National Park Losiny Ostrov, where is it

National Park Losiny Ostrov

National Park Losiny Ostrov

From 9:00 to 18:00. Tour times and special events need to be clarified. Picnic sites: Weekdays from 10:00 to 16:00, Weekends from 10:00 to 18:00.

The cost of admission to the environmental centers depends on the event and varies from 100 to 1200 rubles.

Moose Biological Station: Child ticket (weekdays) 400 rubles / (weekend) 600 rubles. Adult ticket (weekdays) 600 rubles / weekend (700) rubles. Parking 250 rubles per car.

Picnic sites: 5 500 rubles weekdays, 8 500 rubles weekend.

It is prohibited to make fires (except specially designated places), collect firewood, twigs, plants, berries, mushrooms and nuts on the territory of Moose Island. It is forbidden to leave any garbage, disturb animals and birds.

The National Park “Elk Island” is a unique and unparalleled corner of nature in the middle of the metropolis.

Different sources testify about the tsarist hunting in this place since ancient times. In 1798 Paul I established the Forest Department and gave him Moose Island. For the convenience of protection the territory was divided by cuttings into 55 blocks, these blocks have survived to this day.

In spite of the rapid growth of Moscow, the outline of Losiny Ostrov remained almost unchanged for 2.5 centuries.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

Where is the National Park “Losiny Ostrov” and its boundaries

“Elk Island” is located to the northeast of Moscow, about a third of it is within the boundaries of the megalopolis. In the region, the park occupies the territory belonging to the urban district of Korolev, as well as Mytishchi, Pushkin, Shchelkovo and Balashikha districts.

The park lies between 55°47′ and 55°55′ N and 37°40′ and 38°01′ E, between the Klin-Dmitrovskaya range and the Meshcherskaya Depression.

The area of Elk Island is 125 km², 83% of which is covered by forest. Water reservoirs occupy 2% of the area, and swamp – 5%.

In 1983 Losiny Ostrov became one of the first Russian national parks. The park’s territory is divided into three zones – the first is under special protection, on the second zone walks and sports are allowed, but only along certain paths. And the third is available to the masses and is designed for recreation of Moscow residents.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

Map of the National Park “Elk Island”

Visitors who find it difficult to choose a route for a walk can take a look at the map of the National Park.

Map of Elk Island National Park

Fishing on “Elk Island”

There are rivers and ponds in the park, but fishing is allowed only in designated places.

“Klyvoe mesto” – a place for paid fishing is located at 97 km. MKAD, on the outer side. In two ponds it is possible to catch amur, trout, carp, catfish, tench, pike and sturgeon. Details can be found in the group or by calling 7-495-582-1130.

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National Park Losiny Ostrov


Eight environmental centers on Moose Island offer guided tours, themed holidays (New Year, Shrovetide, Kupala, etc.), environmental quests, and a variety of master classes. Most centers are open daily from 10:00 to 18:00, time of excursions and special events should be specified. Sign up for a tour by phone: 8-495-323-88-85. The cost of admission depends on the event and varies from 70 to 1200 rubles.

Every day the park is visited by an average of 10 thousand people, on “peak” days – up to 150 thousand people. The total annual attendance of the park is 7 million people.

“White Path”.

A fascinating two-hour game in which participants can try themselves as a pathfinder and naturalist scientist as they explore the animal trails.

Excursion for organized groups is by appointment. Cost of participation in the game program:

  • Children – 700 rubles on weekdays;
  • Adults – 1000 rubles on weekdays;
  • Weekends – plus 100 rubles to the cost of the ticket on weekdays.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

Moose biological station

The biological station located near the ranger station by appointment organizes excursions where you can meet and even communicate with moose alive.

Elk are very cautious, it is difficult to meet them in the wild. At the biostation wild moose are used to humans, so you can feed them and pet them.

Hour and a half excursions are daily, at 10:00, 12:00 and 14:00.

  • weekdays – 400 rubles;
  • weekend – 500 rubles.
  • weekdays – 600 rubles;
  • weekend – 700 rubles.

National Park Losiny Ostrov


You can get acquainted with the diversity of forests in different regions of Russia on the territory of this ecological center, looking at the plants, planted in the appropriate thematic areas.

Guides will tell you about protection and regeneration of forests, as well as about the inhabitants of forests near Moscow. There are animal sculptures and a huge model of a badger’s hole, where you can enter.

“Tea Party in Mytishchi.”

Visitors can see a collection of antique samovars and tea utensils, as well as visit the museum of merchant life. Guests are treated to mint tea with gingerbread and bagels.

The national park is home to 43 species of mammals, about 180 species of birds, 5 species of snakes and 8 species of amphibians. The largest gull colony in the Moscow region is located in Mytishchinskiye Plavnye.

“Russian Life

You can see a reconstructed rural house of the first half of the 20th century with traditional furnishings and utensils in the “Russian way of life” ecocenter.

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The second exposition, an ethno-village, depicts the life of the Vyatichi people in the 10th century, the time when the valley of the Moscow River was colonized.

Dolls in Russian folk costumes at the Russian Household Museum

“Krasnaya Sosnya”.

In the children’s environmental center “Red Pine” you can see a collection of a variety of moose figurines and visit the living corner with parrots, rabbits, etc.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

“Tsar’s Hunt”

The Czar’s Hunt museum is housed in the building of a former government dacha. Guides will tell about falconry, canine, furry hunting and the Tsar’s hunting outings.

Peat Enterprise

The main task of the Ecocenter, located in Korolev, is to acquaint schoolchildren with Losiny Ostrov. During excursions, children study the beavers’ settlements, animal and bird tracks. A summer ecological school works on the basis of the center.


The environmental center is located in the building of the forest cordon at the end of the XIX century. The center conducts ecological quests and excursions, treats herbal teas.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

Picnic sites at “Elk Island”

Picnic sites, equipped with benches, braziers, and other conveniences, can be found at the environmental centers of the National Park. Places to reserve in advance by calling +7 (495) 798-17-09 or visiting the official site of Elk Island National Park. The price includes firewood and depends on the comfort level.

Picnic area rental price per person

  • weekdays (10:00 – 16:00) – from 5,500 rubles;
  • Weekends (from 10:00 to 18:00) – from 8500 rubles.


Horse yards

Here you can learn horseback riding, horseback riding through the woods with an instructor and take a ride in a sleigh or in a carriage. You should make an appointment to visit horseback riding yards.

Yauza Horse Yard

Located in Moscow, on the territory of the ecological center of the same name (Bogatyrsky Bridge St., 17). Details on the website or by phone 8-495-323-88-85.

Magic Forest Horse Yard

Located in Moscow, at Losinoostrovskaya street, possession 52. For opening hours and prices, please visit the website or call: 8-495-323-88-85.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

Horse yard “Losinka”

This horse yard is located in Moscow at Prokhodchikov Street, 1. Working hours and prices can be found by calling 8-495-323-88-85.

KSC “Nightingale Grove.”

This club has two stables: in Mytishchi and at 97 km. MKAD. You can clarify details on the website or by telephone 8-495-323-88-85.

Orion Equestrian Club

The club is located in Moscow, in the 2nd Belokamenniy proezd. You can sign up by phone at 8-495-323-88-85, and to clarify the conditions – on the website.

National Park Losiny Ostrov

Walking routes

The employees of the National Park have developed walking routes with maps and indication of interesting objects along the route.

The High Tauern National Park in Austria

How to get there

Depending on the purpose of visiting Elk Island, there are different ways to get to the National Park, including by public transport.


The Arboretum is situated 5 km away from the Moscow Ring Road, at the junction of Shchelkovskoye and Balashikha highway. If driving a car you should follow the Schelkovskoe highway, check the coordinates of the Arboretum: 55.828326, 37.897836. You can drive up to the territory only when heading towards Moscow.

To get there by public transport take suburban bus 300 or fixed-route cab 102k which goes from metro station “Schelkovskaya” to the bus stop “Lesotsekh” (Izumrudny mall). After crossing on the other side of the road, walk 300 m to the stop “Road Section” behind the post of the traffic police. There, you will cross the road to the opposite side and walk 100m along the highway towards Moscow.

Moose Biostation

You can get to the moose biological station by car, using coordinates: 55.879232, 37.784380. Go along Yaroslavskoe shosse towards the Moscow region for about 1 km after the Ring Road, then turn to the Druzhba village and drive to the beginning of the Lesopark at Kropotkinsky proezd.

From VDNKh metro station: by any regional public bus till the first stop after the Moscow Ring Road – “Yaroslavskoe shosse/Perlovskaya Platform”. Then go on foot through Druzhba village about 40 minutes along the main road and turn left near the forest.

From the railway station Elk: by bus № 547 to the stop “4-ya Parkovaya Street, then through the checkpoint and straight ahead.

From the train station Perlovskaya (Yaroslavl direction): by shuttle bus № 3 to the last stop “4th Parkovaya Str.”, then go straight through the checkpoint.

Moose Island Park

National park Losiny Ostrov (Elk Island). Located in the northeast of Moscow and the Moscow region, this is an ideal place for those lovers of forest and fresh air, who do not want to leave the city. Here is a unique opportunity to be one-to-one with nature without leaving the city. But you can’t cook barbeque or bake potatoes over a fire here, as the park is strictly guarded.

Elk Island is a paradise for families with children, for athletes and history buffs. It is also perfect for those who just want to relax, to wander along the forest paths and be alone with yourself.

About the park

The territory of the park is more than 116 km2. The forest covers about 80% of the total area, 25% of which is located in Moscow. Elk Island is one of the first national parks in our country. Water bodies (ponds) occupy 2% of the territory, and 5% are marshes. Several rivers flow through the park. Here start the Yauza and the Pekhorka. There is also a tiny rivulet called Elk.

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National park Losiny Ostrov

There are three zones in the park:

  • Specially protected area, a little less than half of the entire area
  • Zone for walking and sports,
  • Recreation area for mass visits.

Since one thousand four hundred and sixth year the territory of today’s Losiny Island was part of the Taininskaya palace parish, whose lands served as hunting grounds for Russian tsars and princes.

In the park Losiny Ostrov

A barrow in an Elk Island pond

A barrow in an Elk Island pond

Since 1800 the first forestries appeared here, and ordering of the territory began. And in 1937 Losiny Ostrov became a part of the “green ring” around the capital.

National park Losiny Ostrov

In 1943 Moose Island was renamed a national park. In 2004 there was an attempt to reduce the area of forest plantations for the construction of the fourth Ring Road. Fortunately, this idea was not implemented.

A pond in Elk Island

What is remarkable about Moose Island Park?

Connoisseurs of wildlife will find on the territory of the reserve many rare plants, as well as here you can meet a variety of animals. Elk Island is famous for the fact that elk still live here, which sometimes come out on the streets adjacent to the park.

Twenty years ago, spotted deer could be seen in areas designated for public recreation. Now they have been moved deep into the regional part of the forest to avoid poachers exterminating these rare animals.

One of the favorite activities for families with children is feeding squirrels from their hands. The park is full of them, they are not afraid of people and readily take nuts and sunflower seeds from their hands.

National park Losiny Ostrov

Moose Island is also popular with cyclists. They feel at ease here – plenty of wide and comfortable paths make it possible to ride through the woods without any obstacles.

By the way, one of the main attractions of the park is the Paper glade. It was cut in times immemorial for the transportation of wood, which went to make paper.

Now it is a well paved wide road, cutting through the woods from north to south, where you can ride a bike or roller skate in the summer without fear of being hit by a car. After all, vehicle entry into the park is strictly limited.

In the park Losiny Ostrov

There are several playgrounds in Elk Island, decorated with wooden figures of animals from children’s favorite fairy tales. In general, you can constantly see carved wooden animal figures in the park in the most unexpected places: they stand along the paths, and some look out from under bushes. The little ones are delighted to find a bear cub or a bunny made of wood not far from the path.

Taganai National Park in the Chelyabinsk Region

Environmental centers and tours

In the northern part of the park (near Prokhodchikov Street) there is a horse club where you can rent a horse and ride through the woods on safe trails. Nearby is the Museum of Russian Life, the reserve of rare birds “Bird Garden” and biostation.

Ecological and historical centers of the park, which include “Russian Household”, “Red Pine”, “Abramtsevo”, “Tea Party in Mytishchi”, organize tours that will be of interest to children and adults. The main topics are history, Moscow history, ecology. For example, an excursion for children, which is called “The trail of fairy tales” goes through such interesting forest places as Bear Corner, Pine mushroom and others. Children get acquainted with different plants, learn to understand bird and animal tracks, observe the habits of small animals. During the tour you can relax in one of the environmental centers, where you can always be treated to tea from a samovar, tell many fascinating stories about Russian hunting in ancient times, about the first plumbing and many others.

In the park Losiny Ostrov

It is believed that somewhere in the park is lost hunting lodge of Tsar Alexei Mikhailovich, or rather what is left of it. Historians say that the house may be of cultural and historical value. There are also rumors that there are hidden treasures in it. But most likely, this is just idle gossip.

In the park Losiny Ostrov

Moose Island is a huge forest that has an ancient history. Even a few weeks will not be enough for an average person to explore the entire territory of the park. Any visitor will find something to their liking here. History buffs can visit fascinating excursions, sportsmen ride bicycles in summer and skis in winter, children play and learn to understand and appreciate nature. Tourists undertake hikes to the sources of famous Moscow rivers. At any time of the year, it’s a good place to relax with the whole family.

In the park Losiny Ostrov

In the park Losiny Ostrov

How to get there from the subway:

You can get to the park in different ways. One of them is the entrance from the side of Prokhodchikov Street. The nearest metro stations are Medvedkovo and Babushkinskaya. You can also walk from “Los” platform of Yaroslavl railroad or take buses № 172, 136 from metro station VDNKh. Moreover, from the metro station Ulitsa Podbelskogo you can get to another part of the park by streetcars №36, 12, 29.

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