Mersa Matruh in Egypt, detailed description of the resort

Features of a holiday in Mersa Matruh

Mersa-Matrouh is a provincial Egyptian town on the Mediterranean coast. This place is not yet fully explored by tourists from Europe. The snow-white sand and bright blue sea make the town a favorite vacation spot for residents of Cairo and Libya. The town is considered the best opening in the tourist area in recent years. It is an ideal place for a vacation for the whole family. A quiet, tranquil province with impeccable service, the gentle sea away from the hustle and bustle. About the peculiarities of rest in Mersa Matruh in 2022 we will tell in this article.


In summer, the city is filled with numerous holidaymakers. It gets noisy here. Prices for accommodation and food rise sharply. The European is better to come to the resort when the Egyptians are still busy with their business – in May or early autumn.

At this time you can easily get a hotel room of any class with a nice discount. And if you go on vacation in winter, low prices will surprise much. But at this time it is difficult to get an amazing Mediterranean tan.

From the Arabic Mersa-Matruh translates as “abandoned anchor”.

The history of the place has developed over the centuries. Especially many legends associated with the great queen of Egypt – Cleopatra. Not far from the city there are baths in which the famous beauty preferred to swim.


The climate in Mersa Matrah belongs to the Mediterranean type. In summer it is very warm, with an average temperature of 29 degrees. Autumn is not in a hurry to give up its position, still keeping the heat. In winter it is cool enough. It often rains. The average temperature is 17-18 degrees. In the spring it is a little warmer 21-23 degrees.

The best season for recreation

The best time to vacation is summer and September, October. The weather in the city is beautiful. The daytime temperature ranges from 25 to 30 degrees. The nights are warm – at least 20 degrees. The waters of the Mediterranean Sea warm up to 26 degrees.

Population and language

The town is not large. It rather belongs to the outskirts of Egypt. Here are surprised by the appearance of European tourists, because in the summer season in the city prefer to rest affluent residents from Egypt and Libya.

In the city lives just under 70 thousand Arabs. The national language is Arabic. Since Mersa Matruh is not very visited by foreign tourists, it will be difficult to explain yourself to the locals. In many hotels and restaurants, the staff speaks good English.

How to get around the city?

If you want to see as many interesting places in Mersa Matrach as possible, rent a bike. Rental costs 15-20 Egyptian pounds ($0.85-1.15).

Don’t forget to check the vehicle and be sure to point out any scuffs, dents, and the like to the owner. Otherwise, the inattentive tourist will pay a substantial penalty when returning the bike.

It is very convenient to travel by cab, only if you know how to bargain well with cab drivers, as it is, not cheap pleasure. You can get to neighboring towns by bus.


The Egyptian pound is accepted in circulation. But the tourist will not be refused if he decides to pay in dollars or euros. In Arab markets it is difficult to get change and every seller has its own rate. Therefore, it is better to have the local currency in small denominations.

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To visit Egypt, Russians need to purchase a visa. It is issued at the time of arrival at the airport and costs $25. After receiving it travelers have access to almost all settlements of the country for 30 days.

Children may not require a visa if they are inscribed in the parents’ passport.

The map .

Features of the holiday

Before traveling to Mersa Matruh, you need to take into account some specifics of being in a Muslim city. It is necessary to treat with understanding of the local culture, so you should not put all the “charms” on display, it will offend the locals.

You should also take into account the following points:

  • Arabs do not drink alcoholic beverages. So do not drink alcohol outside bars or other designated places;
  • Do not use public transport. Even overcrowded at rush hour Russian buses are incomparable to the locals. It’s very stuffy, hot and just not crowded. So for a short distance is better to walk;
  • When choosing a cab pay attention to its color. Only the yellow, orange and blue ones have meters. The rest will have to haggle and knock down the price for a long time. The cost of services is very high. The most expensive are the white cars. In addition to the meter, they are also equipped with air conditioning;
  • Do not be surprised that after any service is provided the staff holds out their hand for a reward. This is an accepted “custom” everywhere. Even 1 Egyptian pound is a tip.

How to get there?

The city has its own airport, which receives domestic flights. Twice a week, planes land here from Cairo. Therefore, it is not possible to get to this resort town directly. Air service is possible only during the tourist season – from early June to late September.

You can get to the place by train. On the way passengers are about 8 hours. The cost depends on the class of compartment:

  • 1st class about 65 Egyptian pounds ($3.6);
  • 2nd class – 40 pounds (2,25 $).

You can use the bus as a means of transportation. This is not the best choice, as buses in Egypt are not very well equipped and their appearance is far from perfect. Especially since you first have to take a cab from the airport to the train station, and then 5 hours to Mersa-Matrouh. During the high season, the buses run frequently and are almost never late. The cost is about 75 Egyptian pounds ($4.25).

The highest cost of a Moscow-Cairo-Moscow flight is during the summer months. The average cost of a round-trip ticket is 20,000 rubles. In the air passengers stay about 4.5 hours.

Where to stay?

This resort, is very popular among Egyptians, especially during the season. Residents of Cairo rest mainly here. Numerous tourist complexes and hotels do not leave tourists indifferent. Over the past twenty years, the hotel business Mersa-Matrouh is very upscale.

Also very developed private sector, where you can rent an apartment on vacation. Rent an apartment on the coast, of course, cheaper. But if you like an all-inclusive vacation, buy tours through an agency.

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In the following hotels you can opt for:

  • Jaz Almaza Bay Hotel is a five-star hotel located on the beach. It offers tourists comfortable rooms, three restaurants, buffet. The cuisine meets the highest requirements. Also on the territory of the hotel, vacationers can use the spa center, tennis court and billiards. Despite the five-star level, you can find rooms at $50 per night. This is the best place for a family vacation. One of the few complexes where the staff speaks excellent Russian;
  • Marselia aqua parc resort hotel is the best combination of price and quality. The hotel has 60 rooms, mostly standard and suites. The food corresponds to the category of the hotel. There are a swimming pool, an aqua-park, and a room for children;
  • Hotel Beau Site is one of the best places in the city for tourist accommodation. The hotel has its own beach, restaurants and bars.

Hotel rooms in Mersa Matruh have different levels of comfort, and thus the price. In the “spartan” apartments for 3-4 people with a door that does not close can be accommodated for $ 6-8 per night. Good service with full board starts at $50 per night and up.


The beaches of Mersa Matrach, differs from the beaches of neighboring cities, above all for their cleanliness. They are among the five best areas for sunbathing in Egypt. When you look at this beauty just takes your breath away: the endless blue sea, bright sun and white sand.

Ajiba Beach has beautiful scenery and very clear water. It is located in the fringe of picturesque caves and grottoes.

Cleopatra Beach and Naguiba Beach are not far from the city. One of the most beautiful places in Egypt. Snow-white sands, turquoise sea, surrounded by rocks. This beauty will not leave tourists indifferent. Especially striking when under the influence of light and shadow the water changes its color – from blue to turn bright turquoise.

If you want to be away from the accumulation of people, the best beach is Haram. It is a very romantic place located 17 kilometers from the city.

City beaches are the best place for families with children. A convenient approach to the water, the absence of deep hollows, rocks and reefs make them completely safe. There is practically no wind, so there are no high waves.

What to see?

In Mersa Matrach there are several places that every tourist should see.

  • The ruins of the old fortress;
  • The Fort of Ramses the second;
  • A half-hour drive from the city, there is the Rommel Museum, which is located in the catacombs, dedicated to the military actions of World War II.
  • You can go on a tour to the Coptic temple;
  • Visit three cemeteries where the military are buried.


There will not be bored at the resort lovers of outdoor activities. There are all kinds of beach activities, water-skiing and banana boat rides, and sunbathing. Each hotel has swimming pools and spa centers. Night discos and dancing under the moon, karaoke clubs and bars. Everything is organized so that tourists are not bored and want to come back here again. Numerous restaurants located along the coast will delight visitors with delicious seafood dishes.

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Cafes and restaurants

There are many places in the city where you can eat good food. Visitors are offered a taste of traditional Egyptian cuisine and international dishes.

Most restaurants are open only during tourist season. The largest number of positive reviews from tourists received the following institutions:

  • Cafe Abdu Kofta. A cozy place for a family dinner or lunch. The grilled meat is wonderfully cooked here;
  • Abu Rable Bistro. Practices both European and Arab cuisine. This is one of the few cafes that doesn’t close all year round. Open until late at night. You can take your favorite dish to go;
  • Hammo al-Temsah Fish. Here you can choose the fish you like and have it cooked. Grilled vegetables and fish are especially delicious here. Spiced dishes exude unearthly aroma and taste wonderful.

The prices here are pleasantly surprising, because much lower than on the coast, washed by the Red Sea. For $5 you can have a nice dinner in an inexpensive restaurant. Dinner for two consisting of three dishes in the institution of average level will cost $ 25-30,


The best place for shopping is the Libyan market. It sells goods not only from Libya, but also all of Egypt.

The main cluster of stores, where you can find everything you want is on the main street of the city – Alexandria.

What to bring?

You can buy various statuettes of the gods, beautiful jewelry, gold and silverware, fabrics, scarves at the numerous merchants of the market. A very good souvenir could be the local sweets. You can also buy interesting national costumes and all kinds of handmade mats.

The cost of the tour

Prices for holidays in Mersa Matrach depend on the season. During the summer, because of the influx of tourists, the cost of recreation increases. In winter, prices are much lower.

If you are planning your vacation in 2022, it is much cheaper to vacation in winter and spring. But remember that the weather at this time of year is not happy with warm days.

The average cost of a tour per person for 7 days will be about 450-500 $. If you choose half board. With the system “all inclusive” tour price rises to $ 650 and above.

If you are going to visit Egypt should not be overlooked the wonderful resort of Mersa-Matrouh. He is not yet fully explored by Russian-speaking tourists. Is not an excuse to become a discoverer? The excellent service and the extraordinary beauty of the town will conquer even the most demanding traveler.

Mersa Matruh on video:

There will not be bored at the resort lovers of outdoor activities. There are all kinds of beach activities, water-skiing and banana boat rides, and sunbathing. Each hotel has swimming pools and spa centers. Night discos and dancing under the moon, karaoke clubs and bars. Everything is organized so that tourists are not bored and want to come back here again. Numerous restaurants located along the coast will delight visitors with delicious seafood dishes.

Whichever holiday you choose, a vacation in Mersach Matrach in 2022 can be truly colorful and extraordinary.

Useful information about the resort of Mersa Matruh

Mersa Matrouh is one of the oldest cities in Egypt. It is said that Cleopatra once loved to enjoy its beauty. It is located in a large bay on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea about 240 km from Alexandria and 500 km from Cairo. Mersa Matruh boasts white sandy beaches, clear azure waters and a mild climate. It is called the Egyptian Maldives, and it is quite unlike Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh. We decided to share with you useful information about this resort. As always on our site there are a lot of tours to Egypt!

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Weather at the resort of Mersa Matrouh

Mersa Matruh has a Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters and warm, comfortable summers. It is reliably protected from strong winds by a chain of cliffs. From December to February the thermometer rises to +17 ° C … +19 ° C during the day and drops to +9 ° C at night. The water temperature during this time does not exceed +16 ° C.


In March and April, the daytime temperature rises to +23 ° C and nighttime temperatures fall to +13 ° C. In May, the air warms up to +26 ° C and the water to +20 ° C and the beach season begins.

From June to August, the thermometer reads +25 °C … +30 °C. The nights are warm (+19 ° C … +21 ° C). The water heats up to +26 ° C. Summer and the first 2 months of autumn are the best time to vacation in Mersa Matrucha. In September and October, the average daytime temperature ranges from +26 °C … +29 °C, and nighttime temperatures are +18 °C … +20 °C. The sea temperature stays at +24 °C … +25 °C. It gets cooler in November (+15 °C at night and +21 °C … +23 °C during the day) and the water cools down to +20 °C.

Beaches and hotels at Mersa Matruh

This resort welcomes European level of service and beaches, which are among the five most beautiful in Egypt. It is worth a visit to Ajiba beach with its grottoes, caves, white sand and clear water. Lovers of secluded recreation enjoy beaches Graham and Haram. The latter is located 17 km from the town and is considered a very romantic place. At 7 km from the resort in a small cove are Cleopatra baths. Here you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also see how the water changes color from blue to piercing turquoise. Of beach activities are available snorkeling, banana boat rides and water skiing, boat rides and diving to sunken ships.


In Mersa-Matrukh love to vacation Europeans, as well as the Egyptians themselves, and this is further proof that it is worthy of attention. Clean sand, a smooth set of depths, lack of stones, corals and high waves make this resort ideal for trips with children.

Hotels in the city have a quiet atmosphere, a large green area and less active than in Hurghada or Sharm el-Sheikh animation. Caesar Bay Resort 5* on Ajiba Beach offers luxurious spa programs, bright spacious rooms, secluded villas, panoramic pool and a well-equipped playground. Carols Beau Rivage Matrouh 5* on the calm and shallow Ubaya beach will delight you with a wide range of activities, a terrace overlooking the sea and chic oriental style rooms. In Almazino 4* with its snow-white villas you get the feeling that you’re not in Egypt, but in Greece. Jaz Almaza 5* has a comfortable mini-club, four pools and offers rooms of European style. There are many hotels, bars and restaurants in Mersa Matrucha, and you are sure to find the ones you like.

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Attractions, Excursions and Entertainment

The ruins of the fort and temple of Ramses II, the Rommel Museum and the Cleopatra Baths top the list of attractions in the resort. The museum is 3 km from the resort in the catacombs dug during the war. The ruins of the fort and the temple await you 24 km from Mersa Matruch. We have already mentioned the baths and they are also worth a visit. The town itself is very beautiful and illustrates the color of life in northern Egypt. You can ride a bike through its streets and then go to a traditional restaurant or bar with a hookah and a delicious menu. Shopping lovers will love the local markets with African cotton, fragrant oriental perfume, jewelry and things amazing handmade.

After seeing all the beauties of Mersa Matruh you can drive to Alexandria with its unique and rich history (about 3.5 hours), noisy and contrasting Cairo with its pyramids (4.5 hours) or to the oasis of Siva, which is called a piece of authentic Egypt (just over 3 hours). Excursion to Siva includes a visit to the 12th century sand city, the Mountain of the Dead with 700 tombs and the ancient temple of Amun. You can also take a trip into the desert and do some sandboarding.

The nuances that you need to be aware of going to Mersa-Matruh

  • There are Muslim rules in Mersa Matruh. So you should not drink alcohol outside the hotels, restaurants and bars. Noisy behavior in public places is also not welcome.
  • Public transportation in the city is usually crowded. You can ride a bicycle starting at $2 or take a cab. In the latter case be prepared to pay from one to three dollars for each 10 km ride. Moreover, there are three types of cabs: yellow, orange or blue (with meters), black and white (without meters), and white (with meters and air conditioning). In black and white cabs you can try to haggle to bring down the price.
  • The local currency in Egypt is the Egyptian pound. Hotels, restaurants, bars and stores usually accept dollars or card payments without problems. But prices in dollars at markets can be higher than in pounds. So it is worth changing some money. You can do this at a bank, exchange office, ATM or at the hotel.
  • In Egypt it is customary to tip and it is better to prepare small bills in advance.
  • The visa opens for $25 upon arrival at the resort.

Mersa-Matrouh attracts wide beaches, clear sea, scenic views and developed infrastructure. The city has its own airport, which receives regular flights from Cairo. The average flight time from Kiev to the capital of Egypt is 5.5 to 8.5 hours. From there to the resort can be reached in an hour by plane and 3-4 hours by bus or train. Sunny Mersa-Matruh is always looking forward to visitors and perhaps a trip to its shores will be the best event of your summer!

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