Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow on VDNKh, expositions and address

Cost of admission tickets

The duration of the film is 6 minutes. Entrance to the cinema is through the main exposition. Tickets for the main exposition must be purchased.

Information about the tours of the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” you can find in the “Excursions” section.

For children from 6 years old. Make a handicraft, created at the master-class, your child takes it away with him/herself.

Additional information and ordering of programs of the educational station Kulibin PRO: +7 495 134 29 17

For organized groups (from 10 pers.) The Space Lesson (film + lecture + master-class) from 6 years old

By preliminary appointment by phone +7 495 134 29 17

Methods of payment for additional services: cash or bank transfer. Payment in cash or by bank card on the day of the program at the cash desk of the educational station Kulibin PRO.

–> With the information on programs of educational station “Kulibin PRO” you can familiarize on a site

Privileges and discounts

Privileges and special tariffs are valid only if the visitor provides the VDNH cashiers with identification documents when applying for an admission ticket.

Basic exposition

Privilege ticket:

  • Children up to and including 16 years old;
  • Russian pensioners;
  • Full-time students of Russian and foreign universities and colleges.

Free ticket:

  • orphans;
  • Children without parental care;
  • Children up to and including 6 years of age;
  • disabled children;
  • Persons with disabilities of groups I and II;
  • accompanying persons with Group I disabilities and disabled children;
  • veterans of the Great Patriotic War;
  • veterans of combat operations;
  • members of families with three or more children until the youngest child reaches the age of 18 (large families);
  • employees of VDNKh JSC, KP VDNKh, VDNKh Expo JSC, Trade House Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy LLC, and UTE CJSC;
  • employees of budgetary cultural institutions of the Russian Federation;
  • members of the International Council of Museums ICOM;
  • military conscripts;
  • Heroes of the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation;


20% discount: when paying with MIR card

Attention: the MIR card discount is available only for the standard entrance tickets to the pavilion and standard tickets for the Sphere cinema and standard tickets for guided tours. MIR card discount is not available for discounted tickets, individual and group excursions. The MIR card discount does not apply to the master classes of the Kulibin PRO educational station.

List of documents confirming eligibility for discounted tickets

Orphans or children left without parental care :

  • A document or a copy**, confirming the child’s status as an orphan (with the mandatory presentation of an identity document);
  • A certificate from the tutelage and guardianship department regarding the determination of the orphan status;
  • Copy** of the court decision to deprive the child of parental rights;
  • Copy** of the court decision on the appointment of a guardian, custodian;
  • Copy** of the court decision regarding placement in an orphanage;
  • Social card of a Muscovite.
National Museum of Australia, Gallery of Wales

Persons with group I and II disabilities :

  • certificate of medical and social expertise (MSE) or its copy** according to the established form (with obligatory presentation of an identity document);
  • Pension certificate or copy** indicating the disability group;
  • Social card of a Muscovite.

Disabled children:

  • certificate of medical and social expertise (MSE) or its copy** in the form of the established form with the obligatory presentation of an identity document;
  • Social card of a Muscovite.

Members of families with three or more children under the age of 18 (large families) :

  • Certificate of a large family or its copy**, passport page, where children are inscribed;
  • Social card of a Muscovite.
  • Pension card or a copy**, passport;
  • Social card of a Muscovite.

Veterans of the Great Patriotic War and military actions:

  • Great Patriotic War veteran’s certificate or a copy**;
  • Social card of a Muscovite.

Accompanying person with a Group I disability and disabled children :

  • A document confirming the accompanied person’s benefits, or a copy**.

Full-time students of universities and colleges

  • Student ID card (in the established form);
  • Moscow social card for students;
  • ISIC card;

Employees of JSC “VDNH”, CE “VDNH”, SUE “Moskva”, LLC “Trade House “Exhibition of Achievements of the National Economy”, CJSC “UTE”, LLC “Amusement Park”

  • Certificate of the established form;

Employees of budget-funded cultural institutions of the Russian Federation

  • Certificate of the established form;

Members of the International Council of Museums ICOM

  • standard certificate

*One of the documents mentioned above shall be presented. **Certified in the established order.

Ticket purchasing rules

  1. Entrance to the “Cosmonautics and Aviation” center at VDNKh is by electronic tickets purchased at the following websites: and After purchasing a ticket must be printed out. Tickets can also be purchased at the box office of the “Cosmonautics and Aviation” center. Office hours at the pavilion – from 10:45 to 21:00.
  2. Tickets at the websites: and can be purchased up to one hour before the show.
  3. Entrance to the pavilion begins 15 minutes before the session. Admission to the exposition begins with the beginning of the session and ends 15 minutes before the end of the session.
  4. Through online services tickets are sold only for the main exposition of the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” at standard and preferential (children, schoolchildren, students and pensioners) rates. Tickets for the excursions and additional services are sold only at the ticket offices of the center.
  5. Registration of free tickets to specified categories of citizens (in accordance with the approved price list) is carried out at the cash desks located inside the pavilion № 34 “Cosmos” on VDNH. When entering the pavilion, visitors must show the controller the original documents proving their right to purchase a discount ticket.
  6. Privileges and special rates are valid only when visitors present original identification documents to cashiers of VDNH when applying for a ticket.
  7. Detailed information about the sessions, tariffs, benefits and rules of buying tickets can be found on the website:
  8. Detailed information about excursions can be found at:
  9. Warning: Beware of fake tickets. Do not buy tickets from unauthorized places
Tokyo Museum of Western Art

Terms of use of the ticket, providing access to the “Cosmos” cafe, with restricted attendance at the permanent exposition*.

The total time of the Visitor’s stay in the permanent exhibition area of the “Cosmonautics and Aviation” Center is limited and is 15 (fifteen) minutes.

Countdown of the time of stay of the Visitor in the permanent exhibition area of the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation” begins from the moment when the Visitor passes the main turnstile of the center for entrance (upon presentation of the ticket). The end of the stay is fixed by the main turnstile of the center at the exit (upon presentation of the ticket). The ticket is subject to compulsory validation (verification) in the entrance and exit zones of the cafe “Cosmos” by the cafe staff for fixing the start and end time of the visitor’s stay in the cafe area. Time of stay in the area of the cafe “Cosmos” is not limited within the established working hours of the center “Cosmonautics and Aviation”.

If the visitor violates / fails to comply with the terms of stay in the permanent exhibition area of the center, as well as validation of tickets in the entrance and exit areas of the cafe, the visitor is obliged to pay the full cost of the main ticket to the exhibition area, according to the set tariff for the current date of visit.

Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow

Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow

Fri, Wed, Thu: from 11:00 to 19:00. Thurs: from 11:00 to 21:00. Sat: from 10:00 to 21:00. Fri: from 10:00 till 19:00. Cashier closes half an hour before close of business. Monday is the day off.

Adult ticket – 350 rubles, concessional – 115 rubles, for children and students – 175 rubles. Free for the statutory categories of citizens.

Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics (formerly the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics) opened to the public on Cosmonauts Alley VDNH on the eve of the 20th anniversary of the first manned flight into space – April 10, 1981. The first exhibits of the museum were historical materials, equipment and clothes of the cosmonauts.

From 2006 to 2009 took place a large-scale planned reconstruction of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow, and now it is a huge exhibition complex with an area of more than 4350 square meters. The modern building has a conference hall, a thematic library, a cinema hall for 80 people, a cafe, areas for lectures and lessons, a quiz hall Kosmotrek, a club of space veterans, a branch of the Mission Control Center, storerooms and other facilities.

Leopold Museum in Vienna, exhibitions and photos

The permanent exhibition of the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow includes a full-size model of a fragment of the Mir space station, samples of rocket and space equipment, work and personal belongings of cosmonauts, and archival documents from different years.

The museum constantly hosts various promotions and drawings, holidays and celebrations. This is an ideal place for an educational vacation with children.

Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow

Ticket prices at the Museum of Cosmonautics at VDNKh

The cost of an entrance ticket to the museum is:

  • for individual visitors – 350 rubles;
  • For children aged 7 to 18, pensioners, disabled people, full-time students (secondary and vocational education) – 210 rubles;
  • Privileged (for large families) – 175 rubles.

A special rate for family visits to the museum – entrance for 1000 rubles: the package includes tickets for 2 adults and 2 children (7 to 17 years).

Museum admission is free for children under 6 years old, disabled children, orphans, veterans and heroes of combat operations, conscripts, museum staff, and disabled of groups I and II.

There is a separate fee at the museum:

  • audio guide – 200 rubles;
  • photography (without flash) – 230 rubles;
  • video shooting (non-professional) – 230 rubles;
  • Sightseeing tour (for groups of individual visitors) – 200 rubles;
  • Guide service by an accredited interpreter guide (duration – 45 minutes) – 350 rubles;
  • Single visit to Orion interactive exhibit – 300 rubles.

The Morning of the Space Era hall

Mode of operation

The Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics is open to the public from 11:00 to 19:00 on weekdays and from 10:00 to 19:00 on weekends, except for Thursday and Saturday, when the museum is open until 21:00. Cashier closes half an hour before the end of the day. Monday is the day off.

  • Monday and Tuesday are days off;
  • Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday – from 10:00 to 18:00;
  • Thursday – from 11:00 to 21:00.

Tours are by prior arrangement. Current schedule of lectures, exhibitions and other events can be found on the official site of the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics.

Cosmonautics Museum in Moscow

Excursions at the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics

The museum regularly organizes tours for all age categories in Russian and English. All programs are divided into 3 categories:

Excursions for schoolchildren:

  • Overview tour of the Cosmonautics Museum (ages 7 and up);
  • I am a future cosmonaut (for students in grades 1-5);
  • Stories about space (for students in grades 4-7);
  • Rockets and how they fly (for students in grades 6-8);
  • With a smile to the space! (from 16 years old);
  • A sightseeing tour to the Memorial House-Museum of Academician S.P. Korolev (for students in grades 5-11).
Museum of wooden architecture in Kostroma

Children’s tour interactive programs:

  • How the dog Plutoshka was preparing for the flight (for children 4-8 years old);
  • Space for Kids (for children ages 4-8);
  • The Living Planet (for children from 7 years old);
  • Excursion-quiz “Cosmotrek” (for pupils of 2-7 grades).

Excursions for adults and students

  • Training simulator “Soyuz-TMA”: theory and practice of space flight (from 15 years old);
  • Sightseeing tour around the exposition (from 12 years old);
  • Moscow Space Corner (from 12 years old);
  • A Space Odyssey (from 18 years old).


As of today the collection of the Museum of Cosmonautics numbers over 96 000 exhibits, among which are rocket and space equipment, photographs, material relics, newspapers and documents, audio and video records, postage stamps, paintings and art prints. Most of the exhibits are donated to the museum.

The museum’s collection is distributed over 8 exhibition halls:

  • “The Morning of the Space Era” – a hall dedicated to the early period of space exploration, here you can see samples of equipment used at that time, stuffed squirrels and arrows.
  • “Creators of the Space Era” – exposition, which is an installation of the veranda of K.E. Tsiolkovsky’s house-museum and S. P. Korolev’s rest room. P. Korolev.
  • “Space Home in Orbit” (modern manned cosmonautics) – a zone including objects of everyday life of cosmonauts, as well as models of manned spaceships of “Soyuz” series, orbital station “Mir” and “Salyut-6”, spacesuits “Sokol-K”, “Yastreb”, “Orlan-D”.
  • “Exploration of the Moon and Planets of the Solar System” – a hall where you can learn about the history of missions to Earth’s satellite and other planets.
  • “Cosmonautics to mankind” – section dedicated to the applied use of satellites and containing mockups of Express-AM, Ekran-M, Meteor-3 M, Resurs-DK1, GLONASS.
  • “International Cooperation in Space – a zone with the main theme of cooperation of states in the development of astronautics. Here you may see models of “Intercosmos-1”, “Soyuz-37” spacecraft, “Soyuz-19” spacecraft, “Docking of “Soyuz-19” – “Apollo” spacecraft, “International Space Station”.
  • “International Space Park” (space states of the world, rocket and space industry of Russia) – a section, which is a continuation of the previous one and includes modern models of rockets and transportation systems such as “Soyuz”, “Proton” and “Buran”.
  • “History and culture of the space epoch” – exposition devoted to creativity on the space theme.

In addition to the exhibition halls, the museum has a cinema hall and a conference hall. The halls and rooms of the museum are equipped for visits by low-mobile population groups: blind and visually impaired visitors, visitors with disorders of the locomotor apparatus.

Military Medicine Museum in St Petersburg.


History of Creation

In 1964 the installation of the monument “Conquerors of Space” – one of the greatest monuments of the XX century. It is represented by a titanium rocket 107 meters high.

According to the plan of S.P.Korolev, the Chief Designer of the USSR Rocket and Space Industry, premises for a museum were allocated in the stylobate base of the monument, the mission of which was to popularize cosmonautics and to preserve the scientific and technological heritage of the Russian space age.

However, construction and equipping of the museum took a long time (it took several years to fix the defects and faults which were not foreseen by the project) and it was opened only in 1981. A solemn event took place on April 10 and was timed to coincide with the 20th anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s space flight.

Visitors to the Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics saw evidence of the first successes and achievements of the country in space exploration: the first spacesuits, the first artificial satellites, spacecraft to study the Moon and the planets of the solar system. The rooms of the museum were decorated in different techniques with the most modern materials at the time to create the illusion of being in space.

In 2009 the museum was opened after a serious reconstruction, which allowed increasing the exhibition area four times.

Memorial Museum of Cosmonautics – panoramas on Google Maps

How to get to the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow

You can get to the Moscow Museum of Cosmonautics by all types of public transport, by private car or by cab. Entrance to the Museum – from the side of the 1st Perechny Proyezd.

Metro to the Museum of Cosmonautics

The closest metro station is VDNKh (Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya – the sixth line of the Moscow metro). It has 3 exits. You have to choose the main one – on the territory of the complex opposite to the monument “Conquerors of Space”.

Land transport

There are several transport stops near the museum (“VDNKh metro”):

  • streetcars № 11, 17, 25;
  • buses № 017, 33, 53, 56, 93, 195, 286, 286k, 316, 317, 375, 388, 392, 451, 496, 499, 536, 565, t14, t76;
  • Minibuses # 333, 551k, 576k, 578;

How to get by car

You can get to the Museum of Cosmonautics in Moscow by car along Prospekt Mira, but you should always take into account the situation on the road: during traffic jams it is faster and more convenient to get there by subway.

For comfortable driving to the museum you can use cab applications (Uber, Gett, Yandex.Taxi, Maxim) or carsharing (Delimobil, Anytime, Belkacar, Lifcar).

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