Museum of Happiness in Novosibirsk, expositions and description

Museum of Happiness

Museum of Happiness in Novosibirsk, where visitors have the opportunity to get acquainted with a mass of exhibits, somehow related to happiness.

The museum was created in 2009 by musicians Yuri Dremin and Irina Nekrasova. The original idea of the museum was to create a collection of things that people associate with happiness on a casual level. The filling of the exposition of the museum began with a suitcase, in which musicians put future exhibits. A variety of items were either purchased by the artists or received as gifts from the audience who attended their concerts in different parts of the country.

Until 2013, the museum existed in mobile form and was called the “Museum of Happiness in a Suitcase.” As time went on, there were more and more exhibits collected not only within Russia, but also received in other countries… Eventually, the museum dedicated to happiness was permanently installed in Novosibirsk – in a building that is a monument of architecture of the early 20th century.

The exposition of the museum contains a variety of exhibits. Here you can find symbols of happiness, typical for certain countries and peoples, quotes of famous people, proverbs, omens, which have to do with happiness. Visitors to the museum can also get acquainted here with samples of various kinds of creativity, which to some extent reflected the theme of happiness – poems, songs, tales, myths, parables, etc.

Exhibits of various kinds presented in this place make it possible to understand what happiness is for a variety of people and what it is associated with for them. Thanks to the amulets, talismans, talismans, ceremonial and talismanic folk dolls, variants of the word “happiness” in different languages and other samples of the exhibit, it is possible to compare different versions of the understanding of happiness with each other. The range of these versions is wide and varied – there are exhibits from Russia, Germany, France, Italy, Serbia, China, Switzerland, Thailand, Kazakhstan, India and other places.

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About some of the exhibits of this museum is worth mentioning in detail. The so-called “Umbrella of Happiness”, an umbrella of scarlet color with buttons sewn on it, became the symbol of the museum when it was a traveling umbrella and a symbol of dreams that came true, by analogy with the scarlet sails from the works of Alexander Grin. Alexander and Irina, the creators of the museum, had the umbrella a few years before the idea of the museum; they were in love and they walked under it in different places in Ekaterinburg. Over time, many sewn buttons appeared on the exhibit, symbolizing the wishes made. Another unique item in this institution is the so-called “Peace Flag”. This item is a canvas on which the continents are depicted – in the form of the happy faces of children. The international art project “Museum of Happiness” received this canvas as a gift from Carol Hiltner, an American artist, in 2010. In 2012, the piece was given to sailors on a voyage and returned to the museum a year later, signed by residents of several dozen countries.

The impressive collections of guardian angels and lucky tickets may also be of interest to visitors to this place. These exhibits came to the museum from various places. The so-called rod of happiness, an ancient instrument, looks quite original. Also in this place are many other interesting items related to the concept of “happiness”.

In addition to directly viewing the exposition in the museum, its visitors have the opportunity to take part in various interactive activities. For example, they can take part in master classes, make wishes under the “magic umbrella”, give and receive so-called “happy” gifts. In the museum shop of the institution you can buy some thing as a keepsake, in one way or another associated with happiness: a talisman, amulet, postcard, etc.

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Novosibirsk museum of happiness

Museum of Happiness

In Novosibirsk, among the austere and gray high-rises lost little house. The sign on it reads “Museum of Happiness. And this alone makes it special and interesting.

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Museum of Happiness

Museum of Happiness – a small room, which could accommodate a huge number of exhibits.

About the museum and its creators

The project started in 2009 with a suitcase. Spouses Irina Nekrasova and Yuri Dremin carried it around and carefully kept in it objects connected with the concept of happiness. The collection was constantly being added to, and soon they needed to find a new home for it.

On November 1, 2013. “The Museum of Happiness” opened its doors to visitors in an old mansion at 13 1905 St. So for the founders, number 13 became a favorite.

Today the exhibition includes 1000 items:

  • symbols of happiness of different countries;
  • amulets, averters and talismans;
  • musical instruments;
  • “lucky” tickets;
  • dolls and toys, figurines of angels;
  • poems, quotes, aphorisms, etc.

The creators of the museum are constantly replenishing their collection, finding new items wherever they go. They also accept gifts from visitors. Exhibits are brought from Moscow, Belokurikha, Tomsk, Gorno-Altaisk, Voronezh, Biysk, Izhevsk, Berdsk, Barnaul. There are also “foreigners” among the objects from the Czech Republic, Croatia, Congo, India, Serbia, Germany, Thailand, Hong Kong and others.


The Museum of Happiness is the only one in which every object can be taken in hand and examined.

The museum also collects everything about happiness:

  • omens and proverbs;
  • poems and stories, parables and myths;
  • sayings of great men and anecdotes;
  • songs;
  • Information on monuments of happiness;
  • translations of the word “happiness” into different languages of the world.

Tours and exhibits

Irina Nekrasova and Yuri Dremin are musicians. Their duo bears the beautiful name “Sunny Rain”. So the tours of the spouses are musical and interactive. Meetings are calculated on 90 minutes. Held by appointment and has no age limit for visitors. For children under 5 years of age attendance is free, and there are other benefits.

During the tour the founders will tell you about the history of the museum, show the exhibits, sing songs and do interactive activities. Each meeting is a unique creative process that is born out of the interaction between the presenters and visitors.

The most revered item in the exhibit is the “Peace Flag.” It was donated by Carroll Hiltner in 2010. The American artist depicted all the continents of the world as joyful children’s faces. In 2012, the canvas set sail around the world. Local residents from 40 countries left notes on the flag as a memento, and for this received a “piece of happiness” – a ceramic plate with the symbol. There were 50 pieces in all. This exhibit is especially dear to the hosts of the exhibition.

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Museum tours

During the tour, guests learn about the history of the museum and look at the exhibits.

The umbrella of happiness – has remained a favorite since the times of the traveling museum. Friends of the founders sewed 300 buttons on its scarlet fabric and made 300 wishes. Their cherished dream of a home for the “suitcase” came true.

There is a special piggy bank in the museum. There visitors can put a kopeck for happiness. You can put: in a house, a trip, family, health, career, love, children, money, education and dreams.

Live in this unusual place 100 guardian angels, brought from many locations in Russia, Kazakhstan, England, Hong Kong, Croatia, Germany, Belgium, France.

Over the years, 300 “lucky” tickets have been collected, and new ones are being added all the time. No other museum in Russia has such a collection.

Master classes and projects

Master class “Rain Flute”. Includes 2 2-hour meetings, during which you can make this ancient instrument for yourself. It was used by shamans to invoke rain. It has protective as well as harmonizing properties.

The project “Lessons in happiness. Irina and Yuri travel to schools at the request of teachers or parents and give their special lessons. During these musical, creative and interactive activities, children discover the secret. It is that happiness is always inside us, not somewhere far away. Each person creates it by his or her own thoughts and actions.

Workshops in the Museum of Happiness

A master class on creating a unique rain flute.

The project “Visiting Greetings”. Museum creators come to the heroes of the occasion with a guitar, rain flute, a suitcase of “happy” items from around the world, a magical umbrella of happiness, good luck souvenirs. Such a greeting remains in the memory of all participants for a long time.

The project “Happy Aqua Makeup. Irina and Yuri are ready to fulfill any creative idea in all colors.

The project “The Seeds of Cherished Wishes”. The shop sells postcards with bags of decorative sunflower seeds. Also included are “A Tale of the Seeds of Happiness” and “The Secret to Making Dream Wishes.” After reading the magical clues, you need to make three wishes and sow the seeds. There is even a flowerbed for this in Novosibirsk.

The project “Happy umbrella”. It is intended for family visitors. They can make a wish and sew a button to the umbrella.

Sometimes the creators of the museum go outside. They hold events with young artists: “Happiness – one piece at a time,” “Happiness for those you love,” “Angels of all countries, unite!” And sometimes Irina and Yuri gather volunteers and plant whole “flowerbeds of happiness.

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Souvenir shop

In the shop visitors can buy souvenirs and gifts:

  • Clay homemade “Pieces of Happiness.”
  • Magic “Postcard with the seeds of wishes”;
  • mythical “Bird of happiness”;
  • the keeper of the hearth – the little housekeeper Kuzya;
  • amulets, talismans, amulets;
  • “lucky dolls”, etc.

Address and how to get there

You can get to the museum in two ways.

You can walk from “Garin-Mikhailovsky square” metro station and Novosibirsk-Main railway station. Walk 7-10 minutes along Lenin str.

You can take bus №13, 48, 53 to the stop “College of N.A. Lunin” and walk 140 m.

This museum is one of the most unusual in Russia. It is distinguished by a special concept and its soulful embodiment. Visitors here remember how to be alive and happy every day. Happiness is never much.

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