Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Province of Alberta. Canada

Moraine Lake

Lake Moraine

Moraine Lake, considered one of Canada’s most recognizable places, is located in the Banff National Park, Ten Peaks Valley, and is part of the province of Albert. Tourists are attracted here by the stunning nature and picturesque scenery.

Description of the reservoir

Moraine Lake is of glacial origin and is considered to be the most beautiful lake in Canada. It is located at an altitude of 1885 m above sea level, which makes it a mountain clean air. This water body has relatively small dimensions – its surface area is 0.5 sq. km, and the maximum depth reaches 14 m.

Lake Moraine is fed by a glacier, so it fills up completely only by mid-June. At that time the water turns a rich blue color, and in it you can see a variety of shades, which are formed due to the refraction of sunlight on the rocky bottom of the reservoir.

Water Color

What is the attraction famous for?

In Lake Moraine you can also see the 10 large snow peaks of Canada, so every tourist tries to take a photo here. By the way, in the late 1960s, this landscape was displayed on 20-dollar Canadian banknotes.

This is a true paradise on earth, which together with the national park is one of the most visited on the planet. Many magazines call Lake Moraine a natural wonder. By the way, this popularity brings a huge profit to the province.

Mountain peaks reflected in the water

Historical Information

Lake Moraine was discovered by Yale University student Walter Wilcox in 1899. He and local explorer Tom Wilson were mapping the area around the Rocky Mountains. During one of the expeditions, the travelers were caught in heavy rain, which prevented them from carrying out their work.

When the sun finally peeked out, the explorers saw a mesmerizing picture: a secluded, narrow lake surrounded by picturesque cliffs. The water body got its modern name from a geological term for a mixture of sediments (clastic material) formed by the movement of the glacier. This was the name given to the landmark by Walter, a student, on the rights of the discoverer.

McDonald Lake and its colorful rocks. Glacier Park. USA

Lake Forest

What to do?

For travelers along Lake Moraine, there are special hiking trails. On these trails can expect a variety of dangers in the form of wild animals (wolves or bears), so walk here allowed only in groups of 4 people.

Also during the tour you will be offered:

  • walk through the surrounding coniferous forests;
  • crawl on the rocks, the height of which ranges from 3051 to 3424 m above sea level;
  • photograph the famous glaciers and Lake Moraine itself;
  • go boating and admire the surrounding scenery.

By the way, there is a rental shop, so you can choose your own boat. There is a hotel-lodge on the shore of Lake Moraine where you can stay for a few days.

Rental Station

Features of the visit

If you are in the national park and decide to visit Lake Moraine, you should keep in mind that it is quite difficult to get to it. You can move along the hiking trails only if accompanied by an experienced guide. As a rule, some trails are periodically closed due to the peculiarities of the local animals.

During the tour, every tourist should remember about safety. Do not forget to bring drinking water, comfortable clothing and shoes.

How to get to Lake Moraine?

The reservoir is located 15 km from the village of Lake Louise. You can get from here as part of an organized tour or by car on Moraine Lake Rd. Travel time takes up to 60 minutes.

Moraine Lake in Canada

Sometimes the most beautiful things are hidden from human eyes. Nature, as if on purpose, wants to leave untouched the amazingly beautiful places. This is true of glacial Lake Moraine, which is located in Canada. It is located among snow-covered mountain ranges and dense forests, 14 km from the nearest village. It is therefore difficult to reach it, but the view that will appear in front of the persistent travelers will be worth all the effort of the trip.

Lake Louise is the emerald lake of the Rocky Mountains. Canada

Lake Moraine


Like a precious sapphire, the beautiful Lake Moraine is hidden in the cliffs that stand impregnable in the forests of Canada. Like huge giants, these natural guardians guard their main treasure, the lake, whose waters are so full of all shades of blue that it seems as if the sky itself has found shelter among the majestic mountains.

Lake Moraine

Moraine is a glacial and high mountain lake (located at 1885 m above sea level). Located in the valley of Ten Peaks, it has small dimensions: the area of the lake is 0.5 km, and its maximum length is 14 m. Nevertheless, this does not prevent it from being one of the most beautiful places on the planet, not for nothing Canadians for some time placed a picture of the lake on their currency.

How Lake Moraine appeared

Lake Moraine owes its beauty to the mountain peaks that surround it on one side. It was formed due to the shift of a huge piece of rock, which either from the weather or from the age, moved away from the main part of the rock. This is how the naturally created bowl was created, which is further fed by glaciers throughout the year. It reaches its maximum filling in June. That’s when the gaze of delighted tourists in all the beauty of one of the most beautiful creations of nature, the image of which will now remain forever in their hearts.

Lake Moraine

This impression is achieved thanks to the bright blue color of the water. The sun reflecting off the rocky bottom, which is formed by rock particles, refracts, after which the water begins to play a variety of shades, from pale turquoise to deep blue.

Those lucky ones who manage to get here, feel as if they got into a fairy tale. Every leaf, every pebble that lies on the shore acquires additional colors, due to such a bright lake around. The majestic peaks of cliffs of all shades of gray, as if in a magical veil, dressed with lightly powdered snow. Along them flow mountain rivers, which like crystal snakes rush from the very tops. The other side of the lake is surrounded by a dense forest. The lush greenery along with the crystal-clear water and rocky ridges form a place you fall in love with once and for all.

Spotted Lake Kliluk. Canada

Lake Moraine

Lake Moraine remained hidden from human eyes for a long time. That all changed only in 1899, when naturalist explorer Walter Wilcox happened to walk along the magical shores of the place. As soon as he saw the mountainsides, which were reflected in the bright blue water of the lake, he forgot everything. Walter walked along the shore of his outlandish find for about half an hour and later recalled that those were the best moments of his life.

How to get to Moraine Lake

If you want to see for yourself that this place is considered one of the most beautiful on the planet, then plan your trip from May to September. From October the road is closed for safety reasons, because of heavy snowfalls and the possibility of avalanches increases considerably.

You can get to the place by cab or private car. To do this you will need to travel nearly 200 kilometers from Calgary. There are also shuttle buses that run every two hours from 8:30 am to 6:30 pm for $20 for an adult and $10 for a child under 12 years old to get you there in comfort. The price is for a round trip ticket.

Lake Moraine, Canada

You can also book a tour from Kalraga. Such an adventure will cost about $60. We recommend you to stay here for a few days, because this is not the only place that will impress you. The eternal rival of Moraine for the hearts of tourists is 14km away. You can read more about Lake Louise in our article, in which we tell you about the history of the lake, why it was renamed and what activities await you there.

Lake Moraine, Canada

For hikers near Moraine Lake, the stunning Moraine Lake Lodge is built to provide a comfortable place to relax after a busy hike. It offers free Wi-Fi, a restaurant, rooms with lake views, and lectures on Banff Park.

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Rooms and cottages have a balcony. There are also free hiking trails for guests to take in some of the most scenic views of the lake. These tours are held in groups (minimum 4 people) and with an experienced guide-instructor. Such precautions are taken in order to protect tourists from encounters with wild inhabitants of dense Canadian forests.

Lake Moraine

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To this day, because of its location, Lake Moraine, despite its beauty, remains a place where the hand of man has not yet intervened. That’s why bears, deer, and even elk are not uncommon to be seen in these sharp-edged woods near the lake.

Lake Moraine

What to do

Lovers of recreation on the water are in for a pleasant surprise – an opportunity to arrange a canoe excursion. The red, orange, and green boats are almost the only reminder of the presence of man here. They look quite toyish against the backdrop of such power and beauty of nature. Nevertheless, those who want to explore the lake in a canoe, will get a lot of sensations.

Waters of the lake, shimmering with all spectrums of blue color, still reflect the bright sky with rare clouds, which gives the impression that you are not just floating in a canoe, and rise to the sky, swaying gently on the small waves of this amazing lake.

Lake Moraine

In addition, on the lake you can go fishing, having discussed this in advance with the staff serving the place. It is necessary to discuss this because of the desire to preserve Lake Moraine in a virtually untouched state. That is why it is forbidden to swim here. Although such a desire visits few: Lake Moraine for all its beauty is fed by glaciers, so even in warm weather, the water in it is quite cold.

For those who want to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city and just enjoy the spectacular views, there is a single hotel on the lake, ready to take guests at any time of year. Made of wood and glass, it blends seamlessly into the surrounding landscape and allows you to watch the tranquility of Lake Moraine around the clock.

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Lake Moraine

There are places in the world where you can breathe easier and life seems brightest. Lake Moraine in Canada is just such a place. Clean transparent air, lake waters slightly covered with thick fog, dark forests, which, like a natural fence, close the way to this miracle of nature. Once here, you will always remember the image of magical Lake Moraine. For a long time you will dream of this place where colors are so bright and life is so full of harmony.

Lake Moraine on a map

There are many other interesting places in Canada, which can include the Thousand Islands Park and the Majestic Bay of Fundy – read on the pages of our website.

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