Museum of Lard in Lviv, address and menu of the institution

Salo Restaurant and Museum, Lviv, Ukraine – review

18+! Salo Museum! GENITALS MADE OF LARD! Salo control – guess what it is! Where to buy chocolates with lard? Sushi made out of lard! Incredibly cool idea and execution!

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Today is going to be a pretty unusual review and I hope you enjoy it. Almost a year ago we were passing through Lviv for a day on our way to Poland. I have been to this city quite a few times and I can say that I adore it. There is no other place in Ukraine with so many interesting cafes and places to eat.

This time I chose the places that I had never been. In this list was the museum of Sala.

One of the most beloved and frequently encountered products in the recipes of Ukrainian national cuisine is lard.

It’s true. I love lard, not even that, I simply adore lard. It is not for nothing that so many Ukrainians want to take it abroad, but by law it cannot be done. On the border, when driving to Poland, I saw an incredible amount of lard. People are trying to break the law and carry it through. Do you know where that lard goes? Border guards take it for themselves).

How did lard appear in Ukraine as a national dish?

It is believed that the interest in bacon in Ukraine has increased in the 16th century, when the Tatars and Turks from the Ottoman Empire often raided the Slavic territories. To avoid taking away at least the cattle, the Cossacks invented a clever trick: they took advantage of religious features of gastronomic preferences of Muslim attackers and began to breed almost only piglets. The robbers weren’t interested in them – according to the Koran, pig meat is considered unclean and is forbidden to eat.

I had never thought about it and I personally wondered where it came from.

Bruges Fries Museum, photo and description

The address of the Salo Museum:

Found it very quickly, there was no problem with that. It is located in the center of the city. In Lviv in general, everything is nearby).

Now about the museum. At the entrance you are welcomed by the SALOCONTROL. I laughed so much, they invented it.

The Salo Museum is more of a cafe with a small number of exhibits. When we arrived, there was only one table taken. But when we were eating, even tour groups with guides came. You are eating here, and they are looking at everything.

These are the kinds of unusual paintings that decorate the hall. Have you ever seen pictures depicting lard? Neither have I!

In the refrigerator there are unusual drinks.

And here are the sculptures themselves, which are made entirely of lard.

The menu is very unusual and you can choose what you like. I wanted to try the sushi made of lard.

They look very unusual and I liked the taste.

We also ordered a whole board and didn’t even expect that we would get so many dishes on it.

What was unusual was that there was a sculpture made of lard. I even tasted it and it really is made of lard.

Since we didn’t eat everything, we asked to put it with us. The waitress had no problem doing that.

Do you believe it’s made of lard?

Very democratic. It seems to me that in Lviv the prices in cafes are the cheapest in Ukraine.

But apartments are even more expensive than in major cities.


There were no problems with it. The girl was polite and told us everything.

Where can I buy candy with lard?

Indeed, you can buy candy with lard at the Salo Museum. I heard that it tastes even hard to understand that it is lard. We wanted to get them, but we were so full that they just wouldn’t go in us.

Museum of Musical Instruments in Berlin, Germany

The Salo Museum is a very unusual institution that is amazing in its idea and execution. It would be nice if there were more such institutions in Ukraine.

Personally I liked it very much and I am glad that I visited this café. I will definitely stop by next time and try some more dishes.

Museum-Restaurant “Salo” in the morning and until the last guest will offer to taste the original salo-art cuisine, as well as savor the drinks in the vodka bar. And that’s 35 kinds of lard and 40 kinds of vodka.

35 kinds of lard and 40 kinds of vodka! Impressive!

If you are in Lviv, be sure to visit the museum “Salo”. It is not even necessary to order something, you can just come and have a look).

Museum-restaurant “Salo” in Lviv, an ice cream made of lard and a creative toilet

In today’s post I continue to share interesting and delicious places to go in Lviv.

Ice cream made of lard, salogonka, sushi made of lard, salomer, pictures and sculptures made of lard, the toilet with lard – all this is in the museum-restaurant “Lard” with the same name.

I was thinking whether to refer this post to museums or to a gastronomic journey.

But like the monkey, who did not know where to go – whether clever or beautiful, I decided to put it in the “Lviv region”.

And with the tag “Lviv” you can find all the publications on recreation, entertainment and travel to this wonderful city.

The area of the restaurant is not large, but it concentrates a lot of topics that are associated with lard :)

The cuisine did not particularly impress us, although it was interesting to try sushi made of lard and ice cream made of lard.

But the entourage caught us – funny inscriptions and expositions. And also the toilet, which at first scared, then surprised and delighted :).

Museum of Russian vodka in Saint-Petersburg

“Salo” is the first museum-restaurant in the world, dedicated to salo.

We also included this museum-restaurant to the list of places worth visiting in Lviv. For the atmosphere it is definitely worth it.

We were here during our trip to Lviv in March 2017.

  • Where is the museum-restaurant “Salo” and contacts
  • Our review with photos and video of our visit to the Salo Art Museum
  • Toilets are a special feature of the restaurant

Where is the museum-restaurant “Salo” and contacts

Address of the museum-restaurant “Salo”: Lviv, Prospekt Svobody, 6/8.


This place is situated in the central part of the city and is not far from Lviv’s other places of interest. It is especially convenient for those who plan their route through the center of the city.

At the entrance there is a pig, the main “producer” of lard.

Before you visit the restaurant and eat dishes made of lard, it is worth weighing yourself at the lard control. Now I will know the correct name of the scale :)

Our review with photos of our visit to the Art Museum “Lard” in Lviv

In a small area you can get acquainted with various exhibits, where the main character is salo.

Photos, sculptures, lard, paintings, clothes with inscriptions – the list goes on.

This is an apparatus for the “production” and sale of lard. That is, moonshine made from lard. Throw in a coin and you get lard. But when we were there, the machine wasn’t working. Only we could see and take photos :)

And then you can try different dishes made of lard.

Lard ice cream – what does it taste like?

It really tastes like ice cream, only when it stands at room temperature and starts to thaw a little, you can taste the lard.

“Monroe’s Lips is a lard ice cream.

And, importantly, it’s very filling. It is simply impossible to eat a lot of it. Therefore, if you are tempted to try it, one portion will be enough for the whole family and you won’t even eat it :)))

Pasta Museum in Rome, an Italian landmark

So that’s what you are, ice cream made of lard :)))

Well, what can I say, to try it once was interesting. The second time I would definitely not order such a dish.

Roll of lard or “Japanese cuisine” in a Ukrainian way.

The roll is called “Ukrainian dinner”. Dense, I tell you, such a dinner :))).

Taste funny, but as ordinary rolls do not eat. Lard is greasy.

If you eat it with bread, it’s good. If not, you can only eat a couple of slices. There’s a piece of bread in the middle, but it’s not enough for so much fat. For my taste, of course.

An assortment of different kinds of lard

If you want to try and compare different kinds of lard, you can do that here too. As you understood from the photo, each piece of lard is different in taste. You can’t tell the taste from the photo, but from the appearance you can see that it’s different.

Of course, there was more than just lard on the menu. But we wanted to try just those.

How much is it?

  • Roll of lard – 57 UAH.
  • Assorted lard – 60 UAH
  • Ice cream from bacon – 110 UAH

The toilets are a separate specialty of the restaurant.

I would even say that the toilets here are a real attraction.

We went to two restrooms and were amazed by both of them. They are designed differently – “Saloportatsiya” and “Fighting Scimitar”.

Too bad there aren’t many pictures, but I will try to capture the atmosphere of the toilet.

So I open the toilet, and there. I even forgot why I went there, whether scared or surprised :)))

When you open the door, lights start flashing, howling siren. The appearance also at first surprised, and then amused.

The logic is iron. If you ate lard and then went to the toilet, it really “went”. Only no longer from the plate to our stomachs, but from . into the toilet.

Noodle Museum in Japan, photo and description

“Lardportation” – that’s what it’s called. Now I’ll know :)

The second toilet is the “Combat Scimulator.”

When you open the door, you hear the melody of “Yellow Submarine” and the sound of the sea. The impression that you are somewhere at sea, and not in the center of Lviv.

Indeed, it starts to feel like a bomber.

Once in the toilet, the main thing is not to forget why you went there :)))

And this is a little video, where there is a small part with the original sounds of both toilets.

And if you visit the art museum “Salo”, I definitely recommend you to go to both toilets :)

I can definitely say that so far these are the most unusual toilets I’ve had to visit.

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