Museum of Machine Rebellion in Tekstilshchiki

Museum of the Machine Uprising in Moscow

The Museum of Machine Rebellion is the very real world of the future, filled with various popular fantasy characters from comics, movies and cartoons, made of metal in full size. This unique place appeared in Moscow in January 2017. The idea for the exhibits was inspired by the principle of art recycle.

Art recycle is the art of creating art objects using old metal objects to be recycled.

Thus, real works of art are created from metal and non-working parts and mechanisms.

Optimus Prime

Ticket prices for the Rise of Machines Museum in 2022

Prices for admission ticket: on weekdays – 600 rubles for children, 800 rubles for adults; on weekends – 800 rubles for children, 1000 rubles for adults. If you buy tickets on-line – price is 60-100 rubles less.

The cost of preferential pension ticket (purchase only on the cashier’s desk, with presentation of pension certificate) – 300 rubles.

Central entrance to the museum

Free tickets are available for children under 3 years old and persons eligible for benefits. Privileged categories of citizens include:

  • persons with disabilities of the first and second groups;
  • Disabled children, disabled on wheelchairs (an accompanying person – 300 rubles);
  • Children from orphanages in Moscow and the Moscow region.

Families with many children will be given a discount of twenty percent only on the entrance ticket upon presentation of documents at the ticket office.

Children's show at the museum

When buying tickets online on the official website of the museum, a 10 percent discount on admission tickets and shows is given. However, please note that in this case, the benefits do not apply.

Photo and video shooting – 100 rubles, to be paid separately.

When purchasing tickets for shows, admission to the museum is free.

Working hours

The Moscow Museum of the Machine Uprising opens its doors to all visitors every day from 11:00 to 21:00. On holidays the opening hours should be checked on the official website.

Bread Museum in Izmailovo, description and photo

On weekdays and weekends are shows according to the following schedule:

  • Tesla Show: weekdays at 12:00, 2:00, 3:30, 5:30 and 7:00 p.m.; weekends at 12:00, 3:00 and 6:00 p.m.
  • Robot Acrobat Show: weekdays at 11:30 a.m., 1:30 p.m., 3 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.; weekends 11:30 a.m., 2:30 p.m., 5:30 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Chemical CRIO show: weekdays at 12:30, 2:30, 4:00, 6:00 and 7:30 p.m.; weekends at 12:30, 3:30 and 6:30 p.m.


The building of the cultural object is shaped like a huge flying saucer. The total area of the museum is about two thousand square meters. On this huge area are arranged twelve thematic halls. Their names are:

  • “Autobots,
  • “Decepticons,
  • “Iron Man,
  • Superhero Hall,
  • “Predator, Alien,
  • “Horror Movie Characters.”
  • “Characters of Russian fairy tales.”
  • “Animal World.”
  • “Cartoon Characters,
  • “Fantastic Cars and Motor Vehicles,
  • “Terminator”.

Right at the entrance guests are greeted by robots Optimus Prime and Bumblebee – recognizable characters from the popular Hollywood blockbuster “Transformers”, affecting their size. Other fantasy characters are friendly neighbors in the cultural space: Marvel superheroes, robotic animatronics, terrifying horror characters, Terminator and many others.

In addition to the famous characters there are iconic vehicles: motorcycles, a Buggy from the movie “Mad Max” and a motorcycle from “Ghost Rider”. However, the museum attracts not only with realistic installations, but also with unusual design and interesting sound and lighting solutions.

Motorcycle Collection

Unlike other museums, it is allowed to run around, talk loudly, and some exhibits are designed specifically to be touched. It is not forbidden to take video or photos with a flash. For the convenience of visitors, the museum has an audio guide.


Guests are entertained by animators in themed costumes. An interactive zone with virtual reality attractions and an opportunity to take part in various master classes are waiting for adults and children. As part of the museum there is a School of Sculpture and a souvenir store.

Cruiser Aurora in St. Petersburg, detailed description

The Museum of Machine Rebellion is a completely different reality, where the world is ruled not by humans, but by artificial intelligence.

Among other things, the museum shows interactive performances. According to the reviews of visitors, this is an incredible, enchanting and unforgettable show, with the use of spectacular effects. The performance pleasantly surprises with its scale and the quality of the program.

How to get there

Moscow Museum of the Machine Uprising is located on Bersenevskaya Lane. 2 bld. 1 in the Central Administrative District in the Yakimanka District, near the Kropotkinskaya and Polyanka metro stations. It is easy to get to the cultural object by metro, bus or cab.


The way to the museum from the metro station “Kropotkinskaya” takes about 20 minutes on foot, you can get by bus in 10 minutes by bus: 144, K, m1, m6, n11 (night).

The nearest bus stop is “Cinema Udarnik”, where the following buses stop: m1, m6, n11 (night), t4, t7, t8, 144, and K.


It’s easy to get to the Car Rising Museum using mobile cab services: Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett, Maxim.

Pushkin Museum of Car Uprising (Moscow, Russia) – reviews

Review of the Rise of the Machines Museum (Moscow, Russia)

My dear friends, I’ve never thought that I will go to this museum. I’ve heard about it, read comments, even saw a report on TV, but I was not attracted to it. First of all, I’m all about all sorts of fantastic and metallic objects.

A museum for pretty pictures.

I first heard about the Car Rising Museum from my husband. He had someone at work went to the museum and promoted it. But it so happened that we were going to the museum for almost a year. Although it is not located.

This is something unreal, who has boys – you go there!

The originality, focus on male visitors, there is its own parking, you can make a professional photo, a charge of positive emotions, a large selection of souvenirs

Butterfly Museum in St. Petersburg, description and photos

Hello, dear readers of “Review”! I want to tell you about our visit to the Museum of revolt of machines! Our godparent of our son (my son is 4 years old) told us about it. Today we had three activities to choose from: visiting the ski slope.

Mom, look how cool this Monster is!

Good day dear readers of my review. Last weekend we the whole family, which consists of 4 people (me, my husband, the boys 3 and 6 years) visited the museum “Machine Rebellion”. Actually we were going to another one.

Monsters and metal, cartoon characters and robots show – the teenagers liked it).

Interesting engineering solutions, shows what can be made of different parts, shows, movie characters.

Before going to Moscow with my teenage son and my niece who is 14 I had been looking through different “how to entertain my little girls” and “where to take our doves” options on Otzovik. Our little girls are handmade, they can make Engry Birds from plaster and plasticine, from bearings and.

Rise of the Machines Museum. Is it a museum? No, no, and no.

Hello, my dears! Recently my husband saw an advertisement in the networks about the Museum of Machine Rebellion and said that we need to go there. So we found the time and went. Today it is my great pleasure to share.

For once!

Hello comrades! Finally, my family got to the museum, which is located near the subway Tekstilshchiki. We drove by car and managed to miss the turn to their parking (no sign, and the entry at a city pace of riding will not notice anything).

Worth the walk.

Delightful, why didn’t I have museums like this in my childhood? Walking my nephew the other day, and we wandered into the fantastic Rise of the Machines Museum, in red October, at his request. The exhibits are housed in several themed rooms in.

Museum of Marzipan in Hungary, description and photo

An interactive museum with lots of movie characters. Not only children will like it.

Good time everyone. The school year is over. Congratulations to all the parents on this happiness! Now the headache is not about lessons, but about what to do favorite child on vacation. At the same time we need to tear him away.

A huge disappointment (

Lack of toilets, no drinking water, complete disregard for sanitary norms during the pandemic, the quality of the declared “shows”, unreasonably overpriced

We came on November 6, during the lockdown. Login declared by the courier codes. On the site all beautifully painted, and the show, and workshops, beauty! Arrived. No one asked for any codes. The masks were only on us, in my opinion.

The museum is interesting and cool.

Themed museum about Transformers, DC, Star Wars, MARVEL and more! Shows: tesla, soap bubbles, robot dance! Character models and a large gift store.

Very below average.

Went to the Museum on Bersenevsky Lane. We booked a birthday party for our kid. There were 15 of us. Paid for the reservation of a middle cabin (from 10 to 25 people, 32 square meters area). Agreed to 14.00. Friends who came a little earlier than us.

The child and I liked it very much.

The museum “Revolt of the Machines” m. Tekstilschiki. Located near the subway, 5 minutes walk. Ticket is within a thousand, even less, I do not remember exactly. The building itself is not very big, but inside a lot of rooms, though not large. Very.

Remains of the museum.

After the move, it is a pile of exhibits just spread out over a small hall. In a word very upset, left the horns, yes legs from the cool place. The only name of the show is a girl who makes blazes and sprays nitrogen. And two mini robots high.

It took us an hour and a half to get around the halls in 15 minutes.

Visited the museum in April 2018, I vaguely remember on the website there was a notice that there were no show performances at that time. We didn’t qualify for them, it was interesting to show the boys interesting transformer figures. There were no more announcements.

Museum of mammoth in Yakutsk them. P.A. Lazarev Museum

Museum for children

Yesterday, having been in Moscow not far from the Museum of Machine Rebellion, I decided to drive to the museum and visit there. On the website of this museum I read that there are copies of characters from sci-fi blockbusters, and as I wrote earlier.

It’s a super place for boys!

If you are a mom of a boy, you should definitely take your child to the Museum of the Machine Rebellion. We visited it on another trip to Moscow. It is located on Volgograd Prospect. We are crossing the road and can see it from afar.

The children are delighted.

Yesterday we went to the open house at the Rise of the Machines Museum. We did not regretted our visit. On usual days entrance is paid, at the moment 700 p for adults and 500 p for children. There is a museum a couple of minutes walk.

The museum is terribly boring.

I have two sons one 6 the other 13 disappointed they both left. In 10 minutes they looked at everything and took pictures, but just stand there without moving. No show, pure fraud! Tricks well sorry for the kids probably.

A real holiday for kids and not only.

This museum is in Moscow, five minutes walk from the subway station “Tekstilshchiki”. One weekend we went there with my son. At the entrance we were already greeted by impressively sized sculptures of characters from popular cartoons. Can’t really call it that.

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