Mount Kailas in Tibet. China

Sacred mountain Kailas in Tibet: mystical legends

Mount Kailas is located in China, and is located in the west of the Tibetan Valley, coordinates: 31°04′00″N. 81°18′45″E. (G) (O) (I) 31°04′00″N. 81°18′45″E. According to the official version of geologists, it rose from an oceanic depth 20 thousand years ago, the valley itself is about 5 million years old. For scientists, it still remains a mystery why the mountain has a pyramidal shape, and its facets are clearly directed to the part of the world, south, west, east and north.

There is a theory that Kailas is not of natural origin, but an artificial structure. This theory is supported not only by the paradox of the age difference between the plain and the mountain, but also by the exact orientation of the elevations and hills to the north, similar to the pyramids in Egypt and Mexico.

The circumambulation of the sacred mountain, “Kora.”

Tibet’s Mount Kailas is perhaps the most mysterious and mystical place on earth. All the world’s religions it is considered sacred, a lot of pilgrims from all corners of the globe dream to bypass the mountain, the rite of “Cora”.

The circumambulation of the sacred mountain is a custom that contains great spiritual power. Tibetans claim that those who perform the Korah with sincere faith in the Lord receive a special divine power.

It is possible to circumambulate Kailas by the great outer circle or by the inner small circle, but the small circumambulation can only be made by those who have performed the “Korah” 13 times by the great way. It is believed that if one goes immediately to the small circumambulation, the path will be blocked by divine invisible energy.

The great circumambulation on average takes two days, along the way pilgrims meet majestic stones, each of which has its own particular divine flow. According to old legend, the great divine creatures who once descended here – turned into large boulders, and now they have a special divine power.

The first part of the sacred “Kora” brings a mental lift and lightness. On the second day there is a difficult path – the Pass of Death, it is rumored that at this turning point, a person can go into a trance and feel that his body has risen to the peak of the sacred mountain Kailas.

Believers say that such a circumambulation purifies the human soul, one example of confirmation told by local residents “for the 12 hours of the circumambulation pilgrims grew old for 14 days! Their nails, moustaches, hair, and beards grew back.

Number 6666

Mount Kailas in Tibet is associated with a mystical number:

  • 6666 м. – the height of the mountain;
  • 6666 kilometers. – the distance to Stonehenge;
  • 6666 km. – distance to the North Pole;
  • 6666×2 km. – distance to the South Pole.

By the way, Kailas, Easter Island, the Inca pyramids and the Egyptian pyramids are on the same geographical line.

It is impossible to conquer the top of the mountain.

This mountain does not allow any mortal to reach its summit, many have tried to make the ascent, but all have failed.

As soon as the climbers gathered at the foot and prepared for the ascent, the unexplainable began, all the members of the expedition claimed that they had a feeling that they had to leave, as if an invisible obstacle did not let them to the top.

There is an opinion that the shrine influences people’s desires, it changes the mountaineers’ subconscious plans and turns them back.

Buddhists claim that mortals cannot ascend to the peaks to the faces of the gods, and that whoever breaks the rule will perish. And indeed, everyone who tried it died, or, never having reached the peak, returned, but people’s psyche was broken.

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The Mirrors of Kailas

The mountain has its own large mirrors, also called the portal of time. They all have a responsive concave shape, but they are all different in size.

Scientists say that the smooth reflective surface absorbs the pyramidal energy and reflects it back into space. This is how mirror planes create a kind of “time machine”.

There is a concrete example of how mirrors work: “Performing a circumambulation of the mountain, people lost their way on the path that was allowed for pilgrims, they wandered for some time, but came out and safely returned home. But after a few days, they began to age rapidly, and literally within a year, everyone who was there died. The cause of death was never determined.

The lake is alive – the lake is dead

The lakes are almost contiguous with Kailas, and are separated by a small ridge of mountains.

  • Manasarovar is the living water. It is revered as holy; regardless of the weather, the water here is crystal clear, and it is even safe to drink. But the most amazing thing is that even when the wind blows, the surface of the lake is absolutely calm.
  • Rakshas Tal is dead water. The water here is very salty, and the locals say that you can’t touch it. The lake is stormy even when the weather is completely windless.

Mysterious Sign

To the south, the mountain has two hills that are separated by a deep fissure. When dusk sets in, their shadow traces a large, distinct swastika sign.

And to conclude.

The terrain near Mount Kailas is an unnatural magnetic area, it is even visible on special mechanical sensors, and affects the acceleration of the metabolic process in the body.

The holy ground can destroy or heal the soul and body, give the right answer to a question or set a new one, give insight into the universe or drive you mad.

Kailas has an impact on all pilgrims, whether they believe in the power of the mountain or not, it has been proven repeatedly.

Sacred mountain Kailas in Tibet: mystical legends

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The stone mirrors of Mount Kailas

Kailas is a mountain about 6,700 meters high, from which the four main rivers of Tibet, India and Nepal (Indus, Sutlej, Brahmaputra and Karnali) originate. Mount Kailas is still considered unconquered. The sacred mountain Kailas could be called the Olympus of Central Asia. According to Hindu tradition, Kailas is the abode of one of the gods who, along with Brahma and Vishnu, make up the supreme triad (“trimurti”) – the formidable Shiva, who maintains order in the universe with his “tandava”.

In addition to the abode of Shiva or Buddha, on top of Mount Kailas, is the entrance to the mysterious country of Shambhala. If you bypass the mountain by a certain route, you can get absolution of all sins, if 13 times – you will not go to Hell during the next five hundred reincarnations – and get the right to bypass Kailas by another route … If you do it 108 times, you break the circle of reincarnations and reach enlightenment Buddha. A small but very important nuance – if you do all that to satisfy your own ambitions – it won’t be of any use and Kailas will take its revenge on you.

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The main Pyramid of Tibet – Mount Kailas has a layered structure, different from the usual mountains surrounding it.

“It is written in Tibetan texts that Shambhala is a spiritual country and is located northwest of Kailas. It is difficult for me to speculate on this subject from a scientific point of view. But I can say absolutely affirmatively that the Kailas complex is directly related to life on Earth; when we made a map-scheme of the “City of the Gods” consisting of pyramids and stone mirrors, we were quite surprised – the scheme turned out to be similar to the spatial structure of DNA molecules.” (c) Professor Ernst Muldashev

Mysterious City of Gods

It was a long time ago. Sons possessed the amazing power of the five elements, with the help of which they built a giant city. It was there, according to Eastern religions, was the North Pole before the Flood. In many eastern countries Mount Kailas is considered the holiest place on Earth. It and the mountains surrounding Kailas were built using the powerful power of the five elements: air, water, earth, wind, and fire.

In Tibet this power is considered as the psychic energy of the universe, as something inaccessible and beyond the comprehension of the human mind! And then there is the famous “Valley of Death” at an altitude of 5680 meters, to pass through it is possible only by the sacred road. If you go off the road, you will get into the zone of tantric power. And the stone mirrors so change the course of time for those people who went there, that in a few years they turned into old men.

Mount Kailas stone mirrors

These unique stone structures have smooth or concave surfaces. The greatest mystery to science is the ability of the stone mirrors of Kailas to change time. “Time” is energy that can concentrate and propagate.

Schematic of the main Pyramid of the Tibetan complex, Mount Kailas (top view). Three giant stone mirrors are shown.

An example of the temporary action of the Tibetan mirrors is the mysterious death of four mountaineers who went off the said sacred road during an expedition, and after their return they grew old and died in one year. Medicine could not establish the cause of their deaths. All the stone mirrors have different shapes and sizes. One of them, which is 800 m high, is called the “Stone Palace of Happiness.

It is believed to be a place of transition to other parallel worlds. The largest “mirrors” are the flat slopes of the western and northern sides of the main pyramid of Kailas. The height of each of them is 1800m. Scientists claim that such huge planes have the ability to transmit the energy which is stored in the pyramids themselves, connecting it with the flows of other energetic forces of the universe.

Diagram of the Pyramids of the Kailas complex in Tibet .

Mirrors of Kailas and the Bible.

John the Theologian received a revelation two thousand years ago on the island of Patmos that concave mirrors are capable of “stretching” or “compressing” time. But if he heard and transmitted to us the information encrypted in the parable, and Muldashev only saw and described stone mirrors of Tibet, then Academician Kozyrev made a mirror, which changes the course of time.

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He considered time not an abstract concept, but a concrete energy, capable either to concentrate (then time is “compressed”), or to spread (then time is “stretched”). The most striking fact is that people who had been inside Kozyrev’s mirrors clearly felt dizziness, fear, and were transported to their childhood.

This is because they were literally immersed in an energy called time. And under the influence of this energy they felt changes in themselves and in their perception of the world. In this case the mirrors of Kozyrev were not more than two or three meters high. And stone mirrors of Kailas, according to Muldashev, are almost two kilometers in size.

We are talking, of course, about the largest stone mirrors. Placed in a certain way in relation to each other, they create the desired effect of a “time machine”, which is able to carry the devoted not only to different time eras, but also to other worlds. By the way, the pyramids of Egypt were once covered with glittering in the sun tiles, also, in fact, mirrors. It should be said that in ancient times, almost all constructions with a pyramidal shape were equipped with many mirrors. Our distant ancestors knew a lot about handling this unique energy, which we call time.

By the way, the famous clairvoyant and 20th century prophet Edgar Cacy saw a huge mirror at the bottom of the ocean near the Bermuda Triangle, which, according to him, can bend time space.

In a personal spatial mirror

In his wanderings in Tibet, Muldashev heard a tragic story about an expedition. Four Russian climbers did not take the advice of the Tibetan lamas and climbed the mountain that was considered sacred, like the sacred mountain Kailas. And then literally within a year they grew old and died!

The point is that they had fallen under the action of the stone mirror and were on its concave side, sharply compressing time. If we follow the logic of this story, then it turns out that all humanity is turned in the same way in relation to the great spatial mirror – our heaven! So we must all age dramatically if the sky is destined to curl up into a scroll to “kill bad time.

According to some versions, in order for us to get past it faster. Otherwise, we are in danger of being destroyed by our own aggressiveness and soullessness. This is why the need to “squeeze time” arose. This is why it seems to us that time now simply flies. But let’s remember that time is energy, and we all have our own energy. Consequently, it is possible to reach a paradoxical state when the planet as a whole is rapidly “running through” epochs and centuries, and some people are getting younger in the process. This is possible if you mentally build yourself an individual mirror. Naturally, it should not be straight, but concave, so that you can place yourself not on the “shrinking” side of it, but on the side that is convex and “stretches” time in relation to you.

Kailas Mountain in Tibet – mysteries and riddles of the planet

A place of public worship and an insurmountable obstacle for the population is the sacred mountain in Tibet, Kailas. Kailas resembles a pyramid, the sides of which are precisely aligned with the sides of the world. The mysterious mountain of Kailas has an interesting feature – on the southern slope is a vertical fissure, which is crossed by a horizontal and resembles a cross. This mountain is sacred to people living in Tibet, representatives of four religions, they believe that the mountain is the center of the universe.

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Mount Kailas in Tibet – main characteristics

  • The country of location is the People’s Republic of China;
  • Height – 6638 meters;
  • Part of the mountain system of the Tibetan Plateau;
  • Latitude: 30.4483777059657 N; Longitude: 81.3129043579102 E;
  • The distance to the nearest village of Darchen is 10 km.

Tibet’s sacred mountain Kailas – interesting facts

Most pilgrims come to Kailas to do the ritual circumambulation, the entire distance of 53 kilometers they walk in one day. No climber has ever conquered Mount Kailas, because it is a sacred place, and it is as if someone from the invisible gods protects it. It’s like some invisible god is protecting it, like a fog or a snowstorm is keeping it from being conquered, or some other weather event. Mount Kailas is included by the UN in the list of protected places on the planet. What are the interesting facts that excite the imagination of tourists?

Sacred Mount Kailash in China

  • Kailas has many names, the Chinese call it Gandisishan, the Europeans call it Kailash, in Tibet – Kang Rinpoche, which means “Precious Snow”;
  • The mountain is the center of 4 religions, every supporter of Buddhism, Bon religion, Jainism, Hinduism dreams to come here;
  • In the ancient legends say that on the mountain was a cosmic creature Shiva, and the place is a concentration of power;
  • Four major Tibetan rivers – Indus, Brahmaputra, Karnali, and Sutlej – originate on the slopes;
  • In the evening, the symbol of the swastika appears on the southern slope, due to the special arrangement of cracks. For many peoples it represents the sun and life;
  • Kailas in the form of a pyramid is located strictly oriented to the sides of the world. People claim that the structure is of non-natural origin; it is the work of an ancient civilization;
  • By making the kora (circumambulation around the mountain) at least 13 times, a man will be redeemed from his sins and will not go to Hell.

Pilgrims from all over the world travel to Kailas to attain enlightenment. The bark made during the full moon is especially prized – one lap counts for two.

Mount Kailas – secrets and mysteries of the planet, according to scientists

If pilgrims are used to believing everything mysterious and unexplored, then what about scientists – how do people versed in science explain the peculiarities of Mount Kailas? Even experts believe that the area around the mountain has the unique ability to change time. What is the reason for this phenomenon?

  • Near Kailas there are many rocks with smooth or concave surface – their origin is not known;
  • These rocks are called “mirrors of time,” the focus of which changes the flow of time;
  • Thus, a person caught in the focus experiences abnormal sensations, and processes in the body proceed at an increased rate;
  • For example, a group of scientists, who were at the foot of the mountain for a day, noted that their beard and nails during this time, the industry as a couple of weeks.
Atskuri - the ruins of a thousand-year-old fortress. Georgia

Unique Facts about Mount Kailash in Tibet

With what the unique phenomenon – is not yet clear, but the fact that time here flows in a special way, is confirmed. A person ages faster here.

Kailas mountain in Tibet – who conquered the peak?

Kailas is an unconquered point of the Earth, which is surprising, because this mountain is not the highest in the world, but it has not succumbed to any experienced climber. Although attempts have been and still are ongoing:

  1. In 1985, the famous mountaineer Reinhold Messner, who had already climbed rocks over 8,000 meters high, planned to climb Kailas as well. But he suddenly changed his mind and gave up his plans for good. Either the weather prevented him or, as many believe, a vision from on high;
  2. In 2000, climbers from Spain also attempted a climb. The path was blocked by the Buddhists when the Dalai Lama personally forbade them to climb the mountain;
  3. In 2004, Yuri Zakharov, a physician by training, climbed the slopes of the mountain, but there is no reliable data on the altitude to which he was subjected.

Other travelers and professional climbers also constantly encounter obstacles on their way – weather, diseases, locals. Since Kailas is a sacred mountain, the people protect it, believing that only Gods can walk on its top, and that mere mortals cannot afford this luxury.

Kailas mountain in Tibet on a map: how to get there?

To get to Kailas today is possible in several ways, but you need to think about the journey in advance – there are a lot of people who want to visit at any time of the year. You should fly to Beijing via China, and from there arrive in Lhasa by train, plane or car. Then you need a guided jeep expedition to the mountain. There is a similar route through Nepal and Lhasa. What is the best way to travel?

Travel routes to Mount Kailash in Tibet

  • Plane – fast, as the flight between Beijing and Lhasa will take little time, but there is no opportunity to get to know Tibet;
  • by train – the Chinese have recently built a railroad, the travel time is 45 hours, but you should take into account that there will be a lot of tourists;
  • auto – the highway between Lhasa and Darchen is paved, travelers are taken by buses. Along the route you can visit the cave city in Guga and Garuda, to undergo acclimatization.

To visit it is better to choose organized tours with a guide – on the way you will meet a lot of posts, so to avoid problems, it is worth taking an experienced person as a companion.

Mount Kailas – a unique jewel of Tibet, a sacred place of worship for millions of people who dream at least once in their lives to visit here. But even ordinary travelers who do not believe in the power of the ancient spirits, hurry to look at the rocky peaks to understand what is unique about this mountain, its secrets and mysteries of the planet?

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