Marble Caves of Chile Chico in Chile, photo and description

Marble Caves of Chile Chico in Chile

An amazing, beautiful and in some places unexplored world… Today more and more tourists prefer not to rest on the seashore with a daily visit to the beach and nightclubs, but they choose to travel, which will remain in memory for many years. Traveling around the world, we get an invaluable experience, immersed in previously unexplored cultures, cities and strange places, the creator of which is none other than the queen of nature. Such places make us realize the power and omnipotence of natural attractions. Such a place is undoubtedly the marble caves of Chile Chico.

Marble Caves Chile Chico

Where to find the caves

In the area where the border between Chile and Argentina runs, you can find an incredible lake. Heneral Karera is what they call it in Chile or Lake Buenos Aires. Located in a part of South America that is south of the local rivers, in Argentina and Bio Bio Chile, this beautiful place is located. However, the exact location of Patagonia still does not exist. Both names are official, which makes it possible to call the same lake by whatever your heart desires. The lake is considered one of the deepest in the world. This is not surprising, having such a size, even with the naked eye you can tell how big it is.

Immeasurably large, one might say endless, expanses of Heneral Karera is worthy to be called one of the largest lakes in the world. In terms of area the lake, which belongs to two states at once, covers more than 1,800 square kilometers, and its depth reaches 586 meters.

Marble Caves Chile Chico

If you only think about the numbers for a second, you can understand that this lake could easily fit a state like Libya in its area. The lake is glacial in origin. It is carefully surrounded by one of the most powerful mountain systems, the Andean Cordilleras. The Baker River flows gently out of the lake and gently descends into the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Not far away is the small administrative center of General Carera. The village of Chile Chico is one of the most convenient places to reach the Marble Caves.

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Marble Caves Chile Chico

Initially, the marble caves, which are located in the depths of the lake, were completely inaccessible to man. A huge glacier was blocking the way, but then the glacier melted and opened a beautiful view of the marble formations in the lake.

How to get there

If you have decided that you must see this beauty with your own eyes, you are an incredibly brave and adventurous traveler. The journey will be long, though very memorable. In order to get to the famous landmark of Chile is almost 2000 kilometers. Nature has carefully tried to hide the beauty of the marble caves from human eyes. After an incredibly long journey you will be well rewarded, and you can contemplate the heavenly creation of nature with your own eyes.

Marble Caves Chile Chico

The first thing to do is to get to the capital of Chile, the amazing city of Santiago. Already here you will know that you made the right choice, having decided to travel through South America. Santiago is an incredibly beautiful and colorful city that will amaze you with its friendliness. Once you have enjoyed the local life, you should not forget about the original purpose of the trip.

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From the capital you must travel to the nearest major city, Koyaike. It’s an imposing journey of 1,300 kilometers. But the local sights will not let you get bored on the way. At this stage the journey continues to gain momentum. Already from this city you are to take a bright and colorful way to the south. Only some 300 kilometers separate you from the coveted caves. But whether this distance can stop a true connoisseur of natural beauty. When you get to the village, which is located in close proximity to the lake, it is worth renting an SUV. This steel helper will be your faithful support in the further journey and will help you to get closer to the beauties of South America.

Marble Caves Chile Chico

What is the place famous for

The reservoir is enormously popular all over the world due to the unique formations of the so-called marble. Local residents, as well as tourists who have visited these places, gave the name to these rocks – the marble caves. The caves look like labyrinths of incredible natural creations. The base of these caves is a calcareous peninsula located in the heart of Lake General Carera. If scientists are to be believed, these numerous caves and grottoes were formed due to the effects of currents over 6,000 years.

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Marble Caves Chile Chico

In fact, the marble caves got their name only because of their resemblance to a natural mineral, but in fact they are limestone rocks. But still, there is an opinion that certain caves remote from human eyes are made of the most natural marble. However, there is no reliable information confirming this fact. Perhaps it is just a legend, or maybe just a guess of the local residents, because no one has never been able to get to these caves, carefully hidden in the depths of the lake from the man.

Marble Caves Chile Chico

No wonder that such a beautiful place, like a magnet attracts people from all over the world. A large number of tourists visit the marble caves of Chile Chico every year. Especially for them in the city, locals have organized sightseeing trips on the lake. Numerous boats or kayaks go around the lake and offer beautiful views of the marble caves to all comers.

Here they delve into the unusually beautiful and spacious passages of the caves. There, in the depths of the marble caves, everyone is given the opportunity to plunge into the boundless beauty of the mazes and feel themselves a part of a natural landmark.

Marble Caves Chile Chico

Popular places in the caves

The most favorite spots of tourists in the Marble Caves are rightly considered:

  • Marble Cathedral (El Cathedral).
  • Marble Cave (Las Cavernas)
  • Marble Chapel (La Capella)

Previously hidden under the power of a glacier, but over time the glacier melted and presented to the public an incredible creation of nature. The mysteries of the marble caves. Stored in the depths became accessible due to the fact that the water level of the lake has dropped significantly. The locals are happy to introduce everyone to their attraction.

The Marble Cathedral is a labyrinth of incredibly beautiful caves, as if taken from a fairy tale. Welcoming its visitors, this place is happy to introduce everyone to its beauty. Wade through the intricate tangles, which connect the multiple cave passages, you can exclusively by boat, all because instead of the usual land under your feet is a water surface of amazing blue color, as if the Pacific Ocean itself is reflected in the lake. For its beauty and the corresponding filling of color, this grotto is known worldwide as the Azure Temple.

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Marble Caves Chile Chico

Those who have been in the caves of the Azure grotto, with full confidence assure you that paradise on earth does exist. But it is more likely to be on the water than on the land. The water in the marble caves of the grotto is so clear that you can see deep into the lake. If you set out on a clear sunny day to tour the caves, you will be unspeakably lucky because you will witness the sunlight entering the caves reflected in the water and covering the cave walls with all the different colors of the rainbow, filling every section of the cave with itself. At the moments when the sun fills the caves, they are transformed beyond recognition, and you feel as if you find yourself in another world that was previously a mystery under the seven seals.

Climate and best time to visit

The climate in this area of Chile and Argentina tends to be cold and humid, but the lake itself has a fairly warm microclimate. The best weather conditions for a walk in the caves is, of course, a sunny day, which is accompanied by absolute calm of the water surface. The choice of weather conditions for lake walks is directly related to the safety of your life. Choosing quiet and calm days you can as safely as possible enjoy the views of the marble caves and get the full range of unforgettable emotions from the unusual excursion.

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One of the deepest lakes on the planet is located high in the Andes, on the border of Argentina and Chile. This lake has two names: Argentine Lago Buenos Aires and Chilean Lago General Carrera. Both names are official, so unless you are a native of one of these neighboring countries, you can call the lake by whatever name you prefer. We will use the Chilean name, because the most amazing attraction is located on its Chilean shores, near the town of Chile Chico.

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We are talking about the so-called Marble Cathedral (Las Cavernas de Marmol or Marble Cathedral) or the Marble Caves of Chile Chico. In fact, the walls of the amazing labyrinth washed in the rocks of the Lago General Carrera Peninsula are not made of marble at all – the rocks of the peninsula are calcareous. However, in the range of colors of the vaults of deep and through grottoes white and bluish hues dominate, which looks very effective against the turquoise water.

The enfilades of picturesque Marble Caves attract thousands of tourists to Chile Chico. Small pleasure boats bring visitors to the miraculous Marble Cathedral on the water and even go under the arches of the spacious outer halls of the cave labyrinth, allowing tourists to admire the magnificent creation of nature nearby, to peer through the windows that seem to have thawed in the walls deep into the labyrinth of Marble Caves, where the boat cannot reach any more.

However, not all tourists go to Lago General Carrera just for the picturesque Marble Caves of Chile Chico. Many prefer to spend time fishing – Lago Buenos Aires is also famous for the innumerable fish, including salmon and trout, that live in its waters.

To get to the Marble Caves, visitors have to travel 1300 km from the Chilean capital Santiago to the nearest large city – Coyaique. Then the tourists have to travel 300 km to the south and reach the lake of marvelous caves, a gift of nature.

The marble caves of Chile Chico consist of several blue grottoes that are partially under the water of Lake Carrera. The bright blue colors of the caves of Patagonia and the turquoise water just excite the imagination of anyone who sees this creation of nature for the first time.

The lake is located on the border between Argentina and Chile, but the marble caves are on the territory of Chile. Chile Chico has three main grottoes: the Chapel (La Capilla), the Cathedral (El Catedral), and the Cave (La Cueva).

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Tourists can visit Chile Chico by small boat (2-4 people + helmsman) or kayak, but only when Lake Carrera is calm. Marble Caves is currently threatened by the human element – the construction of 5 large dams around the lake.

Location: Chile, Aisen region, Lake Lago General Carrera.

Coordinates: 46° 39′ 32″ S 72° 37′ 36″ W

The pristine beauty of the marble cliffs combined with the crystal clear water of the high mountain lake give the impression that there is a paradise on earth after all.

Scientists have found that the grottoes, which consist entirely of natural marble, have in their composition metamorphosed limestone. And this component is so strong that marble can be used to create sculptures. In addition to its mesmerizing beauty Marble Caves is the largest deposit of marble on the planet. The reserves of this natural mineral are estimated at 5000 million tons. The Carrera Lake itself is one of the ten deepest lakes in the world – its depth reaches 590 meters, and its area is approximately 1,850 square kilometers. The Chilean government has long been using the caves for marble mining. According to geologists, in the near future, marble mining should stop, so that this wonderful place on earth could see the tourists from all over the world.

Marble Caves Patagonia Chile 3

Marble Caves Patagonia Chile 4

Marble Caves Patagonia Chile 5

Marble caves in Town Rio Tranquilo.

Marble caves in Town Rio Tranquilo.

There is also the largest pool in the world in Chile, and from the flooded caves here is the steepest – Ordinskaya cave

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