Lonely house on an island, lots of photos

Lonely house on the island

House on the island – perhaps the dream of every inhabitant of the planet. But alas, these places are very few, and one of them is a house on Ellida Island in Iceland.

House on Ellida Island in Iceland

Atlantic Ocean, its immense salty waters washes the north of the vast island, covered with an eternal blanket of ice. Iceland, this is the name of the island country, which is famous for its many natural attractions. Adjacent to the vast glacial territory are small islands, not without its uniqueness.

One such piece of land is a part of a small archipelago, lost in the wilderness, on the southern coast of the mainland – Ellida Island.

The third largest of Iceland’s islands, Ellida attracts streams of tourists with its lonely, marvelous building, which stands out in the beautiful landscape of the island.

The small but neat cottage on the island is now without an owner. It is like a lonely lighthouse greeting travelers, enticing them to enjoy the quiet and tranquil surroundings, in the silent lost wilderness, on the shores of the ocean.

Scientists say Ellida was created by a volcanic eruption, more than 5,000 years ago.

The area of the island is 0.45 square kilometers. People get to Ellida from the mainland by boat.

Climb the plateau of the island can be on a ladder woven from ropes. The island is uninhabited, with the exception of a few cattle and thousands of birds that use the local steep cliffs for nesting.

It is believed that the first building on the island was erected back in 1953, but the structure, designed by old technology, has not passed the test of time.

The area of the island is 0.45 square kilometers.

The current lodge, with the most modern design, was built in 1996. Five years later, at the west end of the island an additional structure resembling a sauna was completed.

Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona

In 2000, the then Prime Minister of Iceland – David Oddsson, intended to present the amazing cabin on Ellida Island to the famous singer Björk. That is how the official wanted to thank the Icelandic singer, actress, composer, musician, author of wonderful songs and winner of many awards, for her enormous contribution to the culture of the country.

When the locals learned that they intended to be deprived of the world-famous landmark, they began to protest. In the end, the gift had to be canceled and the national treasure of Iceland was left for free review by all inhabitants of the planet.

The lonely house at the edge of the world continues to wait for travelers, who are welcomed by the cozy hospitality of local places.

Near a charming house, tourists can rest from the mundane life of civilization, the daily bustle of the outside world, to gain energy and inspiration for further wanderings in the vast expanses of the globe.

House on an island, Holland

Amazing home on an island off the coast of Maine.

Zanzibar Island, Tanzania

An island home in Canada

“The Garden of the Gods North America

Famous Island – “Heartland”

Sophie Lalonde’s home

Thousand Islands, Canada

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Seeking refuge from the hustle and bustle of work: 35 of the most secluded homes on the planet

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Anyone who’s ever been on the verge of escaping the stuffy embrace of a hectic office simply must check out this list of the most secluded and remote homes on the planet. And then save it in the bowels of your work computer. Just in case.

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Island in Vestmannaeyar Archipelago, Iceland

There are no other houses on this island. Let’s hope there is no internet either. Just the sea, rocks and a few sheep.

Secluded House in Iceland

2. Hungary

You can see this farmhouse amidst the thickets of some agricultural crop only from a bird’s eye view.

Secluded Home in Hungary

3. Urup Island, Kurils, Russia

Apart from the lighthouse keepers and gold miners, no one lives on the island. But it is rather difficult to meet them by chance in this rather large territory.

Secret home on Urup Island

4. Unspecified location, Russia.

More like a classic landscape, isn’t it? The inhabitants of this house certainly do not have to fight with their neighbors.

Secluded home in Russia

5. Province of Alberta, Canada

This photo illustrates well the declining rural population in Alberta.

House isolation in Canada

6. Unspecified location, Iceland

Photographer Ryan Riesert was so struck by the sight of lonely farmhouses against the rugged landscape of Iceland that he took a whole series of similar images.

Secluded House in Iceland

7. Unspecified location, Iceland

Another house and another work by Ryan Riesert.

Secluded House in Iceland

8. Kalsoi, one of the Faroe Islands

This is the Kallur lighthouse, with a magnificent view of the surrounding area from the top.

Kallur Lighthouse on the Island

9. Drina River, Serbia

The process of building this house was probably very entertaining.

House on the Drina River

10. Munnar, India.

This small hut in the middle of a tea plantation in Kerala does not disturb the harmony of the postcard landscape.

Secluded Home in India

11. unspecified location, Iceland

The photo was taken from a moving car on the highway, so getting from here to civilization isn’t too difficult.

Secluded House in Iceland

12. Holland Island, Maryland, USA

The island is gradually being eroded by wind and tides, so those wishing to visit should hurry.

Secret House in the US

13. Peggy’s Cove Settlement, Nova Scotia, Canada

Actually, this house is not so lonely. Not only do people live in Peggy’s Cove, but there is also a functioning lighthouse, a local landmark.

House isolation in Canada

14. Reykjanes Ridge, Iceland

The bleakness of the local landscape is more than compensated for by the opportunity to observe the northern lights.

La Scala Opera in Milan, repertoire and description

Secluded House in Iceland

15. Hofskirkja, Iceland

This turf-covered church, essentially a dugout, is a true masterpiece of Icelandic architecture.

Secluded House in Iceland

16. Thousand Islands Archipelago, Canada

The archipelago is generally popular with tourists. The photo shows one of the smallest islands with a charming mansion built on it.

House isolation in Canada

17. Unspecified location, Norway

Scattered along the shores of Norway’s many fjords and islands are a number of fishing huts, most often empty.


18. Thousand Islands Archipelago, Canada

Getting from island to island by boat is not easy because of the peculiarities of the bottom – shallow and stony. Here this problem was solved locally – with the help of a bridge.

House isolation in Canada

19. Unknown location

A small old house with a stone chimney diversifies the harsh landscape of this hilly area.

Secluded home

20. Unknown location

A tromped path and a well-kept exterior of the house indicate that people do live here after all.

Secluded home

21. Unknown location

In a house like this, barely towering above the water surface, no one will bother you for sure.

Secluded beach house

22. Undisclosed location.

You feel like you’re standing in a place where three elements – the sea, the land and the wind – collide.

Secluded beach house

23. Unspecified location, Norway

Besides the fishing hut itself, in the photo you can see a gazebo where it is probably very nice to sit with friends over freshly cooked fish soup.

Norwegian cottage

24. Unspecified location, Japan

Having a detached house in the usual land scarcity of Japan is a great privilege. Even if that house is half standing in water.

Japanese cottage retreat

25. Unspecified location.

We can assume that the hill on which the house stands was once an island, and then the water receded. But for some reason, people have not rushed to repopulate the surrounding area.

Highland secluded home

26. Unspecified location, Iceland

The two ground huts at the foot of the hill seem quite suitable for year-round living.

Secluded House in Iceland

27. Unspecified location.

Only a very brave boss would venture down into this house in search of his employees.

Grasse: perfume center and town on the map of France

Secluded home

28. Unspecified location, U.S.A.

The black and white palette of the photograph emphasizes the atmosphere of desolation and loneliness that reigns in this place.

Secret House in the US

29. Unknown location

It seems that this lonely building, given over to the mercy of the steppe winds, is homesick for human voices and children’s laughter.

Secluded home

30. Erfoud, Morocco

The walls of this totally cubic house consist of the clay that dominates the soil of the surrounding area.

Secluded home in Morocco

31. Coquitlam, Canada

People don’t tend to settle here because of frequent flooding.

House isolation in Canada

32. Unspecified location, Iceland

Sunny days in Iceland are very few. And it takes patience to take such a radiant picture.

Secluded House in Iceland

33. Ait Ben-Haddou, Morocco

This photo is a typical example of Moroccan earthen architecture.

Secluded home in Morocco

34. California, USA

It’s hard to imagine that someone could live in such privacy, but the photo convincingly confirms this fact.

Secluded home in California

35. Abruzzo, Italy

The picturesque structure in the photo, called trabocchi in Italy, was originally built for purely practical purposes. Its long poles were used by fishermen to hang nets.

Secluded home in Italy

It turns out that the end of the world, to which many seek solitude, could be anywhere!

I absolutely agree with the statement that the edge of geography can be anywhere… You just have to look closely! I was struck by the pictures of the Icelandic church overgrown with moss. The building looks more like a fairy tale gnome dwelling. And, on the refined background of the island archipelago a lonely, but very cozy little house looks very organic…

Article for me. My heart stops at the moments when I see such lonely cozy houses. I could look at them for hours. Although the little guy at #9 even made me laugh. I feel bad for Holland Island (#12) – will no one save this beautiful house? The dugouts in Iceland (#15 and 26) reminded me of gnomes. Very colorful house on #18. Thanks for the article!

Crazy House Hotel in Vietnam.

Classy selection, great photos. When you live in a city among monotonous paneled high-rises, it’s hard to imagine that there are such secluded cottages among the wildlife, and for a few kilometers around no one. Small houses in Iceland look fabulous and so Hobbit-like. And a cabin on a rock is also an extreme experience.

If they look like that on the photo, how much admiration and a maelstrom of other feelings will be caused by watching them in person! Perhaps not enough life to go around all these beauties. Of course, you can’t live with children, but they are ideal places for relaxation, especially when you need to order your thoughts.

I wouldn’t say no to such a house. Sometimes you get tired of work, of people, of everything. I want to be alone, away from everyone and close to nature. I wouldn’t risk resting in a house on a cliff. But on some nice island in the middle of the lake – quite.

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