Map of Anapa coast and Black Sea

Map of Anapa, Vityazevo, Sukko and others.

This section contains maps and diagrams of the city of Anapa and resort villages Blagoveschenskaya, Vityazevo, Dzhemete, Sukko, Utrish. Also, you can always get comprehensive information about the geographical location of any area (and Anapa is no exception) using the service Google Maps, which allows you to see a satellite map of Anapa, as well as Vityazevo map, map of Dzhemete, Sukko, Utrish and Blagoveshenskaya. We will try to put on our web-site only maps with detailed schematic indication of all streets, alleys and passages of Anapa and nearby resorts. We hope that it will help tourists easily navigate on the ground walking through the streets of Anapa, and those who have just arrived to rest will be easier to understand where to stay closer to the sea.

Map of the resort city of Anapa.

Among the many resort areas of the Black Sea coast of Russia resort Anapa has a special position. Beach strip resort Anapa has a huge length, almost 50 km. Of these 40 km – a sandy beach, the sand which has curative properties.

Map of the resort village Dzhemete (Anapa, Pioneer Avenue)

Dzhemete resort village is an extension of resort city Anapa and will soon be regarded as a district of Anapa. It is not possible to draw any clear boundaries between Anapa and Dzhemete. We are talking about Lower Dzhemete, which refers to Dzhemete resort settlement. Upper Dzhemete is located near the railway station at a considerable distance from the sea, has no developed infrastructure typical of the settlement tourist orientation. Therefore, Verhneye Dzhemete can not be attributed to the resort village as such. But the Lower Dzhemete is the exact opposite of the Upper Dzhemete.

Traffic on Pioneer Avenue, which affects Anapa and Dzhemete, is only allowed to public transport and transport of residents of the surrounding areas. This is a resort area. The sidewalks of the avenue run through shady alleys, surrounded by well-groomed lawns. During the season, on the route Anapa-Pionersky Prospect runs a walking car-passenger train, moving at low speed. In the open wagons holidaymakers can enjoy the views of the facades of sanatoriums, recreation centers, resorts, health centers, which are located on Pioneer Avenue, and breathe the fresh sea air and delight their ears with bird trills.

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Map of Dzhemete resort (Lower Dzhemete, Anapa, Pioneer Avenue) Scheme of Dzhemete resort village divided by parts

Location of Dzhemete (where is it and how to get there)

Unique natural data make rest in Dzhemete, a village which is part of the resort, not only pleasant and interesting, but also useful to health. Seaside village Dzhemete, which is located 5 km from the center of Anapa is famous for its beaches. On the share of Dzhemete Village accounts for 10 km of sandy beaches of Anapa. The width of the beaches of this seaside village is over 100 meters. They are framed by dunes, on which grow wild olive trees.

But the beaches alone is difficult to attract modern tourists to the resort. Village Dzhemete rest, which is more peaceful than in Anapa, choose many tourists. After all, when you live in Dzhemete tourist allows himself to fully enjoy all the entertainment infrastructure of Anapa, but at the same time do not experience discomfort from the night noise and a large number of people on the beach.

It should be noted that the rest in Dzhemete must be planned in advance, especially if the trip to the resort must be held in the high season. Demand for stays in resorts and boarding houses Dzhemete, as well as accommodation in the private sector is always high. This means that we have to take care beforehand about the place of residence in Dzhemete. However, tourists should take into account the fact that at this time housing in any holiday destination will be much higher than, for example, in the beginning or end of the season. This means that the budget for the rest in Dzhemete during the high season will be much higher, since most of the expenses – it is rent. Transportation costs don’t exceed the expenses necessary to get to Anapa.

Tourists can get to Anapa by plane. From Anapa airport to the village Dzhemete runs shuttle bus. You can also take a cab. If tourists go to Anapa by train and arrive at the railway station of Anapa, you can get to Dzhemete by cab or minibus. If tourists go to Dzhemete by train, which goes to Novorossiysk, then the best option would be to get off at the Tonnelnaya station. This station is located 30 km away. You can get to Dzhemete from Tonnelnaya by bus, shuttle bus and cab.

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Map of Vityazevo holiday village

Map of Blagoveshchenskaya resort village

Map of Sukko holiday village

Sukko – a resort village located in Krasnodar Krai on the Black Sea, south of Anapa. This village is located in the Su-Psekhsky rural district of the municipal territory of the city of Anapa.

This village is located in a valley surrounded by high mountains covered with all kinds of vegetation. Sukko from Anapa is 14 km away. Here begins the Caucasus Mountains. Their height in this area is not more than 400 meters. This resort village has a well-developed infrastructure. From here to Anapa can be reached within 20 minutes by shuttle bus.

How to get to Sukko

How to get to Sukko: you take a plane from Moscow, fly two hours, and land at the airport of Anapa. After that, no more than 30 minutes by cab or shuttle bus to Sukko. If you take the train from Moscow to Anapa, you need about 30 hours. After to Sukko from the railway station of Anapa by cab or “shuttle” about 15 min.

In a resort place Sukko from Anapa you can take a simple cab or minibus, or you can take a bus that comes from the bus station in Anapa. At the bus station you will see a shuttle bus with the inscription “Sukko”. In this case, this transport has a terminus Bolshoi Utrish, but the route is through Sukko.

So, you get to Anapa by train or plane. By plane we fly to Krasnodar, after the station “Krasnodar-1” take a 3-hour bus to Anapa. From Anapa drive about 20 minutes by shuttle bus, which are very frequent. If you are going to Sukko by car, in this village you can rent an apartment with parking.

Rest in Sukko is a great option. The distance to Anapa from the village of 14 km. If you want to walk around the city, no problem: shuttle buses run regularly. In contrast to Anapa, the sea here is very clean, which is very important.

Black Sea coast, photo journey

A little advice for those vacationers who have chosen to rest in Sukko, but will go there without a car: Order shuttle service in the hotel where you are going to stay in advance, which will save a lot of nerves and money: many cab drivers who work at the stations of Anapa, take a serious interest from hotel owners for customers (sometimes up to 20%!) – All these costs are eventually covered vacationer.

Map of the resort village Utrish (Big Utrish)

The base of Vityazevo and Dzhemete maps are taken from the geographic information system MegagIS

Anapa (Russia) on the world map

On the world map you can see where Anapa (Russia) is located. Interactive physical map is presented in Russian with coordinates and cities of Russia around and the country’s capital. To zoom in or out, use the tools on the outline Google map.

In the list of popular maps, you can see a map of Anapa in Russian with sights. To download maps just click on the image.

Map of Anapa

Maps of Anapa and districts

Map of Anapa district

Map of Anapa district

Map of Anapa

Map of Vityazevsky District

Map of Vityazevsky District

Map of Blagoveshchensky District

Map of Blagoveshchensky District

Resorts settlements of Anapa area

Map of Pyatihatki village

Map of Pyatihatki village

Map of Sukko village

Map of Sukko village

Map of the Red settlement

Map of the Krasniy village

Maps of settlements of the Anapa district

Map of Vinohradny village

Map of the Vinohradny settlement

Map of Voskresensky village

Map of the Voskresensky settlement

Maps of recreation and health resorts

Map of Anapa resorts

Map of Anapa resorts

Map of South coast resorts

Map of South coast resorts

Scheme map showing the location of resorts, sanatoriums, houses and recreation centers, on the southern coast of Anapa

Map of Anapa children camps

Map of children camps in Anapa district

Public transport maps of Anapa

Anapa bus map

Anapa Bus Map

Road maps of Anapa and Anapa district

Transport map of the Anapa district

Anapa district transport scheme

Map-scheme of road, rail, sea transport, indicating the boundaries of settlements and transport infrastructure

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