Museum of wooden architecture in Kostroma

“Kostroma Sloboda (Kostroma Wooden Architecture Museum)

Museum territory visit – 100 rubles for adults and privileged categories, children under 16 years old are free of charge. Sightseeing of the territory and ethnographic exhibitions – 200 rubles for adults, 150 rubles for visitors with special privileges.

The Kostroma architectural, ethnographic and landscape museum-reserve “Kostroma Sloboda” was founded in 1955. Most of the museum exhibits are gathered behind the wall of the Holy Trinity Ipatiev Monastery, in a picturesque place where the Kostroma flows into the Volga, but there are also several wooden buildings on the opposite side of the monastery.

In the Kostroma region there are surviving wooden buildings of different times, the most significant of which it was decided to collect in one open-air museum. Moreover, such a decision was caused by the works on the creation of the reservoir and the construction of the dam of the Gorky hydroelectric power station on the Volga. Because of the construction of these objects several villages were under the threat of flooding. In order to detect the most valuable monuments of architecture and to save them from the advancing water, in the 50s of the last century expeditions of the Soviet Academy of Architecture were sent to the region. As a result many wooden structures, masterpieces of the Russian architecture, were transported to the “Kostromskaya Sloboda” in Kostroma.

The first exhibits there were the Spaso-Preobrazhenskaya Church of the XVIII century, built in the village of Spas-Vyozhi. In 1955, it was installed in the territory of the Ipatiev Monastery. Besides churches, the Museum of Wooden Architecture of Kostroma brought various outbuildings and dwelling houses. Until 2006, the museum was a structural subdivision of the Ipatiev Monastery Museum-Reserve, until it became a separate museum institution.

The cost of tickets varies depending on which objects you plan to visit:

  • A tour of the museum territory without visiting the ethnographic exhibits – 100 rubles for adults and privileged categories, children under 16 years are free.
  • The tour of the territory and 4 ethnographic exhibitions in the interiors – 200 rubles for adults, 150 rubles for the privileged categories of citizens, free of charge for children under 16 years old.
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Groups are offered guided tours (45 minutes):

  • 1-10 people – 700 rubles for the entire group. Additionally paid an entrance ticket.
  • From 11 people: children, students, privileged categories – 70 rubles per person.
  • From 11 people: adults and foreign citizens – 70 rubles per participant.

In the museum “Kostroma Sloboda” you can also visit the interactive programs for groups from 15 people:

  • “Around the stove” – 250 rubles. There is a fascinating program with stories about the life and traditions of a peasant family and involvement in the daily activities of such a family. After the interactive program (45 minutes) – sightseeing tour (45 minutes).
  • “Walk, soul!” – 300 rubles. Visitors will take part in a tea party with the owners of the hut, learn about the traditions of hospitality, as well as try their hand at folk games and amusements.

Prices for the master classes are available in the official museum group VKontakte or to get the current information: +7 (4942) 51-38-29.

Museum-reserve “Kostroma Sloboda” opening hours

The museum can be visited any day. Working hours of “Kostroma Sloboda” (Museum of Wooden Architecture) vary depending on the season:

  • Summer season : from 10:00 to 19:00 hours.
  • Winter season: from 09:00 to 17:00 hours.

Reviews of “Kostroma Sloboda”

Tourists especially often note the picturesque nature and beauty of the place where the open-air museum is located. According to reviews, there is a small playground for children on the territory, and master classes are held. There is a toilet and equipped parking for cars. Those who want to learn about the peculiarities of construction and arrangement of wooden houses, it is recommended to take a tour. The most interesting objects, according to many visitors, are the mill and bathhouses on stilts.

Most travelers advise to take a leisurely walk on the territory of the reserve “Kostroma Sloboda” and look into the souvenir store, where they sell the products of folk craftsmen. The best time to visit, according to tourist reviews, is the summer season, as in winter some sites are closed. Children like the spacious area of the museum in nature.

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In the museum-reserve “Kostroma Sloboda” various buildings made of wood are collected:

  • Church of the Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin Mary, dating back to the middle of the XVI century. The monument was moved to the museum from the village of Kholm.
  • Church of the All-Merciful Savior of the early XVIII century, consisting of 4 parts-cells. Earlier it stood in the village of Fominskoye. The bell tower has 8 facets, it is knocked into the roof of the hall. Inside the bell tower are kept the samples of folk craftsmanship in woodcarving.
  • The church of Elijah the Prophet, brought from the village of Verhny Berezovets. In the part of the church where services were held in warm times, there is a vault on which you can see scenes of the Passion of Christ depicted on canvases – such a ceiling is called the “sky”.
  • Ethnographic village with different houses, from small peasant huts to large houses. Inside the structures – thematic ethnographic exhibitions, recreating the life and interiors of past times. There are also barns, a mill, and especially unusual-looking bathhouses. They were brought from the Kostroma valley, which was regularly flooded, causing the local buildings to be put on piles. Visitors often see these bathhouses as references to the “huts on chicken legs” from Russian fairy tales.

You can see the scheme of “Kostroma Sloboda” on the map, made for the Pancake week celebration, in the official group of the Museum of wooden architecture “Kostroma Sloboda” VKontakte.

How to get to the Museum of Wooden Architecture in Kostroma

Museum-reserve “Kostroma Sloboda” is located at Proscenia Street, 1B. You can get here by public transport:

  • Bus № 4, 14, 38, 105, 107, the stop “Ipatievskaya Sloboda” 1 km from the museum.
  • By shuttle-bus № 8, 11, the stop “Ipatievskaya Sloboda.

The way from Moscow by car takes 5-7 hours.

One can also take a cab to the Museum “Kostroma Sloboda”: there are Gett, Yandex.Taxi, Maxim, and RuTaxi services in Kostroma.

Kostroma Wooden Architecture Museum territory panorama:

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Kostroma Wooden Architecture Museum (Kostroma, Russia) – reviews

Comments on Kostroma Sloboda Museum of Wooden Architecture (Kostroma, Russia)

I received the greatest pleasure of my stay in Kostroma in the reserve “Kostroma Sloboda”. The only place I could compete in colorfulness with this place is the embankment of the river Volga. It is located on the opposite bank of the city center.

Beautiful museum in a beautiful place. Walking in good weather was a pleasure

Hello, dear friends and readers of my review! Thank you all for your attention) We went to Kostroma for only 2.5 days, and therefore our program was very full. Our must-see place was the Spaso-Troyitsky Ipatiev Monastery.

A picturesque place, with the opportunity to see the wooden architecture.

Near the Ipatiev Monastery, about which will be one of my closest reviews, is the architectural, ethnographic and landscape museum-reserve “Kostroma Sloboda”. The uniqueness of this place is that here are collected wooden structures of 18-20 centuries, brought here from the submerged.

Island of the Russian wooden architecture and pristine nature of the middle belt of Russia

Nature in its purest form, masterpieces of wooden architecture, silence and peace, not much people on weekdays

Good day, dear countrymen! Today my story is dedicated to amazing by its beauty, originality and authenticity place on the map of our great motherland – isle of freedom and serenity surrounded by pristine nature of the middle belt of Russia. Speech.

Immersion in antiquity without leaving the city

Not so long ago among my favorite and visited cities was Kostroma – the old town, where they know how to preserve the spirit of history. And today I’m going to tell you about a place where you can immerse yourself in history.

An informative and pleasant place to walk!

We had a very busy program in Kostroma. One of the places we planned to visit was the Kostroma Sloboda museum of wooden architecture. It is located next to the Ipatiev Monastery. However, it starts working an hour later.

A wonderful walk through the museum of wooden architecture in Kostroma

When we arrived in Kostroma we decided to visit the museum of wooden architecture “Kostroma Sloboda”. Once you went into the museum, you had the impression you were in a Russian village of the 18th century. It is not just a museum where.

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A beautiful place!

Kostroma Sloboda Museum of Wooden Architecture (Kostroma, Russia) is very beautiful, reminded me a little of Suzdal. But we were not really lucky with the weather – it was raining heavily overcast, and we had a lot of rain. In such weather part of the beauty.

Away from the bustle of the city.

Good location, ticket price, nice natural landscape, you can go into some sites, informative, soulful, quiet rest.

Last summer, coming to Kostroma for two days, we planned to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture “Kostroma Sloboda” on the second of them. The museum is in the open air, you could call it a park, so it is good weather to visit it.

Here is Russian spirit, there is a smell of Russia!

Could I really miss such a wonderful museum related to the history of my homeland? Of course not. Therefore, at the first opportunity we got out of our hotel and went to Kostromskaya Sloboda. The museum consists of two territories.

It’s a very sacred and interesting place in Russia from historical point of view.

Good time, dear friends and visitors of otzovik. I would like to tell you about my Kostroma settlement and of course about the Ipatiev Monastery, which is located there. The monastery, founded at the beginning of the 14th century, is considered one of the oldest in our country.

Native antiquity

I was not born in Kostroma, but for quite a long time the city became my home, so I could explore it and its surroundings up and down. Unfortunately, some of my favorite places have been rebuilt, and more are coming.

For a vacation of the soul.

This weekend we once again decided to visit the city of Kostroma and explore all the things we had not yet had time to see. This time our goal was to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture. The adventure itself began at the very beginning.

National Archaeological Museum of Athens

I want to go back in time! I want to live in a hut!

The author’s opinion on the behavior of museum staff should not affect the evaluation of the object of this review. My friends, I finished my vacation in Kostroma. I started to write my review about the “Museum of Wooden Architecture” right there.

It is worth seeing.

If you are going for a walk in Kostroma, I would advise you to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture “Kostroma Sloboda”. There are old Russian huts, brought from different parts of Russia. You can order an excursion and you.

It is a wonderful open air museum!

Greetings, my dear readers and guests of my web site! As I promised in one of my previous reviews, today I will tell you about a marvelous museum in the open air on a bank of river Kostroma.

It is interesting even in winter! But it is better in summer!

I adore and respect wooden architecture! When I go on my trips, I always try to find something like that and visit it. So far I have been able to visit the Museum of Wooden Architecture and Peasant Life in Suzdal, at the Museum of Wooden Architecture “Kostroma Sloboda”.

Winter walk in an old Russian village

Kostroma Sloboda is an ethnographic and landscape museum of wooden architecture of the 18th and 19th centuries. It has been creating, since the seventies of the last century, from the most interesting old religious, residential and household constructions of the villages and hamlets of the Kostroma region. Such.

We expected more.

We went there hoping to dive into the antiquity of the Russian land. It turned out just houses standing. Nothing special. No animators, which would be to the point! No Russian table full of food))). But as part of a walk through the city, you can

Informative place.

A treasure trove of wooden architecture buildings from all over the Kostroma region struck us with its scale and soulfulness. You get into a world of fairy tales, childhood, knowledge and lost everyday life. We were passing through Kostroma and had an hour for the tour.

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