Lago Martianes – artificial lakes of Tenerife

Seawater pools in Tenerife

Seawater Pools in Tenerife

Seawater is useful – that’s a fact. How is it useful? The waves give the effect of a light massage and improve the tone of the blood vessels. The cool water of the Atlantic hardens and strengthens the immune system without any effort on your part. Saturated with minerals and salts, the skin becomes more elastic and firm, swelling is reduced, injuries, rheumatism and musculoskeletal diseases go away faster. Therefore, bathing in sea water is recommended for absolutely everyone, from small to large.

Weather “island of eternal spring” varies throughout the year not much, in the hottest month of August ocean water heats up to +24 ° C, in winter and spring – only +18-19 ° C. As we know, Tenerife has many good beaches, from idyllic and gentle to absolutely wild. Waves in the Atlantic Ocean here are always strong, an inexperienced swimmer will be afraid to swim far, even in the bays. If you are a good swimmer, please do not overestimate your strength: the ocean waves “drag” behind them, be careful! For those who want to swim relaxed, as well as for children, the elderly or just looking for a variety of guests of the island there are several pools with sea water. We will tell you about the best of them.

Lago Martianez

Lago MartianezLago Martianez

The waves in the ocean near Puerto de la Cruz are quite strong, so here you swim in the complex of famous artificial seawater lakes Lago Martianez. The depth of the pools is shallow, the water warms up quickly in the sun. The view of the ocean is not marred by anything. A large lake with islands for sunbathing and a fountain and several smaller lakes surrounded by gardens with native flora and combined into a recreation complex for children and adults. It is located right on the cliff in the open air. It is the work of the famous Canarian architect César Manrique, who managed to fit all this beauty into the rocky shore. Here you will also find a casino, a restaurant and several bars. The fountain is beautifully illuminated in the evening, so you can linger in the baths until dark.

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Charco de la Laja

Charco de la LajaCharco de la Laja

As you have already realized, the northern coast of Tenerife is a pretty rough place. Thanks to the most violent eruption of Teide in modern history, namely in 1706, the coastline has changed a lot. Today we see here a unique landscape, a gift of nature. If you are an extreme enthusiast, find the Charco de la Laja, located in the coastal area of the town of San Juan de la Rambla. It is a pool created by solidified lava. Water comes here naturally from the ocean, overflowing over the edge of the pool. The place is “uncivilized” and has waves, but it will not be crowded with tourists, unless the locals will keep you company.

El Caletón

El CaletónEl Caletón

Not far away you’ll find another bathing spot like this one, formed when lava and ocean waves meet. Find the seafront (Avenida Marítima) in the town of Garachico. Next to it, you can walk down to the wild rocks on a path and swim in a small oblong pool of seawater.

Punta del Hidalgo

Punta del HidalgoPunta del Hidalgo

In the town of La Laguna, a charming, quiet saltwater pool awaits you. The place is called Altagay, and right by the pool is the famous fish restaurant of the same name. This is a man-made pool, which means you can safely sunbathe on the rims, unlike resting in the above natural ponds, where to find a flat area of lava and stretch out in comfort is not so easy.



Bajamar is a village near the town of La Laguna. The charming fishing village is known for its tide pools. The unique pools are carved into the rocks, and the water is refreshed every ten minutes with large waves. Therefore, it is cool, especially compared to the comfortable Lago Martinez. The complex consists of two large pools and one small, children’s pool. Here it is good to relax and improve health with the whole family, catching bright little fish with a net, which the waves bring, and sunbathing. After the water treatment you can have a delicious and inexpensive meal at a nearby cafe. In general, the place is characterized by a relaxed family atmosphere.

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On the south coast of Tenerife in the town of Las Galletas, there is an artificial pool with free admission. The pool is also filled with seawater, but mostly swimmers train here. The pool is adjacent to the coast, the view is traditionally beautiful and the air is fresh.

Marítimo César Manrique Park

Parque Marítimo César ManriqueParque Marítimo César Manrique

Let’s finish our review of seawater pools in Santa Cruz, the capital of the island (and sometimes the Canary Islands).

Here, of course, we have our own complex for swimsuit fun – Parque Marítimo. Like Lago Martianes, the complex, which occupies 22 square kilometers, is harmoniously blended into the landscape of the city and coast. There is a fee to enter the territory (about 6 euros). Here you will find playgrounds for children, a jacuzzi, a small artificial beach and sports facilities, all with sea water. Maritimo Park is a good place to celebrate birthdays, relax with the whole family and generally enjoy life.

It is also the work of the architect Cesar Manrique. The busy artist and architect, born on the neighboring island of Lanzarote, turned it into his personal canvas, an open-air studio! It is thanks to him that Lanzarote has maintained its individual style, while Tenerife resembles a regular American resort in places. The hot black frozen lava in his hands became as if it were plasticine and obeyed his hands. Manrique has achieved the effect of perfect harmony with nature in his buildings, whether they are water parks or apartment buildings, simple garages or art installations. Swimming and sunbathing in the Maritimo Park or Lago Martianes in Tenerife, you will feel this harmony, because nature always reciprocates if you treat it with care.

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Pools of Martianes

Lago Martianes is an entertainment complex with outdoor pools located in Puerto de la Cruz. Since there are constant waves in the north of Tenerife, such a complex is not only appropriate, but necessary. All pools with ocean water.

Lago Martiánez swimming pools

Lago Martiánez swimming pools

In the north of Tenerife you will find picturesque, but not the most comfortable beaches, because there are always strong waves from the Atlantic. The Lago Martiánez pools were built in Puerto de la Cruz near the promenade of Avenida de Colon especially for a quiet family holiday. The complex Lago Martianez is an artificial beach with 7 ponds with sea water.

Half of the aquatic complex is the main swimming pool el Lago with five islands made of lava stone. On the central island built hotel Sala Andromeda, open restaurant and casino. In the middle of the emerald reservoir there is a high geyser fountain. It supplies the whole complex with filtered sea water, which is beautifully illuminated in the evening. On small islands you can sunbathe and have a rest from swimming. The depth of el Lago depends on the level of the ocean – at low tide it becomes shallower.

El Lago Pool

Pool el Lago

In addition to the large lake, there are smaller ponds – from deep turquoise pools to children’s “paddling pool”. They are filled with water from the Atlantic and are perfectly heated by the sun during the day. Lago Martianes is separated from the open ocean by an artificial fence. High waves sometimes overcome the barrier and pelt the vacationers with splashes, creating a full effect of presence on the shore. The water in the pools remains calm and quiet in any weather. You can watch the ocean from the compound. Parapets do not hide the magnificent scenery from the vacationers.

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Decor of the complex

The area of the beach complex is about 100,000 square meters, of which 33,000 square meters account for a large lake with islands. Lago Martianes was built in 1971. Its landscape is designed in the style of a Japanese park and traditional Canarian motifs. Between the pools there are bushes and palm trees, lawns, huge boulders here and there.

Decor of the complex

The technical part of the park was designed by engineer Juan Alfredo. Cesar Manrique was in charge of the landscape design and artistic elements of the complex. The architecture of Lago Martiánez combines unusual fences, sculptures and lava rocks seamlessly with ocean views. Even the technical buildings here are designed in a common style.

After Manrique’s death, in 2006, the complex was reconstructed by expanding the recreation areas and installing a cascading fountain. The work was supervised by the César Manrique Foundation.

The beach at Lago Martiánez has a spa pool, changing rooms and a cafe. Shower rooms, umbrellas and sun loungers are available.

Martiánez Pools 1

Martiánez swimming pools 3

Martianes swimming pools 5

Martianess swimming pools 7

Martianess swimming pools 9

Martianess swimming pools 11

Martianess swimming pools 13

Martinez swimming pools 15

Opening hours

Every day from 10:00 to 18:00.

Ticket price

Full ticket €5.50; children under 10 €2.50; residents of Puerto de la Cruz €3.00.

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