Lebanon’s holidays, detailed descriptions and dates

Lebanon’s National Holidays

On the 10th day of Muharram, according to the Muslim calendar, Lebanon, like the rest of the Muslim world, celebrates the Day of Ashura (which means “ten”). A general prayer service is held in memory of the murdered Mohammedan grandson. In Lebanon, April is Ashura Mourning Day for Mohammed’s grandson(dates of religious …

Almost every country celebrates the wonderful and touching holiday of Mother’s Day. Lebanon, like other countries in the Middle East, celebrates Mother’s Day on March 21. According to historical records, Mother’s Day began to be celebrated as early as 1910, when in West Virginia the governor declared the …

One of the main dates in Lebanon is May 6. On this day in 1916, Lebanese nationalists were executed by order of Wali Jemal Pasha. Most were executed in Damascus, the Syrian capital, and Beirut. In honor and memory of the victims of this tragedy, a national holiday, Martyrs’ Day, was established on May 6. …

November 22 is the national holiday of the Lebanese Republic, Independence Day. This day went down in the country’s history as the day of liberation from French colonial oppression. On November 22, 1943 colonial Lebanon became an independent state. The struggle with the French for liberation began …

Lebanon has the highest literacy rate in the Arab world, and teachers are to blame. Teacher’s Day is a nationwide, beloved, emotional holiday. Although the history of Teachers’ Day has no ancient roots, it is celebrated in Lebanon in a big way. The date of the holiday in Lebanon, …

December 25 is the celebration of Catholic Christmas, a major holiday revered and celebrated in many countries. The inhabitants of the Asian country of Lebanon are no exception. In all the Catholic churches will be sure to hold solemn Christmas services, which will gather most of the inhabitants of Lebanon. …

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The Feast of Sacrifice (Eid al-Adha) is celebrated on the tenth day of the lunar month of Shawwal and coincides with the end of the pilgrimage. Eid al-Fitr in Lebanon begins with a festive prayer, which takes place after the sun appears over the horizon. Before the prayer, Lebanese believers wash, …

Every year on the 12th of Rabi al-Awwal, all Muslims around the world, including Lebanese, celebrate the Nativity of Muhammad. In 2010, it was celebrated on February 26. This holiday was timed not to the date of the birth of the Prophet (it remains unknown), but to the day of his death. Everyone knows that Muslims are very …

One of the oldest traditions of mankind is to solemnly celebrate the new year. It originated in Asia, where the territory of modern Lebanon is located. With this holiday people associate hopes for a good new year, so prepare for celebration with all due care. The New Year …

Many Muslim countries, including Lebanon, celebrate the Hijra New Year. It is not a secular New Year as it is in most other countries. The Hijra New Year begins on the first day of the holy month of Muharram, which, in turn, is the first month of …

The Christian religion is one of the most widespread in the world. It is no secret that Christian churches have been built in Muslim countries such as Lebanon. Their parishioners celebrate all the same events of the church calendar as Christians in Europe. Celebrating Easter in Lebanon differs from celebrating …

This year, 2010, Ramadan began on August 11. The ninth month of the Muslim calendar is marked by the first divine revelation near Mecca in the cave of Hira. It was here that the angel Jibrael gave the Prophet Muhammad the revelations that became the Holy Quran. On the first day of …

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Lebanon’s Holidays

Lebanon is an interesting and distinctive country, characterized by a special mood and atmosphere, where local beliefs and Islamic traditions are intertwined.

Most of the major Muslim holidays are celebrated here on a par with the major Christian ones. Easter and Christmas are celebrated officially, but New Year’s Eve according to the Gregorian calendar is not.

Easter and Christmas in Lebanon

Here, Easter and Christmas are celebrated more modestly than in other countries. People’s fear of terrorists is noticeable, and many also don’t want to annoy their Muslim neighbors. So it mostly comes down to visits to churches, prayers and family meals. The traditional Christmas fairs in Europe are only held in the largest cities and not every year. Much depends on what the situation in the country is now.

On the other hand, the well-established charity work is quite widespread. By Christmas, the number of volunteers and representatives of the Red Cross is on the rise, and gifts are given to children from poor families.

Oman holidays, dates and detailed description

One of the few non-religious holidays, which is traditionally celebrated in this country from March 3 to 9, that is, for the whole week. Education does not stop on these days, but it is customary to pay special attention to teachers, and parents thank them for their science and for giving their children hope for a better future.

Many believe that children who have received a good education will find it easier to go to Europe, because Lebanon is constantly shaken by internal conflicts.

However, this holiday is considered special also because here the whole process of education and the figure of the Teacher is filled with special meaning. He is treated as a source of wisdom, not so much bookish as life’s wisdom.

Lebanon has the highest literacy rate in the Arab world.

One of the few official holidays in the Gregorian calendar that is recognized as a public holiday. Lebanon received full independence from the French Mandate in the middle of the last century. And since then, the event has been celebrated every year on November 22.

The noisiest and most numerous events take place in the capital, where a large military parade takes place. Massive folk festivities end with an evening concert and a noisy fireworks display.

An obligatory part of the holiday program is the release of red, green and white balloons into the sky, and it begins in the morning until late evening.

In Islam, the new year begins with the arrival of the holy month of Muharram. During this time Allah specifically forbids conflicts, blood feuds, revenge and quarrels. In contrast to the Christian world, where New Year is a secular holiday, celebrated solemnly, with Muslims it is primarily a religious holiday, which is associated with reflection and spiritual growth.

This day is hardly a holiday in the European sense of the word. Rather, it is a day of prayer and self-cultivation, with an emphasis on spiritual development and self-improvement.

National Holidays in Korea, Description and Dates

Feast of Sacrifice

This holiday comes on the 70th day after Ramadan. It is determined by the lunar calendar. It all begins with a special prayer, to which one should come in all clean clothes. Then a sacrifice is offered. It is believed that her blood should wash away the sins that have accumulated throughout the year. A sheep, a goat, a calf or a camel is slaughtered.

What can be seen on the table on this day: numerous appetizers, vegetables and fruits, of course, sweets. As drinks are offered ayran, and also a special compote from dried fruits with addition of raisins. The latter is added in a very invigorating kvass. In a word, this day is widely celebrated in Lebanon!

The International Byblos Festival in Lebanon

This event takes place every year from June to September. It features folk music from various countries as well as classics. However, in recent years, the number of directions began to increase, a lot more variety appeared, and DJs started to be invited.

The event is held under the auspices of UNESCO as aimed at preserving the culture of different peoples.

Baalbek International Art Festival

The International Arts Festival, which is held every summer in Baalbek, takes place in a partially preserved temple complex. It was built during Roman times. It gathers an average of about 40,000 spectators.

The organizers attach great importance to this event because they believe that the revival of the country after a lot of different political conflicts is very important.

International culinary festival

Held every year in November in Lebanon, this is a completely unique event of its kind. It brings together a series of interactive and innovative programs that focus on cooking and different drinks, and help festival guests learn more about the lives of ordinary Lebanese.

The program includes several sections – food and drink, organic food, small producers and small food outlets (here you can learn about the culture of street food), restaurants, equipment and tableware. It is hard to imagine holding this event without the Oriental bazaar.

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