Museum of Unique Dolls in Moscow, description and address

Museum of Unique Dolls, Moscow – review

A very small but very unique museum!

Urrrah! My dream has come true! In May 2022, I finally visited the Museum of Unique Dolls! This museum was founded in 1996 by the famous artist and collector Yulia Vishnevskaya.

Since I am fond of dolls and am especially interested in antique dolls, this small private museum seemed to me like a doll’s paradise!

I stayed in a hotel in the city center. So it was easy to find the museum (Double Gis helped). Not too long walk and I was there. The museum is situated in the center of Moscow, at 13 Pokrovka Street, 2. And there are signs around on the way to the museum – convenient.

There is a small cafeteria – a bakery with delicious buns near the museum. Have a bite to eat and go get emotional! The more so that rain, which was drizzling heavily, was spurring us on.

The museum you were met with a beautiful show-window! You will definitely not pass by!

Farther you are welcomed by glass showcases with lots of interesting and rare exhibits.

The only thing that confused me was the fact that the room is too small for such a great exposition (more than 6000 items). And in general impressions are only positive.

Before visiting the museum I Googled the address and working hours of the museum, not to tramp in vain at the door (Monday-Friday 12-00 to 17-00, Saturday-Saturday 12-00 to 18-00). Went on weekends, but in the morning. At first there were no visitors, but then came a crowd. From this I understand that the museum is popular.

Despite the fact that the room is small, just one room with glass windows along the walls. But I was there for three hours or more. I lost track of time when my foot had just crossed the threshold.

I could have studied the exhibits longer, but my husband was too tired. And demanded to go immediately to rest.

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The ticket price is reasonable. Now I do not remember the exact cost, but in the corridor from 200 300 p.. I was allowed to take photos for free. We were also given sheets with information. It would be even better and more comfortable if I had a sign with the name of each doll. Because there are German, French, Russian, etc. dolls. Many of them are very old age. Many of them are very old.

Also in the museum you can buy souvenirs: postcards, calendars, magazine “Antique Dolls”. I also wanted to buy an antique doll repair magazine, “The Doll Doctor,” but it was not on sale at the time – we ran out. I bought the magazine. Picked one out of a huge stack.

Conclusion: This private museum is very small, but very cozy and unique. I highly recommend a visit!

There is a real movie star in this museum: the doll from the movie “Three Fat Men” – the Heir Tutti Doll. To be honest, I liked her better in the movie. Not very pretty in person. That’s the magic of cinema.

Even now I look through the photos and remember all these wonderful antique beauties that are a hundred or more years old. There are dolls in excellent condition (all original – even the dress never took it off in its entirety), and there are those that are seen that a little peeling coating on the fingers.

This doll world! Dolls are tiny, and the growth of a child. Doll shoes, porcelain dishes, furniture, houses.

Museum of Unique Dolls

Museum of Unique Dolls

Thursday – Friday: from 12:00 to 17:00. Saturday – Sunday: from 12:00 to 18:00. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday – weekend.

Adults: 300 rubles, children (including schoolchildren): 150 rubles. Pensioners, students, disabled – 150 rubles. For photos – 200 rubles.

The Museum of Unique Dolls is one of the most unusual museums of Moscow. It is situated in the central part of the city on the Pokrovka street, 13. It was created in 1996 by theatrical artist Yulia Vishnevskaya.

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The museum is small, the exposition occupies only one small room, but it has a lot of interesting items,

The exposition is based on dolls from different countries – Russia, France, Holland, UK, Germany and even Japan, but all from the same period of time – the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th century. The dolls were an object of nobility childhood, and even years later girls would go out with them as the most valuable treasure and fashionable accessory.

The dolls are made of porcelain, wax, wood, fabric, and other materials, which together with their more than 100 years age, makes them unique exhibits representing their country and era.

Museum of Unique Dolls

Ticket price to the Museum of Unique Dolls in 2022

The cost of a ticket to the Unique Dolls Museum depends on the age of the visitor and how you view the exhibit – alone or in a group.

  • An adult ticket costs 300 rubles,
  • For children (including schoolchildren) – 150 rubles.

There are also provided some discounts for retired people, disabled people and students (upon presentation of appropriate documents). The cost of the ticket for them will be 150 rubles.

Excursion as a part of tourist group will cost 400 rubles per person. For tour you need to make an advance reservation for the desired number of people. The duration of the guided tour of the museum is about 1 hour.

Photographing at the museum is paid – 200 rubles.

Ticket price may change. Before visiting it is recommended to check the actual information on the official site of the Museum of Unique Dolls in Moscow.

Museum of Unique Dolls

Puppets of the museum

The collection of the Museum of Unique Dolls was born by chance. Theatrical artist Yulia Vishnevskaya found an antique doll among antique items and props. That initiated an unusual hobby, which later became her life’s work.

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The dolls were brought from all over Europe, the main condition was the age of the exhibits – no later than the beginning of the 20th century. It was at the turn of the era in many countries created masterpieces of porcelain, wood, wax and other materials, they were valued no less than jewelry. The doll was not just a toy, but a real value, which was passed down from generation to generation.

Museum of Unique Dolls

When the museum opened, its collection began to grow thanks to the voluntary donors, who wanted their family heirlooms to find a new life. Each item is carefully restored and clothes are sewn for it according to the era and fashion of the country where the doll comes from. Moreover, many dolls have attributes – household items and even a miniature furniture, dinner sets and other additions that also help you to understand the way of life in a particular part of the world at a certain period of history.

Also in the collection of the museum there are dollhouses, which also correspond to their era. Thus, visitors can not just see unique exhibits, but also imagine the atmosphere of this or that country at the turn of the century, fashion and everyday life of its inhabitants.

Museum of Unique Dolls

On a regular basis, the Moscow Museum of Unique Dolls holds events of various levels and scales – from children’s excursions (for schools, orphanages, etc.) to charity events, the proceeds of which go to funds to help children and those in need. The museum also actively cooperates with the scientific world, giving students, graduate students and specialists in psychology, sociology and related sciences to study the impact of dolls on the children’s psyche and worldview, trace its change over time and much more.

There are separate excursions for schoolchildren in Russian and English. The museum also cooperates with libraries and educational centers in Moscow and other Russian cities, allowing the young visitors and their parents to fully immerse themselves in the fascinating world of old dolls and the history of life of Europe and Russia in the XIX and early XX centuries.

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In addition to the unique exhibition you can see the process of restoration of dolls in the Doll’s Hospital or take part in creating clothes in a special Doll’s Atelier. Those who wish can go to the museum staff in ordering clothes or houses for their home rarities.

The museum has its own small store, where you can buy not only exact copies of antique dolls, but also modern toys, including soft ones, as well as booklets and various souvenirs.

Museum of Unique Dolls

How to get there

The Museum of Unique Dolls is located in the central part of Moscow, so you can easily get to it in different ways.

One of the most convenient ways to get around the city is by metro. The nearest station is “Kitay-Gorod” (line 6 (orange) and 7 (purple). It will take about 15-17 minutes to get there on foot, but the way will lie along the historical and cozy blocks and it will be an interesting walk.

You can also get to the Museum of Unique Dolls by ground transport – streetcar or bus. Streetcar lines № 3, 26, 39, and, A go to Pokrovka Street, where the museum is located. The stop is called “Pokrovskie Vorota”. From there to the destination – no more than 2 minutes. Bus routes # 122, H3, m3, and t25 stop a little farther from the museum. The way will take about 3-4 minutes. The stop of the same name is “Pokrovskie vorota”. Check the route and timetable here.

If you take a car, you can park it on the nearby streets and use cab apps: Yandex.Taxi, Uber, Gett, etc.

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