Miass anomaly, the Ural Mountains near the town of Miass

Miass anomaly, the Ural Mountains near the town of Miass

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UFO, holy spirit and a place of power. Mystical routes of the Southern Urals

The Southern Urals is shrouded in legends and mystical stories.

“AiF-Chelyabinsk” has found the most iconic, mysterious and extreme routes in the Chelyabinsk region.

The rock Shaitan stone

Where: Lake Itkul, Verkhneufaleisky district.

Distance from Chelyabinsk – 210 km.

How to get there: go around the lake through Itkulka village to Klyuchi village. In Klyuchi turn towards the lake onto the forest road and drive 5 km to the pumping station. From the station walk along the lake to the rock for 1 km.

It is a huge rock, or rather, a piece of rock, which by some unknown force (well, just like a shaitan!) as if it had been broken off the shore and thrown into the lake. It sticks out of the water like a lonely rock. It is not easy to reach it, although the Shaitan stone is only 20 meters away from the shore, but the bank is too steep so one cannot get down. The best way is to take a boat and try to climb the rock from it. There are a lot of pilgrims of that kind, judging by the number of petroglyphs in the style “Vasya was here. And Vova,” not a few. The rock is 10 meters high, smooth and slippery, polished with water – not everyone manages to get a grip to climb up. There is a rumor that the water around the stone is bewitched, and to swim out of there is quite difficult, as if the body cramps and paralyzes, but, of course, no one kept statistics. Apparently, because of the inaccessibility of such a close rock, the rumor gave the Shaitan Stone mystical power. Supposedly, the one who gets on top and doesn’t fall in the water will be lucky. But no special rituals around the stone have been noticed. So far.

Death Numbers in Walumba, Uganda

Grave of Blessed Evdokia

Where: the village Chudinovo of the Oktyabrsky district.

The distance from Chelyabinsk is 70 km.

How to get there: go towards the village Oktyabrsky of Oktyabrsky district, near Bolshenikolsky turn left and drive about 30 km more to Chudinovo.

Once upon a time in Chudinovo lived Dunya Makhankova. She had a gift to heal people, and sick and suffering people came to her from everywhere. Dunyasha helped to cure a disease, to improve the financial situation, and to marry. Dunya died, but her grave is still a popular trail. People called her Saint Dunyasha (the church did not canonize her) and believe that even after her death she did not lose her miraculous powers. People come and ask for help. They say Dunyasha is legible. She doesn’t even have to bring pictures, she can see by herself who and what to help. Moreover, a person with evil thoughts will not receive anything. They say that at the cemetery, strange things can happen. For example, suddenly out of the dense dark clouds shines a powerful ray of sunlight. Enthusiasts, by the way, have ennobled the grave, erected a chapel-greenhouse around it.

The Island of Vera

Where: Lake Turgoyak, the town of Miass.

The distance from Chelyabinsk is 90 km.

How to get there: by boat.

The Ilmensky Reserve.

The place is sacred for several reasons. The hermit named Vera, who lived in the caves here in XIX century, even during her life was elevated by Old Believers to the rank of saint. In addition, this cave (or dolmen in another way), archaeologists believe the megalith – a structure that is several thousand years old! Megalith is a funerary box, covered with a stone slab, but it is quite spacious.

There are three rooms-chambers and a corridor, you can even stand upright. In this megalith the hermitess Vera allegedly lived there.

The structure is recognized by cult archaeologists: they believe that the funerary complex is made on the same principles as the gallery tombs in France and Britain. There are excavations of settlements of ancient people on the island, who lived here not for a couple of centuries, as in Arkaim, but for several millennia. Near the megaliths (and there are three of them on the island) is a stone mountain, with an iron cross on the mountain.

The Tablets of Georgia and the Ten Commandments

The most excited tourists must climb the mountain, whispering, closing their eyes, their secret desires and tie beautiful ribbons on the cross. Some even leave food and money.

Miass anomalous zone

Where: near the Ural Ridge near the city of Miass.

The distance from Chelyabinsk – 115 km.

This place is very strange, it is impossible to find a picture of it or its exact coordinates. There are no identifying signs of where the area begins and where it ends. Locals don’t like to talk about it. Mysticism, indeed!

There is a lot of mysterious, unexplained and strange. Allegedly there is a territory, nothing outwardly particularly remarkable, but for some reason cause people attacks of fear and terror. This noted not only stupid tourists, but also educated geologists and simply local residents.

With what the horror is connected, no one can not say exactly. Perhaps it is the karst sinkholes, because of which the earth can really go out from under your feet, and it is scary. Perhaps the reason is the proximity of the V.P. Makeyev State Rocket Center. This center once developed the so-called Kozyrev mirrors – a complex of complex spiral mirror planes, allegedly changing space and time. The work on the apparatus for moving to parallel worlds was never completed, because during the experiments people experienced unbearable fear and physical suffering. Enthusiasts studying paranormal phenomena believe that it was because of this fantastic apparatus that the anomalous zone appeared near Miass.

Iremel Mountain

Where: Republic of Bashkortostan, Uchalinsky district, 9 km northwest of the village Baisakalovo.

Distance: 240 km.

How to get there: drive to Tyulyuk village of Katav-Ivanovsky district and start climbing from there. There are a lot of guest houses for tourists in the settlement.

The Big Iremel is one of the highest tops of the Uraltau Ridge (1 582 m) and in general one of the highest peaks in the Urals. You can go up from Chelyabinsk region and Bashkiria. There are a lot of legends and stories about Iremel, and all of them are very respectful. The mountain has long been considered sacred: in dry years the peasants made a procession to it and asked for rain. Ufologists like mysterious and rebellious Iremel, they observe flying saucers there, and esoterics of all kinds, who consider the mountain a place of power, and climbing it – a special challenge. Those who have climbed, fearing neither wind nor cold, and energetically uplifted, and cleared the chakras, of course. Groups of those who want to make a hike to Iremel are gathering in social networks to “connect to the portal”. Be that as it may, the mountain has a beneficial effect on people, teaches them to overcome difficulties and fosters love for nature. Only to spend the night on the top is not recommended for some reason.

Shushmore, the mystery and mystery of the Shushmore tract
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