Oman holidays, dates and detailed description

National Holidays Oman

By its state structure, Oman is a rather rare type of absolute monarchy in the modern world. Sultan Qaboos bin Said has been the head of state for four decades. He was born on November 18, 1940 into the family of the Sultan of Muscat (as …

One of the most revered celebrations in the Muslim world is Leylat al-Meiraj (Rajab Bayram), the ascension (meiraj) of Muhammad to the throne of Allah. The surahs say that at night the archangel Jabrail (Gabriel) visited the prophet Muhammad, who was in a state between wakefulness and sleep …

The holiday is celebrated in Oman, on the night of October 26 to 27, and commemorates the Prophet’s extraordinary journey from Mecca to Jerusalem and his miraculous ascent to heaven in the kingdom of Allah. As the Prophet slept near the mosque in Mecca, he was visited by the Archangel Jabrail to call …

Historically, the majority of our planet’s population has had New Year’s Eve tied to a historical event since ancient times. Oman was no exception. In Oman, as in most Arab countries, the New Year is Islamic. In this phrase and the whole meaning of what is happening …

The sacred and honorable month for every Muslim is the ninth month of the Muslim calendar, or Ramadan, the time of holy fasting. As the sun rises, Muslims forgo food and water until the sun disappears over the horizon. Also during the daytime it is forbidden to smoke, drink alcohol …

On December 21, the residents of Oman celebrate Eid al-Fitr, the end of Ramadan. The blessed month of Ramadan is over, and with it the pious fast. This is one of the major holidays in Oman, the Feast of Eid al-Fitr. On the first day of the holiday are festive services in the mosques in 30 min. …

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Eid al-Adha (Day of Sacrifice) is celebrated in Oman on March 18. The Day of Sacrifice falls on the time when worshippers end their pilgrimage. On this day, the worshippers try to get up before sunrise, bathe, anoint themselves with incense, and wear beautiful clothes. Then the …

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Holidays of Oman

Oman is a country with an absolute monarchy, it remained closed for a long time and only opened to tourists in 1987.

The vast majority of the population adheres to the Islamic faith, which has affected the number of local holidays and traditions. Except directly to the day of the state, all the other holidays are purely religious in nature.

Day of Sacrifice

The Arabic name for this holiday is Eid al-Adha. There is no exact date, because it depends on the lunar calendar and when exactly in the year will be the end of the fast of Ramadan.

These dates do not always coincide with each other even in Islamic countries because there is no unified system for calculating the exact time.

The day of sacrifice is directly related to the events that were described to Christians in the Old Testament. There God decided to test the believer and ordered him to sacrifice his son, but he stopped him at the last moment when he saw that the one who had obeyed him was really going to do it. As a result, Allah pointed to a ram that should have been sacrificed to him. The blood of the animal is believed to wash away man’s sins.

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The feast of sacrifice by date becomes the culmination of the Hajj (pilgrimage). And how to conduct it, there are specific prescriptions for both those who choose to go to the holy places, and those who stayed home for various reasons.

As in many other cases in Islam, the celebration begins after sunset and lasts until the next sunset. The main events, however, most often take place in the morning.

Nation Day is a public holiday in Oman, the birthday of the ruler of the country, Qaboos bin Said. He was born into the family of Sultan Said bin Teymur, whose leadership was widely dissatisfied. As a result, Qabus organized a bloodless coup and his father abdicated the throne in favor of his own son. Since then, he has been the head of state, the head of the government, as well as the Minister of War and the Minister of Foreign Affairs. It was he who created a united Oman in 1971.

Before this holiday Qaboos has been touring the whole country for many years. He invites everyone to ask him any question, and he is sure to answer it. Qaboos does not ignore the needs of his people; as a result, he is highly respected in the country, where many attribute the improved situation of the country in recent decades precisely to his actions.

Oman does not celebrate traditional holidays and does not celebrate the New Year according to the Gregorian calendar.

The custom of celebrating the New Year in Islam is tied to a historical event – the relocation of the Prophet Muhammad and his followers from Mecca to Medina. Moreover, the prophet himself was the last one to leave. This event was connected with the fact that in Mecca Muhammad began to cause too negative reaction of the surrounding people, especially aristocrats, who did not like his teachings, gradually gaining more and more followers. As a result, they began to prepare an attempt on Muhammad’s life, but one of his supporters found out about it and managed to warn the prophet in advance.

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Muhammad founded a community in Medina, from which point Islam began to spread around the world, gaining strength. In the new habitat, no one needed to hide for fear of persecution, which became the hallmark of Medina. To commemorate this new stage in the life of the Prophet and all the faithful, this beginning is what this holiday is all about.

It should be said that in Islam it is not celebrated pompously and solemnly.

The second name of this holiday is Rajab Bayram. The roots of this holiday go back to the visit of the archangel Jabrail (Gabriel) to the prophet Mohammed. He came to him in a dream and invited him to the temple in Jerusalem, then let him pray and showed him the 7 heavens. Through this visit, Muhammad learned that wine was forbidden to the faithful – having passed the appropriate test. And he told his followers about it after he woke up.

On this day all Muslims should go to the mosque to listen to the sermon. Drinking alcohol on this particular day is a particularly grave sin. It is considered to be a direct insult to Allah. Therefore, tourists are advised to find out when this holiday is, otherwise it could provoke a conflict on religious grounds.

For most believers, the whole month of Ramadan is important, they do not mark out somehow its beginning, but not the inhabitants of Oman. Here, the date is determined by a committee of astronomers and theologians who calculate and observe the moon in order to announce when Ramadan begins this year.

On the very first day, one must get up before dawn in order to have time to drink water and eat breakfast, as it is forbidden to drink or eat during daylight hours. During the Lent in Oman, all recreational activities are prohibited.

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On the beaches can only appear in strictly covering the whole body clothing.

This holiday falls on the last day of Ramadan and means the end of the fast. Men gather in the mosques to perform the holiday namaz, and women begin to prepare food a few days before the holiday.

The celebration lasts for three days, all of them are days off.

Tourists are advised to find out in advance about the time of the festival, as they will not be able to go to any stores or shops, nothing works on those days.

The biggest festival of Omani culture, which offers a unique opportunity to get acquainted with its history and customs.

Held during January and February, the exact date varies from year to year. Everyone can admire the compositions, some of which are installed directly in the open air, communicate with ordinary people of the country or make purchases.

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