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Review of Travel to Madagascar

Good afternoon everyone, I want to tell you about a trip to the island of Madagascar. Perhaps the most exotic island in the Indian Ocean, to which I was lured by the unique nature of the island, baobabs, whales and of course limousines that are found nowhere else in the world.

The island of Madagascar is for those who want to dive into unspoiled nature.

Good afternoon everyone, today I want to share with you my impressions of my trip to the island of Madagascar. This incredible, emotion-filled trip happened in 2018. The cost per ticket, per person, cost us in.

Madagascar vacation!

Get vaccinated against malaria and buy pills with you. Avoid their bites and make sure there are no mosquitoes in your room or any other room.

The capital is Antananarivo. Madagascar is a vacation for those who have money and a desire to see unexplored places and nature reserves. Here you dive into the exotic world and feel the heroes of the cartoon “Madagascar”. К.

A wonderful experience

Hello, I want to tell about my vacation in Madagascar, although it was 3 years ago, but the memories still overwhelm me. Although I was not going straight to Madagascar, but just decided to make a tour. I stayed in.

The beauties of this place are mesmerizing!

Rest in this place, not cheap, but this trip is worth the money. I want to note that the flight there is a bit far almost 16 hours. But then again, it is worth it. When you get there, you will immediately feel.

The beautiful nature, the fabulous color of the ocean, the exotic fruit.

Once I decided to go on a trip and after saving up money I went to Madagascar. What can I say, it was interesting, its wildlife, food, everything was different from ours. Apparently because of remoteness there are not many tourists – I think this is the reason.

Unforgettable experience

We chose April for our Madagascar trip. It was a ten-day vacation. But it was not enough for a vacation in this wonderful place, it should have been at least two weeks. Due to the fact that we had to move around quite slowly and.


Hello everyone. I want to share my impressions of travel to gloriously known to all the ridiculous cartoon Madagascar. Immediately, I will say that this trip can not be compared with others, it was just awesome. I saw a lot of beautiful and.


This winter my husband and I were so tired from work and all the bustle that we decided to fly to Madagascar to rest. Madagascar has a tropical climate, all year round the island is warm. With my husband we went to.

Magical Madagascar.

/We spent 10 amazing days in Madagascar in January 2015, it was our wedding trip. Let’s say right away that 10 days is certainly not enough, as a lot of time is spent moving around the island on very trashed roads.


Madagascar is really a unique place in the world, as a lover of travel has always dreamed of going there. I fell in love with this island when I watched the cartoon of the same name and had a burning desire to go there. What can I say about my trip. The flight.

Not a trip, but Paradise.

The city center is not very beautiful, it looks like Southeast Asia, and there is trash, mayhem, and a lot of humidity, but there is something to see there.

Good day dear travelers. I will tell you about the wonderful trip that I took recently. Madagascar is the most interesting in my opinion. This republic is located in the Indian Ocean. It looks like the middle of the city there.

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Everything is delicious and most importantly clean.

I will tell you about all kinds of dishes a little bit at a time. Sauces. Cubans eat everything with sauce, the most delicious I have allocated for myself is a Creole, mojo, or any fruit sauce. In Cuba they eat only meat, absolutely no veganism. They really love it.

Amazing trip.

An unforgettable experience for me was a trip to the island of Madagascar. Such nature, I think, is nowhere else on earth. Exotic plants are found only on this island. And the animals are very rare and extinct elsewhere. Many are found.

The place is beautiful.

There are people who love to travel, in the world I am one of them visited me a lot, including in Madagascar, not to say that heaven on earth, but beautiful, there is something to see drove up to the hotel.

I have been to Madagascar, not a paradise on earth, but it is beautiful and has something to see.

I always wanted to visit Madagascar after watching cartoons. I always wanted to visit Madagascar after watching the cartoons. My impressions were very positive and I was very pleased with the many excursions, the rain forest, the wide variety of fruits and the warm breeze from the sea, God, it was heaven. Everyone is advised to visit this

Both good and bad impressions of the trip to Madagascar!

Hello, our dear readers) Today I want to tell you about my trip to Madagascar. I used to read a lot of great reviews about this island! And always wanted to go see, but it was too far away.

Holidays in Madagascar in 2022 – all information about the country

Madagascar is one of the most mysterious and interesting places on the planet, it is home to many mysterious and rare animals. Everyone has heard about it from a series of popular cartoons of the same name. It is these cartoons have given Madagascar such popularity among tourists from around the world. But, what is shown on the screens is only an image, a slight trace of what actually awaits the traveler who goes to Madagascar in 2022.

General information about Madagascar

Madagascar is an island nation in the Indian Ocean. Republic, the fourth largest island on the planet, and the largest island nation.

Historical background

Madagascar was inhabited as early as AD by tribes who arrived there by boat. The people of the island have similarities with the people of the Austronesian tribes. Arabs unsuccessfully tried to colonize Madagascar and European navigators also came to the island. One of them, Marco Polo, gave the island its name. In the 16th century, Europeans became keenly interested in the island, and in the next century it became of interest to pirates, who frequently visited the island and made sea raids on merchants traveling eastward and eastward from there.

Madagascar was long dependent on France. It did not become an independent state until the 1960s. This was followed by a series of riots and rebellions, and now, by the beginning of this century, Madagascar is just taking its first steps toward democracy.

Geographic Background

Madagascar is located in the southeast of the African continent, on the island of the same name. A third of the island is highlands. Madagascar is rich in mountains, valleys and many rivers. In the east of the island there is a lowland covered with rain forests, and in the west there are plains. The southern part of the island is semi-desert. On the island there are many dormant volcanoes, sometimes there are earthquakes.

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Madagascar on the map

Climate of Madagascar

Climatic conditions depend on the part of the island. While in the northern part of Madagascar, the climate type is subequatorial, in the south it is tropical and humid. The hottest part of the island – the northwest, here in the hottest period (December-February) daytime temperatures can reach 35 degrees Celsius. The farther from the equator, the lower the average temperature. During the coldest period of the year, the average temperature in Madagascar is about 25 degrees Celsius. As for precipitation, the maximum amount is again in the period from December to February, even storm warnings are not uncommon.

In general, the climate of Madagascar can be divided into two periods: the hot season with lots of rainfall and the dry season. For a trip to the island will suit almost any month except January and February – during this period it rains so much that it washes away the roads and may prevent the development of exotic areas.

Safety in Madagascar

Madagascar is not one of the safest countries on the planet. Despite the efforts of the government, sometimes there are strikes in the country, and sometimes the epidemiological situation is unfavorable. However, if the traveler goes to a major city – for example, the capital city Antananarivo – he may not be so afraid of the unknown island. The crime situation in the capital is generally not bad.

Here’s what you should take care of when traveling to Madagascar:

  • Be sure to have your documents – passport with a visa, driver’s license;
  • It is not desirable to carry all financial resources that are available at the time of the trip;
  • When visiting places of interest, it is best to use the services of a guide or accompanying person and comply with his requirements, as well as to listen to the advice of the local accompanying person, if you have chosen such a person;
  • Women, regardless of their age, should not walk alone, but accompanied either by another woman or a man;
  • be careful with drinking water: all water should be boiled or bought in a quality supermarket;
  • when swimming in the ocean waves, you should choose the right places for this: lagoons, areas surrounded by coral reefs. Unprepared person and unaccompanied should not swim away, because in the ocean waters are sharks;
  • Going for a walk in the woods, you must beware of insects. Before leaving on vacation, it is best to take medication against malaria.

Visa to Madagascar for Russians

Getting a visa to travel to Madagascar is extremely simple. Arriving on the island, at the airport, you must apply to the appropriate service with a passport and a return ticket.

Russians immediately put a visa for a month, and at the same time it is completely free!

How to get to Madagascar

Air service

The best option is air travel. Direct flights from Russia are not too good; of course, there are Moscow-Antananarivo flights, but they are highly irregular. The easiest and most frequently used way to get to the island from Russia is a connecting flight to Paris, France. From Moscow and back tickets will cost about 60,000 rubles, although you can get a lift and catch options at a discount.

Ireland country

Other types of transportation

Madagascar is an island, so it is logical that there is no way to get there by land transport. However, for those who want to make an exotic journey by sea, there is an option. Luxury cruise ships regularly stop in Madagascar. For the adventurous and experienced travelers, there is an option to get to the island from the African continent – but there are no certain regular flights and schedules, so this option is only for the big adventurers.

Where to stay in Madagascar

The most attractive for the average tourist will be a vacation in the capital of the republic – Antananarivo. Translated hard to pronounce the name as “City of a Thousand Warriors,” and the local population abbreviates it to “Tana. The twin cities of the exotic capital are Nice and closer to us Yerevan. There is also an international airport in the capital; the capital is famous for its mild climate and the developed tourist sector.

Hotels in Antananarivo

Antananarivo offers a variety of hotels for all tastes. One of the most popular, according to online reviews of tourists, is a very good four-star hotel Hôtel Colbert – Spa & Casino. In a good season, if you book in advance, you can get a double room in this hotel for 6000 rubles per night.

The hotel offers a swimming pool, a spa, a fitness center, and many other amenities. But such hotels are not suitable for everyone, and not everyone is needed – because someone goes to Madagascar in order to spend most of the time outside the hotel. For these tourists are suitable small guest houses or apartments, which in the capital also a lot, and they are if you choose wisely and read the reviews of guests, will also be comfortable and safe. Such small institutions will take for a night in a double room in the area of 1500 rubles.

Other options for overnight stays in Madagascar

It is not necessary to stay and live in the capital. On the island of tourism brings a large part of the state budget, and therefore there are a fairly large number of resort areas of the country: Ambohimanga, Murundawa, Nusi-Buraha Island and others. In general, in more or less major cities you can always find and book a private apartment or cottage.

Attractions, entertainment and cuisine

So, the traveler became interested in Madagascar and arrived in the country. On this amazing island there is something to see and do for individual travelers, families with children, and companies of young friends.

Animals of Madagascar

The island, as mentioned in the famous cartoons, is famous for its nature and wildlife. Only in 10 years of the new century biologists have discovered more than 600 new species of animals.

Madagascar is home to such remarkable representatives of fauna as:

  • lemurs (the only habitat on the planet for these animals);
  • Chameleons (half of the world’s species);
  • unique butterflies (for example, the comet butterfly, whose wingspan reaches 20 centimeters);
  • Many birds, reptiles and fish.

Attractions of Antananarivo

For those who are staying in the capital of the republic and want to explore the historical and cultural monuments, Antananarivo offers several options for spending time with the benefit of the mind and heart.

For example, the beautiful royal palace of Ruwa is located in the capital. It is located on a mountain that was home to both tribal chiefs and local crowned heads. The palace, unfortunately, was damaged in the 90s during the uprising in the state, but has since undergone extensive restoration. Another interesting palace is Andafiavaratra, located on the highest hill. The palace now houses a museum displaying archaeological finds and works of art, and is known for its exquisite interiors.

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There is also something in the capital that both adults and young travelers who are passionate about flora and fauna will be happy to visit. This is the botanical and zoological garden Tsimbazaza. Rare plant species and typical Madagascan fauna are present there. Older children and adventurous adults will find it interesting to visit the Pirates Museum (because the history of the island is very closely connected with the representatives of this… hmm… profession).

Interesting places in Madagascar

Of course, most tourists do not come to the island to spend all the time in the capital. Each destination, where the tourist goes, will offer something special.

First of all, travelers to Madagascar attracted by the unique nature: the landscapes and inhabitants. There are several large national parks on the island, the main of which can be called the Cinji du Bemaraha Reserve. This site is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which already speaks of its uniqueness.

The nearest settlement is Morondava, for car travelers it will be easy to reach the park from Antasalovu as well. The road to the park is quite difficult and the park itself is huge, so you can’t go there in one day. However, there are many hotels and campsites near Cinji du Bemarah, and there are food outlets as well as qualified guides to help you navigate the park. Entrance to the park costs about 300 rubles per person.

What you can see in this amazing reserve:

  • Nature’s only unique mineral formation;
  • A huge number of observation sites for photographers and those who are impressed by nature;
  • hiking trails with suspension bridges – breathtaking;
  • Rare species of trees, plants, and animals;
  • Many caves and gorges.

Other famous national parks of Madagascar are very adapted even for not the most athletic tourists De-Ranomafana Park, filled with green valleys, lemurs and butterflies, and Montagne d’Ambre, whose distinctive feature is, firstly, the extreme diversity of species, and secondly, a spectacular waterfall.

In the vicinity of the capital there is a whole group of extinct volcanoes – Ankaratra. They have been silent for more than a thousand years. The area with volcanoes may not please everyone – it really is a mysterious deserted atmosphere, but the proximity of the volcano, which not everyone can see in his life, fascinates and awe-struck. Another mysterious place of the country is a dead lake Antsirabe. Despite the fact that the water temperature is favorable for the emergence of life, there are no plants or animals in the lake. The locals make up legends that this lake can never be crossed by man…

There is a group of travelers who want to go to Madagascar, including for a beach vacation. They can be understood, as mentioned earlier, there are many beach resorts on the island, there are both wild and prepared to receive tourists beaches.

It is important to note that for a beach holiday is best directed to the west coast of the island – there are fewer dangerous sharks.

Beaches Madagascar is famous for its soft and clean sand, clear ocean. Not all of them are fully prepared to receive tourists, but at some resorts, for example, Nusi-Be, there are not only hotels and beaches, but also entertainment infrastructure – namely, a wide range of entertainment for night parties.

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Entertainment Madagascar

In addition to enjoying nature, Madagascar has things to do besides visiting museums and parks:

  • rock climbing;
  • Water sports: diving, yachting, surfing, sport fishing and hunting;
  • motorcycle riding.

It is important that in tourist areas, where there is everything you need for such activities, there are many helpers who, for a fee, will give a try in active activities even to those who have not done it before.

As for shopping, in major cities it is very successful. In the capital there is a whole street, the name of which is translated as Independence Avenue, and it is a big bazaar – on both sides of the stand stalls, where there is everything – from clothing to national souvenirs.

Lovers of handicrafts will love Zuma market, where you can buy woodwork and embroidered fabrics, as well as jewelry with authentic stones mined in the nearby mines. There are in large cities and shopping centers, but it is more interesting to visit the markets, because then you can experience the national atmosphere, and perhaps buy something unique, not mass, which can be brought as a gift.

Madagascar cuisine

The national cuisine of the republic is a combination of Malay traditions and African cuisine. In Madagascar, a lot of rice is consumed, with meat, seafood, vegetables and even cheese to complement the rice dishes. A characteristic spice is hot green pepper – so tourists with a delicate gastrointestinal tract should be careful before ordering a dish.

Unusual for our tourist will be to try a dish of antelope meat. And in Madagascar, there are many restaurants of French cuisine (a consequence of colonization) – for example, in the capital there are chic French restaurants, such as La Varangue.

Top tips for traveling to Madagascar

If you’ve already planned a trip to Madagascar in 2022, here’s what you need to know extra to make your trip comfortable:

  • the country’s monetary system is still somewhat chaotic: some places mention ariari, which never came into circulation, but in general the tourist only needs to have francs, and in small denominations, as it will be impossible to change large money in the province;
  • When buying jewelry, it is necessary to take a certificate of export from the seller or in the store to show it at customs;
  • When visiting places of worship should dress modestly, as well as on the island, it is undesirable to wear clothes in military style – such tourists can even stop the law enforcement agencies;
  • You should take the necessary medicine, as well as to stock up on antiseptic and sunscreen.

The cost of travel to Madagascar

So, you should know that in the dry season the cost of accommodation and recreation in Madagascar is increased significantly, so if you are planning to go to the island in 2022, it is better to make a reservation in advance. The price for a holiday during the high season can reach 90,000 rubles.

Despite the December rains, prices in December are not too lower, because many people visit this amazing island on vacations and vacations. The cost will depend on the specific city, as well as the number of additional activities: booking a car, visiting places in different parts of the country and so on. The main thing is one thing: to understand that Madagascar can provide the tourist with a vacation for all tastes.

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