Moving rocks in Death Valley, USA

The secret of the moving rocks in Death Valley has been uncovered

The secret of the moving rocks in Death Valley revealed


Mysterious rocks that somehow move across the dry, cracked surface of Death Valley, California, have puzzled scientists for decades.

At the dried-out Lake Racetrack Playa, rocks that weigh more than 300 kilograms leave footprints in the sand up to 250 meters long.

These sliding or crawling stones not only move themselves, but also do so in different directions. So two stones can start moving at the same time, but one of them stops or changes direction. Some stones even start moving backwards.

The footprints, no wider than 30 cm and less than 2.5 cm deep, which they leave, can form for many years, although no one has observed it.

The mysterious force that makes these rocks move has remained a mystery until recently. But NASA geologists say they’ve finally figured it out.

Moving Rocks in Death Valley

Professor Ralph Lorenz believes that in winter a shell of ice forms around the stones and that when the lake bed thaws and becomes wet, the ice helps the stones “float” on the ground when strong desert winds blow.

He came to this theory after conducting a similar experiment in his kitchen. Professor Lorenz froze a small stone in enough water so that the stone protruded slightly from the ice. He then took the stone out and placed it on a small tray with water and sand at the bottom. The ice allowed the stone to float and touch the sand at the same time. Lorenz could move the stone just by blowing on it easily.

By the way, none of the scientists have so far been able to see or record the movement of the stones.

Earlier, experts had suggested that strong winds could cause the stones to slide on the surface. However, according to a mathematical model, such winds would have to reach several hundred kilometers per hour to move the stones.

In addition, many people continue to believe in the mystical nature of the moving stones, believing that they are caused by magnetism, alien forces and mysterious energy fields.

Death Valley in the United States

Death Valley is also called “the road to hell” because of extreme temperatures, droughts and the deepest land depression in the Western Hemisphere, which is 86 meters below sea level.

Death Valley currently holds the record as the driest and hottest place in the Western Hemisphere. The highest temperature recorded in the valley reached 57.1 degrees Celsius near Furness Creek on July 10, 1913.

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Average summer temperatures in Death Valley often exceed 37 degrees Fahrenheit and 45.5 degrees Fahrenheit in August. In January, the average temperature is 4.1 degrees Celsius.

Death Valley (video)

A long time ago, at the dawn of mankind, God cast the souls of the sons of the kingdom into the bowels of the planets of our solar system. “Cf. But the sons of the kingdom shall be cast down into the darkness of darkness; there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Hence: the bowels before the souls were thrown down were cold, i.e., not red-hot. Evidence of warming the bowels of the planets and the mystery of the crawling stones: Place the crawling stone up the slope in a thermos container and lower it into a deep mine. Equip the thermos with remote thermometers. After a few weeks, the stone will begin to warm up. The method is simple, but how many scientific lies will float to the surface of pure truth.

Nonsense, you can see that the stones move in different directions and the wind has nothing to do with it. This direction of movement can only be explained by a feature of the stone, such as the presence of pores in them (the water freezes in them slightly shifting it, the ice has the property of freezing to increase its volume).

The day will come when our rulers will understand what energy heated and heats up the bowels of the planets of our solar system, as well as understand the phenomenon of crawling stones on planet Earth and the dead planets of our solar system. On all the dead planets of our solar system, on which the stones crawl up the slope, once lived people of the Earth type: with emotions, feelings and humor. We are the only people (children of God) who can heat up the planet’s interior with their negative energy (aggression). There are no volcanoes on other solar systems. Example: aliens live on the Moon (as on the base pass), volcanoes on the Moon cooled down for 800 million years or 2 billion years ago (in general, long time lived aliens), but the bowels of the planet do not even think to warm up. If there were Earth-like people living on the Moon, then during the same time period Earth-like people would have died 800 to 2000 times. Because earthly-type people perished on the planets of the solar system once in a million years (approximately).

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And they will perish until they understand that the aggression of the brain of man of the earthly type and the soul in the bowels of the planets, heated up and heats up to this time the bowels of the planet Earth! Unbelievable. how many people died, for all the time of life on the planets of our solar system which overheated the bowels of the planets, once in a million years. Who can solve this problem.

Perhaps the movement is promoted by water vapor accumulated under the rock, when heated by the sun, it can escape from under the rock and move it.

Scientists all over the world are full of nonsense putting forward their silly versions! All this shows that people are not far from Darwin’s false theory in fact everything here is very simple and very difficult at the same time. Peaks and hollows of nearby rock formations literally sing creating a whole chorus of different amplitude and frequency creating a resonance in one or another rock (depending on the direction and strength of the wind) causing them to lose a lot of mass… One should not study the consequences but the cause! That is, the configuration of rocks around this valley. People are simply brainwashed by all kinds of nonsense so they will not break away from the herd that feeds them.

It really is all connected with ice and the assumption of Professor Ralph Lorentz coincides with my observation of similar phenomenon as I have observed similar. I live near the shore of Lake Balkhash (Priozersk), along which along the highway there are salt marshes. So when in the spring the water from melting snow cover gets into them, it stays there about a month, or even more (the excess drains into the lake, and the rest then dries out and leaves behind a dried out bottom covered by a thin layer of salt, in short salt marsh). So in some places on the flat surface of the salt marsh there are small stones and lying car tires, behind which there are characteristic traces of dragging, and no traces of who or what would drag them, and non-straight lines with turns. I assumed that most likely the stones move the ice in which they are frozen in at subzero temperatures, and the ice is moved by the wind, as it happens during the ice drifts in the melting ice on the lakes, and most likely during the spring season.And what I observed near us was interesting to find out, because at first it really seemed like some kind of mystery. As it turned out the ice surface of small salt lakes, in which were frozen rocks and tires, was thawing in places and during a strong wind cracked into separate ice floes, which the wind shifted relative to each other along with the frozen objects

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i know the answer) if i’m too lazy i’ll send a letter to rena tv) or take a video i’ll tell you.) ice has nothing to do there, neither does wind. the movement should be not a bit constant, but fast, but not long hours or two. and under certain )))) conditions.

At the bottom of the dried lake is not sand, and bentonite clay. You can tell from the pattern. The bentonite clay, the main mineral of which is montmorillonite, has this property – to swell up when water gets on it, and the more montmorillonite in the clay, the more the clay swells up. When it rains, water flows into the groove (stone trace), water gets under the stone from the side of the groove (there is more water than in the opposite side), the clay swells intensively from the side of the groove, it lifts the stone from the side of the groove and moves it.

What is the secret of the moving rocks in Death Valley, reputed to be the creepiest place on the planet?

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In the United States, a mysterious phenomenon can be observed on a dried-up lake in California. The stones here move by themselves, as if someone moves them by telekinesis. The area itself is called the Valley of Death. Tourists say that it is really scary here, but very beautiful. Scientists are not interested in the local beauty. For many years, they are trying to find the answer to the question: “What makes the stones move?

Rocks have a life of their own.

The phenomenon called Sailing stones occur at the muddy bottom of the dried-up Reisterack Plya Lake, leaving trace-strips. The amazing thing is that no one has been able to film or even notice the movement of the stones from one place to another.

Death Valley is located in California.

It is believed that the stones are moved once a year, or even less frequently, and the footprints themselves remain on the surface for several years. Different kinds of stones (ribbed, sharp, and round) leave different kinds of streaks.

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In the old days, there were many theories about who or what moved the stones. They spoke about supernatural forces, and about some magnetic fields.

The movement of the rocks is unpredictable and unexplained, but scientists are still trying to find the cause.

In the middle of the last century, the most widespread explanation in the scientific world was that when the bottom of a dry lake becomes wet from the rains, the stones slide over it, moved by the strong winds. But in 1955, George Stanley, a geologist at the University of Michigan, disproved this version: he proved that the rocks in Death Valley are too weighty to move even in the strongest winds. He attributed the phenomenon itself to the fact that when temperatures drop below freezing after seasonal flooding, an ice crust forms at the bottom of the lake, and the rocks begin to slide on it.

In the 1970s, California scientists conducted a large-scale study. They marked 30 rocks and recorded their locations with pegs to see how they would move. The observations lasted seven years. In the end, the researchers concluded that both past versions were essentially correct. The rocks, indeed, are moved by the wind and they do, indeed, slide. This is because during the rainy season, the wind spreads the water that has accumulated in one part of the lake across the entire surface of the bottom, and the soil becomes wet. The rocks become more malleable to the wind. Scientists have noted that in this way a strong wind has moved even the largest, 350-kilogram stone.

The wind was able to move even the weightiest rock.

An experiment with an ice crust has shown that it, too, helps move the stones, but only if the ice layer is thin. However, in 1993, researcher Paula Messina proved in her dissertation that the stones do not move strictly parallel, which means that the ice does not affect their movement. Moreover, the size and shape of the boulders do not play a role either. Paula’s conclusions, confirmed experimentally, said that the very location of each stone on the lake bed is important. The winds here blow in a very tricky way, forming eddies that cause the rocks to move in their own trajectory.

But two years later, other researchers spoke again about the ice crust: They found that some of the stones did move with the ice-covered water currents.

The motion of the rocks has a different trajectory.

In general, the truth is somewhere in the middle. At the same time, the question: “Why do some stones move from place to place, but others, located nearby, do not?” remains unanswered for now.

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It is possible to really die here.

The place where the phenomenon of the moving stones was discovered is called the Valley of Death for a reason. The weather conditions here are harsh: in winter piercing winds and pouring rain constantly, and in summer there is a terrible heat, which does not subside even at night. So it’s better not to come here by car without air conditioner, it’s dangerous for life.

By the way, here, in California’s Death Valley, in 1913 the highest temperature on our planet was fixed: +57 ° C.

Death Valley is uninhabitable, but attractive to tourists.

By the way, American tourists come here in the winter months, when it is not so hot – about 20 degrees. The main thing is not to get caught in the rain.

Death Valley scenery resembles a scene from a sci-fi movie. It seems that you’re on another planet where almost everything alive is extinct. However, in the hot summer there really is no sign of life (animals and insects are visible only when the heat goes down).

It's as if everything around it is extinct.

The valley got its grim name in the middle of the 19th century, when gold prospectors came through this desolate area to find a shortcut. People wandered through the desolate valley for weeks trying to get out to settlements. Some travelers (according to other reports, only one of them) died because they could not cope with the harsh climate. According to legend, when they managed to find the “way out” of this perilous place, one woman, with one last look at the deserted expanse, exclaimed: “Goodbye, Death Valley!”

It is worth coming here to see everything with your own eyes.

The first settlements sprang up here at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Death Valley was mostly inhabited by gold miners. They also tried to mine silver, copper, lead, and ores here. However, the harsh climate forced many prospectors to leave the area. Mining in this region turned out to be unpromising.

The scenery is amazingly beautiful.

Now Death Valley National Park is a very popular tourist spot. But there are other non-museums in the U.S. open air in the deserts, attracting tourists. For example, another amazing attraction is also located in California. If you want to know what it is, be sure to read about How Mountain of Salvation appeared in the desert and what this art object symbolizes .

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