Lake Garda on the map of Italy, detailed information

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see, hotels

Lake Garda is considered the largest lake in Italy. Advantageous location at the foot of the Alpine mountains, crystal clear water, and photos of attractions spread on the Internet, increase its attractiveness as a place of pilgrimage of tourists from all over the Mediterranean.

Location of Lake Garda on the map of Italy

The largest lake in Italy is located between the provinces of Lombardy, Trentino and Veneto. Its area is 370 square kilometers, the width at its widest point is 17 km and its length is 51 km. The perimeter of the coastal zone is 158 km. Garda spreads at an altitude of 65 m above sea level.

On the left bank of Garda is the province of Lombardy Brescia, and on the right the legendary province of Venice – Verona. According to the first version, Garda is a lake of glacial origin, but according to another hypothesis it is of tectonic origin.

The north of the lake looks like a narrow long fjord, which effectively cuts into the Alpine mountain range. In this section, the lake has its largest tributary, the Sarka, flowing into it. Part from the south, Garda resembles a semicircular basin from which the Minchio River flows.

Description of the lake

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

The eastern shore is otherwise called the Riviera of Olives, because of the gentle mild climate the Riviera is well grown lush olive groves. The western part is called the Riviera of Lemons, because the intricate inhabitants have planted on the mountain slopes of lemon stony steps.

The area is famous for its cuisine, winemaking and oil for all of Italy. The entire perimeter of the lake is lined with small towns, drowning in the flowery fragrance and gentle sunshine of the Mediterranean.

The crystal clear waters of the lake are combined with the mountainous landscape. Small houses with terracotta roofs and yards hidden by large vineyards are everywhere. The beauty of the Italian lake was praised by such famous writers as Charles Dickens, J. Goethe, Oscar Wilde and others.

Weather on Lake Garda by months

Lake Garda in Italy, photos of which show the beauty of nature, is located in an area with a moderate-continental type of climate. Even on the hottest day, the coolness emanating from the water keeps holidaymakers from languishing from the heat. The natural barrier of the Alps does not allow the cold winds and weather changes to the lake.

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

In June and August at a temperature of +22+26 degrees the climate remains humid, the wind blows lightly and the weather remains pleasant. Bathing season starts in June and ends in October. In the mountains the temperature drops, so you should take a warm jacket with you.

In winter the temperature drops to 5+7 degrees and the weather is cloudy and dry. The period from April to October is considered the rainiest, so the best time for a holiday is May and September.

How to get to the lake?

You can get to the lake in several ways:

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Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

  • By plane. The nearest airports are in the big cities Verona (45 km) and Milan (120 km). From Moscow you can get to these airports by direct flights in 3-3,5 h or choose a flight with a change through other European cities.
  • By train. There are direct trains to the lake between Verona and Milan. Travel time from Milan is 1 hour and from Verona the train travels in 30 minutes.
  • By car. There are high-speed trails between the cities, which are the most comfortable for driving. There are a lot of cab services, which can be easily used. This method of travel is convenient for tourists who come to rest at night with luggage, when public transport is not working.

Resort towns near the lake

The shores of the beautiful lake are characterized by green gardens and welcoming cozy resort towns with a rich history. The most famous of them are presented below.


Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

Sirmione is named one of the most popular places to visit on the lake. In this city there are such beautiful places as the grotto of Catullus, which was owned by the poet from Rome, Gaius Catullus, and the Castle of the Scaligers with a bridge, where there is a museum with unique historical exhibits.

The listed monuments are not the only beautiful places in the city, but they attract thousands of tourists every year. Sermione is a center of spa resorts, because there are thermal baths Virgilio, Aquaria and Catulla, as well as many spas that are offered by hotels.

The thermal springs have a relaxing and revitalizing effect, and the Boyol spring contains a high percentage of sodium, iodine and bromine. A dip in the hot spring waters gives the body a relaxing and energizing effect for a long time.

Desenzano del Garda

The town is considered the gateway to the lake because this is where the railway station is located, receiving guests from different parts of Italy. Town with 23 thousand inhabitants greets guests with old towers, cathedrals, palazzos and churches. It is perfect for those tourists who want to see all of Italy in a day.

For bathing there are beaches with crystal clear waters, fine clean sand and soft breeze. As an active pastime provides scuba diving, sailing and surfing. The club leisure industry is well developed.

Riva del Garda

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

Riva del Garda lies on the northern territory of 42 and is inhabited by 16 thousand people. Cobblestone old streets hide in the foliage of gardens and parks. Of the features noted fortress La Rocca built in the 12th century, and a 34-meter tower Torre Appolnale, and another observation deck, where you can see the lake as in the palm of your hand.

Not far from Garda the legendary waterfall of Cascata di Varone. Fans of biking, hiking, windsurfing, and skiing will love the town.


Malcesine is a small town on the east coast with an Italian flavor, praised by the legendary Goethe. The city is full of cobblestone streets, beautiful buildings and the old Scaliger Castle.

The most courageous holidaymakers can take a funicular up to the 1700-meter peak of Monte Baldo. The holidaymakers are invited to experience skydiving, diving, rock climbing and sailing.

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Limone sul Garda

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

The resort of Limone sul Garda is set on a steep cliff. The streets are lined with green lemon groves and dense olive groves. Cultivation of citrus fruits is a prerequisite for the prosperity of the region. Numerous beaches, hotels and pensions demonstrate the love of tourists to the city.

There are plenty of open-air monuments and flower greenhouses. Interestingly, you can often find the symbol of the city – a bell in the shape of a lemon on the doors of houses. The mild climate contributes to an even suntan and normalization of the skin and respiratory organs.


Since ancient times the town of Bardolino is famous for its delicious wines which were already appreciated by Catullo and Caesar. The historical center of the town is surrounded by the ruins of an ancient castle, and in the area there are a lot of entertainment places. There are paid tours to the castle walls where guests can learn more about the city’s history.


Of the historical monuments of architecture we should note:

  • Santa Maria Cathedral with its chic architecture, stucco and painted walls;
  • Alberti Parni;
  • the local Museum of Archaeology;
  • The Roman Villa of the 4th century B.C.

The Grotto of Catullus

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

The Grotto of Catullus is the remains of a Roman estate built in the 1st century B.C. Adjacent to the manor is a huge park with olive trees and the foundations of a pitchfork. The site, measuring 2 hectares, was formerly a luxurious villa of the patricians.

There is now a museum where you can wander around for a small fee and enjoy the original archaeological artefacts, ornaments in the form of cute rabbits, jewelry, ancient coins, parts of mosaics, moldings and frescoes, which in ancient times decorated the villa.

Not far from the Grotto is the private beach of Lido delle Bonde with a mass of characteristic eateries, restaurants, with clean sand and hot rocks.

The healing spring of Boiola

The waters of the Boiola spring are famous for their healing properties. Water jets enriched with iodine, bromine and sulfur come out of the ground, heated to 70 degrees. Water procedures will help tourists to heal from rheumatism, otitis media and skin diseases. Visitors of Hotel Fonte Boiola can swim in the hot spring, and visit the SPA also for preventive purposes.

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

The town of Salo is the center of aquatic entertainment. Among the historical sites, the first place is occupied by the villa complex, where Mussolini and the members of the ruling party of the Italian Republic stayed in 1942-1943.

Gardone Riviera

Gardone Riviera can not boast historical or natural features, but a wide infrastructure of entertainment for vacationers has been created. Once in town you can visit Andre Heller (landscape park), the palace complex Vittoriale, the high tower of San Marco, which offers a spectacular view of the surface of the lake.

Arco Castle

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

The striking feature of the lake is the Castle of Arco, built in 1000 B.C. The towers of the castle stand like candles on the steep hillside in the province of Trentino.

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It was founded by wealthy locals and has been owned by many prominent families, including the Scaligers. Conducted a detailed restoration has helped to restore the castle frescoes from the Middle Ages.

What to see on your own, with children?

Lake Garda in Italy, photos of which are stunning, is cordially open to visitors from all over Europe who appreciate historical memory, architectural features and natural beauty.

The best places to visit on your own and with your family are:

    Garda is the largest island on the lake, considered a landmark of Italy. Since 1927 Garda belonged to the Cavazza family, and since 2002 it has been adapted and equipped for holidaymakers.

For those who like fun

Lake Garda in Italy (photos clearly demonstrate this) is dotted with a variety of entertainment venues that can brighten up the leisure of the most sophisticated tourist.

For example:

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

  • Gardaland Park – one of the largest places of complex entertainment in Europe, created in 1975. The area of the park, which contains all kinds of simple and extreme slides and swings for adults and children, is 600,000 square meters. The summer recreation season starts on June 27 and ends on September 9. Park hours are 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Presented in Gardaland rides are not found in other similar places, and each carousel is unique.
  • See Life (oceanarium) – a huge aquarium inhabited by inhabitants of the Mediterranean Sea, and the huge viewing areas allow you to admire the sea fauna from all angles. Guests can successfully combine a visit to the park and the aquarium.
  • Movieland Studios is a unique amusement park based on popular movies. In this place you can learn a lot about how filming takes place, what happens behind the scenes, and how professional stuntmen work. You can spend the whole day unnoticed in an exciting walk. And if you stay until the evening, you can catch a spectacular volley of fireworks.
  • Jungle Adventure is a beloved by guests ropes park in the woods, allowing you to feel the spirit of adventure. Routes of different complexity are available for different age categories of visitors.
  • Natura Viva Safari Park and Sigurta – these parks are considered walking parks because they are surrounded by beautiful nature where the locals live. The terrain is so beautiful that you can stroll until the evening and not go through the entire park area. You can move through the parks on specially designed steam trains, and in Natura Viva, the approach is done in off-road “safari-tire” jeeps. The park has a dino park and a large garden with rare plants.
  • Caneva Park is one of the largest water parks on the coastal territory of Lake Garda. There are numerous extreme slides. The convenience lies in the fact that the slides are divided into two parts: children’s and adult.

To restore health

Lake Garda in Italy helps to restore health.

Photos of amazing natural beauties attract thousands of tourists to such thermal springs:

Caspian Sea: weather, beaches, water temperature.

Thermal complexes and spa treatments on Lake Garda contribute to a burst of strength, vigor, youthfulness and beauty.

Festivals and events

Lake Garda in Italy, whose photos and developed services attract tourists, is the center of mass festivals, such as:

  • April’s flower show and fireworks festival in Gardone Riviera;
  • July music festival in Malcesine;
  • September sailing regatta “100 Miles” in Gargnano;
  • October wine and grape festival in Bardolino;
  • An art exhibition and fish festival in Sirmione;
  • Christmas market in Salò;
  • National Unity Day in Dezanzano del Garda.

Where to stay on Lake Garda: hotels and inns, room rates

For the convenience of guests in the coastal areas of Lake Garda, there are many hotels with different conditions and price policies.

Lake Garda, Italy. Photos, attractions on the map with cities. What to see in Italy.

Hotel Description
Le Ali Del Frassino Offers decent service for a reasonable fee. Offers spa, wellness center, outdoor pool and free wifi. Price $113 per night for a standard room.
Active Hotel Paradiso & Golf Located south of the lake, and is a restored 18th century villa with modern amenities. The price for a 2-bed room is $58.
Residence Eden The hotel offers decent service and a huge choice of golf courses and sports courts. The price of $ 93 per room.
San Marco The main feature of the hotel is that it is located directly on the lake shore and 500 meters from the historic center of the city. The room rate is $73.
Golf Residenza Located on the land of golf club scale of 800,000 square meters. m with 18 holes and the academy. The cost per room $ 89.
Enjoy Garda Hotel Located 2 km from the huge amusement park Gardaland. There is always an outdoor pool, stylish rooms, fitness room and flower terrace. The room rate is $174.
Massoni Bed and Breakfast This is a cozy old country house just a 5-minute drive from a 5000-square-foot lake. Rooms are equipped with LED-TVs and air conditioning. The price for a room of $ 100.

Lake Garda in Italy, the colorful photos of which fascinate and attract tourists, will be a wonderful place of relaxation for the whole family. Thermal springs, numerous SPA complexes and extensive amusement parks will help guests not only to have fun, but also to improve their health.

Lake Garda (Italy)

Lake Garda (Italy) – the most detailed description with photos, the main attractions, how to get there and the location of Garda on the map.

Lake Garda (Lago di Garda)

Garda – the largest lake in Italy, located at the foot of the Southern Alps at the junction of the three regions: Lombardy, Venice and Trentino Alto Adige. It is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful nature and excellent infrastructure, much loved by Italians. Lake Garda is often called Benaco or Lake Garda.

Panorama of the lake

Panorama of the lake

Interesting facts

  1. The area of Lake Garda – 370 square kilometers
  2. Maximum depth is 346 meters
  3. Height above sea level is 65 meters
  4. Garda – navigable lake.
  5. The southern part is the moraine hills, which remained from the advance of the glacier, the northern part – the mountain ranges, which protect the lake from the cold winds. Because of this, the climate here is milder.
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Northern part of the lake

The northern part of Lake

Garda is one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, on a par with Como and Brijes: bright nature, clear water with a beautiful blue hue, mild climate, beautiful landscapes with olive trees, palms, cypresses and oleanders, as well as interesting attractions and cultural monuments.

Night on Lake Garda

Overnight at Lake Garda

How to get there?

Its convenient location between Milan and Venice has quickly turned Garda into a popular tourist destination. Of course, if you are visiting cities like Milan, Verona, Venice, Trento, Brescia, Padua, etc., I highly recommend taking at least a day to visit this wonderful place. If you travel by car, take the A4 Milan-Venice freeway. If you plan to go by train or bus, you can buy tickets and see the schedule here –

View of Garda

View of the Garda

The main sights and places of interest of Lake Garda

One of the most interesting and famous places is Gardaland. This is the largest amusement park in Italy, a kind of Italian Disneyland, which includes 460,000 square meters of rides, shows and themed areas.

Garda is a place for those who love history and art, it is a fascinating dive into the past: medieval towns with ancient walls and towers, castles, churches and luxurious villas, the unique color of Northern Italy and the beauty of nature.

The Castle in Sirmione

The castle in Sirmione

Thanks to its rich history a large number of medieval castles have survived here. The most beautiful of them are:

  • Castello di Desenzano – Desenzano del Garda
  • Castello di Drena – Drena
  • Castello di Moniga – Moniga del Garda
  • Castello di Pozzolengo – Pozzolengo
  • Castello di Soiano – Soiano del Lago
  • Castello di Tenno – Tenno
  • Castello di Valeggio sul Mincio – Valeggio sul Mincio
  • Castello Scaligero – Sirmione
  • Castello Scaligero – Malcesine
  • Castello Scaligero Torri del Benaco – Torri del Benaco

Picturesque old borgoes:

Borgo Medievale di Canale di Tenno – Tenno is one of the most beautiful historic Borgos (villages) in Italy with a stunning medieval atmosphere.

Blooming streets of Sirmione

The flowery streets of Sirmione

Beautiful religious buildings:

  • Basilica Minore – Lonato del Garda
  • Chiesa Collegiata – Arco
  • Chiesa di San Bartolomeo – Ledro
  • Chiesa di San Sisinio – Dro
  • Chiesa di San Zenone – Tignale
  • Chiesa Parrocchiale di Gargnano – Gargnano

Panorama of Sirmione

Panorama of Sirmione

On the shores of Lake Garda is a whole bunch of resorts – picturesque villages and towns. The largest of them are: Garda, Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Bardolino, Malcesine, Riva del Garda.

Come to Lake Garda, there is not only something to see but also to relax and have fun!

Watch video – Lake Garda

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