Macau holidays, dates and detailed descriptions

Macau National Holidays

Throughout China, traditions are carefully preserved and Macau is no exception. Traditional sports such as dragon boat racing have been preserved to this day. Such a boat is ten meters long and can hold up to twenty athletes who work in a friendly and rhythmic manner …

The Macau Grand Prix is a racing competition held in November on the streets of the city. Each year, more than three hundred drivers compete. The Macau Grand Prix was originally conceived in 1954 as a treasure hunt near the streets of the city, but enough …

Many eastern countries celebrate the birthday of Buddha. This celebration takes place on the 8th day of the 4th lunar month. This day became an official holiday in 1975. This day is very important to many people in Macao. From the morning, Buddhist temples are full of parishioners praying for the health of …

If you want to know what Chinese opera is all about, then go to Macau and visit Taipa Island. Every year, a celebration is held near the temple of Pak Thai to celebrate the birthday of the god Pak Thai. The celebration is held on the third day of the third lunar month. What is the …

The holiday Dongzhi (also known as the winter solstice day) is celebrated at the end of the eleventh month according to the lunar calendar, and falls on December 21-23. The beginning of the holiday dates back to the days when the Han dynasty ruled. But, the popularity of this day received during the …

On the evening of the seventh day of the seventh lunar month, Macau celebrates one of its traditional holidays, Qixijie. In other Eastern countries with a Gregorian calendar, the holiday is celebrated in August. At night, billions of stars light up, of which two in particular stand out, …

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Every year, about 650,000 people come to celebrate New Year’s Eve according to the Chinese calendar, and the number is constantly growing. This holiday is probably the most colorful event of the year. Just imagine: all the streets are filled with lanterns and flowers, children are given coins on …

Lichun holiday means the beginning of spring and represents the first of the 24 seasons of the lunar calendar. The people take another name, “Dachun”, which means the beating of spring (the name comes from an old tradition, the essence of which was the beating of a clay bull, which was …

Every year the Macau International Fireworks Contest is held in Macau. It’s hard to imagine how mesmerizing it is. Locals and tourists alike look forward to watching the masters demonstrate their perfect pyrotechnic displays. Many celebrations are accompanied by fireworks, …

Macau hosts several major sporting events each year. For example, the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the International Cycling Tour, the Open Golf Championship, and the International Marathon. The Macau Marathon is organized by the Macau Sports Development Committee and the Macau Athletes Association. Most of the marathoners …

A lot of tourists go to China in October. The reason is that at that time there is an international music festival. From the sixth of October to the fifth of November in Macao reigns holiday. At this festival you can hear any music – classical, jazz, electronic music, Chinese folklore, …

The fifth of May marks the beginning of one of the twenty-four seasons of the Chinese traditional agricultural calendar. Thus, even though it is still spring, in another calendar this day means the beginning of summer or “Lixia”. Each year, the Zijingshan Observatory tells us exactly when …

Oddly enough, Catholicism has quietly taken root in Macau, along with its traditions and holidays. For example, the Feast of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary has become one of the most popular holidays in the Catholic religion and, of course, in this city. In the days of early Christianity, there was no version …

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The Drunken Dragon Feast stretches over more than one day. Sometimes a whole month of various cultural events go on. The celebration begins on the eighth day of the fourth moon in the month of May. Legend has it that the inhabitants of one village suffered a dragon for a long time. One day, …

Macau is famous for its unusual holidays and festivals. For them, finding a reason to celebrate is easy. For example, they have the Mid-Autumn Festival. This celebration has a second name, the Moon Festival. Usually it falls in mid-September, and according to the lunar calendar, it’s the 15th …

The Xingming Festival is one of the most favorite festivals in China. Today it is celebrated mostly by the villagers, and this makes sense. Previously, this day was celebrated everywhere, but now many cities simply do not have the opportunity to celebrate it properly. This day is held …

The torch festival is celebrated in many cities and villages in China. On June 24-25, people in fancy dress celebrate this day. On this holiday it is customary to play the “yueqin” (a Chinese folk stringed instrument with a round deck) as well as the “big sansan” (a Chinese three-stringed …

This festival is little known, and it takes place around the country at different times. For example, in the village of Tongxin, the day is celebrated on August 10, and in the village of Hongkan, on January 15. The dates are completely different. The celebration lasts for three days. The first day is dedicated to the meeting of God. Of course, not in the literal sense. …

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Macau Holidays

Macau is a place where two great cultures – European and Chinese – have collided and this is reflected in the Macau holidays.

Christmas and New Year

Macau does not have many Christian followers but everyone celebrates Christmas.

On Christmas, the streets are dressed up, and many people decorate their homes and fences. So there is a certain eclecticism: it is a little strange to see houses built in the Chinese style, decorated with greetings, hieroglyphs and oriental symbols and lanterns in honor of Christmas. But, nevertheless, residents rejoice heartily.

Also at this time it is customary to bake “Bolu Rei” cakes.

At Christmas time, Macau has Christmas trees, typical fairs, and festive services.

On the European New Year, the celebration is not as lavish as on the Chinese New Year, but still many people rejoice, celebrate, and there are concerts in the central squares. At Nam-Wan Lake at midnight there are fireworks.

Chinese New Year

It is the most popular holiday celebrated usually in February. To begin with, it is worth saying that in the last celebration in Macao came 650 thousand people, that is, how many people live in the city itself.

This event does not look like a New Year’s Eve celebration. First, there is a huge variety of greenery and flowers for sale and just to decorate tables and chairs, gazebos and windows. Secondly, the festive feast involves an abundance of fruits and vegetables, and fresh ones at that.

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The Chinese New Year is a celebration of unity with the family.

The holiday begins in the early morning, and at night everything literally explodes.

Drunken Dragon Festival

The Drunken Dragon Festival is a month-long event that includes a number of cultural events. It begins in May, with the exact date set by the lunar calendar.

Everyone can admire the spectacle – the procession with the heads and tails of the serpent. The procession in the city begins from Senando and continues all the way to the inner harbor.

Traditionally, dragons and lions are sure to take part in this event.

Torchlight Festival

The event takes place on June 24 and 25. It is customary to hold folk festivities and play Chinese stringed instruments. Lighted torches are used to ward off evil spirits.

During this holiday, there are often bullfights. Archery competitions are held. It is also customary to treat each other to alcoholic beverages, and it is hard to find any other custom that is performed with the same care.

International music festival

From October 6 to November 5 there is a music festival. And there is a wide variety of styles, from Chinese folk to classical, from jazz to baroque. Even seasoned music lovers can discover something new.

The organizers of the festival try to invite as many famous performers, groups and orchestras as possible so that those who wish to listen to a really high quality performance will have something to choose from. Concerts take place throughout the month in city squares.

International Fireworks Competition

Macau is the city where the International Fireworks Competition is organized every year. The festival was established in 1989 to highlight the cultural heritage and importance of the Chinese invention of gunpowder. Only 5 teams participated that year, but now about 100 come to Macau from all over the world.

Here you can look at the competitions in different sections. For example, competitions as a whole show and single acts (most beautiful rocket and so on). Many combine the spectacle with a laser show, which also looks impressive. Some teams complete the effect with stunning music and lighting.

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Dongzhi – Winter Solstice Day

Dongzhi is the winter solstice day. The beginning of this tradition dates back to the time of the Han dynasty. However, it gained popularity during the Tang dynasty. Today, it has undergone certain changes, but it is still celebrated.

On this day it is also customary to gather together at the feast table and prepare special dishes, and on special altars are laid out 12 balls, their number symbolizing the 12 months of the year.

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