Nature’s strangest mysteries

Nature’s strangest mysteries

Terra Incognita | The most strange natural mysteries

Nature’s strangest mysteries

We are used to perceiving the world and nature as something familiar and familiar. Most of us are sure that everything around us already has its scientific explanation and thoroughly studied. However, in different parts of the world people still witness mysterious events that cannot be explained. These cases force us to go beyond the established limits and look at the world around us in a different way. Minnesota residents and doctors have witnessed an unexplainable event. One cold morning, a local resident found his 19-year-old neighbor, Jean Hilliard, lying in the snow. He immediately called an ambulance, but her body was already completely frozen and as if it were made of ice. Her limbs did not bend and were immobile.

It turned out that the girl wanted to get to her neighbor because her car had gone off the road. The girl’s condition was extremely serious. Doctors diagnosed severe brain damage and were certain that an operation to amputate her legs would be necessary. However, quite unexpectedly, two hours later, the girl began convulsing. She began to slowly regain consciousness.

Surprisingly, the patient felt well, and the frostbite began to go away. After 49 days in the clinic, she made a full recovery. She did not have to have an amputation, and the patient’s brain was intact. Among the unexplained and strange phenomena was the so-called “Hutchison effect. It was observed during an attempt to recreate Nikola Tesla’s experiments by inventor John Hutchison. During the experiment, the scientist recorded the phenomena of levitation, the disappearance of small objects, as well as the unexplainable merging of different elements, including metal and wood. Unfortunately, the inventor was not able to repeat the experiment. Since mankind’s transition to the Iron Age, people have struggled with its main feature – susceptibility to rust – to no avail. However, what modern science could not, the ancient Indian craftsmen were able to do.

For more than 1600 years in Delhi stands a unique “iron column”. Its height reaches 7 meters, and it weighs 6 tons. It is incredible, but the column, which consists of 98% iron, absolutely does not corrode. Science cannot explain this fact. Half a century after the strange incident of the disappearance of all the crew of the ship Maria Celeste, a similar event occurred with the schooner Carroll A. Dearing. The ship was discovered off the coast of North Carolina. Rescuers arrived without a single person on board. The cooked food, however, was untouched and remained in place. The ship’s logbook and all the personnel’s personal belongings were missing. For more than 20 years strange male and female faces have been appearing in the house and looking at people. These are the faces of Belvas. Each time their expression changes. They appear briefly and then disappear without a trace. Many have tried to establish the nature of the appearance of the mysterious faces.

Ojos del Salado, the highest volcano in the world

As a result, human remains were found under the house. However, experiments have not provided a clear explanation for this phenomenon and these terrifying images continue to terrify visitors. Another mysterious natural phenomenon was the disappearance of a mountain lake in Patagonia, located in Chile. The small lake, 5 miles long, left behind a thirty-meter deep depression and, most surprisingly, a completely dry land surface. Scientists have never come to one opinion that fully explains the reason for the disappearance of this lake. The lake never returned, leaving a muddy trail as a reminder of itself.

A truly fantastic sight was experienced by the residents of Oakville in August 1994. The gloomy day brought them not the long-awaited rain, but something resembling jelly. It poured from the clouds, leaving the locals in shock. Strangely enough, after the rain of jelly stopped, the townspeople felt sickness similar to the symptoms of influenza, which generally went away without a trace after one month. Naturally, scientists took a sample of the fallen substance in order to establish its composition and find out the possible cause of the strange event. The results showed that the “jelly” contained human leukocytes, as well as two different bacteria, the usual habitat of one of which was the human digestive system. It has not yet been possible to explain this phenomenon. Another mysterious phenomenon has been witnessed many times around the world.

Small animals, particularly frogs, have been found in various mediums, be it stone, wood or artificial material. The unbelievable thing was that they were alive. In one case, which occurred in the state of Texas in 1976, workers found a live green turtle that was inside an air sac that had formed in the concrete. Inexplicably, the concrete had no holes or crevices for it to somehow get in there while still being alive. This boy earned the nickname, “Rain Man.” In 1983, Donnie, that’s his name, suddenly went into a trance-like state in front of a friend he was visiting. At that time it rained down from the ceiling of the entire apartment. The entire room was filled with fog. His friends immediately called the landlord. He also witnessed what happened and was shocked by what he saw.

What is the largest sea in the world: the Sargasso Sea

The story of the “Rain Man” did not end there. A couple of years later, while in a restaurant, the guy was able to cause rain again. After that, he confessed that he could effortlessly cause fog and rain. No one has ever been able to explain the guy’s phenomenon.

The mysteries of nature

With the emergence of a human desire to explore the world, perhaps, was born human consciousness and awareness of their own uniqueness. And yet, although we have been carefully studying nature for thousands of years, there are many mysteries that we have not yet been able to solve, despite technological progress and the development of science.

Scientists from different fields of science – biology, astronomy, chemistry, physics – daily stumble upon solutions to the mysteries of nature, both large and small. It is unlikely that man will rest until he has found all the answers. But it is also unlikely that in the near future we will be able to solve all the secrets of nature, and we are again and again confronted with plants, natural phenomena, and living creatures previously unknown to us.

What animals live on Mount Everest, the highest point on Earth

Everest is considered to be the highest point on Earth – according to new data, the height of this mountain is 8848.86 meters. The climate of this place is completely unsuitable for life: very strong winds blow there, there is very little oxygen, and the level of UV radiation greatly exceeds the norm. However, even in such extreme conditions, daredevils who dare to conquer the mountain manage to meet living creatures. Recently, scientists took water samples and studied them for the presence of animal DNA. They managed to find genetic data in the extracted liquid, which belongs to representatives of 187 taxonomic groups – this corresponds to 16.3% of all known groups of living organisms. Surprisingly, traces of domestic dogs were found in the water. Where do you think they came from at such a great altitude?

In August people are often attacked by drunken wasps. How do you escape them?

Everyone risks being stung by bees or wasps during the summer. The former are of great benefit to mankind – they not only produce honey, but also play a key role in pollinating plants and help maintain life on Earth. But wasps, as most people see them, are embittered bastards who do no good and sting for no reason at all. In August of each year, they seem to go crazy and sting people even more often than usual. People and biologists have long noticed this phenomenon and, through numerous studies, have found a very convincing explanation. According to scientists, wasps are often intoxicated at the end of summer and, like gopniks, pester every passerby. But where do they get their alcohol and why at this time of year?

Where is the windiest place on earth

What was the largest ocean and why did it go extinct?

Every schoolboy knows that the largest ocean on the planet is the Pacific Ocean. It covers more than 30% of the Earth’s surface. Its width between Colombia and the Malay Peninsula is 19,000 km, and its total area exceeds 165 million square kilometers. It is difficult to imagine its size, but it is much smaller than the ocean that covered the Earth 300 million to 200 million years ago. At that time, it was lining the shores of a supercontinent called Pangea.

Scientists call this ocean the Panthalassa, or Panthalassic Ocean. A recent study has shown that it is directly related to a major extinction event that occurred in the late Triassic, early Jurassic period.

5 phenomena that scientists still can’t explain

In the last 50 years, scientific progress has made great strides forward. People are finally flying into space, are able to cure diseases thought to be deadly, are developing artificial intelligence, and so on. But the more scientists make scientific discoveries, the more questions they have. For example, the discovery of gravity has raised a lot of questions. We know very well that lunar gravity causes tides, Earth gravity keeps us from flying into space, and solar gravity keeps planet Earth itself from flying into space. But do any gravity particles exist, why does the force holding atoms together differ from gravity, and does it even really exist? Scientists, at least at the current stage of scientific development, cannot answer these questions. And what other unsolved mysteries are there?

How Scientists Tried to Turn a Monkey into a Man

English naturalist Charles Darwin was convinced that modern humans are descendants of ancient apes. Knowing this, some people may mistakenly believe that today’s chimpanzees and gorillas may one day evolve into intelligent humans as well. This, of course, is not true – in the course of evolution, primate development divided into hundreds of different branches and only one led to the emergence of the human species. However, despite this, in the second half of the twentieth century American scientists tried to make at least something resembling a human being out of monkeys. In particular, they wanted to teach chimpanzees human speech-if not verbal, then at least sign language. In the course of their experiments they achieved some successes, but on the whole all cases ended in a very sad way.

Dog Fence, the longest fence in the world

Licking crayfish can heat water up to 4,000 degrees – true or myth?

Have you ever heard of the alpheid crayfish (Alpheidae), which have skills usually reserved for comic book superheroes? Scientific articles say that when they close their huge claws, these creatures release a jet of water at up to 100 kilometers per hour and generate temperatures up to 4,427 degrees Celsius – four times hotter than volcanic lava. There are more than a thousand species of click crayfish in the world and they are found everywhere – they can be found in fresh waters, coral reefs and other parts of the planet. Reading about the amazing abilities of these crustaceans, one can’t help but wonder: if they have such killing power and are so widespread, how have they still not destroyed mankind? There is an explanation.

A huge hole has formed in Chile – no one knows why

In the second half of the XX century, while drilling a gas well in Turkmenistan, a huge hole was formed – it turned out that there was an empty space in the depths and specialists did not know about it. All the drilling equipment had fallen into the hole and potentially hazardous gases for human and animal health began gushing out. To prevent them from harming anyone, the gases were set on fire, but there were so many supplies that the hole is still engulfed in flames – the place is known as the “Gates of Hell.” In early 2022, the authorities of Turkmenistan decided to look for a way to extinguish the gas crater, as we detailed in this piece. The other day, about the same hole formed on the territory of Chile, but in this case, scientists do not know the cause of the collapse of the earth. But there must be some guesses, right?

Mauna Loa, the largest volcano in the world

Australia’s deepest cave, named after the coronavirus, studied

Recently, during the study of cave systems of the Australian island of Tasmania, scientists found a depth of just over 400 meters. Exploring this geological formation for dozens of hours, experts have concluded that they are dealing with the deepest cave in Australia. Earlier this status belonged to the Niggli cave – it is shorter than the found deepening by as much as four meters. Researchers have given the new cave a very unusual name “Variant Delta”, in honor of one of the most dangerous strains of coronavirus. Scientists have been preparing to descend into the deep cave for months, because it is always a very risky venture. Such missions are associated with all kinds of dangers – what could be waiting for people in caves?

5 places on Earth where unexplained phenomena occur

The Earth covers over 510 million square kilometers and there are many places where mysterious phenomena occur. Examples include areas where ships, airplanes, and other types of passenger and cargo vehicles mysteriously disappear. For example, in the waters south of Tokyo, Japan, there is the “Devil’s Sea,” in which fishing boats have regularly disappeared. In 1953, explorers sailed into the frightening place and their ship, too, suddenly disappeared along with more than fifty crew members. Over time, the mystery of the disappearing ships was solved – voyageships disappear due to tropical cyclones and volcanic activity. There are many other places in the world where mysterious phenomena occur, and their cause has yet to be solved.

Mysterious holes have been found at the bottom of the ocean. Who made them and why?

According to scientists’ calculations, about 70% of the Earth’s surface is occupied by water, and most of this area is completely unexplored. There is a high degree of probability that at great depths of the seas and even more so the oceans are inhabited by animals, the existence of which we do not even guess. Sometimes, during the study of great depths, scientists do find strange formations, which may be traces of creatures unknown to science. Recently, while studying the Mid-Atlantic Ridge at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean, scientists found mysterious, evenly lined holes. They are at a depth of 2,540 meters and, judging by the presence of a handful of sediments nearby, were dug by someone. What caused the holes to appear at great depth: a natural phenomenon, the tricks of unknown animals, or human activity?

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