Miami Seaquarium, photos and description

Miami Seaquarium

Where can you learn about the ocean’s underwater world? At the ocean or the aquarium. Miami Seaquarium is the perfect place for kids, parents, and everyone else. Read on to find out what else you can see and do at the Miami Seaquarium.

Exclusive celebrity show

Every oceanarium has a face that sets it apart from the rest. The Miami Seaquarium opened in 1955.

The Miami Seaquarium is famous for its celebrities.

Science says that orcas live no more than 20 years in captivity. Orca Lolita is living proof that the scientists are wrong. Lolita performs at the aquarium since 1970 and, despite her advanced age, demonstrates dizzying tricks.

Another celebrity is the female dolphin Susie, the heroine of the Flipper series. The dizzying jumps, spins and swimming on her tail take visitors’ breath away. In addition to the recognized stars, seals and harbor seals perform. Performances are set to music every half hour. Regardless of the weather there are three shows a day.

  • Lolita the Killer Show.
  • Dolphin show
  • Coaching performance and demonstration feeding

The spectators of the lower rows are provided with water procedures, but at the usual temperature of +35 ° it gives you the opportunity to be refreshed, the seats on the higher levels give you the opportunity to avoid this.

Pink flamingos, white herons and crocodiles await visitors between performances.

Sea City on Land.

Miami Seaquarium is a seaside city on land. A typical walk through all the fun rides takes at least 5 hours. The Oceanarium is divided into several zones, including an arena for dolphins, killer whales, seals, a shark pool, an alligator habitat and a rehabilitation center for turtles and small aquariums with other marine life: ocean fish, sea urchins, starfish.

There’s a Flipper Snow dolphin pool and a small Salty’s Pirate Play Ground where kids can enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere to the fullest. Separate areas with turtles and crocodiles provide a great opportunity to learn about amphibian life. Near the shark canal, watch the predators feed. The sea cow (manatee) pool and the stingray aquarium often distract children from the main entertainment shows and occupy the rest of the time. In addition to the shows, visitors are treated to a special Caribbean atmosphere, underwater caves and their inhabitants ranging from harmless fish to creepy morays.

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Visitors even pet and feed stingrays in special equipment accompanied by an experienced instructor. The aquarium actively participates in the manatee protection program and provides assistance to marine animals that have been harmed by humans.

Miami Seaquarium is the best place to explore the world of ocean animals.

Miami Seaquarium – Fun and Learning

What does Miami Seaquarium (Miami Seaquarium) offer besides entertaining shows with marine celebrities?

  • Dolphin Encounter and Dolphin Odyssey programs are especially popular with visitors of all ages, providing an unforgettable experience with bottlenose dolphins. Before going for a swim with dolphins, visitors are given a detailed briefing and a wetsuit. And then a half hour of live communication with the amazing animals. During this time, you can swim with dolphins in a special pool Dolphin Harbor (Dolphin Harbor) and implement the advice of instructors. The cost of participation ranges from $110 to $170.
  • Dolphin Encounter participants enjoy complimentary admission to all oceanarium shows and programs on the day of admission. Groups of more than one person can participate in the show, and an observer ticket costs from $53.
  • Sarky’s Sky Trail ride is a multi-level aerial obstacle course of rickety bridges and suspended ropes three stories high. It is both challenging and fun for all participants of all ages.
  • Corporate team building programs. For groups of more than 15 people there are discounts on Dolphin Odisee, Dolphin Encounter and Sea Trek Reef Encounter rides.
  • Birthday, Wedding, Picnic programs for those who want to organize an original celebration.
  • Schoolchildren and students come to the Miami Seaquarium to watch a presentation about rare and endangered animals.
  • The Seaquarium is of interest not only to children and their parents. For businesses and corporations, the aquarium offers team building programs and team building activities.

Other marine entertainments

Dolphins are unique animals that help people get rid of many diseases. This fact is the basis for the many entertainment and education programs the aquarium offers.

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The Miami Seaquarium provides a great all-day experience for kids as you move from podium to podium watching the sea creatures. On hot days, kids play on the special playground, so water guns and swim gear will come in handy, and the little ones will love the water slides. Delight, laughter and genuine emotion await those who are in the oceanarium for the first time. Music, water noise, water splashes, shrieks of birds, sounds of sea animals make up the natural sound background.

Miami Seaquarium allows adults and children to plunge into the alive underwater world of the familiar cartoons, to have an unforgettable celebration and to feel the spirit of adventure and joyful festivities.

Miami Seaquarium

Miami Seaquarium

Kids under 3 years old are free. Children 3 to 9 years old inclusive – $39.99, adults (from 10 years old) – $49.99. Swimming with dolphins – from $159, communicating with penguins and seals – from $99. There are promotions and discounts.

The Miami Seaquarium, considered the oldest in the U.S., was opened in 1955. It is located on the small island of Virginia Key. The region’s tropical climate makes it possible to hold shows with dolphins, orcas and seals in the open air all year round.

The oceanarium’s collection includes sea turtles, seals, sharks, sea lions, stingrays, crocodiles, manatees that live near Florida, as well as many other sea creatures.

Some of the animals are performers at the aquarium: the killer whale, the dolphins and the sea lions regularly give performances for visitors. Other inhabitants live in spacious aviaries and enclosures, allowing themselves to be watched. Thus, the aquarium combines entertainment and educational functions.

There is a cafe with a variety of drinks and snacks, as well as a souvenir shop where you can buy souvenirs.

Miami Seaquarium

Animals and shows

The Miami Seaquarium is a unique complex with not only a variety of entertainment and shows with animals, but also educational tours and lectures for children and adults.

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Among the oceanarium’s main performers are:

  • dolphins,
  • orcas,
  • sea lions.

Sea creatures trainers create with their participation colorful performances, the schedule of which can be seen on the official site in the section “Calendar and hours”. The exact start time of these or other performances is sometimes set on a day to day basis, so you need to keep track of the changes for a particular date. In general, however, the shows start at 12:00 and continue throughout the day.

Miami Seaquarium

For the convenience of visitors in the aquarium there are several giant ponds, where dolphins, orcas and sea lions live and give performances. At the same time there is the possibility of several shows at the same time.

The Miami Oceanarium is a haven for rare species of marine animals. Among its inhabitants are sea turtles, dozens of species of fish, penguins seals, manatees and other fauna. There are also spacious pools with amphibians (alligators, varanas, etc.) and birds (pelicans and flamingos), which are also available for viewing. The oceanarium is not just an entertainment venue: it serves as a site for the study and preservation of marine animal, fish and coral species. The complex is staffed by zoologists and marine researchers who study the behavior of oceanarium residents, life phases, breeding conditions, etc.

When visitors approach a particular aviary or aquarium, they can learn about its inhabitants from information boards. In addition, there are educational lectures and quests for children. They include not only theory, but also a practical part – doing tasks, guessing puzzles or feeding the animals. This is the most beloved part of any program.

Miami Seaquarium

At the Miami Oceanarium, you can swim with the sea creatures – dolphins and seals. It has long been known that dolphin therapy is a powerful remedy for stress and many physical ailments related to the musculoskeletal and vascular systems. Frequent visitors of such options are children with cerebral palsy, diseases of the nervous system, developmental delays, etc. Swimming in the water with dolphins and communicating with them has a beneficial effect on the person, has a relaxing and calming effect.

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In addition to swimming with sea creatures, the Miami Oceanarium offers the opportunity to meet penguins, manatees, and even sea stingrays. This option includes a theoretical part – a lecture about safety and behavior with the animals, a story about their way of life and interesting features, and a direct introduction to them – games and communication under the supervision of an experienced instructor. A full list of options is available on the official website in the “Tickets and Programs” section.

The Miami Seaquarium is a great place to celebrate a kid’s birthday or meet friends. There are special playgrounds for children, and several food courts invite you to dine with a menu that includes both children’s and adults’ favorite foods and drinks. Moreover, there are several souvenir stores selling various themed gifts, books and accessories with Oceanarium symbols and pictures of its inhabitants.

Miami Seaquarium

Ticket prices for the Miami Aquarium in 2022

The cost of a Miami Oceanarium ticket depends on the age of the visitor and is for a full day’s stay on the grounds.

  • Children under the age of 3 get in free.
  • Children ages 3 to 9, inclusive, are $39.99,
  • Over 10 years old (adult ticket) – $49.99.

For those who want to visit the aquarium repeatedly, subscriptions are available. The duration of each – 1 year. Passes give you the right to visit the complex any day of the year. Passes have their own variations – Platinum, Diamond and Standard. Their difference is in the list of provided bonuses and their cost:

Swimming and animal interaction have a separate cost :

  • Dolphin encounter – $159,
  • a swim with a seal, $139,
  • meeting with a penguin – $99,
  • sea trek (diving with special suits and review of the reef) – $ 99.

Miami Seaquarium

The ticket price includes a detailed briefing, necessary equipment for swimming or diving, a lecture about the habits of animals, directly swimming with them under the guidance of an experienced zoologist. Such private options must be booked in advance.

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The cost of tickets may vary. Before visiting, it is recommended to clarify the current information on the official website of the Miami Oceanarium. A $4-$10 discount on the ticket is available when you purchase online.

How to get to the Miami Oceanarium

The Miami Oceanarium is located away from downtown on the small island of Virginia Key, but it’s not hard to get to.

There is a regular bus number 102 that stops right in front of the entrance to the complex. The name of the stop is Miami Seaquarium. From there to the entrance is no more than a 1-2 minute walk. Bus schedule and route can be viewed here.

The Miami Seaquarium is also easily accessible by car and there is ample parking at the entrance. There is a $10 fee, but you can park all day long. Go to the Miami Seaquarium by cab and use mobile apps: Uber, Lyft (Uber’s American equivalent) and others. Trip around the city will cost less than usual carriers.

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