Nicaragua. Travel and rest in Nicaragua.

Trip to Nicaragua.

Traveling to Nicaragua is an affordable way to get to know Central America better. Tourists come here for inexpensive beach and watersports vacations and the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views – active volcanoes, mineral lakes, rainforests, and colonial cities.

Date trip cost remaining
20.11.22 – 04.12.22 Colonial Kaleidoscope: Panama – Guatemala – Honduras – El Salvador – Costa Rica – Nicaragua Panama City (Panama) – Guatemala City – Antigua – Atitlan Lake – Flores – Tikal – Quirigua – Copán (Honduras) – San Salvador (El Salvador) – San José (Costa Rica) – Poás – La Paz – Arenal – Guanacaste – Granada – Masaya (Nicaragua) – Rincon de la Veja (Costa Rica) (18 tours) 3370 $ sale is stopped
trip cost
Mini Nicaragua: Managua – Mombacho Volcano – Masaya Park – Granada, 3 nights/4 days Managua – Mombacho Volcano – Masaya Park – Granada 493 $
Central American Journey: Costa Rica – Nicaragua – Panama San Jose – Poas Volcano – La Paz – Arenal – Monteverde – Pacific coast (Guanacaste) – Granada (Nicaragua) – Managua – Panama City – Chagres Reserve 3180 $

The company TOUR EXPRESS organizes for you a fascinating trip to Nicaragua – the land of coffee, tobacco, the world’s best wicker hammocks, and rum “Flor de Caña”. During tours with a Russian-speaking guide you will see the most interesting architectural and natural sights of the country. A trip to Nicaragua is an affordable way to get to know Central America better. Tourists come here for inexpensive beach and water sports vacations, and the opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views – active volcanoes, mineral lakes, rainforests, and cities with colonial architecture.

Currency: Nicaraguan Cordoba Language: Spanish Electricity: 120 V

Searching for airline tickets to Nicaragua

Organizing a trip to Nicaragua is not just about booking a hotel and signing up for your favorite excursions. When you buy a tour to Nicaragua from Moscow and St. Petersburg from our travel company manager will find for you suitable air tickets for international flights. We will find you a comfortable route with minimal number of transfers and meet you at the airport upon your arrival. Then you will have a safe transfer to your hotel and time to relax before your first guided walk.


Nicaragua’s customs regulations allow unlimited quantities of foreign and domestic currency to be brought in and out. There is also no duty to import cigarettes – if you bring no more than two hundred pieces, cigars – no more than fifty, tobacco – no more than five hundred grams. You are allowed to take up to three liters of alcoholic beverages if you are at least eighteen years old. It is possible to bring weapons for hunting complete with up to two hundred pieces of ammunition – with a permit from the country and an international certificate.

It is forbidden to import leather goods, meat and meat products, milk and dairy products. There is a restriction on the import of technology – only one item of each category may be taken. For example, one camera, one laptop, one player and so on. Our manager will inform you about actual customs information at the moment of your trip to Nicaragua.

Tourist Safety

Nicaragua is not the safest country in the world for tourists – pickpocketing in public places is not uncommon here, and it is best not to walk unaccompanied in the streets at night. But TOUR EXPRESS guarantees your safety and comfort during your stay in this country – we will accommodate you in the checked in hotel and organize transfer to the places of interests.

When walking around Nicaragua on your own, beware of the remote sleeping areas, and try to return to your hotel before dark. Do not carry large amounts of cash and do not display expensive photo equipment and smartphones in crowded areas. If you carry things in a backpack, we recommend moving it from the back to the stomach or buying a model with hidden locks – they cannot be opened unnoticed while you are driving.

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Nicaragua’s climate

Nicaragua always has a warm, tropical climate. The average temperature is between twenty-five and thirty degrees Celsius in the spring and summer, and fifteen to twenty in the fall and winter. There are two seasons: the rains from May to November, tropical storms are not uncommon; the dry season lasts from November to May. The best time to visit the state is from November to April.

Nicaragua Attractions

Accompanied by a professional Russian-speaking guide, you will visit the many sights of Nicaragua. You will walk through the center of the capital Managua – visit the Palace of Culture, the highest point of the city Loma de Tiscapa and more. You will visit the most beautiful city of Nicaragua, Granada, the colonial jewel of the republic. Visit the Mombacho and Masaya National Parks, where you’ll find an artisanal market where you can buy traditional Indian clothing and shoes as souvenirs.

Entertainment and activities in Nicaragua

Nicaragua offers the traveler a large number of opportunities for tourism – walks through tropical forests, recreation in picturesque lagoons, climbs to extinct and active volcanoes. Especially notable among them are the volcano Masaya and the volcanoes of Isla de Ometepe – Concepcion and Maderas. No less beautiful mountains in the north of the country attract foreigners with the ruins of ancient Indian settlements, hidden from the prying eyes of the lush tropical vegetation.

For those who enjoy water activities, surfing is available at Poneloya Beach on the west coast of the country and fishing at Lago de Nicaragua, the largest freshwater lake in Latin America. Connoisseurs of hot springs will find several lagoons with crater lakes right within Managua’s city limits – because of their healing mineral water, they are a popular vacation spot not only for travelers but also for locals.

Active recreation in Nicaragua can be varied by an intellectual experience – hiking in historical sites and museums. It is definitely worth visiting the Museo de Huelas de Acqualinca in the capital with its collection of ancient objects found on the territory of the country. Fossilized footprints of animals and people, which are more than ten thousand years old, deserve special attention. They have survived to this day in the ash after a large-scale volcanic eruption. Similar exhibits are found only in the Italian archaeological complex of Pompeii.

From the history of Nicaragua

Nicaraguans consider themselves poets and warriors. This self-perception was characteristic of this people several centuries before the birth of Augusto Sandino, the romantic revolutionary hero who led the national liberation struggle against American occupation in the early twentieth century. Already in the days of the Indian chiefs, Nicaragua was inhabited by a warlike, enlightened civilization, versed in astronomy and philosophy and worshipping its own gods.

Before the white invaders came here in the sixteenth century, there were two major tribes, the Nicaragua and the Chorotega. And if the Nicaraguan went to meet the invaders – the chief Nicarao immediately began cooperating with the conquistador Gil Gonzalez, the Chorotega chased the Spanish – gathered a four thousandth army, while they feasted and drank for three days after their arrival in their land. In the end, neither approach saved the tribes from ruin and extinction – diseases introduced by Europeans almost completely wiped out the local population.

TOUR EXPRESS itineraries in Nicaragua

To start your journey to Nicaragua, contact TOUR EXPRESS managers at +7 (495) 781-81-77 in Moscow and +7 (812) 327-77-70 in St. Petersburg. They will suggest you one of ready tour itineraries or compose a new one, considering your wishes and possibilities. Also they will elaborate for you the cost of the trip together with flight and accommodation, give you the name of the nearest departure date and will answer all your questions.

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León is the second largest city of Nicaragua after the capital Managua and the administrative center of the department of León.

Granada sightseeing tour

The charming colonial city of Granada is the country’s “calling card”.

Trip to Nicaragua: Photo 1

Trip to Nicaragua: Picture 2

Trip to Nicaragua: photo 3

Trip to Nicaragua: photo 4

Tour of Nicaragua: photo 5

Tour in Nicaragua: photo 6

Trip to Nicaragua: photo 7

Visa Documents

Since July 3rd, 2010, the Agreement between the Government of the Russian Federation and the Government of the Republic of Nicaragua regarding the abolition of visa requirements for mutual trips of citizens of both countries entered into force.

According to the Article 1 of this Agreement Russian citizens can enter (exit, transit and stay) the territory of Nicaragua without visas for 90 days during each period of 180 days starting from the date of entry.

Similar conditions apply to the entry of citizens of the Russian Federation to the territory of the Republics of Honduras and El Salvador (as countries signatory to the CA-4 Agreement). In all three cases a tourist fee, usually the equivalent of US$25, is payable rather than a visa.

Capital city: Managua

Population: 6.2 million people

Time: UTC -6

What to try in Nicaragua



Souvenirs of Nicaragua


Roscijas (sweets)



León is the second largest city in Nicaragua, after the capital Managua, and the administrative center of the department of León.

Popular excursions in Nicaragua

Granada sightseeing tour

Granada sightseeing tour

The charming colonial city of Granada is the country’s “calling card”.

Hilton Princess Managua

La Gran Francia

Masaya National Park

Volcano Mombacho

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Dear Tour Express team, From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for the beautifully organized tour “Colonial Kaleidoscope” from April 26, 2015.

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Holidays in Nicaragua – yes or no?

America … So different, controversial, free and cosmopolitan. In one country side by side there are huge ultramodern metropolises and small towns, far from civilization. One of the exotic places, where tourists come from all over the world, is Nicaragua.

It is an unusual country, it is difficult to call this tourist destination developed. But there is a special unexplored atmosphere, which beckons inquisitive travelers. If you want to spend your vacation in a completely new format, the vacation in 2022 can be planned precisely in Nicaragua!

Description and what do you need to know?

The country is located in Central America, between Honduras and Costa Rica. In the middle of the waters of the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The capital is Managua. Its twin cities are San Jose and Tegucigalpa. The population is about 6 million people. The official language is Spanish. The presidential form of government. At present the post is occupied by Daniel Ortega. The national currency is gold cordoba.

Nicaragua is considered one of the largest countries in Central America, but it is not prevented from being among the poorest. The major cities are Managua, Leon, Granada and Matagalpa. Do not expect the European spirit of these cities – there are no fancy new buildings, shopping centers, a huge selection of luxury restaurants and five-star hotels. Low ordinary houses built from available materials, often completely unattractive.

The climate is tropical. The average temperature is 25-28 degrees. The rainy season from June to October, and dry – from March to May. It is better to plan a vacation in early winter, the weather is not abundant with rain.

Nicaragua on a map:

How to get there?

Augusto César Sandino International Airport located in Managua receives tourists. There are no direct flights from Russia to this point – you need to change flights in the U.S., Europe or Cuba.

How to get around?

Public transportation here is the former school buses from America repainted in bright colors or open mini-trucks with wooden benches. Fares start at 25 cents. It is also possible to travel by ferry, car, or cab. It is worth knowing that there are very few hard roads and during the rainy season travel is difficult.

Local population and safety

Many tourist forums raise the issue of increased aggressiveness of the locals and the constant robberies. But the situation is not so disastrous, if you observe security measures – do not walk at night, do not go to gang areas and do not wander in their vicinity, to watch the safety of their belongings and not to be rude to the residents, the rest will pass quietly!

Particularly depressing are small children who run after foreign cars and ask for money – you have to be prepared, if you gave a handout to one child, you will have to give to all – they just won’t let go.


As said above the capital and other major cities just do not surprise inveterate tourists service and comfort, you should be prepared for this – a lot of garbage, children, beggars, the dull urban landscape and poverty.


From hotels, as well as from the city, you should not expect much – four-star hotels here, as three-star in Europe. Although in recent years, this tourist destination is actively developing and foreign investors are beginning to invest in infrastructure.

The 100 most beautiful and highest mountains in the world

Hotels that enjoy a positive reputation are Hotel Plaza Colon, Pelican Eyes Resort, Wayak Hotel and Hotel Hilton Princess. The cost per night at one of these establishments starts at $100.

If you want, you can find hostels and hotels at very reasonable prices with comfortable rooms. For example, Hostal Don Frank and Hostal Castillo. The price per night – 15 – 20 dollars.


There may be problems with telephone communication, because the telephone system is quite outdated – only recently the government began to reconstruct this area. Internet is common, the Internet Gateway operator is responsible for this service. In any major city, you can find an Internet cafe and for $1.50 an hour be in touch.

Cuisine and restaurants

The national cuisine is a mixture of Spanish and Native American. It is based on a mix of beans, rice, meat, vegetables and spices. The main addition to all dishes are sweet bananas – they are fried, stewed, boiled and baked. The food is very unusual for our tourists. What do you need to try from the local dishes?

  • Halo pinto – rice with refried beans;
  • Bajo – beef meat with bananas;
  • kameh asada – char-grilled meat;
  • teste – local drink made from cocoa and grains.

A nice feature of rest in this region is the cheapness of food, here for 4-5 dollars you can eat heartily at a local cafe.

If you want a more cultural experience with delicacies on the menu, the best options for this are Bucanero, La Terraza Peruana, Factory Steak & Lobster. For pizza lovers, Pizza Nostra Las Colinas and Valentin’s Pizza open their doors. Inexpensive restaurants and cafes include Cafe de Poetas, Summer, and Chef House Bar & Grill.

Where to go in the evening? If you want to diversify your evening pastime, you can drop into a karaoke bar – JM Karaoke or go dancing in Night Club Good Time.


Shopping in Nicaragua involves visiting the local bazaar or small stores where goods are hung or arranged. Generally, vendors are very tourist friendly and allow you to touch the merchandise and get to know it better.

What to take with you on vacation? Local craftsmen specialize in making panamas, paintings, handicrafts, talismans and amulets.

However, there are also some familiar shopping centers. In Granada, the C.C.Serralo Plaza and Nevada Shopping Center. And in Managua, the Centro Comercial Galerias awaits shoppers.

Men can try cigars, it is the pride of the region. Many vacationers bring this unconventional souvenir from Nicaragua to their colleagues and friends.

What to do?

The pride of the country is considered snow-white beaches and clear water. But to find these places, you will need to travel, because in the city the water is dirty with garbage. So, the main beaches to pay attention to:

  1. Cocal Beach on the Caribbean Coast. Palm trees, blue water and clean sand are the main features.
  2. San Juan del Sur Beach. A youthful area where you can hear music at night and have fun companies of young people. Not far from the beach there are suitable places for surfing.
  3. Las Peñitas, the shore and water are perfect for surfing.
  4. Long Bay – cozy and sparsely populated with beautiful nature.
  5. Montilimar beach is a cozy place for a comfortable holiday.

The Selva Negra Resort Equestrian Club and the Nejapa Golf and Iguana Golf centers offer their services to affluent tourists and wealthy locals.

Outdoor enthusiasts are guaranteed to enjoy the deep-sea fishing at Lake Nicaragua, where you can try your luck at catching the rare marlin fish.

Where else to go? If you wish, you can rent a boat and sail to Bluefields, where the waters are rich with a variety of fish.


A curious fact is that each locality in Nicaragua has its own patron saint or folkloric character. To show respect, the local population regularly celebrates the days of these saints – people dress up in costumes and organize parades, organize game battles and competitions.

Collection of castles, palaces, forts and fortresses of the world


A controversial attraction in the country is the Akaulinka Footprints Museum. The premises are enclosed by an iron fence enclosing footprints in clay. They were supposedly left by people trying to escape a volcanic eruption. The documents say that the poor inhabitants ran straight through the lava – a fact that makes one wonder about the truthfulness of the story.

In the capital, too, there is something to see – the Revolutionary Square, the National Palace, the Old Cathedral, the Ruben Dario National Theater, and the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception. By the way, the Old Cathedral is a creation of a Belgian architect. It was delivered to the city assembled by sea on a ship. It is almost unique in its kind, because it is constructed only of concrete and metal base.

It is important to know that Nicaragua has the largest number of active volcanoes. The country is often hit by volcanic disasters, and this prevents the improvement of the standard of living of the population. But the locals have long been accustomed to this, and consider their land fertile and grateful.

So, if the question arises – what else to see, you can safely go on trips to volcanoes. Suggestions guides agree – volcanoes Momotombo, Mombacha and Masaya are worthy of attention. The main thing – before you go, carefully study the route and consult. Often the way to the volcano is dangerous and impassable for the average tourist, many take an experienced guide.

A historical monument of the country is the Fortress of the Immaculate Conception in the small town of El Castillo. It was erected in 1672 as a defense against attacks. Frequent uninvited guests in the area were the English and wild tribes. The layout of the building deserves respect – barracks, gun repair halls, prison cells, chapel, dining hall, and many other rooms.

Given the unique nature of the area, it is not surprising that 17% of the territory is occupied by natural parks – Volkan-Masaya, Apanas, Saslaya, Bosawas, Juan Wenada and others. Indio-Mais and Miskitos parks protect coral reefs and native manatee and turtle inhabitants.

It is worth noting that residents of Nicaragua regularly eat turtle eggs, so park rangers monitor the birth of baby turtles.

By the way, families with children can diversify their leisure with an interesting activity – for a small fee you can help the newly born baby turtles to get to the ocean.Usually this action causes a lot of positive emotions in the younger generation.

The island of Ometele, located in the middle of Lake Nicaragua, is interesting because of the ancient slabs with writings of ancient people and household items.

The Tiscapa Lagoon Nature Reserve. It is considered almost the main local attraction. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that Nature herself had a hand in its creation. As a result of high volcanic activity in this place are left a lot of ruined buildings, not to be restored, and in the center of the events formed a huge lake. Above the reserve organized cableway, through which tourists can admire the natural beauty of the bird’s flight.

If you want to plunge into the unfamiliar life of the natives – you should go to the park Miraflores. Recently, travel agencies offer tours for three days to this place – lodging, meals, travel through the park in the company of representatives of the tribe. Ecotourism, so to speak.

Amazing Nicaragua with beautiful nature, enchanting volcanoes and rich fauna, is waiting for everyone who wants to spend time in an unusual format. In order to bring a breath of new emotions into your life, you can freely plan a vacation in 2022 to this land!

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