Lost Sea in Vietnam, description and photos

The Lost Sea of Bien Lac

The Lost Sea of Bien Lac

The Bien Lac Lost Sea is a natural wonder in Vietnam’s Dong Nai Province. The strange thing about this sea is that it has no permanent shores and occasionally disappears and reappears again.

Where is Bien Lac?

One of the most popular resorts in Vietnam, which is rapidly developing its tourist infrastructure, today is Phan Thiet and Mui Ne, have long received the title of the Vietnamese Hawaii.

It is in this area of the country and spreads the described sea. In fact, it is just a giant lake, but people of these places are convinced that this is a real sea, which is lost in the Vietnamese jungle.

Infrastructure for tourists and local holidaymakers here, as yet, does not exist or it is poorly developed. There are only boats and water skis, which can be rented to organize recreation in nature.

Bien Lac is located 100 kilometers from Phan Thiet inland, but it can only be reached by an old broken road. So go there only with a guide or a local. They will show you the way and all the most interesting things about the sea.

Why does the sea change its size?

It rains a lot during the rainy season, i.e. from May to October in South Vietnam. This body of water can almost double or triple in size and really become a sea among the jungle and quite high mountains.

The Lost Bien Lac Sea, Phan Thiet

During the rest of the year, i.e. in winter, which is considered the high season in this area of Vietnam, it rains little, so the sea gradually dries up and becomes much smaller in size. In a drought, it may dry up altogether.

What can be seen here?

In and around the lost sea is very rich in flora and fauna. There grow rare plants and inhabit little or virtually unexplored animals, which even the Vietnamese themselves do not know. This is characteristic of untouched by man jungle.

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Therefore, some travel agencies are wary of sending their clients on an excursion to this sea in order to avoid unforeseen negative consequences. But if you are an experienced traveler, be sure to visit Bien Lak.

The Lost Bien Lac Sea, Phan Thiet

Here you can get a lot of experience: ride on the water surface on a boat or skis, climb to the tops of the surrounding sea cliffs, explore the magnificent local nature, admire the wild orchids.

It is worth noting that orchids grow here in huge numbers. This is one of the few places in the world where you can see these plants in the wild. So hurry up to enjoy this miracle.

Very close is Mount Katong, on top of which you can climb to see all the surrounding beauty from the observation deck and take great pictures as a memento of your visit to Bien Lak.

This sea is a great place where Russians can relax as at home, ie, in nature to roast a kebab. Barbecue, barbecue, pickled meat and other attributes of the feast can be purchased in Phan Thiet.

The place is interesting because few people know about it, here you will not find a crowd of bored tourists, and feel like a true discoverer of the world, away from the highways, skyscrapers and other “McDonald’s”.

Year by year, Bien Lak is becoming more and more popular with tourists from all over the world. Therefore, very soon this sea will become another Vietnamese tourist Mecca. You definitely will not find such beauty and authenticity in a mellow Europe.

How much does a tour cost?

Different tour companies offer different prices for a trip to Bien Lac. An English-speaking guide can drive you to the place in 4 hours for the whole day, tell you everything he knows about the sea, and charge 500,000 VND or $22 for his work.

You can agree in advance with the guide on a specific itinerary, time of stay at the sea and the fee for the tour. In any case, the prices in Vietnam are low, and you will always be satisfied with the service provided.

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Some recommendations

Before the trip be sure to take a swimsuit, sunglasses and sunscreen, so as not to become a victim of the scorching sun. Do not forget to take a camera, because you will want to memorize the magnificent views.

Even if you don’t plan to organize a picnic take food and water for the whole day, as the nearest cafe or food store is within 20 km from the sea. Remember that you’re going to the wilderness.

What sea or ocean washes Nha Trang (Vietnam): name, water

Which Sea or Ocean Lakes Nha Trang

Nha Trang

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Which sea or ocean washes over Vietnam?

Which sea washes Vietnam, one of the most popular countries in recent years from a tourist point of view? If you look at the world map, you can easily determine that the Vietnamese coast is gently caressed by the waves of the South China Sea.

South China Sea Water Temperature

The South China Sea is a part of the Australasian Mediterranean Sea, as specialists call the water basin that connects the two parts of the world. The Vietnam Sea itself is the Pacific and Indian Oceans at the same time. This is why many travelers believe that they spend their precious vacation days on the coast of the ocean, not the sea.

However, the South China body of water is still a sea, not an ocean. Its waters are well heated by the hot sun, so the sea is almost always warm. The average temperature of the water in the South China Sea varies from +20° C in the winter months to +29° C in the summer.

Vietnam Map with Resorts Photos

What ocean washes Vietnam and why do sea temperatures vary from region to region at the same time of year? The mixing of the waters of the Pacific and Indian Oceans sets a certain degree of water temperature in the South China Sea. However, due to the geographic location of the regions of the country, the water temperature can vary. So, if you measure it in January in the northern part of Vietnam, the thermometer will show an average of +20 ° C. At the same time in the south of the country the thermometer will reach +25 ° C under the sea water. Interesting fact: with the onset of the summer period, the water in the sea warms up evenly and the samples taken in the northern, southern and central regions will show approximately the same value.

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The purity of the South China Sea in Vietnam

The vast majority of tourists vacationing in Vietnam, imagining themselves on the coast surrounded by lush palm trees, falling from their coconuts, snow-white sand and turquoise sea water. However, it is worth noting that not all coast of the country’s water is clean and clear.

Sunset on the South China Sea in Vietnam

Such spectacular scarlet sunsets can be seen on the South China Sea in Vietnam.

Vietnam – what sea or ocean washes its borders? Only this question interests travelers who rush to enjoy a beach holiday in this exotic country. Before buying a plane ticket, it is recommended to study in detail the situation on the coast of a particular resort.

The fact is that the climate in Vietnam in different regions is different. For example, if in the south of the country may be quiet, hot weather and the sea is full calm, in the middle belt at this time may reign typhoons and squally wind blowing, which provoke the appearance of large waves. The waves, in turn, raise all the mud from the bottom, so that the muddy water gradually moves along the coast, thus causing tourists to be perplexed.

What is the sea in Nha Trang in Vietnam? How clean and suitable for swimming? Not always the sea water is bright and blue, as vacationers like it. In addition to the mud brought by waves from other regions, the winds carry a variety of garbage into the water from the coast: plastic bottles, bags, etc. Together with the dirty water the garbage can move to the cleaner and quieter waters of the sea.

Not always clean sea water prevails and in such a major resort city like Vungtau. Many tourists floating around the trash from the shore does not mar the swimming, in addition, after the elements loses its force, and in all regions is established calm weather, the coast is cleaned of pollution.

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Underwater inhabitants of the sea in Vietnam

Sea creatures in Vietnam

In Vietnam in Nha Trang the sea is very warm throughout the year. This could not not take advantage of a variety of sea creatures and plants. The underwater life of the South China Sea is incredibly diverse and abounds with many unique specimens of flora and fauna. Most of the sea creatures are hidden at great depths and can be seen only by divers who have dived into the water abyss of dozens of meters. Near the coast, in shallow water, rarely enough to meet the fish or crustacean creatures – the constant influx of people scares away underwater residents, forcing them to live and feed at some distance from the shore.

What sea washes Vietnam, Nha Trang, and what marine life can be found in its waters? The South China Sea caressing the Vietnamese coast is rich in such underwater monsters as sharks, rays, manta rays, octopus, barracudas, morays. There are several species of rays and sharks. In the sea a lot of tuna, swordfish, marlin, famous for its unusual needle-shaped nose.

Sharks in the South China Sea are found both at great depths and in the coastal strip. The following species of these sea monsters can be found here:

  • the tiger shark;
  • the great white;
  • longfin;
  • mako;
  • blue;
  • reef;
  • bearded;
  • feline;
  • spiny;
  • hammerhead shark;
  • nurse shark, etc.

Sea creatures in Vietnam pictures.

In Vietnam in Nha Trang what sea – is it dangerous to swim in it with such a variety of dangerous fish? Sharks in Vietnam quite rarely attack people, so they do not become an obstacle for vacationers who have decided to frolic in the warm waves of the South China Sea. These underwater inhabitants have enough food – herring, tuna, sardines, etc. You can watch the sea monsters in the waters near Nha Trang and Phu Quoc Island – this is where diving is the most interesting and diverse.

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What is the name of the sea in Vietnam in Nha Trang? Nha Trang, just like the rest of the coast of Vietnam, is washed by the warm South China Sea. In general, it is calm, clean, full of diverse inhabitants, but during the rainy seasons and monsoon winds can become muddy, dirty.

Before a trip to Vietnam, it is advisable to get acquainted with the climate prevailing at a given time in a particular region.

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