Nuweiba in Egypt, a detailed description of the resort

Resort Nuweiba in Egypt.

Nuweiba Resort in the Sinai Peninsula is a small town that grew up here on the site of a Bedouin village. Bedouins live here even today, and they can be called the main attraction of the town. Nouweiba is well suited for a quiet and relaxing vacation. Although you could say it is the most boring resort in Egypt. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Features of the resort of Nuweiba for Russian tourists

Let’s start with the location. Nuweiba is located on the Sinai Peninsula 145 kilometers northeast of Sharm el-Sheikh. Click here for a map of Sinai with resorts and airports.

The beach at the resort of Nuweiba

Tourists arriving in Nuweiba arrive at Sharm El Sheikh Airport and take 2-2.5 hours by tour bus. It is difficult to call such a location lucky.

The name “Nuweiba” translates from Arabic as “bubbling brooks. Of course, there is water, but the streams do not even “smell”, much less bubbling.

The next difficulty faced by tourists is the language barrier with the hotel staff. If you can still find guides with knowledge of Russian in Nuweiba, then to find a hotel employee, speaking Russian, it is difficult.

The first idea of this resort is a quiet and relaxing vacation. The idea is good, the implementation is not so good. The desire for quietness has turned the hotel owners into a massive economy on everything. Do not think that in the evening will play classical music on the piano. Hoteliers just eliminated the animation and evening entertainment in general.

In the evening you can only hear children’s songs and Arabic music spewed by a cheap music center. A more budget-friendly option for entertaining tourists after sunset has not been invented.

But, there are moments that do contribute to the quiet atmosphere. The hotels in Nuweiba are remote from each other. This is not Hurghada or Sharm, where hotels are on each other’s heads. Each hotel has its own stretch of beach a few hundred meters long. There is no crowds of tourists or lack of space on the beaches, and can not be.

The sea here is clean, the beaches are covered with golden sand, where there are corals, and special shoes (see photo) are highly recommended. Right after entering the sea on the beaches there is a large shoal, which is very happy for children. The charms of the local beaches are the only advantage of the resort of Nuweiba.

St. Catherine Monastery

The second idea of this resort is the convenience of visiting the attractions of Sinai, Israel and Jordan.

The main places of interest in Sinai are the monastery of St. Catherine and Mount Sinai, on top of which the prophet Moses received the tablets of commandments from God. The mountain is right in the middle of the peninsula, and there is not much difference from which resort in Sinai you go to it. The neighboring resort of Dahab is even closer to the mountain and the monastery than Nuweiba.

If you want to visit Jordan and the city of Petra (see photo), Nuweiba is a good option, but not the best. Neighboring Taba is right on the border with Israel and is much better suited for this purpose.

Buy a tour to the resort of Nuweiba is now quite problematic. Even before the crash of flight 7K-9268 in 2015, Russian tour operators refused to sell package tours to Nuweiba. Now (September 2021) there are no tours yet. To go on vacation in Nuweiba is possible only by yourself.

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Hotels and prices

At the time this article was updated (September 2021), there were only 10 full-fledged hotels. Some of them are temporarily closed due to the pandemic.

One of the Hilton hotel buildings

The local Nuweiba Coral Hotel is considered the most chic. In some Russian search engines it is even labeled as a “five star”. In fact, it is officially classified only as “four stars”.

The overall quality of service in local hotels is not very high – the weak competition between them affects it. Probably, the hotel owners believe that the high quality of local beaches eclipses all other shortcomings. There are chronic problems with the quality of food, room cleaning and material work in the rooms.

Prices for tours and hotel accommodation in Nuweiba affordable, they do not differ from the prices for similar services in Sharm el-Sheikh. Even the cost of travel by bus does not greatly raise the price tag on tours. Or rather, not much raised when the tours here were still actively sold.

What to see and do

The resort of Nuweiba only two attractions, although the sites on the Internet tell about dozens of interesting places. Often, the attractions of neighboring Dahab and Taba are attributed to the resort of Nuweiba.

Tarabin Fortress in Egypt

The first place of interest is a local fortress Tarabin. It is difficult to call it a fortress, rather a small fort. It was built during the reign of the Mamelukes in the late 15th century. Its builder was Sultan Ashraf al-Gauri.

He strengthened the borders with the Turks in every way to prevent their conquest of Egypt. However, it did not help, he himself was killed in battle with the Turkish army.

The Turkish Sultan Selim outsmarted the Egyptian ruler at the Battle of Marj Dabiq. The Mamluk cavalry, led by Sultan Ashraf al-Gauri, bravely broke through to the Turkish sultan’s camp, but it was empty; it was a trap.

The ruler of Egypt died and his country was doomed to Turkish rule. Now only a few monuments remind us of those battles, and Tarabin Fortress is one of them.

The second attraction of Nuweiba is the Colored Canyon. It is really a canyon with picturesque landscapes and rich nature. Rich, if judged against everything else in the Sinai Peninsula. Part of this tour takes place on foot and part by jeep. At the end there is dinner, a visit to the blooming oasis of Ain Kudra, and a return trip back to the hotel.

Sightseeing in Jerusalem

From hotels in Nuweiba arrange one or two day trips to Jordan and Israel by bus. It is 400 kilometers from here to Jerusalem.

We do not recommend going to Israel for one day. Five hours there and five hours back on the bus is a serious ordeal. Better book a tour with an overnight stay in Israel, so you see more sights and less tired.

A very popular tour is Mount Sinai and the monastery of St. Catherine. The price of this trip is 100-120 dollars.

Also, you can go windsurfing, ride camels or go on a safari in the desert. Simply put, the usual “gentlemanly” set of Egyptian entertainment.

Excursions to the sights of Cairo and Alexandria are arranged from Nuweiba with a flight by plane. Tourists go to Taba airport and fly to Cairo or Alexandria by local airlines. This is quite expensive and time consuming, we would not recommend them. Only a two day tour is worthwhile to spend enough time at the Great Pyramids of Egypt, not to see them in 20-30 minutes.

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About Nuweiba

It is divided into three parts. The first is the northernmost, called Tarabin. Here are the Bedouin settlements, and it is the most interesting place in the city. Here you can see the life of modern Bedouin. In local restaurants you can try their national cuisine, which is radically different from the Egyptian cuisine, which is fed in the hotel.

Fruit in Egypt

If the hotel does not feed you well, you can go to a local market and buy fruit and vegetables. Very interesting for tourists national Bedouin souvenirs, which are difficult to buy in other Egyptian resorts. They are very original, although they do not look luxurious. All these things are great as gifts from Egypt.

In the area of Tarabin there is a beautiful beach and several hotels. If you want, you can book a hotel directly in the area through the Internet.

The second part to the south is called “The City.” Here there are residential buildings and the city administration. Most of the stores and hotels are also located in this part of town. Only here you can find at least some entertainment, there are even a few nightclubs.

The third part is in the south and is called “Dune”. The name is not accidental, it is a desert with real dunes and hotels built on the sand.

What Nuweiba is really famous for

Coral Reef at Nuweiba Resort

If you want to dive the coral reefs, Nuweiba does not disappoint. There are few tourists and the reefs are not badly affected by human activity. The variety of marine life is greater than in Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh.

This is one of the most attractive places for diving in Egypt, along with the resorts of Dahab, El Kusseir, Marsa Alam and El Gouna.

In Nuweiba, snorkeling (snorkeling) is even more popular than scuba diving. The coral reefs are shallow and very close to the shore.

More important points

– Another advantage of Nuweiba (and all resorts in Sinai) – there is no need to pay for a visa. Instead, they put a special stamp “sinai only”. Details in our article “Do I need a visa to Egypt;

– Many hotels are far from the city. There is no public transportation, and you have to take a cab. Cab drivers do not drive on the meter, but try to negotiate an inflated price. To bargain with them, it is better to be familiar with the official fares. See the fares in our article “Taxis in Egypt”;

– It will be difficult to buy an Egyptian SIM card in Nuweiba. Better buy it at the airport of Sharm el Sheikh. Details in our review “Internet in Egypt”.

Is it worth to go to the resort of Nuweiba or not? It’s up to you to decide, and we’ve told you everything we know about it. Read our other useful reviews about Egypt (links below).

Nuweiba: inexpensive holidays in Egypt

The east coast of the Sinai Peninsula can please sea lovers with the resort of Nuweiba, located north of the more popular Sharm el-Sheikh no more than 190 km. Nuweiba is ideal for connoisseurs of a measured beach holidays, including traveling with children. Interested in the resort will be and lovers of water sports. About the peculiarities of rest in Nuweiba in 2022, the sights and attractions of the region we will tell in this article.

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A little history

Nuweiba was once a kind of staging post of strategic importance, through it passed the way Muslim pilgrims coming from Egypt to Mecca. Nowadays, the importance of the local port is not so relevant, but even today, tourists and those who make pilgrimage, go to Saudi Arabia it is here.

Features of the resort

Talking about holidays in Nuweiba, attractions, entertainment, prices, it is worth considering the territorial components of the resort:

  1. Nuweiba – Tabarin with widely developed tourist infrastructure and a large number of hotels. Shopping centers, clubs, bars are concentrated here.
  2. The city of Nuweiba, which acts as the center of the resort area.
  3. Nuweiba-Muzeina is a port and a fishing village, it is also the economic center of the resort.

Nuweiba on a Map

How to get there

In the past, Russia and Egypt were connected by a number of charter flights, one of which went to Sharm el-Sheikh airport, the nearest actively developing resort. Due to a number of terrorist attacks, it was decided to completely cut off air links with Egypt. It was in effect for several years, but at the end of 2017 relaxations were adopted.

As a result of the planned regular Moscow-Cairo flight, the route to Nuweiba can be constructed as follows: get to Cairo by a direct flight of Aeroflot or Egyptian Airlines, and then use domestic carriers that fly to Sharm el-Sheikh.

The ticket will cost from 42 dollars, travel time – 1 hour.

From the airport to the place of rest you have to take a cab. Parking of this form of transport is located directly next to the gate of terminal № 1. Usually the fare is calculated as the number of kilometers to your destination multiplied by two. The received figure, only in Egyptian pounds, is sounded by cab driver to the potential passenger.

It is not necessary to forget that about the cost of travel should be negotiated before boarding the salon.

The alternative to a cab is a pre-booked transfer. The cost is not much different from the cab services, but the problem of finding a car will be solved, because the traveler in this case meets with a sign at the arrivals area.

The trip to Nuweiba takes about 2 hours.

When to go?

Air and water temperatures in Nuweiba are suitable for a beach holiday, regardless of the time of year. The only thing to take into account is that the hottest time of the year is winter, when the thermometer is at 24⁰С during the day and 17⁰С at night. The water temperature during this period ranges from 22 to 24 degrees.

Holidays from June to September are suitable for true fans of the heat. The air temperature during these months can reach 36⁰С and the water temperature reaches 29⁰С. The hottest month is August.

How to get around the resort

There are cabs and bus services. Both are handy if you plan to travel around the surrounding resorts and towns.

Bicycles are the easiest and most comfortable way to get around Nuweiba itself, and are available for rent in many places.

Rent a Vehicle

Directly in Nuweiba with this service may have problems. Therefore you can rent a car immediately upon arrival at the airport or in Sharm el-Sheikh.

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Note that cars are offered by world-renowned companies, as well as Arab agencies. The latter do not even require an international driving license – a Russian driver’s license is enough. However, despite this, it is still recommended to rent from worldwide rental agencies, as their contract terms are more familiar and, importantly, clearer for the Russian tourist.

In order to sign a contract you must:

  1. Be at least 25 years old;
  2. Have the experience of driving a vehicle for at least 12 months;
  3. Have an international driver’s license;
  4. Provide a copy of a foreign passport.

The peculiarity of the rental is the surrender of the car exactly in the dream where it was received.

A small car will cost from $50 per day. At the same time almost everywhere there is a limit on the daily mileage, exceeding which is subject to payment. As a rule, the fee is $1 per kilometer.

When you pick up the car do not forget to fix all the existing damage, so that they later were not charged to you.

Where to Stay

There are plenty of hotel complexes in Nuweiba, but about half of them are atmospheric campsites on the beach.

The cost of budget options start at 10 euros per night, but do not count on comfort and interiors. This is literally – a night on the shore. Such institutions include – Fayrouz Beach Camp, which has separate houses and a common bathroom; El Badawy camp, offering accommodation for 5 square meters.

Decent options for value for money and comfort are:

  1. Bungalows on the beach at RockSea Campground, starting at 34 euros per night for 2 beds;
  2. Swisscare Nuweiba Resort Hotel, 3-star, where a spacious room for two will cost 57 euros;
  3. Coral Resort Nuweiba has a 4-star category, and offers accommodation for 25 euros.

Choosing a hotel in Nuweiba, you should pay attention not only to its proximity to the beach, this property is characteristic of most options. It is important to assess the comfort of the room and the breadth of services provided. Especially if you plan a trip with children.

Where to eat

Among the resort’s popular restaurants are:

  • Authentic Rock Sea;
  • Nakhill Inn located on the beach;
  • Cleopatra Restaurant, serving seafood and Greek cuisine.

Of the Egyptian dishes worth tasting:

  • Falafel – balls made with beans and vegetables;
  • Kofta – shish kebab made of minced meat;
  • Koshari – a dish whose ingredients include rice, chickpeas, pasta, lentils, and the dressing is made with tomato.

Attractions of Nuweiba

It should be noted that there are no sights directly in the resort area, but tourists vacationing here will be offered to visit interesting places nearby, to get to which you can either as part of a bus tour or on a pleasure boat.

What to see when vacationing in Nuweiba?

  1. The Oasis of Ain Khudra, located north of the resort. It is considered one of the oldest oases in Egypt, which is more than 3 thousand years old. The object is rightly ranked among the attractive places in the country. Here you can diversify your beach holiday spending time under the shade of palm trees and green grass. Encountered here locals are friendly and not averse to treat foreigners to tea.
  1. Colored and White Canyons. On this tour you can see the rock formations, various striking forms. In the colored canyon, so called because of the possibility of seeing the multicolored layers of rock, the length of the labyrinth is about 5 km, but tourists can pass a corridor of just over 800 meters long.
  1. Moses Mountain, which can be reached from the port of Nuweiba. The trip to Mount Moses is accompanied by a visit to the monastery of St. Catherine, located at its foot. Excursion involves a serious climbing, so going there, be sure to think of clothes (comfortable shoes, hat, glasses, long-sleeved top) and do not forget to bring drinking water.
  1. Jordan’s Petra, the oldest city, was included in 2007 in the list of the New Wonders of the World. You can also get there from the port of Nuweiba.
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What to do in Nuweiba?

Nuweiba is a beach resort, so all the main attractions are concentrated directly around this type of holiday. The main ones are:

  1. Diving – Nuweiba is no exception to all Egyptian resorts, there are also places where you can dive and watch the colorful sea world. The most suitable beaches are Ras Mamlakh and Ras Abu Gallum. Both beaches belong to Ras Mohammed National Park. This means that when you enter the tourist can ask for a special permit for diving. You can also see the coral wall of Maagan, a height of 30 meters and watch there for stingrays and grouperami.
  2. Snorkeling-a snorkeling trip to a place called Devil’s Head is a must.
  3. Visit Dolphin Beach. For 10 LE per person anyone can swim with tame dolphins.
  4. Sunset horseback ride on the beach organized by local Bedouin villagers.
  5. A visit to the port of Nuweiba, where you can take beautiful memorable photos.
  6. From the port you can also go to Aqaba, Jordan, which is famous for its resorts and is considered an ideal destination for divers. Aqaba is also valued for its amazing air.

What else do you need to know about a vacation in Nuweiba?

While vacationing in Nuweiba, everyone can go shopping or experience the local cuisine in the authentic restaurants in the fishing village near the port. Do not expect from the local stores and stores, something supernatural, simple souvenirs and colorful Egyptian things – that’s the maximum possible. For a wider choice go to Sharm el-Sheikh.

Lovers of club life should pay attention to the more modern part of the oasis – Nuweiba-Tabarin.

While in Egypt, it is worth adhering to the rules of conduct in the country, you should not wander in the evenings alone, as well as travel around the country without a guide. Safety in Egypt is the most important issue.

Tourists to the locals are rich people, and therefore a great target for a variety of machinations, how not to let yourself be cheated, you can read here.

As for communication, it is better to get a SIM card of any local mobile operator right at the airport. If you plan to use mobile Internet, you must also connect it at the time of purchase “simki”.

Nuweiba is positioned in 2022, as a resort for tourists with average income. The main impact on the cost of travel has a selected category of the hotel. The bulk of hotels are 3-4 stars.

A trip to Nuweiba is an opportunity to enjoy a carefree vacation for those who are most attracted to the sea. Families with children will enjoy a long beach strip with a gentle entry into the water, which allows for a safe holiday baby.

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