Maldives. Travel and vacation in the Maldives.

Holidays in the Maldives – features of the country, its laws

Maldives is one of the unique island nations of the planet. Travelers from all over the world are happy to share their holidays on these blessed islands! The brightness of landscapes seen here is imprinted in our retinas, charging sun and energy for the entire year, and emotions experienced in the Maldives, long stored in the memory, returning in our dreams and daydreams. And, of course, in our dreams and plans, in conversations with loved ones and friends. We teach our children to swim in pools and ponds, and we ourselves think: soon our child will be ready for the sea, let’s take him on vacation to these wonderful islands!

Travelling to the Maldives is a kind of Robinsonade, perhaps nowhere else we can so merge with the magnificent nature, almost dissolve in the whisper of the sunset waves, the tenderness of the sand and contemplation of the amazing, flexible and colorful underwater creatures that accompany a fan to go snorkeling, approaching him or rushing away.

Maldives - the peculiarities of the country and its laws

These blessed islands are extraordinary! Travelers with a passion for exotic countries, and simply anyone who has been here before, are sure to strive here again! Vacation spent here, leaves in the heart of everyone a beautiful room of happy memories! Maldives is half-forgotten memories of the earthly Paradise, our sweet dreams of a golden childhood of mankind! And what can be a better gift for your beloved than a Maldivian trip for two?

Tours to the Maldives, cost

Tours to the Maldives

Maldiviana is the largest Russian tour operator for the Maldives. The company always has tours to the Maldives for tourists with a variety of requests and tempting specials.

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What is it that attracts travelers to these islands? Of course, not just excitement – there are many curious places in the world where there is something to see, the natural and cultural richness of which could well compete with the Maldives. The Maldives has wonderful nature – and this beauty is comparable, for example, with the Seychelles and Mauritius. But only in the Maldives you can feel this fantastic feeling of complete serenity and peace, which in such a concentration can not be experienced in any other place … These islands – the edge of the earth and it seems that this is where the legendary history of our ancestors began …

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Holidays in the Maldives

Vivid vacation life in a unique time in a truly extraordinary place – that’s what awaits in these islands tired for a year workaholic or a couple in love! The Maldives is stunningly diverse and is an archipelago of twenty atolls (groups of islands and islets) in the equatorial waters of the Indian Ocean, just south of the island of Sri Lanka. And the archipelago itself consists of one thousand two hundred islands and islets, protected by coral reefs from the high waves.

Many of the islands of the archipelago are still uninhabited! And only a little over two hundred islands are inhabited and offer comfortable conditions for the discerning tourist! The smaller islands are all the territory of one fine hotel!

The purest sand, year-round summer weather, complete safety – no poisonous insects or predatory mammals, absolute protection from the costs of noisy civilization … The nature of the Maldives itself has taken care of us in accordance with our desires and ideas about the best holidays – part of the landscape is covered with lush tropical vegetation, and another consists only of white sand surrounded by azure water.

It so happened that it was in the Maldives people managed to arrange their life in harmony with nature, caring for it and sharing the beauty of their country with tourists arriving here. Providing tourists with a high level of service, the Maldivians never forget to preserve their natural treasures.

Holiday in Maldives

Maldives tours – an excellent choice for those who crave for a beautiful, relaxing and high-quality rest, love the freedom and solitude, are tired of the kaleidoscope of daily routine and dreams to forget the inexorable fleeing of time!

Holidays in the Maldives is suitable not only for lovers of complete relaxation. There are many opportunities for outdoor activities – the Maldives islands are preferred by divers from around the world. Amazingly colorful underwater world with its thousands of sea creatures and unique currents, allowing swimmers to float above the magnificent reefs – this is what a vacation in the Maldives! And feel like a primitive hunter and fisherman can anyone who goes on a Maldivian boat dhoni on a mysterious night fishing …

Fans of surfing, resting in the Maldives, will appreciate the “quality wave”, which they can always catch near some islands. For active water activities here provide all the necessary equipment.

Holidays are good for families with children – some hotels specialize in such holidays, providing an appropriate safe infrastructure, babysitting services and children’s menus.

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Undoubtedly, the Maldivian paradise – an ideal place for traveling lovers. It does not matter what is the age of their relationship – may be many years, a happy marriage … For lovers hotels in the Maldives offer the most romantic accommodation options, spa services for couples and even a magical night on an uninhabited island. Symbolic wedding ceremony with the traces of bare feet on the sand, with flower petals and salt sea spray, with gentle vows at the best witnesses – the boundless sky and the boundless sea – will be remembered for many years!

The benefits of a vacation in the Maldives are inexhaustible – here everyone can realize their dreams and relive their happy moments! Better this trip to the blissful edge of the world, it seems, just nothing exists!

Life in the Maldives

The island of Maldives has no industrially significant reserves of minerals, there is no developed industry usual for Europeans. And for us, yearning for a break from the ecologically restless life of the big cities, this is a real boon! The economy of the country is based on fishing and tourism, guests from around the world, arriving here, amazed by the comfort of recreation provided, combined with an atmosphere of pristine, which reigns on the islands!

The Maldivians are peaceful, good-natured and friendly, more like distant hunters and gatherers than farmers. Farm labor is a side occupation for most Maldivians. Locals grow palm trees, sugar cane, vegetables, fruits of all kinds, and coconuts and bananas are classics of the islands’ authentic dessert cuisine.

In the household, villagers often keep chickens, ducks, and small livestock. But the priority is given to fishing – it is well known that the country is the world’s leading exporter of tuna! The locals are also engaged in catching sea turtles (the state restricts underwater hunting for them). Extraction of pearls and corals – the prerogative of the Maldivians, not their guests! Even lifting shells from the bottom of the sea for tourists is prohibited. Sailing and rowing boats are owned by many islanders.

Due to the natural beauty of the islands, a wonderful climate, protection from strong waves and a developed tourist infrastructure, the country has become a dream of many travelers. Life in a bungalow among the stunning nature almost on the beach – here you can realize all the primal desires! The Maldives are some of the largest coral formations in the world, their underwater kingdom is diverse, bright and beautiful! No wonder the islands are one of the most important places on the diving map of the world. It is safe to say that for active holidays in the water, nature has not provided anything better than the Maldives!

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The flow of visitors to the beautiful exotic islands – from Russia, Europe, Japan, India and China with each passing season is increasing. Flawless hotels, a lot of diving schools are waiting for experienced divers and beginners, and equipment for diving and snorkeling – swimming with snorkel and snorkel – can always be rented here.

Holidays in Maldives – reviews

Review of Holiday in Maldives

The plane pulls out of the night and turns happily toward the Maldives. The first atolls are visible in the porthole while the plane is still on echelon, at the very height. All around is the vast ocean, in which the reefs spread out in milky blotches. Do not sleep.

Maldives – a paradise holiday and vivid impressions for life

If I’m asked what paradise looks like to me, I’ll confidently say – like the Maldives! The journey began with a visit to the capital of the Republic of Maldives – Male. A small town with the ocean all around. Memorable.

No bounty. Almost. An unfamiliar look at such a complicated Maldives.

Paradise…bounty. postcard islands…well, or there’s an Instagram-style vacation to make everyone die of envy. It’s all so and not so. My point now is not even that the concept of paradise is very evaluative, the view of a vacationer is narrow.

Heaven and hell, hand in hand.

Unforgettable vacation, beautiful nature, exotic animals and plants, a paradise for fans of snorkeling, serenity, a feeling of merging with nature, good climate, fresh air

If you have the opportunity to go there, but doubt whether it is worth the money. Throw away all doubts! This will be one of the most vivid memories of your life. At the end of your life you are unlikely to remember about.

Maldives is just the perfect place for a romantic honeymoon and a serene holiday.

+ no visa procedures and formalities; + friendly staff in the hotels, which are always ready to help.

Good day! In March-April 2017, we were lucky enough to be in the Maldives, as it is these paradise islands, we were unanimously chosen as a honeymoon trip. Even long before arriving in the Maldives, we started picking up.

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Islands with a beach and blue lagoon. Proven months for a beach vacation in the Maldives.

The Maldives is a dream and paradise for many. A great place for a beach vacation almost all year round. But not every island in the Maldives can offer a great beach and blue lagoon. Each Island has its own peculiarity, its own.

The Maldives is really paradise! Everything is beautiful there!

Many people have heard about the Maldives, and for sure almost everyone has seen the paradise photos of Maldivian landscapes. In 2013, my wife and I decided to visit this wonderful country, despite the fact that the trip to the Maldives is more expensive than to.

Maldives is a paradise for two + detailed photo report

Advantages: the unearthly beauty of nature, silence, a minimum of people and a maximum of relaxation and solitude Disadvantages: expensive trip When the question arose where to go on a honeymoon, we did not even think! To the Maldives, of course! We went to Aziz.

This is heaven on earth!

Let me mention at once that I did not go there myself, but my cousin was there, and later told everybody about it. He flew there with his wife on their wedding trip. Emotions run wild. One of them.

Paradise Maldives – Vilamendhoo and Fihalhohi in the off-season

The Maldives for many (including me) – the benchmark for luxury beach holidays. Clean white sandy beaches in the style of Bounty, a high level of service and no less high price:-) A visit to this beautiful corner of the tropics was my long-standing.

Quiet Paradise in the Indian Ocean! When you want to get away from people and problems!

Good afternoon to all who read my review! I got to the subject of travel, for this review I have prepared a long time, bit by bit collected photos taken over 8 years. I really do not like to be photographed.

How to fly to the Maldives on a budget. Local islands Todd, Rasdu, Ukulhas. LIFT HAKE, how to bring alcohol)

Today I am going to tell you about my vacation in the Maldives, how I got there, and some smart tips on how to transport alcohol to the islands. Actually, originally we were going to Georgia, and the Maldives seemed to me.

Budget Maldives is not a myth.

Before going on a trip to the Maldives, I spent a long time reading different reviews and tips. I really wanted everything to go well. To book a tour through a tour operator meant spending at least 200 thousand for 7 days, and after seeing it.


Paradise on Earth.

Maldives – this is the same island from advertising Bounty, which usually beckons from the TV, promising “heavenly delight. And heavenly delight there really is more than in a bar of milk chocolate with coconut :) no kidding.

Paradise, one for two.

Everyone who met the love of his life should visit the Maldives, and better yet, who married her. Not for nothing the old law says – this place is for newlyweds, it’s just made for them. Indescribably beautiful.

Such rapture I have never experienced in my life.

Danger from corals, not enough room for beach bathing and the possibility of burns from plankton, poor menu

Malahini Kuda Bandos greeted us friendly after a short walk on the map from Velana airport. Sunshine. Palms. The ocean. The tropics. This is something to keep in mind. The sun scorches specifically, even in the shade is not a problem to burn, especially in the water is better to swim.

Unforgettable vacation

Holidays in the Maldives is wonderful and it remains an unforgettable memory. Here is mainly practiced by the so-called “seal rest”, but you can find a variety of active entertainment. But about all in order. When flying to the Maldives special.

Maldives – all 33 pleasures on earth!

Service, service, food, environment. The spa complex is just a super treat with a massage and flower bath.

The minuses are the expensive price of the seaplane. Internet doesn’t work everywhere. It was also a minus for me the coconut bats that are very screaming and noisy early in the morning.

Maldives is the place where you can forget about the existing affairs, problems, phone calls, the Internet and the daily events that cause stress. I was lucky enough to relax in this Paradise, where time stops, and the views of endless azure wilds.

Romantic, peaceful, soulful.

Flight was from Sri Lanka Review of Sri Lanka On arrival, customs took away half a bottle of Rum, which was stored in the suitcase. The ferry to Male’ started every 10 minutes, the ticket price was 20 rubles.

Budget Maldives on your own.

So, it started with planning and calculations. I flew in late July-early August, which is considered the unseason, do not be afraid of stories about bad weather and horrible rains, they go literally 5-15 minutes and after half an hour, not a single trace.

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