Mongolia. Travel and rest in Mongolia, vast expanses.

Traveling in Mongolia (Mongolia) – reviews

Review about Travelling in Mongolia (Mongolia)

Here I am back to my reviews, after a little break for work and travel, I again want to share with you, my impressions, of yet another amazing and exotic country of Mongolia. It is perhaps one of the most.

A mysterious and original country.

My road trip with my family started with crossing the border at Kyahta-Altanbulag checkpoint. It took us about an hour and a half. We spent about 1600 rubles for taxes and car insurance. Then we went to Sukhbaatar and along the only road through.

The festival of hunters with golden eagles will not leave you without impressions and photos.

The acquaintance with the natural medievalism, excellent photos, wonderful cheap meat cuisine, new acquaintances

I was introduced to the beauty of western Mongolia in 2019. Here, near the town of Bayan-Ulagey, across the Hovdgol River, a festival of hunters with golden eagles – the berkutchi – takes place every fall. But hunting with a golden eagle is not a Mongolian tradition. It is.


In early spring of 2015 I was on a business trip to Mongolia. I still have a lot of impressions. I will try to translate them into a review on this site. In this review I will tell you about the capital of Mongolia, the city of Ulan Bator. Ulan Bator.

What an extraordinary country.

And this is Ulaanbaatar! We are greeted by the Chingiz Khan International Airport. My trip to this city was in February! For reference, Ulan Bator is the coldest capital of all the countries on earth! And I felt it myself.

The way of Genghis Khan.

The way: Irkutsk, Baikal Trakt, Kultuk, Slyudanka, Tunkinskaya valley, Mondy, then – incredible steppe expanses. This is a road to one of the countries of the most ancient nation – Mongolia. This road was used by Chingiz-Khan and him on foot and on horseback.

There was no limit to the excitement!

At the age of 6 my grandfather was sent as a great master builder to the glorious town of Darkhan (2nd after the capital by population). I went with my parents to live in the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. To tell you the truth.

All countries in the world - descriptions, attractions, photos

Having been once in Mongolia, it remains in the heart forever.

I wanted to start with the fact that most people have the wrong idea about Mongolia, I have more than once heard the question, “Are there any high-rise buildings in Mongolia?” There is a stereotype that the entire population lives in yurts and hopscotch.

It soothes the soul and heart) For lovers of eco-tourism)

Going to Western Mongolia to travel for three years in a row. What is this trip for me? 1. The possibility to see the beauty of nature not only in Mongolia but also in the Altai Mountains. 2. To enjoy the tranquility of the Mongolian steppes.

other world

Trip Review of Mongolia (Mongolia). My trip is coming to an end and we are slowly starting to pack our suitcases. The idea to visit this country came up spontaneously. Since vacation was in full swing, repairs were coming up.

A delight and a memory to last a lifetime!

Cheap compared to other tourist trips Untouched history for lovers of ancient artifacts Low cost of food Good open people

Bad roads and inability to get around by rail in many places! Distances between sites are too long! Air travel abroad is only possible from the capital!

Wild expanses, untouched forests and endless steppe, great rivers and mountain ranges! Traveling through these expanses you feel as if you are going back in time, to the time of our ancestors! The delight and feelings for the whole year, untouched landscapes are magnificent! В.

Gorgeous country.

No tourists and no infrastructure. Grandiose nature. Huge spaces. Everywhere you can drive up by car – there are no tolls.

Travelled in the company of an organized group of 5 off-road vehicles. We left Novokuznetsk and entered Mongolia through Altai and Tyva. We were in the beginning of August. The whole trip took 15 days. Altai, – very beautiful nature, but a lot.

This is one of the most vivid impressions of all the trips!

Terrific nature, amazing customs and culture, the ability to replenish energy, the lack of news and other junk.

Suriname - Republic of Suriname South American state

The lack of roads and other amenities on most of the territory, specific cuisine (lamb, mutton and mutton again).

I wanted to go to Mongolia for a long time. For some reason there are countries where you are drawn to for some unknown reason. And somehow in June 2013 I had a chance to go there with friends to the Sports Tourist Festival. Here is how it was.

Almost untouched nature and a peculiar way of life

I’ve been to Mongolia before, during Soviet times. It was common then to exchange experiences. I was able to go to Choibolsan. I must admit, I was surprised by everything I saw: how people live, where they work, what they buy.

Want to visit again.

Hello to all lovers of travel and tourists. Our trip started with the choice of the destination, of course there are a lot of destinations, but the time for vacation was only 5 days, and here we decided to live near Mongolia, and not once.

The Land of One City. An independent trip.

Good food, low prices, inexpensive leather and cashmere products, colorful locals, relaxed atmosphere.

Not everywhere understand Russian and English, developing a tourist destination (soon everything will be more expensive, the quality is lower, the attitude is only for money), expensive gasoline, complete chaos on the roads.

We entered Mongolia from the side of China, decided to cross it and go to Baikal on the way home. Visas to Mongolia had already been canceled at that time. The border on the Chinese side can only be crossed by car if.


September 2006. We applied for passports with my wife. We have a one-year-old daughter, she was entered in the passport of my wife. We bought a ticket to Ulan-Ude on the train. It is advisable to book tickets in advance. Direct train #133 from Samara without changing trains. Photo: Station.

Mongolia. Ukrainians. Photo.

Mongolia was a long-time dream of mine that came true in 2016. Our journey began in Ukraine, having reached Voronezh by bus, we took a train to Omsk, where our acquaintances were waiting to visit us.

Another World! Amazing country!

In Ulaanbaatar there is a developed infrastructure, beautiful new cars, the hospitality of the Mongolians is amazing!

Oman. Travel and rest in Oman.

It’s been a long time since I was here, I’ve been traveling, this time I came to Mongolia. Amazing and very interesting country! If you come here, here are some tips: 1. Feel free to bring rubles, they change it here.

Mongolia in the last 7 years.

Mongolia has changed a lot in the last 7 years. They built a big city there that is 20 times bigger than what was built during Soviet times. Mongolia has moved so far away from socialism, even children don’t know those words.


Mongolia is a country in the center of Asia. It has borders with two countries. It has no access to the sea. It is a member of almost all units of the United Nations. It is a parliamentary republic.

The state includes more than three hundred somons, united in 21 aimags. Residents speak Mongolian. The main sectors of economy are agriculture and extraction of minerals. Mongolians successfully export furs, cashmere, hides, and animal products. Metallurgy, oil production, and mining of mineral resources (gold, tin, tungsten, copper) are developed. The dominant religion is Buddhism, followed by Christianity.

Population 3,086,918 Population 1,565,000 sq km Territory of Mongolia Situated on continent Asia Capital city of Mongolia Ulaanbaatar Money in Mongolia Tugrik (MNT) Domain zone .mn Country phone code 976


In Ulaanbaatar, one of the most visited sights is the Peace Bell, which is located on the central square of the city. Also in the capital is the Palace of Bogdykhan, which is the largest functioning monastery in the country – Gandan and the “khan’s stadium”, representing the 12 hypostases of the goddess Tara.

A little west of Ulaanbaatar is the deepest lake in Asia – Khubsugul. Southwest of the capital you can visit the ruins of the ancient Mongolian empire – Karakorum, which has preserved many historical buildings attracting archeologists.

Climate of Mongolia: Desert. Continental (large ranges of daily and seasonal temperature).


The very rich history of the country is widely displayed in a large number of museums. On the territory of the capital can be distinguished Zanabazar Museum of Art. One of the best collections of dinosaur remains is shown at the Museum of History and Natural History. A great collection of products of folk arts and crafts is represented in the Museum of Arts. Also, Ulaanbaatar has a National Toy Museum that will excite both adults and children. Military Museum which has a huge collection of unique exhibits about military operations of Mongolia attracts tourists’ attention.

1000 religious buildings of the world with pictures and descriptions

Landscape of Mongolia: vast semi-desert and desert plains, grassy steppes. Mountains in the west and southwest. The Gobi Desert in the south-central part of the country.


For theater lovers, Ulaanbaatar has the State Opera and Ballet Theater, drama, dance and folk song theaters. For thrill seekers and vacationers with children, you can visit Ulan Bator Amusement Park in the southern part of the city. Not far from this park is the Cashmere Market – Naran-tul, recognized as the best in the world. For lovers of relaxing walks in the fresh air, there is Hustay National Park. For those who prefer national cuisine, there are many establishments where you can experience these impressive masterpieces of culinary art.

Mongolia has resources like: : Oil, coal, copper, molybdenum, tungsten, phosphates, tin, nickel, zinc, fluorspar, gold, silver, iron.


In addition to the capital and sightseeing centers where most tourists from all over the world flock, Mongolia has a wonderful resort town of Nagarkot, which provides a memorable vacation for lovers of skiing. Nagarkot is a thirty-minute drive from Bhaktapur. The town is characterized by the purity of mountain air and stunning scenery. From Nagarkot everyone can take a walk to the territory of the ancient Hindu temple of Changu Narayan, dating back to the third century AD. In addition to Nagarkot, Mongolia has many other resort areas for recreation.

Mongolian Money: The national currency is the Mongolian Tugrik (MNT) – 100 mungu (not used recently). Bills of 20,000, 10,000, 1,000, 500, 100, 50, 20, 10, 5, and 1 tugrik are in wide use. The tugrik has been in use since 1925. The money was printed in the Soviet Union. Coins were minted in Leningrad.


The capital of Mongolia has a wide variety of hotels. There are 37 hotels in Ulaanbaatar, the leading ones are: “Ulaanbaator Hotel” and “Hotel Mongolia”. Quality marks in these hotels are rapidly approaching five stars. Also in the capital you can stay in one of the thirty-five mini hotels, such as: “Khongor Guesthouse”, “Springs hotel” or cozy “Eelweiss hotel”. In Darkhan it is best to stay in the “Comfort Hotel” or you can use the services of the “Great Selenge Tourist Ger Camp”. There is no problem with tourists’ accommodation in Mongolia, thanks to numerous offers from official and private travel agencies.

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You can find all kinds of transportation in Mongolia. There are two main highways in the country: the Borzya-Choibalsan railway, which connects Russia with Mongolia and the Trans-Mongolian railroad, which goes through Ulaanbaatar, connects Mongolia with China. Chinggis Khan International Airport is located 20 kilometers from Ulaanbaatar. There are flights to Germany, Japan, Russia and China. Mongolia has no access to the sea, but it has navigable rivers and Lake Khubsugule. Bus, automobile transport and numerous cab services are well developed in the cities. Car rentals are available.

Standard of Living

The standard of living in Mongolia can be described as “above average”. Average life expectancy in the country is 65-70 years, with no differentiation by gender. The average Mongolian family raises two children. The per capita wage, after all taxes, is about $3,200. There are seven universities in the country. School education is considered compulsory. Mongolia has 17 specialized hospitals. The number of private clinics reaches 536.


One of the most interesting countries in Asia is rightfully considered Mongolia. It is not a delightful seashores, but beautiful landscapes and numerous historical monuments.

The cultural and political heart of the country is Ulaanbaatar, which is also the oldest Mongolian city. Second in importance is Darkhan, a large industrial city.

On the territory of Buyant Gol River there is Kobdo, which amazes tourists with its wonderful views. Other important cities of Mongolia are Sukhbaatar and Erdenet.

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