Laptops, included in the backpacking lists

Nowadays, any gadgets have had been included in the list of stuff to bring in any backpacking events. These gadgets include laptops, net books, iPad, or mobile computing devices. One of the reasons for this is for the backpackers or travelers to still be updated with the latest events and happenings even though they are out of town.

Travel GadgetsTravel Gadgets

Personally,  I do bring some gadgets during travels. Aside from the above mentioned reason, this is also for me to back up my photos taken during the travel directly in my laptop or other devices. However, lately, I just have a problem with portable computing device because of the damaged hard drive of my laptop and that, it functions real slow. I still am looking for reliable technician to do my slow computer and fix it then.

As I’ve mentioned in my previous post, hopefully I can join the backpacking travel plans my friends are organizing and by that time also, my laptop will be working fine as well.

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