Not Just an Ordinary Road Accident

The news these days used to be so alarming most specifically about road accidents. I am thinking about the bus accident in the express way in Metro Manila. It was kind of reckless driving. Wasn’t it? Why? It is because the road is wide enough for the driver to bump to the side of the road and even cause death and damages not just on the passengers but to other people as well.

Road Accident

There are actually a lot of road accidents reported everyday and most of which are due to drunk driving. In fact, one driver was interviewed on a national television explaining he just came from a party where he played drums together with his band members. He even showed his broken amplifier which the group used and if I remember it right, the amp is almost the same as one of the available electro-voice amplifiers online. The driver was then filed with a case of reckless driving resulting to multiple damages.

The above news are just a few of the many road accidents we hear and even witness everyday. This even made me worry if I still would be driving my own car then or just ride on a bus, a jeepney or a cab? But as many said, if it’s your time, then so be it. So just enjoy every road trips you have.

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