café on the main Plaça del Prim, where the statue of General Juan Prima, an important person in the history of Catalonia, rises majestically, as well as in a cozy place away from the city center.

Reus. Monument to General Prima.In Reus you can find both Gothic and modernist architecture

The Prima Square is another one of Reus’s landmarks. It is surrounded by many historical sites, and the streets branching off of it are the main shopping destination for tourists. There are several small shopping centers, and many shoe stores and boutiques of famous brands: Zara, Oysho, Bershka and others.

You can go to Reus by bus from one of the many city stops. The fare one way is about 3 euros.

Tarragona BeachThe fountain in one of the main streets of Tarragona

For the lovers of antiquities, it is recommended to visit Tarragona – a city whose history goes back to ancient times. The distance from La Pineda to Tarragona is only 10 km and you can get there by bus, which regularly passes through the city bus stops.

Tarragona sights. Sculpture dedicated to castellersTarragona SightsTarragona Sights

Tourists who are not afraid of a longer trip can go to Barcelona.

There are two ways to get from La Pineda to Barcelona:

  • From the city of Salou. From Salou to Barcelona there are regular trains and suburban trains. Get off at Passeig de Gràcia, Barcelona Sants station or Estació de França. Train stops must be verified when purchasing tickets. The travel time is about 1.5 hours. Fares start at 9 euros;
  • of PortAventura Park. Next to the park is the Port Aventura station. From there you can take the Renfe train, line R16, to Barcelona. The train stops at the Estació de França station. Get off at Barcelona Sants station, Passeig de Gràcia and Sant Andreu Comtal.

Tarragona SightsTarragona Sights

The railroad tracks skirt La Pineda, so you’ll have to take a bus, cab, or shuttle from your hotel to the stations closest to the city.

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