Mustique Island in the Caribbean Sea, description and photo

Mustique: a tiny island paradise in the Caribbean

This piece of paradise was formed by a volcanic eruption many millions of years ago along with a succession of small rocky islands in the Caribbean.

It’s not enough to be rich and famous to rent one of the villas on the tiny island of Mustique. Even to land at the airport of the most private island in the world is not possible without special permission.

This piece of paradise was formed by a volcanic eruption many millions of years ago, along with a succession of small rocky islands in the Caribbean Sea. Mustique, part of a microarchipelago called the Grenadines, is located near Barbados. One of the few places in the world where you can hide from both the ubiquitous paparazzi and simply from prying eyes, the island of Mustique became thanks to the Scottish Baron Colin Tennant. The Baron’s desire for privacy was probably because his close friends were members of the royal family – above all Princess Margaret, sister of Queen Elizabeth. In the late 50s of last century, he and bought the island for only 45 thousand pounds sterling from a certain family Hesell (the island was formally listed for the tiny state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines). Mustique was a rather dismal picture – a few dilapidated buildings, a couple of colonists’ estates and the remnants of sugar plantations. In 1968, Baron Tennant negotiated with the government of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to keep nature intact on it, and construction, in the name of environmental excellence, would be extremely limited.

No more than 114 houses. The Baron was able to open the eyes to the beauty of the island to those of his friends who shared his penchant for solitude. But it is unlikely that Tennant would have realized the dream of many rich and famous people if the tiny Mustique (about five and a half square kilometers) had not come to the heart of Princess Margaret. The Baron gave his friend for the wedding of 400 hectares of island land, where she, having engaged a famous theatrical artist and designer Oliver Messel, built a villa with its beach and gardens, in miniature imitating Versailles. Margaret especially adored Mustique for the fact that she was free to walk there with her hair loose – without having to put it up in a strict hairdo. The princess and her closest neighbor, Mick Jagger, threw legendary parties at her villa. There, she could afford to take other liberties: began an affair, in particular with the gardener, 17 years younger than her. But time ran out, the long flights were not good for the princess’s health, and in 1998 she gave the villa to her son Lord Lynley – as a wedding gift. To Margaret’s great regret, he soon sold the place she adored, with which she had so many romantic memories

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The owner of the island was distinguished by imagination and good taste: by the end of the 60s, thanks to the efforts of Tennant and his British friends (it was them who he was trying to attract to his island) were built picturesque roads and a charming little airport, enclosed by a white picket fence. But, unfortunately, the Baron did not know how to count money. And as a result, was forced to sell his dream island to a rich man from Venezuela. Despite the change of owner, Tennant’s dream came true. The new owner imbued with the spirit of Mustique and in the mid 70’s the island has become a model of respect for nature. You will not see here external signs of civilization: electric wires, telegraph poles, pipes and other signs of modernity. It’s all there, but buried underground. The houses, however luxurious they may be, can’t rise above the trees.

Aristocracy, comfort, privacy and stunning environmental conditions attract pampered stars and millionaires here. The most advanced technology is used here to collect, purify and filter water, and solar panels – an indispensable attribute of all island constructions. The average daily temperature on the island varies from 25 to 30 degrees Celsius, and hurricanes bypass the archipelago because of the successful location relative to the usual routes of storms and typhoons. More than 1,500 fruit trees were planted on the island a few years ago, and soon its inhabitants are said to be allowed to pick the fruit. Here they prefer to eat mostly local fruits and vegetables, fish and numerous gifts of the sea, the importation of products from outside is kept to a minimum.

Now the island is an enclave for the stars and billionaires and is really governed by a kind of “village council”, which includes the owners of the villas. This council controls almost all aspects of life – repairs and landscaping, protection of local flora and fauna and, of course, a strict security system. No new houses can be built here. As was once decided by Baron Tennant, there are only 114. And the coastal waters and seven delightful beaches are patrolled by very professional British intelligence officers. Police on a miracle-island no, as for security, it is present in a tacit (and inconspicuous) – partly paid by the “village council, partly brought in by the owners of villas or their tenants. The villas are varied. Each has its own architectural and design theme: a Chinese pavilion, an Italian palazzo, an African hut, houses in the Moroccan style, these French castles and dwellings, capable of delighting the most fastidious admirer of art nouveau. After all, here is not just built a luxurious house, but the house of their dreams. And almost all the villas are rented.

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From small, classic, two-bedroom hotels (some of the first to be built more than forty years ago by Princess Margaret’s friend Oliver Messel) to extravagant palaces that could easily serve as the setting for a fairy tale movie. Moreover, there are only two hotels as such on the island (one for five rooms, the other for seventeen). There are three restaurants and a few stores. Despite the fact that there is no golf club on Mustique (too little space), very often you can find electric cars for golfers, which move the locals, affectionately calling them “mules. Among the venerable homeowners, on whom the “entry visa” depends, are the few remaining old-timers: Mick Jagger, Tommy Hilfiger, Bryan Adams, the Guinness family. Often you can find those who are allowed to rent villas – Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, Hugh Grant and many well-known stars of show business and just business, like Bill Gates.

The Council, which consists of villa owners, is not only responsible for safety, environment and issuing permits for entry, but also for compliance with unspoken rules, which are familiar to all who want to get on the island. One of them prohibits appearing on the beach naked. Nudists immediately get a “black mark” and can hardly count on a second visit to Mustique. It is also forbidden to walk around outside the beach without proper pareos, capes, and shirts, that is, in only swimsuits and bathing suits. I must say that the young nouveau riche, those who prefer a noisy nightlife and extravagant escapades, to go here makes no sense. Even if they could get the necessary permits. Since Princess Margaret’s youth, the most indecent party is still the one Tommy Hilfiger threw in 2004 in honor of singer Beyonce. The owner was pushed into the pool by singer Bryan Adams in a parade suit. Nevertheless, it was Mustique that the young couple Kate Middleton and Prince William took a liking to back when they weren’t married. They first rented a villa here in 2006. The family of the current Duchess of Cambridge has also appreciated the charms of life on Mustique. For five years already Kate’s parents Carol and Michael, her sister Philippa and brother James come here to have a rest from inclement English weather and to join the world, earlier inaccessible for them. A world where the tradition of English aristocracy and the right to privacy are held sacred. In January 2012, Kate and her family once again arrived at Mustique. It was there who celebrated the “unofficial” 30th birthday of Kate (she spent her birthday with the royal family) and the 57th birthday of Carol Middleton. Prince William was only able to visit for a couple of days – taking a short vacation from his service in the Falkland Islands. Ever since Kate gained the status of the future queen, the islanders are not very happy about such guests. After all, it means increased security measures and other inconveniences, albeit minor, but unnerving for those who pay money just for their complete absence. But there is another opinion. The patronage of royalty will not interfere with the prestige of the island and its perception as a unique refuge for the powerful. And there are persistent rumors that the Middleton family would not mind buying a house on the island – it’s too much to their liking this paradise for the select few.

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All in all, Mustique is one of the safest places in the Caribbean. Only one crime is known – about 14 years ago a rich French heiress was stabbed to death in her villa. The murder, by the way, has remained unsolved. However, not only the royalty and their relatives are attracted to the most private of all the islands. Sir Paul McCartney also spent his honeymoon here after marrying Nancy Shewell. They’re said to have been hosted at his villa by Mick Jagger . But here’s the amazing thing. As you drive around or around the Mustique golf cart, you can’t help but wonder where all the villa dwellers are. Don’t they want to wander the streets and lounge on the amazing beaches in complete safety and relaxation? The sound of the surf lapping against the powdery white sand, the croaking of the frogs, the frequent crawling of turtles and the trill of the cicadas is truly heaven on earth. From the coast you can admire, with your head slightly up, the wonderful houses, freely scattered on the hills. But the beaches are deserted and no one’s voice is heard on the paths of overgrown alleys. The owners or guests of the island prefer not to show their noses beyond the threshold of luxury villas. Occasionally, you might see a company out for a picnic, a traditional island pastime. Butlers in livery serve folding tables on immaculately clean beaches – lobsters, caviar, champagne, real silver, Chinese porcelain, white tablecloths. Chic, tasteful, and eco-friendly all in one. Maybe there really is no point in going out, except to visit, for a cup of tea? Provided, of course, a special invitation. Otherwise, it doesn’t work.

Mustique: The best island for a vacation in the Caribbean.

Mustique, the best island for vacationing in the Caribbean

Private island Mustique Island, the name of which in French sounds “Mustique” “Mustique”, and in English “Mastic”, is part of the state of St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The first way to get here is to get to Barbados and then take a charter plane or boat to Mustique.

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The island was named by the French and translates as “Comarque”. The island is small in size: it is 2400 m wide and 4800 m long. The island of Barbados is located to the west at a distance of 175 km from Mustique, and the island of St. Vincent – at a distance of 29 km, to the south.

The island became world famous in the seventies, when the rich and famous partygoers began to come here on weekends and holidays to have fun.

Today the island has luxury villas and palaces that belong to rock musicians Mick Jagger and David Bowie, Phil Collins – lead singer of Genesis, Francois Pinault – one of the richest men in the world and France, Raquel Welch, the famous sex symbol of our time, Pierre Cardin, the great couturier, Betty Lagardere, who inherited the company Lagardere SCA from her husband, Liliane Betancourt, the owner of L’Oréal.

Isle of Mustique, vacation villas

The island of Mustique fascinates with its purest deserted beaches (there are nine), professional golf courses, the highest level of service and comfort.

Mustique climate and weather

Mustique is a godsend for those who wish to get a “tidbit” of an exclusive vacation! It is possible to have a rest here all year round and the temperature is always warm: both in summer and winter it stays within +26 +29С.

Mustique map how to get there

The only part of the time when the rest on the island is not quite comfortable from September to November. In these months there are tropical rains.

Mustique Island, Boutique Hotel

Mustique has several private luxury hotels, the most famous of which is called Cotton House. The hotel has 17 suites, spa, fitness center, swimming pool, restaurant, bar, cocktail bar, free Internet. If you decide to come here with children you will not be burdened with taking care of them. The hotel staff will do it for you, entertaining them and inventing all kinds of activities for them.

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Mustique, Sottop House.

Every Tuesday there are parties where guests get to know each other. The hotel costs from $ 1100 for a room for two, per night.

To relax on the island, you can officially contact the owners of a villa and rent it for a certain period, or book a room in one of the hotels of the island. Only in this case you will be able to get into the Mustique.

Mustique Island Caribbean, vacation villas

The Mustique (rental villas and hotels), owner of the island:

  • Guest Servicesemail
  • email:
  • Tel. +1784 488 8500

Contact person for Europe: Pippa Ona

  • tel.+44 (0)207 201 6831
  • email:

Mustique Island Caribbean, the best island for a vacation

Müstik amusement and recreation

Mustique Island scenery

If you want to come to Mustik with your children, the island welcomes children of all ages. There are nannies and tutors for the little ones, and tutors for the older ones. This service for children allows parents to relax and forget about family worries. Specially trained professional organizers for children’s recreation have many proposals: watching movies, playing tennis, pony rides, organizing beach picnics, kite flying competitions, treasure hunting adventures and much more.

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