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The Netherlands is a country in western Europe. It consists of a peninsula and several islands. The Kingdom of the Netherlands has borders with two European countries. It is a constitutional monarchy.

The state consists of provinces, divided into several hundred municipalities. The Kingdom is a highly developed country with an excellent infrastructure and highly qualified and multilingual specialists. The most important economic sectors are electronics, machinery, aviation, iron and steel, shipbuilding, petrochemicals, and textiles.

Population 1,6645,000 Area of the Netherlands 41,526 sq. km Situated on the continent Europe Capital Netherlands Amsterdam Money in the Netherlands Euro (EUR) Domain area .nl Country phone code 31


There are few resorts in the kingdom, but any city in the country can be safely called a resort, because a trip to the Netherlands, will leave a lot of positive emotions and impressions. The resort of Zandvoort will hospitably welcome and delight visitors with a quiet and comfortable rest on the North Sea coast among the dunes, clear water and excellent beaches. Besides Zandvoort, there are similar resorts such as: De Coog, Wassenar, Scheveningen, Bergen-en-Zee and Kaikdajun. You can also spend an unforgettable and unusual vacation in Kekenkof, a park of flowers, the number of which can reach several million. Ponds, fountains and trees, complete the harmonious and colorful festival of flowers.

Climate of the Netherlands: Temperate. Maritime. Cool summers and mild winters.


After visiting the cities in the Kingdom of the Netherlands, you can find attractions and not alone. Some things are like a fairy tale, and Efteling Park is a real wonderland, as is Madurodam Park in The Hague.

In the history-rich land of the Netherlands, there are quite a few ancient castles, such as Heeswijk, Ter Worm, Kroy, Muiderslot, Hunsbroek, Leiden and others. Modern buildings look very futuristic, like the Evoluon complex, the Delft Gate, or the Euromast tower.

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is also famous for parks, such as Vondela and Kekenkof. Two botanical gardens in Amsterdam and Leiden, are of great interest because they are several centuries old, as well as a windmill in Zauteland.

Terrain in the Netherlands:: Mostly coastal lowlands and drained lands (polders). Rare hills in the south.


In the economy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, tourism plays an important role, so everything in this industry, is developed and supported. Accommodation for visitors is an important task. It is safe to say that in the Netherlands, the question of tourist accommodation has been successfully solved. Problems with accommodation in hotels should not arise. Guests are welcomed in hotels “Piet Hein”, “Barbizon Palace”, “Blue Tower”, “Novotel Maastricht”, “Hotel de Vassy”, “Pansion het Anker”, “Hotel van Beelen”, “Hotel Faber” and “Beach Hotel”. This is just a tiny fraction of the decent selection of hotels in the Netherlands, which is quite large.

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The Netherlands has resources such as: : Natural gas, oil, peat, limestone, salt, sand and gravel, arable land.

Leisure time

Visiting the Kingdom of the Netherlands, you can be sure that adults and children can relax and have a good time. Leisure time in the country is all right. At night in the Netherlands, life does not stop, which is widely known about the country outside. At night there is plenty of entertainment and recreation. Discotheques, concert halls, clubs, cozy restaurants, cinemas – you will not be bored, it is guaranteed. Widespread in the Netherlands is sporting leisure. Residents of the Kingdom love this kind of recreation and offer it to their guests. On land or in the water, you can always find entertainment. In addition, amusement rides, oceanariums, amusement parks, circuses, zoos, botanical gardens – always a lot of fun for children and adults.

Dutch money: In 2002, the Netherlands officially joined the euro area and adopts a universal currency – the euro. Francs and guilders remained the right of exchange until 2012.


You can find out about the history of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, culture, customs, prominent personalities and national traditions by visiting museums. There are a lot of museums in the country. Their expositions are different, not even ordinary, but they have one thing in common – they are always interesting. The number of museums in the kingdom is quite large. The main ones are: Alkmaar Cheese Museum, Bonnefantenmuseum, Valckhof Museum, Prinsenhof Museum, Escher Museum, Groningen Museum. In Amsterdam there are many museums of interest, among them: Rembrandt House Museum, NEMO Museum, Museum of Erotica, Madame Tussauds Museum, Sex Museum, Van Gogh Museum. In addition, many cities have urban museums, and there is even an open-air museum located in Eindhoven.


Netherlands is a country with an elaborate and convenient transportation system, which presents all its main forms. The main air gateway of the state, the largest airport in Europe is Schiphol, located in Amsterdam. Among the intercity transport, trains and buses are popular and convenient. The city public transport is very convenient, thanks to a wide network of routes and arrival of vehicles according to schedules. Water transport is a distinctive feature of some cities in the Netherlands, however, their use is more expensive than other modes of transport and is used more as a means of entertainment.

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Standard of living

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is a progressive and developed country, both economically, socially, educationally and culturally. The Netherlands is recognized as a country with the best living conditions. The country is one of the top ten countries in this ranking, and security of living and traveling around the country are at a high level. Unemployment in the kingdom is not high. Most citizens have a job with high pay. The average salary in the country is about 3000 euros, but it all depends on the profession, but taxes in the Kingdom is quite significant. In the economy of the state has a large share of agriculture, which, thanks to the location, land and climate, is successfully developing. Netherlands has a developed, modern and comfortable infrastructure.


It is not for nothing that the Kingdom of the Netherlands is called the “Low Countries”, and all because of the unique natural landscape of the country, half of which is located below sea level.

The capital of the state is Amsterdam, located in one of the twelve provinces in northern Holland. The main city of the country has 160 canals, which gives Amsterdam a certain resemblance to Venice. The city is famous for its history, architecture, culture, liberty of manners and nightlife, which attracts tourists from all over the world.

The country itself is small, and of the major cities we can highlight the port of Rotterdam, with a population of half a million people, and of course The Hague, where all the important institutions are concentrated.

Excursion to the Kingdom of the Netherlands – reviews

My review of the tour of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

My journey through the countries of northern Europe continued in the Netherlands. By ferry from Copenhagen our group moved to Germany, and then by bus, through the country reached Amsterdam . We started our acquaintance with the city.

Life without travel is boring and not interesting!

There are so many places of interest here, it would take at least a week to see them all!

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Hello, dear friends and readers of my review. I am glad to welcome you all on my page in Otzovik! Today, while I have some free time, I decided to remember our trip to Belgium and the Netherlands in May (uh, last year already. ). Usually.

It really is a kingdom! Of beauty and nature!

If I was offered a tour of the Netherlands, I would first think about what mode of transportation to choose for it. And there really are many options. For starters, let’s remember that the Netherlands is riddled with rivers, as well as canals, of which especially.

A city of contrasts

How often do we think of our trips? Someone will go and forget in a while, and someone will long reread in his head moments of travel. Will flip through the photos, will catch memories, smells, feelings. The year 2020 is out the window.

Transport in Holland. Detailed instructions on how to buy tickets, how to ride and how to save money.

Hello, my dear friends! The Netherlands (or Holland – I’m more accustomed to call this country that way)) has a lot to see. There are more than enough sights in this small European country), but all the beauties of Holland I.

Traveling in the Netherlands by train: from north to south

Comfortable electric trains, easy to get around by bike, lots to see, visit and taste, care for the environment

High prices, difficulties with eating right, transfers and rail disruptions, unpredictable climate, coffeeshops

Although the country is small, it is very expensive to travel through the kingdom of the Netherlands. On the one hand gasoline is expensive, on the other hand train prices are just cosmic. As an option, you can ride a bike for free, but to.


Good afternoon to all those who read this review. The Netherlands is one of the most mysterious and beautiful parts of Europe. It is very popular with tourists, they go there from all corners of the earth. This region is associated with a great.

Italy country

On bicycles in the country – the brightest impression of summer! Part 1.

+ beauty, beauty, beauty and so on 100 times. If you love gardens and are into landscaping, this is the place for you!

I decided to share my bicycle trip to the Netherlands, but I have a very difficult task. The fact that a fairly detailed report I posted in my live journal, and since repetition in the “Otzovik” can not, I will have to write.

Orange conquest of the land.

March. Early March. Before the trip we did not look at the weather for the week. And in vain. Before the Dutch border it was freezing rain, even snow was coming down. The whole group came to a sorrowful despondency. Someone was trying to get on the internet and look at last.

An impressively warm city.

Another city we visited was Haarlem(Garmlem), a town not far from Amsterdam. Our peculiarity of traveling with my husband is that in addition to the standard overview of the country: the capital, famous cities, attractions, we go to small towns to see.

Holland is the land of tulips!

We say Holland and we should say Netherlands, Holland is only a part of a small country that can be crossed in 3 hours. Holland is a country of plains almost everything that grows in Holland is not by the will of the wild, but.

Frivolous country, but the architecture is magnificent

One of the countries on our 2012 European trip was the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The entire kingdom is low-lying land, they are constantly trying to drain it and are afraid of flooding. The very name “Netherlands” means “low lands”. What the Dutch have reclaimed.

Beautiful places, striking for their neatness and cleanliness

I want to share with you an impression of a wonderful place in the Netherlands. For a long time I chose a tour where to go, finally stopped at the Netherlands, or rather a gallop through Europe, as part of the tour was also a trip to the Benelux.

Country Armenia

Almost extreme or what is the red light street

When I got back from my trip, the first thing almost everyone I knew asked me was if I had managed to visit the famous “red light” place. Naturally, we did not miss such an opportunity. We were even offered a tour of the quarter, and it was worth it.

The most colorful European capital and its inhabitants.

The concept of “excursion”-this is quite a broad definition. Basically, many tourists under this word mean a survey of monuments, museums, etc., that is, simply put, a tour of local attractions. But after all, a tour can be done in different ways. A simple walk.

Land of windmills and infinite happiness.

Holidays in Holland – a dream for me since my early childhood. When my mother first made me a cheese sandwich, which had a beautiful and poetic name – Dutch. At that time traveling abroad was not so.


I visited the Netherlands at the invitation of my pen pal who lives there. I just dreamed of visiting Holland and was happy to go there. My Dutch friend lives in the province of Limburg in the small town of Hunsbroek, which is.

A country of delights.

Initially, the Netherlands only had two associations for me – legalized drugs and tulips. So, I was a little fixated. We flew to Amsterdam and found ourselves in a little rainy, but beautiful kingdom. It’s a beautiful city. And here.

For “snowdrops!”

Holland – for a long time I was going to go, heard a lot about the park of flowers, and about Amsterdam, and about “fun” cookies, I just do not smoke, . We chose the route – as in bus tours (Amsterdam, Volendam, Köckenhof), but we went.

Land of open windows, flowers, canals and forbidden fruits.

Going to the new and unfamiliar country of Holland, I hoped to meet gallant men and see the country of flowers. I went to a new and unfamiliar country, Holland, hoping to meet gallant men and see the country of flowers.

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