Museum of funeral culture in Novosibirsk.

Museum of funeral culture in Novosibirsk.

Museum of funeral culture in Novosibirsk

Adults: Hall №1 – 400 rubles, Hall №2 – 450 rubles, Hall №3 – 400 rubles. Single ticket – 1100 rubles. Children till 14 years old, students, pensioners and others privileged categories: Hall №1 – 250 rubles, Hall №2 – 300 rubles, Hall №3 – 250 rubles. Single ticket – 700 rubles. Excursion 250 rubles/person or 1500 rubles per group.

п. Voskhod, 4/16 Voentorgovskaya St., 4/15, territory of Novosibirsk crematorium Memorial Park look on the map

Bus № 203 from the stop “PKIO “Birch grove” to the stop “Novosibirsk crematorium”.
By shuttle bus № 399 from the stops “Kalinin Square” (subway station “Zayeltsovskaya”) or “Dzerzhinskiy Sad” to the stop “Novosibirsk crematorium”.

It may be hard to believe, but going to Novosibirsk, you can visit the real Museum of Death. It is also called the Museum of World Funeral Culture. Since 2012 it is open to the public. For Russia it is a unique project, but worldwide there are more than 40 of them. The museum exhibition is entirely devoted to the traditions associated with death, funeral rites and remembrance of the deceased, which are very different in different cultures.

Academician S. B. Yakushin suggested the idea of a museum where the topic of death can become much less taboo and scary for people. As a part of culture and history, death changes a person’s attitude to life, museum founders believe. The slogan of the museum reads: “From death to life…”.

The exhibition of the museum consists of several thousand exhibits united by themes. In the collection you can see the mourning fashion of different times, funeral decorations, hearse, obituaries, letters of condolence, historical documents, urns, monuments and tombstones, posthumous photographs, engravings, sculptures, paintings and even skulls. In the museum you can learn about the history of embalming and storage of bodies, how cremation came to be and developed, unusual funerals and celebrity funerals. For example, there are replicas of Inessa Armand’s coffin, Napoleon’s sarcophagus, and a plague coffin. You will learn about the traditions of funerals during Soviet times. A separate theme of the museum is those who died in the wars (mostly World War I and II). In the exposition you can also find jewelry made from the hair of the dead. This technique is called posizh. In the museum you will be told the history of the origin of this unusual tradition.

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Museum of funeral culture in Novosibirsk

You can see the history of this unusual tradition, mainly the funeral culture of Russia of the last two centuries, which has its own aesthetic and certain humanism.

The museum consists of three halls:

  • Hall No. 1, “History of Funerary Culture and Mourning of the 19th Century.”
  • Hall № 2 “Funeral rites in the world culture”.
  • Hall № 3 “History of funeral transport”.

Collections of the museum

Employees of the museum are constantly studying the culture of the funeral from different countries and times, thus expanding the exposition and adding new exhibits. At the moment there are more than 25 expositions.

Collection of ancient engravings on the themes of death, burial and mourning

The museum has a one-of-a-kind collection of original and printed engravings. These are about 10 thousand works by Russian and European artists of the 16th-19th centuries, which illuminate the theme of the passing away of life, death itself and the traditions associated with it from a variety of angles.

Collection of hearse and funeral vehicles

The history of the development of funeral vehicles is represented in the museum by both real examples and their scale models. This is a very extensive collection, in which one can see hear hearse sledges, special horse carriages and decorations for them (vases, sculptures, shaped windows), hearse cars from the earliest to the most modern ones.

Museum of funeral culture in Novosibirsk

Collection of postcards on the theme of death and burial

A unique thematic collection that the museum staff managed to collect is several thousand postcards and postcards related to the theme of death. These are mostly postcards more than a century old dating from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

Exhibit “The History of Mourning and Half-Mourning.”

One of the museum’s exhibits is devoted to the history of mourning and half-mourning as reflected in costumes. The collection tells the story of how mourning costume changed in different periods of history and fashion.

Funeral Home Exhibit.

One of the installations shows a funeral home employee from the early 20th century at work. On the tour you can learn how the traditions and basics of work in this difficult profession originated.

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Other dioramas depict scenes of everyday life of funeral organizations: the ceremony of farewell to the deceased, paperwork, photographs.

A full description of the museum’s collections can be found in the Exhibits section of the official website.

Museum of funeral culture in Novosibirsk


The museum offers guided tours with professional guides.

Individual tours are available only on weekends and holidays. Tours begin at 12 noon and 4 p.m. You can join any of these groups.

The price for an individual tour is 250 rubles.

Group tours are available on any weekday except Monday. To order a group tour please call 363-03-29 or leave your request via the feedback form on the website at least two days before your visit.

The price for a group tour is 1500 roubles per group (regardless the number of the participants).

The tour lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours.

You are allowed to take photos for free in the museum!

Museum of World Funeral Culture in Novosibirsk (video)

Prices 2022 at the Museum of World Funeral Culture in Novosibirsk

You can buy tickets for the Museum of Death directly at the museum ticket office or online on the official museum website. To buy an online ticket you will need a bank card.

  • hall №1 – 400 rubles
  • hall #2 – 450 rubles.
  • Hall 3 – 400 rubles.

Single entrance ticket to both concert halls – 1100 rubles.

  • hall №1 – 250 rubles;
  • Hall #2 – 300 rubles.
  • Hall ¹ 3 – 250 rubles.

A single entrance discount ticket to both halls – 700 rubles.

Benefits apply to students, schoolchildren, pensioners, military personnel, disabled people and orphans. Do not forget to bring documents proving your eligibility for benefits.

Children under 7 years accompanied by a parent – free of charge.

If you want to visit the museum with a guided tour, we recommend you buy a single admission ticket with the tour. For ordinary visitors such a ticket for two halls costs 900 rubles, for three – 1300 rubles. For privileged visitors it is 700 and 900 rubles.

How to get to the Museum of World Funeral Culture

In the village Voskhod, where the museum is located, you can get in about an hour from the center of Novosibirsk. Get off at the stop “Novosibirsk crematorium”. To get there you can take a fixed-route cab № 399, getting off at the “Kalinin Square” stop, which is located near the “Zayeltsovskaya” metro station. There is the second variant of public transport that will bring you to the Museum of Death – the bus number 203 from the stop “Berezovaya Roscha”. Or you can use any of the cab ordering apps; Uber, Yandex Taxi, Gett Taxi and Maxim Taxi operate in Novosibirsk.

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View of the building of the Museum of World Funeral Culture in Novosibirsk – Google Maps panorama

Museum of World Funeral Culture (Novosibirsk, Russia) – recalls

Review of the World Museum of Funerary Culture (Russia, Novosibirsk)

There is an interesting and unusual museum in Novosibirsk, which is dedicated to the funerary culture. The museum is located in the appropriate place – in the Novosibirsk crematorium. The museum is open daily from 11 to 19 hours. Sometimes thematic events are conducted there.

Unexpectedly fascinating

When I told my family after the fact, where I was, they gasped and marveled. However even my modest retelling of the most interesting and remembered of the excursion enthralled and amazed them :) I will tell you! The museum that in.

The museum of the appropriate mood

The time comes and you learn about things you never thought about before. I want to tell you about an unusual museum. For me, a very gloomy institution. The only bright colors there are angels with wings and tiles.

The best museum in Novosibirsk

I can not believe the great number of exhibits, expositions on different topics – art, culture, traditions, nationalities, you think about eternity, beautiful area

Hello, my friends) Today I’m coming to you with an unusual story about the Museum of World Funerary Culture, or, as it is briefly called by locals – the Museum of Death. Isn’t it creepy? And many people think so, and in vain. Because.

It’s an interesting museum – it changes the way you think about burial! The museum is not for everyone!

Good evening all! Local history, historical and similar museums, I am sick and tired of. They show the same thing – excavations, dishes, skulls from jugs, notes, furniture, clothing of those times. Pretty much everything.

A unique museum and a new look at the quality of museum work

I was able to get acquainted with the Museum of World Funerary Culture during the “Night of Museums – 2016”, which Novosibirsk annually joins and opens the doors of artifact repositories to all comers. But it was 2016 that was rich in some.

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A reason to reflect, self-development.

The Museum of World Funeral Culture was founded in 1992 . In regular museums I’m kind of bored, but visiting this museum on the one hand creepy on the other something amazing. The touch of something forbidden.

Memory and tribute to the ancestors or madness?

Not so long ago in the city opened, hopefully, the only museum of world funerary culture in Russia. Was on a business trip in Novosibirsk and could not fail to look at him. I must say that the museum has a lot of expositions.

Wonderful, very interesting museum.

I was just passing through Novosibirsk. Had to kill time between the morning plane and the evening train. Chose this museum for the originality. I spent 6 hours there. Visited all the proposed excursions. That I don’t regret. Time flies by.

Very impressed

I love this place, I try to visit this museum every fall. It is stylish, themed, and always plays calm neutral music. The museum has many interesting items on funeral paraphernalia – sculptures, clothing, jewelry, transportation, etc. There are a lot of interesting ones.

It is an amazing and mysterious place.

Novosibirsk is not the biggest city in Russia, so I was very surprised when I learned that this is the only one of its kind museum. The place is amazing! Surprisingly, it does not feel fear, squeamishness, sadness and heartache.

It’s eerily interesting.

I have not seen anything like that. Museum of funerary culture. The only one in Russia! The fashion for mourning. What to wear to the last journey, how to mourn. Some of the specimens are “pooped”, for ethical reasons, I did not even take a photo, it’s true. nauseating.

An institution that shows life from the other side. And it’s worth it!

Good day, reader! If you are looking at your phone right now, deciding the question: “Is it worth it to visit this museum, because the tickets cost a lot”, I will answer you (I even recommend it): “Absolutely worth it”! Believe me, I know what I’m saying, because I already have.

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A unique place in our city!

Friends have long invited me to visit this unusual place in our city. I have a lot of impressions from visiting the museum! The museum is located on the territory of Novosibirsk crematorium, the area itself is landscaped, beautiful landscaping with elements of religious themes – that encourages.

It is not boring.

Certainly my favorite museum. So now there will be a lot of excitement. The Museum of World Funerary Culture or the Museum of Death is an amazing, unique collection. There are three exhibition halls there now, and that’s hundreds of exhibits. In addition, they will show you themselves.

It’s a beautiful museum.

Good afternoon! Recently I visited a very interesting place, namely the Museum of World Burial Culture, which is located in Russia, more precisely in the beautiful city of Novosibirsk. The museum is quite popular in Novosibirsk. I talked to a lot of people.

Good institution, but a little gloomy.

The museum itself is good, but the theme is gloomy, walk around the museum and understand that life is nothing. All around dark and gloomy, from white statues of angels. I really want to visit it again.

Interesting museum, but definitely not for everyone!

As it happens, I regularly visit the Novosibirsk crematorium columbarium. Each time I pass by the museum, I don’t dare to come in. That mood is not that, or I arrived early, and the museum works with 11 am. But today was a coincidence.

Specific museum, but I love it!

In February 2013 I went to visit my former classmate in Novosibirsk. My friend slipped me a ticket to the Museum of World Funeral Culture, to be honest, I really wanted to visit the museum, I resisted for the sake of appearance and went. When.

I will come again!

The museum has three buildings. The first building has an exhibit on the Victorian era, which is where mourning etiquette and protocol began. The second building features funerals of different peoples and cultures, copies of the coffins of famous personalities. The third building.

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