Map of Bulgarian coast with resorts in Russian

Map of Bulgarian coast with resorts in Russian

Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

There are many beautiful summer resorts in friendly Bulgaria. Not for nothing do three hundred thousand tourists from Russia come here every year during the summer months. They all relax on the beach, sunbathe and swim in the warm sea. New detailed map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian will help you see where and which resort is located. You will be able to see all resorts. Choose the one that suits you best. The map includes all popular resorts including Sunny Beach, Bourgas, Golden Sands, Nessebar and Varna. See and use the map to make your vacation even better.

Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

All beach resorts in Bulgaria are located on the Black Sea coast. If you look closely, it seems as if they form a semicircle. The most popular resorts among tourists are Sunny Beach and Golden Sands. This is where the Russians want to get. These resorts are quiet, beautiful and not expensive. And that is exactly what you need for your vacation.

Bulgarian resorts are some of the cleanest in the world. First of all, the whole coast of the country is under the protection of the authorities. The state and special authorities monitor the coast, the cleanliness and ecology of the country. They check even private commercial beaches. And if they find garbage or other violations, the hotel is fined. To encourage resorts to comply with the cleanliness, at the end of the beach year is chosen the cleanest beach and resort, and he was awarded the blue flag. It means that this is the best environment. In addition to the blue flag is awarded a cash prize, which is also worth fighting for.

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Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

The waters of the Black Sea are washed by the Bulgarian coast, which is 400 kilometers long. At this distance and are located all the resorts. Beaches and hotels of the country. Bulgaria is bordering with countries such as Turkey and Greece, so in summer it’s hot. But in winter it is cold and there is snow. There are ski resorts in the mountains, which also receive tourists in the high winter season.

Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

The most convenient and fastest way to get to Bulgaria is by plane. The flight from Moscow does not take long, just 2-3 hours, depending on the airline and weather conditions. Such a short flight allows families with children to visit the country. You will not get tired during the flight and you get there very quickly. At the same time during the flight you can enjoy the beautiful views.

Tourists can also get to the country by train or steamboat. But these routes are used by few people. Since you have to cross many borders during the trip, where they check you at customs, drop you off and you end up your way takes almost a week.

There are many cities in Bulgaria. Most of them have a population of less than a hundred thousand people. The main city is the capital Sofia. It is home to one million two hundred thousand people. Varna is the largest port in the country. The city’s population is about 375 thousand, but the port receives a huge amount of goods each year.

Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

The city of Plovdiv is one of the oldest cities in Europe. It was founded by the Romans, and it was many centuries ago. The city is beautiful, it still has many buildings from ancient times, which were built by the Romans.

There are sandy beaches, stony and pebbly beaches on the Bulgarian coast. 120 kilometers are occupied by sandy beaches. This is liked by tourists, so they rush here for a vacation. Agree, to rest on the sand is much better than on the rocks or clay. The entrance to the sea is gentle, almost nowhere sharp bluffs. Children here is comfortable and safe. There are no strong winds, as the coast forms a semicircle, and here almost no wind blows in the summer.

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Map of Bulgaria with resorts in Russian. New detailed map

During the summer season, the sea gets up to +26 degrees. The water here is a little cooler than on our shore of the black sea. The average air temperature during the daytime is +27 degrees. At the peak of the heat it can reach a mark of +32, but rarely higher. And, for example, in our Tuapse in summer on average it is +33, and at its peak it is +37. It is pleasant to holiday in Bulgaria, there is no stuffiness. And the prices are lower than in our country. Even with a flight it’s cheaper, and more comfortable.

Interactive map. Next, we propose you to see an interactive map with Bulgarian resorts. On the map you can see the best resorts of the country. You can zoom in on the map, make marks on it and your bookmarks. If you want to see a resort in more detail, just click on the icon and you will see its photos, information and more. With the map you can easily create a route to any point in the country and the world.



Getting to know Bulgaria: country map with the cities on the coast

Are you going to Bulgaria? A great idea! The country is very beautiful, there is a lot of nature, a lot of attractions and many places for a beach vacation. And sometimes it is quite difficult to choose where to stay. We suggest you look at a map of Bulgaria with cities on the sea coast to understand where and what is located. Interactive detailed map in a large scale fully in Russian and you will be able to consider even the smallest towns. And so, let’s get acquainted.

Bulgaria on the world map: where is it

Bulgaria has a unique geographical location. On its territory is a hot summer and snowy winter. Not many countries in the world can boast such a climate.

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The country is washed by one single sea – the Black Sea. On the opposite side of the sea is the Crimea and Russia. On land, Bulgaria is bordered by five countries: Turkey, Greece, Macedonia, Serbia and Romania. The longest border the country has with Romania. And the smallest with Turkey and Macedonia. The length of the Black Sea coast in Bulgaria is more than 400 kilometers. Along the coast there are resorts that are known throughout the world.

Map of Bulgaria with cities on the coast

Before you a new interactive map of Bulgaria with cities on the Black Sea coast. The map can be rescaled and moved. Very convenient, especially if you plan to move around the country.

Map of Bulgaria with resorts on the Black Sea coast

If you make a list of cities and resorts in the country, there are more resorts. Yes, they are not as big as the cities, but there are more. The summer resorts are spread out on the seashore, and take up the entire sea frontier. Look at the map to see where they are located.

How to get to Bulgaria: by what means of transport

Due to the access to the sea in the country you can get to the country by different means of transport. The most common option is by plane. It is fast and convenient. There are four airports in the country, and all of them accept international flights.

The second option is by car. Tourists increasingly prefer to travel to other countries by car. It is not very cheap, but it is possible to visit many countries and places. Plus, traveling by car you can save on hotels. First, you can stay overnight in tents, and secondly, if your car is a van, you can sleep right there. The next option is by sea by steamboat. Also an interesting option. Usually such a cruise lasts 2-4 days, and during this time you will sail along the sea, admire the beautiful seascapes, and visit Bulgaria. And another option is by train. In today’s world, few people travel this way for long distances. It is a very long trip and change in other countries. But still there are romantics who are fond of such a trip.

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The biggest cities and centers of Bulgaria

The only millionaire city in the country is the capital Sofia. According to the latest figures, there are more than 1 million 200 thousand people. Then go the cities that in our country are not even called large or medium-sized. For example, Varna is the main port of the country, has a population of 375 thousand. And the port and resort of Bourgas has only 200 thousand inhabitants.

Major resorts in the country

As we have written above, the Bulgarian coast is 400 kilometers along the Black Sea. More than 120 km are sandy beaches, on which are located the largest and most popular resorts in Bulgaria.

The most popular resort in the country – Sunny Beach. It is not called so by chance, there is always more sun. Golden Sands also got its name for a reason. The entire coast of the resort is covered with sand, which is very similar to the color of gold. Albena, Riviera, Nessebar and Pomorie are also world famous resorts. In total, on the coast of the country nestled more than twenty resorts.

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