Luxembourg. Travel and rest in a small Luxembourg.


Population 497,538 Luxembourg Territory 2,586 sq. km Located on the continent of Europe Luxembourg Capital Luxembourg Money in Luxembourg Euro (EUR) Domain zone .lu Country phone code 352


The Duchy has long been deservedly popular among tourists. In a small country there are attractive resort areas. Thanks to the climate and beautiful nature of the country, the resorts are suitable for absolutely all age categories. A well-known therapeutic and recovery resort is considered Mondorf-les-Bains, which is famous for its springs. Mineral water in combination with mild climate produce therapeutic effect. Eco-resorts are located near the small town of Echternach, with its magnificent scenery. You can relax and enjoy the elegance of nature near Berdorf or Mollertal, and in many other beautiful places in the Duchy.

Climate of Luxembourg: Continental climate with mild winter, cool summer.


Annually, a large number of tourists visit the Duchy. For visitors to the country built and operates a sufficient number of hotels. The hotels are quite modern, and the level of service meets high standards. In fact, you can find a hotel in any part of the state. Good choices are: “The Seven” and “Hotel Carpini”. Guests are welcomed in the “Hotel Dimmer” as well as in the “Mia Zia”. Always on top of service and accommodation at the hotels: “Simmer”, “Villa Welcome” and “Hotel Koener”. Comfortable and unobtrusive service offered in the “Bel Air”, “Hotel Koener” and many other hotels in the Duchy.

Terrain in Luxembourg:: Mostly gently rolling uplands with wide, shallow valleys. Uplands to the mountains in the north. Steep slope to the Mosel floodplain in the southeast.


One of the main attractions of the country is the Luxembourg fortress. It was destroyed in the late 19th century, but what survives is eloquent testimony to its former strength and power. The castle’s chateau, medieval walls with loopholes, some of the gates, endless passages and casemates, built in a labyrinth, and defensive structures have been preserved. Preserved citadel and towers. Also on the territory of the fortress there is a park area, competently planned and laid out with a view of the old suburbs of the capital.

Noteworthy is the Palace of the Grand Duke, in which even now are carried out ceremonial procedures. The palace is the official residence of the Grand Duke, the head of state. It is open to the public during the last six weeks of summer, during the Duke’s vacations.

Luxembourg has resources like: : Iron ore (no longer mined), arable land.


The National Museum of Luxembourg deserves attention for its collections. The museum has thematic exhibitions, including the results of archaeological excavations, ancient art, numismatics, weapons, medals and much more. Permanent exhibitions sometimes alternate with temporary ones that are held in the museum. One of the most interesting museums in Luxembourg is the Museum of streetcars and buses. The museum is located on the territory of one of the city’s bus parks and introduces visitors to the history of public transport. The museum collection includes four streetcar cars, a car elevator, two buses, many artifacts, photographs, documents, reduced models of streetcars and buses ever used as public transport.

Luxembourg money: Denominations from 5 to 500 euros. If you need to change money in Luxembourg, you can choose from a variety of banks or exchange offices. They are located in banks, train stations, hotels and at the airport. Various companies and firms allow you to pay by bank transfer. Cards can also be used in remote parts of the country. In many shopping centers you are allowed to pay by card only if the purchase is above 200 euros.

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Luxembourg – a wonderful country with a rich nature, and residents are so appreciative of this gift that the Duchy constantly carries out various activities to conserve it. The state, its beauty and well-groomed, is able to attract the attention of even the most demanding eco-tourist. In Luxembourg there is a large variety of parks, created a lot of routes for hiking in the beautiful places of the country. Coming to the city of Echternach, you can visit the canyon “Wolf’s Mouth” and enjoy the view of the cliff, a rocky ravine overgrown with forests. Near the town of Berdorf there is an unusual rock in the form of an arch and Hals Gorge. The Duchy of Luxembourg, thanks to its landscapes, is a great place for mountain climbing and mountain biking.


The Duchy of Luxembourg is a small state, but the country’s transport system is well developed and includes: air, bus, rail and an excellent road system. There is the international airport near the capital. It is possible to move around the country by rail, which connects the main cities. The most convenient and popular transportation in the country is a bus, both intercity and urban. Bus routes are smart, convenient and versatile. If a tourist prefers to see the sights of the state by renting a car, it is not difficult, but it is not cheap. The same applies to the use of cab services.

Standard of Living

Luxembourg is the country with the highest standard of living in all of Europe. Life expectancy exceeds 70 years. The state has free medicine, a developed social insurance system. There are rich deposits of iron ore in the Duchy, and the country is a leader in steel production. The city of Luxembourg is the international financial center with numerous banks. The infrastructure is well developed and modern. The excellent quality and convenience of the roads is praiseworthy. The literacy of the citizens is at a high level. The Duchy is comfortable and safe to live in.


The state of Luxembourg is located in the Western part of Europe. The official name of the state is the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The country itself is small, so there are no large cities. The capital is a city with the same name as the state – Luxembourg. The main city of the Duchy was founded many centuries ago. The population in the capital is small – a little over a hundred thousand.

The country is administratively divided into districts, cantons and communes. The cantons have cities, but they are small and the number of people in them is small. There are twelve cantons and over a hundred communes. The principal towns of Luxembourg are: Rodange, Vianden, Mersch, Esch-Alzet, Remisch, Grevenmacher, Clairvaux, Diekirch, Eschternach, Wilz and Capellen.

All about vacations in Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small state in the center of Europe. Despite this, you can see a huge number of attractions, which causes the love of tourists to this country. It has no access to the sea, so beach lovers should look for another option. But people who appreciate refined architecture and art should look no further than Luxembourg in 2022.

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Historical and geographical background

Luxembourg is a state in Western Europe, which emerged in 963. At that time, it was called Lucilinburhuk, translated as “little fortress”. Gradually, the name was changed several times. For several centuries there was a struggle for the right of possession of Luxembourg.

The state was attracted by its convenient geographical location, located at the crossroads of the trade route. There are also natural resources, so the Spaniards, Prussians, Burgundians and the French tried to conquer Luxembourg. The constitution was adopted in 1868, so the state became neutral and independent. To maintain internal order is allowed only a company of gendarmes and volunteers. Their number can not be more than 300 people.

After the adoption of the constitution, only the houses of deputies could perform legislative functions. They were elected by universal suffrage. They could rule for a maximum of six years. When Luxembourg became free, military expenditures and conscription were removed, the state improved its economic condition within a short time. This made the population more prosperous, and Luxembourg became one of the richest countries in Europe.

The state is located in the western part of Europe. Nearby are other developed European countries. These are Germany, France and Belgium. There are hills, ridges, and escarpments in the southern part, which gradually decline toward the east. There are trout in the streams and rivers.


Luxembourg attracts tourists because of its temperate climate. In the wintertime it is warm, and in summer there is no intense heat. During the winter months the temperature does not drop below 0 degrees Celsius. It gets warm as early as April or May. The state is often exposed to an atmospheric front from the Atlantic.

This period is characterized by high levels of humidity for 10-12 months. In the north of the country can fall up to 900 mm of rainfall at this time (hail, rain, snow). The coldest month is January. Experienced tourists recommend visiting Luxembourg in summer or between seasons. Locals do not mark the peak tourist season, because the weather allows you to come throughout the year.

How to get to Luxembourg

There are no direct flights from Russia. But, many European airlines offer flights with a connection. In addition, tourists can get to airports, which are located near Luxembourg. These are Paris, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Brussels. Upon arrival, you can go to the train station and buy a ticket to Luxembourg. The trip will take only 1.5-2 hours.

There is also no direct train. The best option – a trip with a change in Liege, which is in Belgium. The trip will take at least 45 hours. The cost of such a trip will cost 2-3 times the price of a plane ticket.

If you go by bus, you must change in Germany. You have to spend at least two days on the road. If you compare such a trip with flying by plane, the savings will be insignificant.

Tourists will be able to get from Moscow and on their own car. The total distance is 2650 kilometers. Before the trip, it is necessary to make a route in advance, find hotels and stopping points that will be useful during the trip.

Where to stay

There are a large number of hotels and houses in Luxembourg, where tourists are offered the best conditions for accommodation. Many of them are located in the central part of the capital. Below is an overview with a detailed description:

  1. Le Royal. There are two restaurants, a spacious terrace, wellness center and an open-air pool. Nearby is the Place d’Armes. Ordinary rooms have a modern renovation. Tourists like the classic and simple decor. Guests will be able to use the free internet. The rooms have air conditioning, a desk, a large TV, a minibar, and a bathroom with a shower. Tourists are offered delicious traditional cuisine, which is prepared according to a modern recipe. In the stores at the hotel you can buy souvenirs, necessities.
  2. Hotel Parc Belle-Vue. The hotel attracts attention by its convenient location. Rooms were recently renovated, so tourists will enjoy a modern renovation. The hotel is located in the central part of the city, surrounded by greenery. From the large panoramic windows you can admire the center of Luxembourg, green surroundings. The rooms have a work desk and a private bathroom. In the restaurant on the first floor guests are treated to traditional Italian cuisine, you can try snacks, drinks. During warm weather you can also dine on the outdoor terrace.
  3. Hotel Parc Plaza. The hotel is located within walking distance from central Luxembourg. The reception desk is open 24 hours a day. Free internet is available on site. The capital’s train station and the National Museum of Art and History are a 20-minute walk away. The restaurant serves specialties. Guests can dine indoors or outdoors on the terrace. Barbecue facilities are available. The English pub invites you to try cocktails. There are two bowling lanes on site.
  4. Mondorf Parc Hotel. Guests have free access to the fitness center or the thermal water wellness area. Free internet access is available on the territory of the hotel. Each room has a spacious private balcony. There are two restaurants. The menu includes dietary meals, gourmet treats, which are prepared from seasonal products. In the hotel you can play tennis, rent a car, bicycles. The hotel is located in Mondorf-Les-Bains. Nearby is the city of Trier and Metz.
  5. Le Petit Poete. The hotel is located in the central part of Echternach. This is an old town that is located near the Sauer River. Guests will be able to visit the large outdoor terrace, which offers a view of the area. Free internet is available on site. The restaurant serves French cuisine. Guests are sure to enjoy the meaty appetizers, deliciously prepared fish. There are numerous local restaurants, stores, and public parking lots nearby.
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These are some of the best hotels. The price of lodging depends on the season, the number of people. You have to count on the price of $ 100 for one night. Many of the hotels cooperate with online booking services, so you can choose the best room in advance and see photos.


Luxembourg is a dwarf state, which is closely bordered by other European countries. It is they have had a strong influence on the formation of local food traditions. For a long time, local chefs adopted the best traditions of Belgium, Germany, France.

But the local cuisine has preserved the traditions of their ancestors. Some dishes are prepared according to ancient recipes, which help make it unique and inimitable. Chefs prepare meat, mashed beans and potatoes deliciously. A popular delicacy is the finely chopped pork, which is additionally smoked and fried in a sour cream sauce. Chefs treat tripe with special attention. Veal heart dishes and cabbage garnish are on the menu. From the liver are delicious dumplings, beef tongue.

Every tourist should definitely try the roast hare. It attracts with its unusual and spicy taste. It is served in many bars and restaurants. Many guests who come to the resort in Luxembourg, try the jellied pig, Ardenne sausage, oxtail soup, liver with green vegetables.


What places to visit in Luxembourg:

  1. The capital of the country. As in many European powers, the heart of the city is the Old Town, preserved in its original form. On its grounds is the oldest church (St. Quirin), as well as the cathedral. Walking around the Old Town, you will go back several centuries and feel the spirit of the past. Be sure to visit one of the local cozy cafes and have a cup of fragrant coffee. You can take a break from the bustle of the city in the city park, where you can see a villa of the nineteenth century.
  2. Therapeutic resort. In Luxembourg you can spend time with health benefits visiting the town of Mondorf. This is where the unique thermal springs are located, which were the reason to found a whole recovery complex, specializing in diseases of the digestive system.
  3. The world of vineyards. The Moselle valley is an area famous for its sweet wine. Tourists can visit numerous vineyards, mark the castle where the famous poet lived, and even take part in a tasting of the grape drink.
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Luxembourg belongs to the list of rich countries, with a developed infrastructure. Tourists can discover a wide range of shopping opportunities. The major department stores are located in the capital, Luxembourg. But also in other cities you can visit interesting stores, souvenir shops.

In Luxembourg often buy souvenirs that are associated with religious themes. Tourists like products, wine of local production. Stores start working at 8 am, there is a short break for lunch. After 18:00 all shops with things and souvenir shops are closed. Some stores may not work in the morning on Monday and Sunday. On these days the whole country is on vacation.

In the city of Luxembourg in the Unterstadt and Oberstadt districts most of the large stores and shopping centers are open. They are located near the train station. Here you can find trendy clothes from famous brands, things from the inexpensive collection of local Spanish designers, French couturiers. Tourists are offered to visit outlets with things from famous Italian brands.

In this area, the price of things several times lower than in other stores, which are located in other parts of the city. Street GrandRue invites you to visit shops with household appliances, art gallery, where they sell the works of local artists.

On the border with Belgium is a popular outlet in the entire region. It is located 20-30 minutes from the capital of Luxembourg. It has been styled as a village, so a huge number of shopping lovers come here. You can spend the whole day here, take a leisurely stroll through the stores and numerous shopping malls. The outlet offers more than 60 boutiques, which sell branded items from famous designers. Tourists will be able to take advantage of the Tax Free system. At the time of purchase, it is necessary to take a form from the seller. Thanks to him you can get back the cost of tax.

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In addition to the many stores in this village there are restaurants and cafes. Here you can have lunch and relax after a good shopping. The most in demand are souvenirs of religious themes. This is a mini-copy of the sculpture of Our Lady. You can buy other statuettes of other saints, which can be put in the house or at work. Locals believe that they protect their owners. In the central part of the city there are art galleries where you can buy the works of local artists. They are sold at affordable prices. They depict picturesque local landscapes, so the canvas will help keep memories of a successful trip.

What else you need to know about a vacation

As for the cost of recreation, it is pleasantly surprising. Due to the fact that Luxembourg is not yet as attractive to tourists as, for example, France, the prices of local tours are not so high. Ten-day vacation for two, organized by a travel agency, will cost about fifty thousand rubles.

If you decide to travel independently, then get ready for the fact that accommodation in a double hotel room ranges from 80 to 150 euros per night. Of course, you can find more budget options, but in this case be prepared to sacrifice a little comfort. As for food, in Luxembourg it is not cheap. You can have a snack in a small cafe for 10-11 euros. But a dinner at a good restaurant will be expensive – 25 euros and more.

Mobile communications

Luxembourg is the smallest country in Europe but it has a developed economy and good mobile communications. Tourists who come for a few days or weeks, you can choose the economical option. To use mobile Internet, you can buy a travel card FreeRoaming.

This is the best option for tourists. You only have to pay for the use. Luxembourg has wireless Wi-Fi coverage almost all over the territory. You can connect in different places – cafes, restaurants, hotels, parks or the street. In some establishments, tourists are charged for the connection. Locals recommend tourists not to buy cards from operators, and use free internet to save money on travel.

Safety in the country

Luxembourg is a country with high indicators of prosperity. Local residents have a high income. The state is characterized by civic engagement, good social ties, availability of jobs. Tourists can not worry about their own safety.

Every year Luxembourg takes a leading position in terms of safety. There is minimal crime, a good environmental situation, and locals are friendly to tourists. Another advantage for visitors is the quality of water and food. Tourists need to be careful with hand luggage, not to leave their belongings unattended for a long time. These are general rules that apply in every country.

Video about the sights of Luxembourg:

Luxembourg is a country with a rich past. Tourists will be able to get a closer look at the color of the country. Visitors are sure to enjoy a variety of festivals, which take place in March, April and May. The main holiday is the Birthday of the Grand Duke. It is celebrated on June 23. Throughout the territory of Luxembourg are bright and large-scale celebrations.

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