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Madagascar is undoubtedly an interesting place to visit. But if you are bored with its vast expanses, experienced travelers recommend to go to Nosy Be (Nosy Be) – an island located 8 km from the main one.

Nusi-Be island on the map

To the north-west not far from Madagascar is the “Big Island”, as it is called in Malagasy by the local population. Its capital is the city of Andouani, or Elville. It has a hot tropical climate and always has sunshine. Only once in a while, out of the blue, black clouds come over and heavy rain falls. After the downpour, everything dries out in an hour and you can go to the beach again.

A map of Nusi-Be.

Nusi-Be Island in Madagascar is a dormant volcano. It appeared not so long ago in the middle of the already formed island and has not been active since then. So do not worry about your safety, because now here is a tourist paradise. Sailing here by sea, travelers can smell coffee and ylang-ylang near the island, which are cultivated thanks to the fertile soil.

Tropical island The island's largest baobab

Attractions and Entertainment

Most of our compatriots perceive the outlandish island of Madagascar and everything connected with it as a pristine nature park with entertainment in the form of safaris. This is partly true, but even beyond that there is something to do. On the island, especially in the evening, there is a vibrant life with bright lights of nightclubs, chic restaurants and five-star hotels. Let’s find out what the island of Nusi-Be, located near Madagascar, has to offer:

  1. The main reason why tourists go to the island is to have an amazing beach vacation on white sand. The best beach is located in the northern part of the island. It is called Andilana Beach. In general, the beaches here are the cleanest in the world.
  2. The capital of the island is a very colorful local market, which should definitely be a visit.
  3. If you want to see the cute fluffy lemurs from the cartoon about Madagascar, then you’re in luck – they live here in huge quantities. A few kilometers from the capital, you can find the reserve Lukube. In addition to lemurs, lurk in the lush greenery here lurk tropical birds, turtles, chameleons and even snakes.
  4. Those who have always dreamed of trying their hand at deep sea diving can make their dream come true here. At a depth of 18m the Nusi-Tanikeli Sea Park is home to octopus, lobsters, clownfish, parrotfish and other exotic aquatic life. You can also try your hand at fishing.
  5. The best place to watch the whales do their mating dance is Nosy Be in Madagascar.
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Many restaurants on the island offer a unique service – upscale dishes prepared by famous chefs are offered for consumption right on the beach. Romantic natures will definitely like this. In addition to these restaurants, there are traditional inns here as well:

  1. Chez Nono – La Rhum Riz. This family restaurant offers simple dishes of European cuisine. Visitors who have been here highly recommend appreciating the hamburgers and ice cream – they are above all praise here.
  2. Chez Teresa is an excellent choice if you want to taste high-class seafood. It hosts pompous celebrations and quiet romantic dinners.
  3. Nandipo. Here, in addition to delicious pizza made according to the traditional Italian recipe, you can enjoy pleasant music and appreciate the quality of wi-fi.
  4. Beach Bar Restaurant. The name speaks for itself. Beautiful restaurant on the beach for not much money will offer excellent grilled kebabs, seafood and inexpensive cocktails.
  5. ZEBURGER is a simple cafe where you can grab a delicious burger and a glass of juice on the go.

Hotels on the Island

Despite the fact that the resort industry of Madagascar is relatively young, it is developing rapidly. Clear proof of this – first-class hotels:

  1. Royal Beach Hotel. This hotel is cozy and clean. Has its own beach, which is sometimes necessary to share with the local population, but here the price includes lunch and dinner.
  2. Clair De Lune. The colorful, native-style hotel has an excellent range of services and the staff is always friendly and helpful.
  3. Orangea Village offers spacious air-conditioned rooms, always clean bottled water and a gorgeous view from the balcony of the endless ocean.
  4. Le Belvedere. The French name lives up to its name – friendly and courteous service, comfortable rooms and a delicious breakfast on the terrace.
  5. Vanila Hotel & Spa. You are always welcome here with a smile, as the dearest guests. A wide variety of dishes for breakfast, and entertainment and music in the evening.
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Shopping at Nusi-Be

Madagascar’s most visited resort has everything to please visiting shopping enthusiasts. Near every hotel on the island of Nusi-Be in Madagascar, there are many boutiques and souvenir shops, where you can buy what your heart desires. However, do not forget about such a small thing as a certificate for export across the border, without which gifts to relatives will have to be left at customs.

How to get to Nusi-Be in Madagascar?

Since Nusi-Be has its own airport, getting to the island won’t be a problem. The flight is operated by Air Madagascar. A flight from Antananarivo will cost about $150. If vacationers want to save some money and still enjoy the road to the island, you can use the boat, which costs $10. It sails from the port of Ankifi.

Nusi-Be Airport

In addition, there is a yacht rental service on Nusi-Be. By renting one, you can visit all the big and small islands of Madagascar, each of which is unique in its own way. On the island itself it’s better to travel by rented car or on foot.

Attractions of Nusi-Be

Nusi-Komba Island Nusi-Iranian Island Nusi-Be Island Nusi-Tanikeli Island Lokobe Nature Reserve

This site compiles Nusi-Be attractions – photos, descriptions, and travel tips. The list is based on popular travel guides and presented by type, name and rating. Here you’ll find answers to what to see in Nusi-Be, where to go, and where to find popular and interesting places in Nusi-Be.

Nusi-Comb Island.

Nusi-Comba Island (photo)

One of the most popular islands surrounding Madagascar for tourists is Nusi-Be. Next to it is a series of small but very picturesque islands. One of them is Nusi-Komba, which is unofficially called the Island of Lemurs.

The tiny island is of volcanic origin and marks half way from Nusi-Be to Madagascar proper. There is almost preserved wildlife here – a few villages, a couple of local markets are almost all signs of human presence on the island. The local population exists here so harmoniously, almost merged with nature. Perhaps that’s why the black lemurs living here let you very close to them, and sometimes even jump on their shoulders.

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Small dark animals with fluffy tails look very elegant and attractive. The opportunity to observe them in close proximity is a great stroke of luck possible on Nusi Komba.

Coordinates : -13.47176700,48.35114800

Nosi-Iranian Island

Nusi-Iranian Island (photo)

Nosi-Iranya is another small tropical island in the tribe surrounding the popular Nusi-Be. True, Nosi-Iranja is 45 kilometers away from its larger and more popular neighbor. This location makes it quiet, tranquil, practically untouched and very conducive to a leisurely pastime for your pleasure. In addition, the beaches are absolutely gorgeous: the finest and cleanest white sand, turquoise ocean surface, the luxury of tropical vegetation, scorching sunshine – this beach you do not want to change for any other beaches in the world.

This small island has a peculiarity: it seems to be cut in two by a thin coastline of sand. True, you can see it only at low tide. But this peculiar spit is suitable for hiking at any time. This place is also ideal for underwater walks. And there are wild sea turtles here as well.

Coordinates: -13.59193200,47.82073900

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Island Nusi-Be

Nusi-Be Island (photo)

The island with the funny name Nusi-Be is the largest off the northwest coast of Madagascar. Isolation from the mainland, which creates a kind of solitude, the splendor of beaches with fine white sand, the lushness of bizarre and colorful tropical vegetation, a rich underwater world, tranquility – the local nature is very favorable to rest. Quite well-developed tourist infrastructure makes Nusi-Be a fun and welcome place to stay.

Interestingly, the local soil is the best in the country. This makes it possible to grow coffee and exotic ylang-ylang. Their plantations are some of the largest in Madagascar.

It is possible here is not only an idle holiday. On the island is located delightful reserve Lukube, where you can meet rare lemurs. There is a native village and a silver waterfall. There are also man-made attractions. For example, the ruins of the ancient Portuguese fortress, where, according to legends, buried the pirate treasure. Or the graves of Russian sailors buried here in the early twentieth century, with a memorial stele. The town of Andoani (or Elvil) with the remains of the old prison under French rule will give you an opportunity to learn how life is modern Madagascar.

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The best time to visit the island is from July to October. From the greater Madagascar, it is easily accessible by local airlines or by speedboat.

Coordinates: -13.31212100,48.26764300

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Nusi-Tanikeli Island

Nusi-Tanikeli Island (photo)

Nusi-Be, a popular tourist destination, is surrounded by many small or even tiny islands. One of them is Nusi-Tanikeli, a coral island with lush vegetation, which is a must-see when visiting the area.

Nusi-Tanikeli is located very close to the southern tip of the main island of the archipelago, Nusi-Be. It is a peculiar and absolutely unique marine reserve with a rich, if not to say abundant, underwater flora and fauna. Of course, to see all this tropical luxury, you need to dive into the ocean waters with a mask. These places, including due to the incredibly clear water (visibility underwater – more than 20 meters) and its comfortable temperature, are considered the best for diving and snorkeling.

In addition to the unique natural aquarium, holidaymakers have some amazing secluded beaches and artisanal souvenirs, such as intricately embroidered cotton pieces. The best time to visit the island is from May to September.

Coordinates: -13.48272200,48.23705800

Lokobe Reserve.

Lokobe Reserve (photo)

Nusi-Be is the main resort of Madagascar. They come here for the swanky beaches, for the cheerful easy life. But also to try to see a black lemur. In the reserve Lakobe.

The 740-hectare national park preserves remnants of rainforests with endemic plants of Nusi-Be Island.

The Lakobe Reserve is a secluded forest retreat, home to animals that are not always easy to imagine. Boa constrictors, black lemurs, chameleons and Madagascar hedgehogs, as well as incredible plants and unrealistically bright frogs. Seeing them is not easy, but the effort is worth it. Here, in a torn-off piece of Africa, you can have an absolutely incredible experience.

There is a small village in the reserve where you can stay in unpretentious bungalows to explore this wonderful place in great detail with the help of a guide.

The stone letters of the island of Mangabe. Madagascar

Coordinates: -13.40097500,48.32532100

The most popular attractions in Nusi-Be with descriptions and photos for all tastes. Choose the best places to visit famous places of Nusi Be on our website.

Going on vacation in Nusi-Be

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