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New Caledonia

New Caledonia

New Caledonia ( New Caledonia ) is an overseas territory of France in the South Pacific ( South Pacific ). Territorially it consists of a large island of the same name and several smaller islands. It borders with Vanuatu, Fiji and Australia. The capital of New Caledonia is Noumea.

The official language is French. Among the local population there are Melanesian dialects, English and Japanese.

The population consists of Melanesian aborigines (Kanaks), members of the white community (Caldoches), and French military personnel serving in New Caledonia. The vast majority of the population is Christian.

New Caledonia has a tropical trade wind climate. Summer in the European months lasts from November to March and winter from April to October. The rainy season with hurricanes lasts from December to March. We recommend planning a trip to New Caledonia for the trade wind season (September to December).

The best beach holidays for visitors to New Caledonia are in the capital city of Nouméa on the beautiful beaches of Bahia des Citron Beach, Anse Vata Beach and the coves of Oro Bay and Couteau Bay. Nokanmue atoll, south of Ile des Pins Island, is one of the world’s top destinations for eco-tourism, weddings, and relaxation stays.

For the lovers of leisure New Caledonia offers excursions to the luxurious Aquarium, Forest Park and hunting grounds in the village of Bourail.

You can also take in the history and culture of Nouméa, such as the Tjibaou Cultural Center, where you can explore the history and contemporary life of the Oceanian people.

The northern part of the country is a paradise for those who prefer active sports. The resort town of Puandime on the east coast is a center of island diving and windsurfing. And Kendu Bay near Noumea is considered the best area for snorkeling. Visitors to New Caledonia on a day hike or bike tour can explore the beauties of the scenic cliffs and lagoon, go rafting or relax in the Crouen thermal hot springs.

How to get there


Tourists from the EU and the CIS suggest connecting flights to New Caledonia from Tokyo and Osaka, Sydney or Seoul. The flight variant has only one connection at the hubs in Asia and Oceania.

From La Tontouta International Airport in Noumea, Aircalin flies to Auckland, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo and Osaka. Air New Zealand, Air Vanuatu and Quantas depart from Australia, New Zealand and Oceania.

Citizens of the European Union do not need a visa to visit the French Overseas Territories. Travelers from the CIS countries to travel to New Caledonia should obtain a visa to visit French overseas territories, which can be arranged at the visa centers and consulates of the French Republic.

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In some cases, you can do without a special visa:

  • If vacationers have a long-term visa or residence permit from one of the Schengen countries;
  • If travelers planning to vacation in New Caledonia have a French Schengen visa (from 1 year).

The review period of the package of documents – at least 10 days.


Tourists from the EU and the import and export of any currency is not restricted by customs regulations. Travellers from the CIS countries planning to bring sums of money over 10,000 Euros (any currency equivalent) through the border of New Caledonia must indicate them in the declaration.

Holidaymakers may take with them on vacation goods and articles for personal use amounting to 30,000 francs for an adult tourist and up to 15,000 francs for their underage companions.

It is prohibited to bring into New Caledonia:

  • absinthe and anise tincture;
  • meat and meat products;
  • endangered species of plants and animals;
  • All poultry;
  • Fighting dogs;
  • items of historical or cultural value (without appropriate clearance).

When importing medications, visitors to New Caledonia will be required to present a prescription issued by a physician and certified by a notary.

When bringing pets, tourists will be required to present a certificate of vaccination and a blood test done no earlier than three months prior to travel.


Tourists who come to New Caledonia for recreation, will be offered dishes of French, Italian, Indonesian, African, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. If you wish, you can also try a local dish.

If you want to get an idea of Kanak Indian cuisine, you should try “Buna” – roast chicken with yams and other vegetables wrapped in banana leaves. Buna is only cooked over charcoal or heated stones.

During a trip to New Caledonia vacationers will have a unique opportunity to experience the taste of meat of animals that are found only in this part of the world. For example, the gourmet will not leave indifferent roasted meat of sea turtles, flying foxes and tender ragout of the fillet of a giant bat.

Seafood is the mainstay of New Caledonian cuisine. Pacific shrimp, lobster, oysters, and lobsters are widely represented on the menus of local restaurants. We recommend tourists to order themselves a series of Melanesian salads with raw or marinated fish.

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Yam, cereals, root vegetables, and juicy tropical fruits make up the daily diet of the Kanak people.

As far as alcoholic beverages are concerned, visitors to the islands will not find much difference from the French metropolis. In restaurants and hotels along the coast, visitors along with adult companions can enjoy the excellent wine list of sunny France and hot Australia.


The official currency of this part of France’s overseas territories is the French Pacific franc ( XPF ).

The local franc is tightly pegged to the euro. Along with the national currency of New Caledonia, New Zealand dollars and Australian dollars are accepted in stores, hotels, and restaurants.

You and your traveling companions can exchange currency at the airport or at any bank branch. Plastic cards are used in Nouméa, but there may be problems with their use outside the capital. In New Caledonia’s capital, banking institutions cash Visa, American Express, Master Card and Diners Club cards .

If vacationers take traveler’s checks on a trip, it is best to have them in euros. Tourists can only cash traveler’s checks in Noumea at banks.

What you should know

New Caledonia sights

New Caledonia’s Barrier Reef and the lagoons it protects are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is the third longest barrier reef in the world – 1,500 km surround the largest island of the archipelago and several smaller islands. In the lagoons with an average depth of 25 meters, visitors to the islands and their companions will be able to observe the amazing biodiversity and endemic species of plants and animals. The barrier reef is for divers, where you can meet the endangered dugong or the equally rare green turtles.

The crystal clear waters of Oro Bay and Maurice Bay are suitable for the recreation of beginner divers. This area of the sea is a nature reserve.

Professionals who are into diving and snorkeling tend to prefer the calm waters of Haji Pass, located in the northern part of the Ile de Pin. Here they can find a cliff 35m deep and the Devil’s Grotto or the Cave of Satan, which can be reached through a narrow passageway.

Sailing enthusiasts can enjoy the trip from Nouméa to the Ile de Pin in a chartered yacht. It is better to anchor in Couto Bay. You can go on a boat trip along the coast of the islands or on a canoe trip to the southern tip of New Caledonia atoll Nakanmue. Tourists can see sun-burned coral beaches studded with nautilus and cowrie shells.

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You can also hike and bike to the picturesque Vao village, where the Statue of St Maurice sits on the shore of the bay of the same name.

In Burai village, which is located in the center of the big island, tourists can hunt deer, imported in the past from Europe. Underwater hunting and fishing in New Caledonia attracts many vacationers.

On the “magical” island of Bross ( Bross Island), Lifou Island or Uvea ( Ouv e a Island) tourists meet wonderful beaches, strewn with fine white sand, limestone caves and picturesque lagoons.

Souvenirs of New Caledonia

Traditional souvenirs that tourists bring from a vacation spent in New Caledonia are ornaments made of jade and amulets made by the Kanak Indians.

In the souvenir shops tourists will find beautiful bone carvings, compositions made of coral and shells. The largest shells of the Haronia Triton species are used by the islanders to make wind musical instruments.

New Caledonia

Population 216,494 people Territory of New Caledonia 19,060 sq. km Located on the continent of Oceania Capital of New Caledonia Nouméa Money in New Caledonia Frank (XPF) Domain area .nc Country phone code 687

Hotels in New Caledonia

There are 38 hotels in Nouméa, the capital of New Caledonia. Most of them are mid-range hotels, such as: “Le Promenade Numea”, “La Nouvat”, “La Pacifiqu”, “Chate Royal Bech Resort & Spa”, “Hotel Le Lago”. You can also find more status apartments, such as: “RAMADA PLAZA or La Meridien Numea. Since the resort has a small territory, you can settle in any part of New Caledonia, choosing the island and hotel of your choice: “TIETI TERA” (4 *), “KONIAMBO” (3 *), “EVASION” (3 *), “NENGONE VILAGE” (3 *), “Fairbridge In and Suite Caledonia” (2 *), “RELAIS DE POINGA” (1 *), “PAILOTES DE LA OUENGI” (1 *).

Climate of New Caledonia:: Tropical. Changes to the southeast, hot, humid.

Attractions .

Despite the small area of the colony of New Caledonia, there are a lot of attractions. Only in the vicinity of the capital are located stunningly beautiful waterfalls – Ouadiana and Madeleine, the cave of Perin, deer farm Rousse, the monolith Le Bonome, Pierced Rock.

The main attraction of New Caledonia were and still are the breathtakingly beautiful islands: Mare, Lifou, Tiga and others. You can choose any and enjoy the pristine nature.

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Also popular with tourists is the bridge Pazerel de Marguerite and the fort of Teremba in the town of La Foa, the Arab cemetery, the Bay of Baia-dem Tortuis in Burai.

The Landscape of New Caledonia:: Coastal Plains with Inland Mountains


The main leisure activity in New Caledonia is to enjoy the scenic landscape. You can appreciate the flora of the colony in the Park Forestier, where in addition to the botanical garden, there is a large zoo. The Noumea Aquarium deserves special attention. For boaters and beach lovers, the coast of Qubini is the right place to go, while the beach of Baia des Citron offers excellent conditions for windsurfing and diving. For cultural activities, the Berngheim Library and the Tjibau Cultural Center are ideal. The latter is home to a café, various exhibition spaces and classrooms.

New Caledonia has resources like: : Nickel, chromium, iron, cobalt, manganese, silver, gold, lead, copper.


The colony has a total of 5 museums. All of them are different focus, so that visitors to the islands will have plenty to choose from. Four museums are located in the city of Noumea, one of which is the Territorial Museum, the oldest in the city. Through the study of its exhibits you can learn about the history of this small country. The Geological Museum has samples of soil, fossilized volcanic lava and minerals found in the bowels of the colony. The Maritime History Museum boasts a huge collection of maritime objects and is housed in a charming colonial style room. The Nouméa Museum is dedicated to the history of the capital city. Learn all about the French colonization of New Caledonia at the Pite Museum, which is the namesake of the city in which it is located.

The currency of New Caledonia is the CFP franc. Australian and New Zealand dollars are also accepted. Large denominations are issued in banknotes of up to 10,000 francs, and small denominations of up to one hundred are issued in coins of not only plain but also of precious metals.


The climate in New Caledonia is extremely favorable. The great ratio of air (+23-+25oC) and water temperatures (+26oC). The shores of the islands are washed by the Pacific Ocean and the Coral Sea. Ile de Pin Island is known as a fashionable resort. It is famous for its underwater grottoes, snow-white beaches, and the pine trees that gave it its name. The island of Tiga is known as a chic SPA-resort. There are preserved craters with cool mineral fluid, which has a beneficial effect on the skin.

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The island of Mare has preserved its nature almost in pristine condition. Its landscape features striking contrasts: high cliffs, basalt massifs with flat tops, dark forests and vast wastelands, as well as lagoons and small bays. New Caledonia has everything for health and just aesthetic enjoyment.


Such a small country like New Caledonia has one international airport, La Tontouta, located 50 km from the capital. All routes are served by two airlines, Air Caledonie and Aircalin. There is very little information about transportation in the country. It can be assumed that there is no rail service at all. But undoubtedly, even on these small islands can not do without vehicles. Tourists wishing to rent a car will be pleased to know that the traffic there, as in most countries, is right-hand drive (the steering wheel is on the left). But waiting for the bus, you can simply lose time – there is no clear timetable in New Caledonia.

Standard of living

A small country, New Caledonia is surprisingly rich in minerals. There are deposits of nickel, chrome, and iron ore. Nickel deposits are second in the world after Canada. Against this background, non-ferrous metallurgy is also developing. Local residents are also engaged in soapmaking, woodworking, and canned food production. Many of these industries work to meet domestic needs. Also most of the natives give preference to agricultural activities. They grow coffee, bananas, and raise horses, goats, and sheep. Only nickel and coffee are exported. A standard of living in the country is average.


The archipelago of New Caledonia is a French colony in the Pacific Ocean. It was discovered by James Cook over two hundred years ago. Nouméa is the capital and, in fact, the only city. Only about 70,000 people live there.

Around the capital there are picturesque surroundings: the district of Neuville, Jengen, small town La Foa, Tio, Kuaua, Kumak, Burai.

Also included in the colony are the islands of Chesterfield, Pen, Loyalty, Lifou, Mare, Uwea, Tiga.

The territory of New Caledonia is torn into many islets and atolls, forming the Belém and Avon archipelagos. The total area of the country is less than 20,000 km2.

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