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Excursion on the Konigssee lake (Germany, Bavaria) – reviews

Feedback about the Konigssee Lake Tour (Germany, Bavaria)

1. masterpiece-pristine-nature-in-the-frame-of-all-the-benefits of civilization. 2. transport-accessibility (from Salzburg-bus with a convenient transfer, 1.15-1.30 en-route) 3.

As a young maiden I dreamed of distant travels. New Zealand, Australia, lost in the ocean island of Fiji. The farther, the better:) Aha! Yes! The Iron Curtain fell, I’m already here, in Europe. Sold my guts out for.

The contemplation of beauty.

Green, different intensities of green colors, or rather the predominance of green in everything, even the water is soft emerald color. And what a clean it is, that I have not seen. If we start talking about our trip to so.

The Emerald that hides the Alps!

Good day to you all! After our tour of Eagle’s Nest, our next goal was to tour the area around Lake Königssee, which translates to “Royal Lake,” including a boat trip around it. The lake is not far from.

Royal “emerald” or witch lakes do happen!

Incredible beauty and color of the lake! the brightest nature! delicious air! the opportunity to explore the lake and its surroundings by boat and on foot, the most convenient tourist infrastructure, safety ! delicious local trout

We have not found, but in the season, for sure – a lot of tourists, and therefore there are lots of queues on the boat

Hello to all readers and writers! I happen to be absolutely indifferent to all kinds of jewelry. But I cannot let these “emeralds” pass me by. The unreal, magical lake Königsee. When it’s just a little glimpse in the gap between the trees -.

Lake Königsee-water, mountains, sky!

Lake Königsee; the most beautiful natural attraction in Bavaria. Holidays in Salzburg in January this year, it was decided to go and enjoy its beauty, the more the weather had, it was about 15 degrees Celsius. Bus.

Most beautiful lake in Germany (though a long way to Baikal)))

Greetings to all! Today the cleanest lake in Germany – Konigssee. When planning a trip to Germany, I randomly entered into a search engine “the most beautiful city in Germany. The first of the list suggested by google caught my eye.

Rublevka in Altai: lake and entertainment center

Greatness and tranquility

That year I learned the unpronounceable word “Berchtesgaden” (Berchtesgaden) quickly and, it seems, forever: within a few days we came here by train again and again to go further (by bus or on foot) to different interesting places.

An amazingly beautiful place in Bavaria

Like many of our trips, the trip to Lake Könegsee began with a photo. Many people have probably seen it – a boat on the clearest shade of emerald-colored water. And the water is so clear that you can see the bottom and the fish swimming near the boat.

Unforgettable trip

Good day! Recently I told you about the Bavarian town of Berchtesgaden. Today we will continue to travel in Bavaria and take a boat ride on the mountain lake Konigssee. As you understand from the name, this is the Royal Lake. And it is completely.

Incredible beauty!

Today I would like to take another walk around the two nearby lakes: Königsee and Obersee. To be honest, at the moment these lakes are my most striking impression of Bavaria! You can get to the lakes as from.

not a life, but a fairy tale.

I often think about the fact that when we travel we find amazing places. And even such that we envy ourselves. One of them is Lake Konigsee (Royal Lake) – the biggest celebrity of the state of Berchtesgaden. It is located 600 meters above the lake.

How nice it is, I can’t find the words.

After we had visited the Eagle’s Nest and looked from a height at the beauty of the neighborhood Berchtesgaden, we decided we would definitely visit these places again. The next day we drove straight to the lake Königsee. There are several roads to it, mostly.

The nature and beauty of the alpine scenery is impressive.

Lake Königsee or the Royal Lake was a favorite place of Ludwig of Bavaria, the very lover of castles and the works of Wagner. Today the lake is considered the cleanest lake in Germany. The water and the mountains create the effect of a play of light and.

Geyser Lake, Altai Mountains: detailed information

A lake worthy of the royal title.

Holidays in the Austrian Alps, in a small cute village of St. Martin am Tennengebirge , every day we made excursions to the surrounding area, and to see in these places there is a lot to see, there are enough interesting things for many days. One day we left.

It was fabulous!

One April day, when the sun peeked out from behind the clouds, my friends and I jumped in the car early in the morning and decided to look for Hitler’s Nest. We set off from Salzburg, and in half an hour we had already crossed the border with.

Swimming in this lake is forbidden!

While visiting Bavaria, it was impossible not to enjoy the beauty of the wonderful Königsee Lake. Königsee Lake is one of the cleanest lakes in Germany. Traveling with my family, we took a boat ride on the lake with a guided tour. The weather was windy and rainy.

Living here is a dream! This is a miracle of God.

Spent one day here with my husband on our honeymoon and really wish we had spent more time there. I never thought it could be so beautiful, like it was some island but not Germany.

Germany’s most beautiful place 2012

We went to Berchhestgaden with the goal of seeing the mountains, but were very surprised to see such a picturesque lake and of course rushed to the water streetcar with the excursion. I traveled with my husband and two children (one is very small in.

#3 Königsee – the cleanest lake in Germany “Secret corners of our planet.

Good time dear friends! Unsuccessful community “Secret corners of our planet”, I continue in my blog.

There are many places in the world where it would be worthwhile to go. For example, to India, to the Himalayas – to stand on top of Mount Elbrus and cast aside the worldly bustle. Share with friends, because each of us can find a dream, which will come true at any time.

Loch Ness Lake and the Loch Ness Monster, in detail

Königsee, Germany’s cleanest lake Königsee (‘Royal Lake’), one of the most beautiful natural attractions in Germany, is located in south-eastern Bavaria and belongs to the municipality of Schönau am Königsee. Most of the lake lies within the Berchtesgaden National Park. The emerald pool of crystal-clear water is nestled in the midst of mighty mountains and magnificent alpine scenery. Thanks to its unique nature and picturesque surroundings, the lake is very popular with travelers and tourists.

The Königsee was formed during the last ice age by melting glaciers. It extends from north to south for 7.2 km, ending near the Austrian border, with a maximum width of 1.2 km. The height at which the reservoir lies reaches 602 m above sea level and its maximum depth is 190 m, which makes it the third deepest lake in Germany. The waters of Lake Obersee, which is located to the southeast, flow into it.

Königsee is famous for its clear water and has the status of Germany’s cleanest lake. For this reason, since 1909, it is only allowed to travel on it by electric motor and paddle boats. The highest mountain in the area, the Watzmann (2,713 m), surrounds the eastern part of the lake and is the third highest peak in Germany. It is shrouded in tales and legends, one of which tells us that in ancient times a god turned the Bavarian King Watzmann and his entire family into a huge mountain as punishment for cruelty.

Not far away is Mount Jenner, which rises above the lake at an altitude of 1874 m. With the help of a cable car you can reach its top in 20 minutes and from there you have a really fascinating view of the Königsee.

Due to its location among the steep cliffs, the lake Königsee has a special acoustics – a clear and repeated echo. During a boat ride the captain is sure to show passengers this marvelous natural phenomenon, playing a simple tune on the trumpet. As the lake shore is very steep and densely forested, it is impossible to bypass it on foot or by car, the nearest parking is a few meters from the shore.

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On the peninsula, located in the middle of the lake, is the main tourist attraction and popular place of pilgrimage – the Church of St. Bartholomew. It was erected in the 12th century, but acquired its present form, in particular its red onion-shaped domes, in the 15th century.

St. Bartholomew is considered the patron saint of Königsee, so the Bavarian gem has another name – Lake St. Bartholomew. Not far from the church is a former hunting castle of the Bavarian kings (18th century), an ice chapel, the arch of which does not melt even in summer, a small hotel and several seafood restaurants. Here you can also see walking deer, which are fed by monks.

The only island, which is located on the northern tip of the lake, is known for the statue of St. John of Nepomuk, who protects this area from the dangers of water. The height of the marble statue, erected in 1711, is 180 cm. It stands on a hill in the northern part of the island, on top of a two-meter pedestal. There is speculation that earlier there was a statue of St. Bartholomew. The northern bay of the lake is called “Artists’ Corner” – it offers an unusually beautiful view, which is often depicted on their canvases by painters.

Hitler’s Tea House (Eagle’s Nest), another popular attraction of the area, is located on Mount Kielstein at an elevation of 1,834 meters. It was built by Martin Bormann especially for the 50th anniversary of the political leader.

The striking nature of Lake Königsee is treasured by the Germans and its ecological situation is closely monitored. It is rich in rare species of flora and fauna, for example, blue edelweiss. The lake abounds in char and trout, which attracts a large number of professional anglers.

In summer, the Königsee is warm enough, you can swim and fish. In winter all conditions for winter sports such as skiing, sledging, snowboarding, ice skating and curling are available. In addition, the mild climate of the region, clean mountain air and healing mineral waters of local springs will have the most beneficial effect on health and improve their health.

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Around the lake there is everything for a pleasant and comfortable holiday: stores, restaurants, cafes, discos, golf clubs, squash and tennis courts, equestrian sports clubs. And in one of the oldest local fish restaurants, which is about 300 years, you can try very tasty trout, cooked according to an ancient recipe.

Koenigssee is accessible from Munich and Salzburg. If you take Munich as a starting point, you will need to take a train to Freilassing, and from there go to Berchtesgaden by train and from there take bus 841 to Schönau am Königsee. You can also take a cab, which will cost about 10 euros. From Salzburg there is a train to Berchtesgaden and a direct bus to the lake.

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