Manavgat in Turkey, attractions of the resort

Manavgat, Turkey: the most accurate information about the resort city

Manavgat (Turkey) is a small resort town located in the southwest of the country, 75 km east of Antalya. The area of the area covers 2 283 km² and its population is slightly more than 226 thousand people. Manavgat spreads out just 5 km from the Mediterranean coast. It includes as a separate area the famous tourist town of Side, as well as nearby resort villages such as Kizilac, Sorgun, Kumköy, Evrenseki, Cholakli, Gundoudou, etc. Numerous hotels are located on the territory of these sites, where hundreds of thousands of tourists come every summer.

Manavgat Town

Along the center of the city flows the Manavgat River, on the banks of which a verdant park with pavilions, fountains and playgrounds for children is arranged. There are a variety of cafes and restaurants on the first floors of apartment buildings. In the summer season on the turquoise river waters run numerous yachts and boats with tourists. The central street of the city called Antalya, which stretches for 3000 meters across the river, is dotted with stores, banks, offices and eateries. This is where most travelers come to shop.

Manavgat River

In the town itself you will find hotels, with the exception of motels. In Manavgat go primarily for sightseeing and shopping. From here you can get to nearby resorts such as Antalya, Alanya, Kemer, etc. What are the sights and attractions of Manavgat?


If Side is a concentration of historical buildings in the form of ancient ruins, Manavgat is the epicenter of beautiful natural landscapes. In addition, there are a lot of entertainment attractions for both children and adults in the vicinity of the city. Among the most interesting sights of Manavgat is worth noting:

Köprülü Canyon

Köprülü Kanyon Milli Parkı National Park is hidden among the mountains 42 km north of Manavgat. It is famous for its deep canyon at the foot of which icy mountain waters rush through the mountains. Nature has created excellent conditions for rafting, so the area has long been popular as a rafting center. Usually rafting distance is 15 km, there are a few small and a couple of big rapids along the way. The event is designed for beginners, it is quite safe, even children can take part in it. Köprülü Canyon is a mix of fun and adrenaline, filled with pristine natural views. The park is considered one of the best attractions of Manavgat in Turkey.

  • Address: Bozyaka Mahallesi, 07550 Manavgat/Antalya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: Rafting in the river during the summer season from May to October.
  • Cost of visit: The prices depend on the agency at which you will buy your ticket. So, in a street agency you can buy a tour for 15 €. Hotel guides can have a price tag twice as high.

Among the attractions of Manavgat on their own can visit the park Hip-Notics Cable Ski, which will especially appeal to tourists who are fond of water sports, in particular wakeboarding. It is a very young complex with three lakes. The first of them is designed for beginners with a minimum number of obstacles and a maximum speed of 22 km/h. The second one is designed for advanced athletes: there are a lot of figures and the winch reaches the speed of 30 km/h. The third lake is designed for private training with an instructor for an additional fee.

Hip-Notics Cable Ski Wakeboard Park Cabins

There are cabins for accommodation, a comfortable area for recreation with Jacuzzi, children’s pool and cafe on the territory of the complex. The park appeared just a couple of years ago, but is already very popular with tourists.

  • Address: Çakış Mahallesi, Serik Cd, 07550 Manavgat/Antalya, Turkey.
  • Opening hours: In summer the attraction is open from 09:00 to 18:00, in winter from 09:00 to 17:00.
  • Cost of visit: single visit (whole day) – 35 €, weekly subscription – 200 €. The price includes a standard set of equipment (helmet, board for beginners, life jacket). Rental of boards for advanced riders depending on the type is 10 € and 30 € per day.

If you do not know what to see among the attractions of Manavgat in Turkey, go to its famous waterfall. The rushing stream of the mountain river, falling from a two-meter wide rapids of 40 meters is a truly fascinating spectacle. The area is equipped with a miniature park, where you can take a relaxing walk in the shade of trees and have a snack in a Turkish restaurant. More information about the site can be found in our separate article.

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Manavgat Waterfall

Another place that is 22 km away from the city is a must-see site in Manavgat, Turkey. Here at an elevation of 185 meters lies the city reservoir, which is the fifth largest dam in the country. When you reach the reservoir you can see a mountain lake on one side and the spectacular scenery of the Green Canyon on the other. The water here has an emerald shade due to the large amount of minerals it contains. Travel agencies offer boat tours on the mountain river canyon, and usually include fishing in the tour. You can reach the dam on your own only by car.


İz Flower Side Beach Hotel in Side

İz Flower Side Beach Hotel

Photos of Manavgat in Turkey, lush and picturesque, as if a magnet attracts travelers to the resort. If you decide to visit the area, you should know that there are no hotels as such in the town itself. Here you can only find low-budget motels, where the locals usually stay overnight. The nearest tourist areas to Manavgat are Sorgun and Side, so it is best to rent an apartment in these villages. Transport links with these sites function perfectly: every 20 minutes to the city run dolmushi, and you can get to Manavgat in minutes.

Three-star hotels in these areas are few: most establishments are represented by hotels 4 and 5 *. But if you are looking for a budget option that does not work on an all-inclusive system, then pay attention to hotels without stars. The cost of renting a double room in such options starts at 11 € per night and varies on average between 20-30 €. Many of them have swimming pools and the beach is within walking distance. Some offers include breakfast.

River Hotel

River Hotel

If you want to stay in the town of Manavgat, consider River Hotel, which is the most affordable option for tourists. The price for a room for two is 36 € per night, breakfast included. It is noteworthy that having paid only 1 € more, you can settle for two in an inexpensive five-star hotel in Side with the concept of “all inclusive”.


Pide Diner

The main streets of the city, walk around which do not forget to take a photo of Manavgat, are full of catering establishments, where you can have an inexpensive lunch. It is noteworthy that in Turkey, many eateries specialize in cooking only one dish, such as döner, pide or chi-köfte. It is in such places to eat will be the cheapest. Right:

At mid-level establishments, a meal for two with non-alcoholic drinks can cost 6.5 – 7.5 €. In a fish restaurant the prices are the highest, but quite acceptable:

  • A plate of calamari will cost 6 €,
  • Grilled salmon fillet at 7 €,
  • A bowl of grilled salmon for 7 €; a bowl of king prawns for 8 €.

There are a lot of pizzerias in the city, where you can order a pizza for 4 €, and fast food restaurants, where the menu costs 3-4 €. Average prices for drinks in cafes and restaurants are as follows:

  • Beer EFES 0,5 – 2,5 €
  • A glass of wine – 2,5 €
  • Cappuccino 1,5 €
  • Glass of Coke – 1,8 €
  • Water 0,5 – 0,3 €
  • Glass of black tea – 0,3 €

How to get there from Antalya

Cabs in Antalya

When traveling to the city of Manavgat in Turkey, you should worry in advance about the transport that will take you to the place. Most tourists who buy an all-inclusive hotel package get to the hotels on a free shuttle service. If you book a hotel that does not have this service, you have to either take a cab or bus to Manavgat. You can book a transfer in advance online or catch a cab on the spot. You will have to pay about 40-50 € for a taxi transfer.

Antalya Bus Station

Antalya Otogarı

If you want to take public transportation, you should go to Antalya Otogarı. From there every day from 06:00 to 21:30 every 20 minutes buses go to Manavgat. The ticket costs 3,3 € and travel time takes just over an hour. The bus travels through the center of Manavgat and makes several stops before arriving at the main bus station.

Useful tips

Now you know how to get to the city and what to see in Manavgat on your own, and tourist reviews are the best way to get useful information. That is why we decided to study the opinions of travelers about the area and compile a list of the most useful recommendations.

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Manavgat Belediyesi Mesire Alanı Park

  1. If you are primarily interested in shopping in Manavgat, rather than sightseeing, we advise you to go straight to the Nova Mall. It is at the roadside at the entrance of the town and you will find the same kind of things as the stores in the main streets and more. You don’t have to walk through the heat and in some cases you overpay.
  2. Every Monday and Thursday in the center of Manavgat in the market square bazaar with fruits, vegetables, clothing and souvenirs. Many tourists think that this place gives the opportunity to buy goods cheaply. But that is not quite true. This bazaar has long been a tourist market, and the prices in it are overpriced. Walking around it is not comfortable, especially in the heat among the crowds of locals and other vacationers.
  3. Be vigilant on the roads, especially at crosswalks without traffic lights. Zebra means nothing to local drivers, only a few stop to let passers-by.
  4. Be sure to walk through the local landmark – the park along the river, relax in the pavilions on its banks. To understand how beautiful it is, just take a look at the pictures of Manavgat. If you like biking you can rent a bike in the park for only 0,15 € per hour through a special machine. You will need a credit card for this, which will hold a small amount refunded after you turn in your bike. In the same park you can buy a river tour on a double-decker boat for 1.6 €, which lasts 30 minutes. Manavgat Belediyesi Mesire Alanı
  5. If you want a Turkish barbecue, go to the Manavgat Belediyesi Mesire Alanı Park in Sorgun where there is a large outdoor picnic area with tables, benches, water, barbecue facilities and electricity. There are restrooms and a store with drinks and snacks on site. And just 500 meters from the place is the seashore, where you can swim or fish. Entrance to the barbecue area costs only 0,15 €.

Be sure to use our tips, and your trip to Manavgat (Turkey) will be full of events and unforgettable moments.

Video: city tour and sights, aerial view of Manavgat.

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A Guide to the 16 Unique Sights of Manavgat

The city of Manavgat is located near Side, the resort of Turkey. Its attraction is that it stands on the river with the same name and it is only 5 kilometers from the sea. In Manavgat and its surroundings a huge number of unique and interesting sights, most of which date back to the 4th century BC. Visiting Manavgat will be an unforgettable vacation for the whole family, everyone will find something to do. After all, there are many activities that will appeal to both adults and young travelers.

History of Manavgat (Turkey)

The first time they talked about Manavgat in 1329, although the first settlers settled in this area back in the XI century. The city was originally called Melass, and throughout its existence was part of different empires and countries.

Today the town is considered one of the popular resorts in Turkey, where you can enjoy the natural beauty, visit a huge number of attractions, fascinating beauty. Suitable holiday in Manavgat tourists who want to spend time without unnecessary fuss, a break from the beaches and the crazy rhythm inherent in the sea coast. Although it is only five kilometers from the sea.

How to get to Manavgat

If you are in Turkey you can reach the resort town from any place by bus or use the services of minibuses, called “dolmush”. If you get to Managavt by plane, it would be better to fly to the airport of Antalya, which is only 76 kilometers from Managavt. You can also travel by private car along the highway D400.

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The city is located on both sides of the river of the same name

As for how to get to the sights, it is recommended to travel by “dolmush”. Tourists can also rent a bicycle, scooter or motorcycle to see the historical sites, which are close to each other.

What to see in Manavgat in 1 day

Manavgat is not a large city, but it has a lot of interesting places. One day there is not enough time to see them all. Most excursions are guided, but you can make a tour on your own.

For example, to visit the waterfall Manavgat, the fountain with the same name and a ride on a pleasure boat on the river to the Green Canyon. Stroll through the public gardens and alleys of the city, and visit the central boulevard.

What to see in Manavgat on your own

Very popular among tourists who want to explore the local sights on their own are:

  • Keprülü Canyon National Park;
  • The ruins of the ancient city of Lirbe or Seoulikia;
  • the complex of ancient architecture in the city of Side.

For example, in Lirbe, except the ruins of an ancient city, you can look at the Roman bridge and the ruins of the aqueduct, which was at that time the source of water supply for the inhabitants of the fortress, as the city was fenced with a high wall, to protect against the attacks of pirates.

Where to go with a child

The most interesting and fun experience for your child is at the local water park (Nasnira Aquapark). The water park area is large enough, including a huge number of rides and slides. There are a lot of entertainment programs that will please not only children but adults as well.

Manavgat one of the most beautiful cities in Turkey, where you can spend time away from the beaches and enjoy the natural beauty of the local river and the architectural structures erected many centuries ago.

Manavgat Waterfall

Manavgat Waterfall – a charming corner of the world, located near the resort town of Side in Turkey

The Manavgat Waterfall is featured on the back of the Turkish 5 lira banknote from 1968 to 1983.

The most beautiful natural attraction of Turkey is considered to be the local waterfall Manavgat, located just 3 kilometers from the city. Its height is 4 meters, and stretches to a width of 40 meters. Although it resembles a river rapids, shimmering in the sunlight with different colors of the rainbow, it is a picturesque landscape that can be admired by tourists who come here.

Main Mosque of Manavgat

The main architectural structure of Manavgat is the Merkez K? It was built in 2004 and includes 4 minarets, each with 60 meters. The peculiarity of the main mosque is that unlike other similar structures it can be attended by people of different religions. For visitors in the inner area there is a reservoir of water, which can be filled for themselves at any time. It is worth noting that the main mosque of Managavt is considered to be the largest Muslim temple located on the Antalya coast of Turkey.

Manavgat Fountain

One of the notable places in the city is considered a fountain. The peculiarity lies in the fact that its construction dates back to 74 B.C., while the city itself was built much later. The fact that the fountain was built a very long time ago is confirmed by the inscriptions on the structure itself. They certify that the construction was carried out during the reign of the Roman emperor Vespasian, who named the fountain after his son Titus. Moreover, the structure is decorated with unique bas-reliefs, with images of the emperor himself and his son. It is important to note that the fountain is still working, which gives the surroundings its charm and uniqueness.

Antalya Boulevard

The central street of Manavgat is called Antalya Boulevard. The beginning of the street is directly behind the bridge of the river of the same name with the city and runs through the center along a unique waterfall fountain. There are many stores with a huge selection of goods on the boulevard. It is worth saying that the prices in the local stores are much lower than in other areas of the city.

Beach Tayyarbey Hotel

In addition to the usual relaxation by the sea, which is typical for all beaches in the world, tourists are offered a great bar, as well as free umbrellas, deck chairs, mattresses and other indispensable beach attributes

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In the village of Cholakli, which is located close to Side there is a 4-star Tayyarbey Hotel with its own beach, a length of about 200 meters. The beach is only a five minute walk away. Here you can use free umbrellas, sun loungers and mattresses, but you have to pay for beach towels. The hotel has two four and one five-story buildings. In addition, tourists who come here can take advantage of:

covered and uncovered swimming pools; massage rooms; spa centers; saunas; conference hall.

There are also two restaurants where you can taste international and Turkish cuisine. There are a couple of bars, bicycle rentals for trips to nearby attractions, and parking is available.

The Ancient City of Lyrbe

The ancient city of Lirbe is a famous archeological site in Turkey, located twenty-three kilometers north of Side.

Active archaeological excavations in the area began in the 1970s of the 20th century and were underway for several years.

The ancient city is located in the mountainous area of Manavgata, on which a road of fine gravel, which makes it a little difficult to travel by car. Therefore, most tourists go to see the ancient city on foot. The city was founded in the 4th century BC by the inhabitants of Side for shelter from the pirates. Most of the buildings (today’s ruins) are located directly in the pine forest. The surprising fact is that the city is quite far from the sea and the local river, and according to archaeologists there are no water sources. So what was the water supply at that time is still a mystery, although nearby are the ruins of an aqueduct, which supplied water to Side in ancient times.

The ancient city of Seleukia

The history of Seleukia is similar to that of Lirbe. It was erected in the 4th century B.C. to repel the raids of the Kylian pirates. The city is located high in the mountains among the pine trees. In order to prevent the pirates to sneak into the city, it was surrounded by a high fence of 9 meters high with the only entrance through the gate. It is worth noting that in spite of centuries of most of the structures are well preserved, so tourists can appreciate the power of the buildings built by the ancient inhabitants. The ruins of the Byzantine chapel, the agora and the ruins of Apollo’s temple can be seen on the territory. A bronze statue of Apollo, which was found at the site of the excavation, is now in a museum in Antalya.

Green Mosque

Compared to the Great Mosque it is a more peaceful place where the worshipers can get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life

At the entrance of Manavgat from Antalya, there is the Green Mosque; however, it is closed to non-Muslim citizens. But it is possible to see it from the side and it is an incredible spectacle. In the sunlight the mosque shimmers with multicolor, making it a very beautiful sight. The Green Mosque was built in 173 and consists of five domes – one main one and four dome-shaped domes. The outer walls of the Moslem temple are decorated with ornaments and numerous illustrations from the holy book of Koran.

The Bazaar

Bazaar is an inseparable part of Turkish culture where the trade has been going on for centuries and it still plays a very important role today equal to the modern bazaars. Visiting Manavgat Bazaar you can plunge into the wonderful atmosphere of modernity and antiquity, which is remarkable for every tourist. You can plunge into the era of antiquity, and at the same time be aware of the innovations of the modern world. As any Turkish bazaar is not without bargaining, which is considered an integral part of it. The peculiarity is that bargaining is not only possible, but necessary. Sometimes, when haggling, you can buy goods at a discount of up to 90%. It is also worth mentioning that in the bazaar of Manavgat, the cost of goods is indicated in euros, dollars and liras. The noteworthy thing is that the dollar and euro are often equaled at the same rate. Therefore, payment for the purchase can be made with the indicated currencies equivalent to each other in value.

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Private Zoo

In Turkey, as in any country there are zoos, but here they are privately owned. Such zoos are home to a small number of fauna and are mostly the usual domestic animals of the locals, such as turkeys, pigs, sheep and other domestic animals. But you can also see peacocks, iguanas and some wildlife.

The Triumphal Arch of Emperor Vespasian

Not far from Manavgat, just 15 kilometers is the old town of Side, where there is a whole complex of attractions that relate to Roman and Greek history. One of the first on the way to the complex is the Triumphal Arch of Emperor Vespasian. The structure is 13 meters high, and under it there are roads for pedestrians and cars on their way to the historic part of Side. It is worth saying that originally the arch was decorated with statues of Roman emperors, but now they are presented in the Antique Museum of Side. The Arch of Triumph is the entrance to a complex consisting of numerous ancient Greek architectural structures.

Ruins of ancient Side

Passing the Arc de Triomphe, tourists can see the ruins of the ancient Greek city of Side, founded in the 7th century BC. The territory of the city is quite large, on it in a dilapidated form are the buildings where the ancient Greek settlements lived. You can also walk through the main square of the city – the agora and visit the temples of Apollo, Artemis and Dionysus.

The largest Roman amphitheater in Turkey

At first there were gladiators competing in the amphitheater of Side, and for the fights with wild animals they built a 1,5 meter high wall around the stage

One of the main attractions of Side are the ruins of an ancient amphitheater, which is considered the largest in Turkey. According to researchers up to 20 thousand people were attracted to the celebrations and watch the spectacular battles of gladiators. Today, tourists can walk across the stage of the amphitheater, sit on the spectator rows. There is a great view of the sea from the upper rows, and the historic buildings of Side.

Antique Museum

The museum is located in the old city baths in the Historical Side where you can see artifacts from the Roman and Greek eras of Side. The museum is divided into two main parts – the indoor part which is located directly inside the baths and the outdoor part. In the covered part tourists can look at the various sculptures and crypts with the remains of the Greeks. In the open part there are more enormous sculptures and the ruins of one of the ancient streets of the city. There are also ruins that are a hint of the arboretum that was built in this area in the Middle Ages.

Dinosaur Park

For the younger visitors of the park there is a small area with cartoon characters from Shrek, Ice Age and Madagascar.

The park has several exhibitions, the main of which is the 40 moving and roaring figures of Stegosaurus, Tyrannosaurs, Triceratops, and other monsters in their natural size.

For tourists who come to Manavgat, not only to admire the local beauty and to view the ancient architecture, there is the Dinosaur Park “Discovery”, located in Side. The peculiarity of this entertainment complex is that the exhibits are made in full accordance with the real size of prehistoric animals. But apart from the enormous size of the models, it is fascinating that all the models, namely some parts of the body of the dinosaurs are moving, for example, the head, jaws and tail. That creates the effect of reality of what is happening. This entertainment is enjoyed not only by children but also adults.

Lake Titreengel

At 6 kilometers from Manavgat is an amazing lake, which is associated with a touching story that an old man drowned saving the ducks from the hunters in this body of water. Lake Titreengel means “trembling lake” in Turkish. Legend has it that ever since the old man’s tragic death, the lake has been trembling in his memory, and so the body of water is considered one of the town’s sentimental landmarks.

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