Museum of Devils in Kaunas, Czech Republic

Museum of Devils

In my travels I have repeatedly visited exhibitions of religious art. The artifacts on display there are all kinds, but for the most part they are devoted to the “lighter” side of Christian mythology – saints, angels, prophets, etc. Hell and devils are present except in the stories about the Apocalypse and the Last Judgment. In this sense, the Museum of Devils in Kaunas is unique in its kind.

How to get to the Museum of Devils

The museum is located in the northern part of the city center at V. Putvinskio st. 64. The nearest bus stops are Studentų skveras and L. Sapiegos g. They are located about 400-500 meters away, as shown on the map.

The museum doesn’t have its own parking lot so if you come by car follow the markings and traffic signs.

Museum of Devils opening hours

The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 11.00 to 17.00. On Thursday from 11 am to 7 pm. The cost of adult tickets is 3 EUR. A 50% discount is given to schoolchildren, students and pensioners. Free admission for children under 7 years, disabled and accompanying persons and journalists. Also during the period from September 1 to June 1 every Wednesday entrance is free for all.

Museum of Devils

The basis of the exhibition is a collection of Lithuanian artist Antanas Žmuidzinavicius, which he began collecting in 1906. This man has always considered the number “13” to be lucky for him personally, and his collection reveals the image of the devil from a variety of angles.

The core of the exhibition consists of figures of different sizes, starting with the very first, now known as the “Zemaitija Devil” (after the name of the Zemaitija region in northwestern Lithuania). Exhibits are grouped by themes: devil and animals, devil and music, devil and vodka, etc. There are also figures revealing mystical essence of Devil as a fallen angel.

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Several stands are devoted to demons from different countries. There are Georgian-Armenian devils, chanting toasts before draining cups of wine, and their Polish counterparts. In addition, the museum displays masks from the Venezuelan carnival, which is called the Devil’s Feast. In addition to the main exhibition, reproductions of works by Stephen Vincent Mitchell hang along the staircases. He is a contemporary artist who works in the genre of dark surrealism and often refers to the image of the Devil.

Finally, as I was preparing to leave the museum, I encountered several rooms of traditional landscapes and portraits, obviously by Žmuidzinavicius, who favored these particular mediums. They have nothing to do with the theme of the main exhibition.

Infrastructure of the Museum of Devils

The museum exposition occupies three floors. Downstairs there is a checkroom, cash register and free toilets for visitors. At the ticket office you can also buy souvenirs, but I was a little disappointed in the choice: no colorful magnets and “devil” paraphernalia. I ended up buying a little devil figurine for 0.95 EUR. On the plus side I’ll note the information in Russian. The fact that Kaunas is considered more derussified than Trakai or Vilnius, and many museums, including Kaunas Castle and City Hall, have no information in Russian.


Although the Museum of Devils is unique in its own way, its exhibit has nothing to do with dark art. Rather, it looks like a joke.

Since I have a preference for historical sites, I associate Kaunas with somewhat different objects. At the same time, it may be the only city in the world with a museum of devils, so a visit is a must.

Museum of Devils (Kaunas, Lithuania) – reviews

Review of the Museum of Devils (Kaunas, Lithuania)

To lift my spirits, I decided to drive to Kaunas and visit the good old Devils Museum. In fact, I’ve been to it more than once, but a long time ago and without a proper camera for that. And here I have.

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Devils are friends of man.

If you visit history museums, then you probably more than once came to the exhibitions of church art, which, in addition to gold cups includes icons, frescoes and simply paintings depicting all sorts of saints. That said, the Devil and his devil minions.

Quite an unusual museum.

Greetings dear readers, subscribers and friends of the site otzovik. In today’s review I want to share my impressions about the Museum of Devils or the Museum of Devils. Which is located in the country of Lithuania, the city of Kaunas. Located in the center of the city, I would say.

I laughed a lot

In Kaunas, there is an unusual museum of devils, as it is called by the curators of the museum, or Devils Museum in Russian. I’ve been there before, during Soviet times, and after so many years I wanted to see it again. I found the museum.

An interesting museum on an unusual theme with devilry

Good day dear friends and visitors. I want to share with you my visit to an interesting museum in Kaunas, Lithuania. We were in Kaunas on New Year’s Eve, 1915. And then we stumbled upon it.

“A Thousand Devils” and more collected in a relatively small but interesting museum.

Inexpensive tickets. Soasem few visitors. There is information in Russian. Located in the center of the city and close to a number of other museums.

Hello! Today I would like to tell you about another place in Kaunas, where my wife and I spent part of our “Lithuanian vacation” last April.

A hell of a place.

Hello to all my dear readers! Museums are one of the most interesting and exciting places. Here you can join to the good and eternal. You should agree that it has never stopped anyone. My dream was to visit a museum.

Impressive and unusual.

Before the trip to Kaunas, I was looking at the Google-maps of interesting places that are popular, and came across a museum with such a strange name in the central part of the city. For overly religious people the name may seem negative, repulsive, but.

Russian Valenki Museum in Moscow, How to get there exposition

It’s a cool and unusual museum.

I’m sure that when visiting the Lithuanian city of Kaunas, you should definitely check out the Museum of Devils. You won’t see that anywhere else. This is the only museum in the world of such subjects. There are a lot of funny, interesting and beautiful. The museum was created.

“Museum of Devils” Part 2

As that I learned that in the world there are 10 most terrible and blood chilling museums and set as a goal to visit them, because I very much like to travel! One of the museums was in Lithuania, in the city.

An original museum, not at all unkind.

Everyone is probably familiar with the feeling when something or someone gets so fed up that you want to tell them to go to hell! I even know the address now.) In Kaunas it’s the Museum of Devils:) Initially I was a little afraid of the museum – our family is careful.

It’s a funny place!

I visited this museum in April 2011. It was part of our tour program in Lithuania. And, of course, I’m very happy that I got to visit such an unusual place. What devils, devils, devils there aren’t! There is a museum.

Interesting as hell!

Not far from the main tourist street of Kaunas, in the annex to the house-museum of artist Antanas Žmuidzinavicius, you can find almost the most original museum in Lithuania – Velni muziejus (Devils Museum). The composition of more than 3,000 specimens began to be collected.

Special atmosphere

Very interesting museum, with a special atmosphere. In general, Lithuania has a rich assortment of museums, with good content. I advise all tourists in Lithuania to visit the museum first

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