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Review of Norway Vacation

Returning from a short trip to the countries of Scandinavia, I realized that Norway struck me most. Perhaps because my acquaintance with this country began with the Norwegian fjords. Nothing more fabulous and beautiful of nature’s creations.

This is heaven on earth!

Good afternoon dear friends, I really love to travel. This is my passion! It’s so great to discover new places, meet new people and their culture. Most of all I love the Nordic countries for their spirit, for their way of life, for.

Norway is a total delight! Norway is a land of wildlife, waterfalls and fjords.

I hope I’m not boring you with my stories about Norway, but by golly, the country has “hooked” me. Over the past 3 months I have told a lot of stories, but now that I saw the theme “Norway” and decided to add his.

An unforgettable experience: beauty, rain and 5 degrees warm!

I just came back after a 10-day holiday in Norway, in a hurry to share with you emotions. Although now it seems that it was all a dream, such a stark contrast between “there” and “here”. What.

One of the best places I’ve visited

Hello, readers of Otzovik! Today I want to tell you about my trip to Norway, which took place a few years ago. We started on a comfortable bus from St. Petersburg to Helsinki, then we arrived in Turku and the ferry TallinkSilja.

A land of incredible beauty, Vikings, trolls, fjords and wonderful, open-minded people!

Good time, dear Otzovityans and guests of our site. My story today I would like to dedicate to one of the most beautiful northern European countries – Norway. Until now this area is completely undeservedly beyond the scope of my work.

Oh, how I want to go back. or break stereotypes.

Our first big road trip we made in Norway. For 25 days we have covered about 7000 kilometers, and most of the distance exactly in Norway. We began to get acquainted with the country from the south and gradually moved up.

This country is just beautiful in winter + photos

Winter Norway is full of charm. The snow is pristine all around, the sky is magically lit by the northern lights, and in the warm house by the fireplace troll tales come alive. Norwegians believe in these mystical heroes, and so do they.

Northern Mariana Islands - Mariana Archipelago

Maximum experiences and what to bring from Norway

A few years ago I had a dream to go to Norway. Someone goes to the south, and I was drawn to the West. Holidays we had planned sightseeing and chose this tour of Western Norway. The parallel is the same.

Shopping in Norway. Expensive fun

I have been to Norway several times. I love this country with its gorgeous nature, mountain climate and clean air. About it you can talk a long time and a lot. I have already devoted several of my reviews to various attractions.

Journey to Valhalla

Norway. All my life I have been fascinated by the Vikings, Scandinavian mythology and the Nordic lands. The tales of those places have always caused an incredible awe in my soul. Gods, valkyries, trolls, great sea invaders on rooks. As a child, I could never have imagined it.

Just a fairy tale.

It’s a paradise for two. My dream of being in paradise with my husband became a reality. There are a lot of impressions and only positive ones. If you want to relax, then you definitely go there.

Beautiful unreal! Expensive.

Having learned before about the prices for holidays in Norway, I have saved a certain amount of currency. I’ll tell you right away, and it was not enough for me! Prices here on everything crazy. compared with Russia. the average salary in this country -4400.

It’s the perfect country for road trips.

It so happened that it was just Norway was the first country, where we made a great three-week road trip. Before the trip we heard a lot of horror stories about this country: Norway – the most expensive European country, there is the highest in the world.

There are no words, just emotions.

Good day everyone, dear friends! I want to leave a review of our trip to Norway in 2017. This vacation we will remember for a lifetime, the purest country, as if we found ourselves in a fairy tale, incredible picturesque scenery, good-natured.

Beautiful, delightful, great service, wonderful and interesting excursions, fresh air

Great service! Great location of all attractions, except for neighboring towns Clean and tidy

Vacationing in Norway is a wonderful trip that should be done at least once in a lifetime! My family and I were in Norway for 13 days. During this time we have visited 5 cities, visited 10 museums.

Algeria country


Norway is an amazing country, which any traveler dreams to visit. The majestic fjords and rugged mountains, powerful waterfalls and ancient glaciers, breathtaking serpentine roads and pretty cozy town. And also the midnight sun, the aurora, whale watching and royal fishing.

Believe me, Norway can find a key to the heart of everyone and surprise you!

Auto enthusiasts will be interesting to test their strength on the serpentine mountain roads (such as Troll or Eagle Road). The Atlantic Ocean Road, one of the most scenic highways in the world, can be a real adventure. It connects small islands surrounded by ocean waters and includes unique bridges.

Take the rare opportunity to drive through the longest (24.51 km!) road tunnel in the world, the Lerdahl Tunnel, which has unique lighting and three grottoes with the possibility of stopping for a driver’s rest or a U-turn.

When traveling by car in Norway will be a must-visit ferry crossings. If they are long in time and distance, this method of travel can become a separate attraction. For example, choosing the ferry Lysebotn-Forsand, you can not only enjoy the beauty of Lyse-fjord and the surrounding views, but also try to discern high above the two stunningly interesting mountain formations – Preikestolen (Preikestolen) and Kjerag (Kjeragbolten).

You might want to have a thrilling experience and decide to rent one of the Tesla electric cars, which are incredibly common in Norway.

For those interested in rail transport, the Flom Railway is surrounded by mountains and waterfalls and has the steepest gradient in the world.

Cyclists will appreciate the quality of the roads as well as their scenic beauty.

Water sports enthusiasts can rent a motorboat or kayak to fully enjoy the beauty of the fjords.

Capital city: Oslo Area: 385,207 km 2 Population: 5,328,212 (2019) Language: Norwegian, Sami Official website:

Flight time: from Moscow – from 2 hours 40 min. from Saint-Petersburg – from 3 hours 15 min. (1-2 connections) from Kazan – from 6 hours 10 min. (1-2 connections) from Ekaterinburg – from 6 hours 30 min. (1-2 connections) from Novosibirsk – from 9 hours 40 min. (1-2 connections)

For those who want to enjoy the silence and unity with nature, but not to lose the comfort, in Norway built camps – a place to rest in a tent or a house. And guests who are accustomed to resting in hotels, can stay in one of the unique options with an unforgettable view. For example, on the shore of Geirangerfjord or above the waterfall Vöringsfossen.

Bolivia - The Plurinational State of Bolivia, South America

Fans of hiking trails will enjoy the many trails, the most popular of which are known around the world. As a warm-up you can climb the “Preacher’s pulpit”, the Preikestolen. Even old people and children can climb to a height of 604 meters above the Luce Fjord and be amazed by the beauty of the views. Ready to remember your stepper class and climb 1,560 steps (and that’s only one way)? The Reinebringen is your first choice. Want to get your knuckles in a twist while balancing on a round rock above a chasm? Kjeragbolten, the “Pea”, is an easy way to do that. But be warned, getting there is a lot of work and energy required. But the real test of physical and moral strength is the trek to Trolltunga. You have to go 22 kilometers, spending a whole day on the road. The reward is a photo on the famous rock above the cliff.

When planning your itinerary around Norway, be sure to include not only the capital, Oslo, which has an impressive list of attractions, but also other cities. In Bergen, stroll along the historic Bryggen promenade, eat fresh seafood at the Fish Market, and take the Fløibanen funicular up for a panoramic view of the city. In what the Norwegians themselves say is the most beautiful city in the country, Olesund, enjoy the Art Nouveau architecture. Take a tour of Trondheim, once the capital and one of the oldest cities in the country. Stavanger, the city of white houses and the oil capital of Norway, is also worth a visit. And do not forget about the small towns and villages, such as Reine or O, which can sometimes surprise no less than the big cities.

History lovers will be incredibly interesting to visit museums in Norway, such as the Viking Ship Museum, Kon-Tiki Museum, the Historical Museum in Oslo, Lofotr Viking Museum and numerous ethnographic centers.

Skiers and snowboarders will be pleasantly surprised by the length of skiing season in the resorts, good conditions and well-prepared slopes. And tired of skiing, you can ride a dog or reindeer team, as well as on a snowmobile.

The most interesting records of nature and peoples of the world

Norway will be a real discovery for photographers. There are even organized photo tours, as in the “Kingdom of Fjords” – the south-western part of the country, and in the Arctic Circle in pursuit of the northern lights.

Dream, plan and travel with a guide to Norway and you are sure to see some of the most beautiful places on earth, get to know the country well and truly love it.

How to get to Norway

Traveling in Norway is interesting, easy, convenient, though not cheap at all. Excellent quality roads, numerous bridges and tunnels, ferry crossings will make your trip comfortable and fast. To get to the country of fjords and trolls is possible in several ways.


Norway has about 50 airports, including some in the most remote areas, allowing you to get, for example, on the Lofoten Islands, Cape Nordkapp or Spitsbergen.

The main airport is located in the capital city of Oslo. Here daily arrive most international flights. Also, foreign flights are made to airports in Stavanger, Bergen, Tromsø, Trondheim, etc.

The fastest way to get to or from Oslo airport is by Flytoget/Airport Express Train. Another option is a cab, but in the Norwegian capital is very expensive.

SAS and Norwegian airlines offer fairly convenient and cheap connecting flights from Oslo to other Norwegian cities.


The most convenient way to travel in Norway is by car.

Some rent it on arrival, while others prefer to get to Norway by car (for example, from St. Petersburg). Undeniable advantages of the latter option – it is possible to take the necessary things for camping (tents, sleeping bags, tables and chairs) and food, which will save a lot of travel budget.

Another popular topic is traveling in a motorhome. This kind of vacation is extremely popular with residents of Finland, Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

If you’ve always wanted to travel in a house on wheels, do not miss this chance! And in Norway and in neighboring countries, many firms engaged in renting this comfortable and cozy vehicle.


It can be a small ferry crossing, such as a Norwegian fjord, or travel by water from a neighboring country.

If you are traveling by car, you will sooner or later use the ferry.

Nicaragua. Travel and rest in Nicaragua.

This way you can get to Norway from Denmark, Germany and Sweden.

And to Sweden, in turn, there are ferries from Finland (Helsinki, Turku) and St. Petersburg.

Bus tours

If we talk about budget holidays in Norway, in addition to personal cars, it is worth considering the proposed options for bus tours. Most often they start from Moscow and St. Petersburg.

Bus tour is a good opportunity to see the main sights of the country in a short time. However, you should keep in mind that long journeys can be very tiring. If you want to have a really good rest, choose at least tours without overnight travel.

Cruises on the fjords

The most relaxed and comfortable type of travel to Norway was and still is a cruise.

It is one that allows you to enjoy the picturesque scenery of northern nature, not to think about moving between cities, not to deal with repeated unpacking and packing luggage when changing hotels, as well as solves the issues of food and entertainment.

Cruise ships sail to Norway from various ports in Europe, and you can always fly to Norway by plane and start your cruise from there.


Norway is closely connected by rail with other Scandinavian countries, as well as with the rest of Europe.

For example, from Stockholm to Oslo there is a daily train that takes you about 6 hours.

From Copenhagen, the train runs less frequently, several times a week.

The total length of the railroad tracks in Norway exceeds 3,000 kilometers. The most famous section is the Bergen Railway (Bergensbanen), which connects Oslo and Bergen. It is one of the best panoramic routes, during which passengers enjoy spectacular mountain views right from the train car.

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