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All merhba, I mean “hello” in Maltese! This summer in Moscow, it seems, ended before it began, and I recently completed a planned summer vacation, the story of which today will go. First of all, why Malta. The past.

Unusual island.

Good day all! My review will be about the beautiful Mediterranean island of Malta. I was lucky to visit Malta in 2008. As I was studying at the Faculty of Foreign Languages, I needed language practice.

A good option for a vacation for a week

Our holiday in Malta was in the middle of October. In my opinion, this is the best time to vacation here. Judge for yourself, the flow of tourists at this time drops significantly, prices for airline tickets and hotels are also markedly lower.


To go on vacation to the island of Malta was exclusively my idea. You know, something from my childhood – about the Knights of the Order of Malta. And on the whole, the trip did not disappoint, but gave a lot of unusual impressions. Despite the fact that.

Excellent rest.

It was the end of January and a great desire to see something new. Because of not very favorable weather we wanted to go where it would be relatively warm. I write relatively because we were only considering Europe. We were not looking for African.

Friendly, tidy, diverse.

nice people – cleanliness – English – variety of entertainment (noisy discos and quiet nature reserves, cruise ships, water park, oceanarium, many museums) – large portions – convenient transportation – beautiful views

– sloppy bus drivers – stone beaches, often unequipped – almost no Russian speakers – no public toilets in town – not much of a variety of beers (everyone drinks their own local or Guinness)

Holidays in Malta were two weeks, from 11 to 26 May. This is the very beginning of the holiday season. In most guidebooks write that at this time of year the weather there is already summer, about +23 – +25 degrees, which is on.

Cuba. Travel and vacation to Cuba as it is.

A lot of attractions, beautiful narrow streets, a small island

I want to share my experiences from rest in Malta. We vacationed in Sliema. The island is divided into small resort towns. Malta is a small island. We were there for a week. Almost all of it. We vacationed in May. The weather was variable.

Very good vacation.

Our weekend in Malta came in the middle of September. As I would like to think, this is the best time to relax here. Decide for yourself, the flow of vacationers is dropping significantly now, the cost of tickets for transportation and lodging is extra much.


Malta, or as they used to say “Melit” (means “honey” in Greek). The island itself is situated in the Mediterranean Sea at an altitude of 253 meters above sea level. (Since May 1, 2004 Malta is in.

Malta is a wonderful resort for a week, for those who do not know where to fly quick.

I happen to live in Malta for work. Only a fool would not take the opportunity to take a couple of excursions or just wander the streets and shop. The climate is hot, so stores are mostly open from 8 a.m. to 12 noon.

Burns from the Maltese jellyfish Pelagia nochesvetka

The coast of Malta is very beautiful and unusual. As a souvenir I was “lucky” to bring home on my shoulder a beautiful Maltese brand – a kiss of the local jellyfish Pelagia Noctiluca or “purple sting”. Before meeting this venomously beautiful creature in person, I.

Interesting and informative.

Malta is a small island state that is located in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. We were in Malta in 2011 (from 25.09.11 to 01.10.11). Many tourists from Russia come here to improve their English.

Who is looking for magical rest, he will find it.

We spent 10 days in the middle of October. The weather was +27-29. It was rainy on arrival just one day, otherwise it was sunny. We were looking for beach holidays, active holidays and travel excursions. We found everything! But the time was disastrously short.

Nauru - The Republic of Nauru is a dwarf state on an island of the same name

Malta – a great place for people who are not indifferent to history.

Remarkable archipelago of three islands. It is amazing how everything has been preserved, such a long history, and not the ruins around. Very nice little town, 360 churches. The weather is mild. Beaches, of course, for people confident in the water, to lie in comfort.

Small, cozy, old, hot, friendly and my favorite Malta!

Ah, Malta. In autumn 2007 I visited the island of Malta. I went there with a group to study English at an international language school EF. I went to study and got a bonus – a wonderful impression of the new country.

A wonderful country.

I associate Malta with beach holidays, is not associated with it now. Although it is there. I went with my mother and husband and we are not young people, and about the parties do not know anything. We did.

Beautiful and poor country.

Malta is a small island state, quite interesting, where, for example, the Minister of Malta can be met by every visitor to the country. We visited Valletta, the city is very beautiful. We were in St. John’s Cathedral, St. Dominic’s Church, St. Paul’s Cathedral. Honestly.

A country you don’t want to leave!

Inexpensive vacation, beautiful nature, good service, clean country, there are so many. Not even to count!

I and my husband love to travel a lot, every time we choose a different country, different islands. Malta is a fairly small island, but it does not hinder him a bit. There is a huge number of historical monuments, architectural works.

Vprinpipa all great, but there are some disadvantages.

Malta is the smallest and closest to the equator in Europe, but Europe does not want to be called, in recent years there are a lot of refugees, garbage scattered in the streets, the boxes with garbage overflowed in some cities.

What a wonderful island! I would come again!

Vacationed as a family in October 2017. The best time to visit was during the velvet season. Comfortably warm weather, sun every day, water warmer than air. Beaches with soft sand and azure water. Perfect for holidays with children.

Greece country


On the island of Malta there are no resorts in the truest sense, as in most countries. We can distinguish some tourist zones by the number of hotels in a particular town.

Bujibba is a resort towns in the north of the country with many hotels. Sliema is a tourist area in the north of the country, near Valletta. The most fashionable city of the republic for a relaxing and comfortable holiday. St. Julian’s is a city of several neighborhoods. Here you can have a quiet and inexpensive vacation and the luxury of five-star hotels, as well as all-night rumbling music and rumbling discos. The quality of recreation depends on the neighborhood. Other tourist areas are in Mellieha, Marfa, Marsascala, Marsalforn and Schlendy.

Climate of Malta:: Mediterranean. Mild, rainy winters. Hot, dry summers.


Visiting the island state of Malta, travelers among the many tourist areas will be able to find a place that is comfortable and meets their ideas of an ideal vacation. The city of Sliema has many hotels, usually three and four-star. Hotels: Astra, Fortina Hotel, Fortina Spa Resort, Imperial Hotel, Milano Due, will hospitably welcome holidaymakers. Luxury hotels such as: “Crowne Plaza”, “Topaz”, “Coastline”, “Canifor” or “Cavalieri”. You can also rent a cozy room in hotels Sensi and Inter Continental Malta, near the town of Marsascala, located in the east of the country in a picturesque bay.

Terrain in Malta:: Mostly low, rocky, the territories are dissected plains, a lot of coastal cliffs.


Coming to rest on the island state of Malta, undoubtedly, you must visit the capital Valletta. This ancient city spreads out on the bay and is rich in Maltese heritage, both architectural and cultural-historical. Valletta’s attractions are numerous. Among them are museums, the Manoel Theatre – the oldest theater in Europe, open for more than three hundred years, the Palace of the Grand Master, built in the sixteenth century, and the Armoury with a unique collection of weapons and armour from several eras.

Cameroon - Republic of Cameroon a state in Central Africa

The second impressive centuries-old city of the country is the ancient city of Mdina, located in the center of the island. At one time this thousand-year old city was the capital of Malta but now it looks more like a museum with its medieval appearance and is nicknamed the “silent city”.

Malta has resources like: : Limestone, salt, arable land.


On the territory of the island there are a considerable number of museums. In the capital city is the Archaeological Museum and the National Military Museum. The latter is located in Fort St. Elmo, which contains documents, photos, notes related to World War II, as well as weapons, equipment and more. The Maritime Museum of Malta visitors can find in Fort St. Angelo, in the town of Vittoriosa, which tells the history of the state’s shipping. The museum contains curious exhibits of numerous models of sailing ships and galleons. In the same city worthy of attention is the Ethnological Museum, located in the Inquisitor’s Palace. The ancient city of Medina offers its guests exhibitions of the Museum of Natural History.

Money of Malta: Since 1972, the national currency was the Maltese lira, then the Maltese pound. At present, the national currency is the euro. This currency began to be used here at the beginning of 2008.


Coming to the island state of Malta, many vacationers, first of all, want to enjoy a beach holiday, laze on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea and bask in the sun. Given the rich water world of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is attractive for lovers of diving and other water sports. This is a country that will be interesting to all age groups of tourists. Young people can relax visiting night discos and clubs, bars and restaurants, couples with children, enjoy a measured beach holiday. And tourists interested in historical and architectural monuments will spend their leisure time seeing the numerous sights of the country.


Transport of the island state of Malta is represented by such types: water, air and road. There is an international airport that receives tourists from different countries. When traveling between the islands, more and more use helicopters. Helicopter services are expensive, but convenient and fast. There are ferry services between the islands of Malta, Comino and Gozo, as well as running between the cities of Valletta and Sliema. It is worth noting that the islands of Comino and Gozo can also be reached by a small boat, designed for 40-50 people. The most common transport in the country is the bus. Bus service is well established. Its routes are numerous and convenient, and you can read the schedule at the stops.

Great Britain - the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Standard of Living

The standard of living of citizens of the island nation of Malta, quite high. The average salary of a skilled worker is about 1100 U.S. dollars a month. The country is quite prosperous. The life expectancy of the native population reaches 80 years. The crime rate is low, and the unemployment rate is insignificant. Education in Malta, both secondary and higher education is free and funded by the state. Health care in the country is also free. In the country there is no clear division between rich and poor. Locals are friendly towards tourists and police officers are on hand to help if required.


Malta – a state on the island, is quite small and is located in the Mediterranean Sea. The capital city of the Republic – Valletta, located on the rocky coast of the island, in the north-east of it. The state is the economic and political center of Malta, as well as a port city. In addition to the capital, Birzebudge is the port city of the republic. It is located in the south of Malta, in the Gulf of St. George.

Also, quite large cities of the island state can be called: Birkirkara, Zabbar, Rabat, San Juliann, Paola, Marsascala, St. Juan, Zebbudge, Cormi, Attard, Mostu, Sliema, Fguru, Zurrak, Hamrun and St. Paul-el-Bahar.

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