Patom crater in Siberia, detailed information

Everything about the Patom crater in Irkutsk region

The Patom crater is a unique geological object in the form of a cone of crushed limestone blocks. From the height it resembles a giant bird’s nest, so the Patomsky crater in Irkutsk region is popularly known as “The Nest of the Fire Eagle”.

Where is the amazing natural object and how to reach it

“Kolpakov’s Cone” or “Yavaldinsky”/”Dzhebuldinsky” crater, as this place is also called, is located on a mountain slope of the Patom Highlands in the Bodaibo district of the Irkutsk region, 180 km from the city of Lensk and 200 km from the city of Badaibo. Coordinates: 59.284742, 116.589547.

To get to the mysterious place “Patomsky Cone”, must be from Irkutsk, through the town of Bodaibo, settlement Perevoz, and then by rafting on the riverbeds to your destination.

Irkutsk – Bodaibo

From Irkutsk to Bodaibo you can get by the following transport:

  • Car. Go along Baikal a/d, Traktovaya str. to the ferry crossing, after you leave the ferry – go straight on R-438, Avtozimnik street, highways 81K-041 and 25K-023, Volodarskogo str. Travel time – about 26 hours.
  • By plane. There are 7 flights from Irkutsk airport to Bodaibo, with a flight time of 2 hours 15 minutes.

A one way ticket costs from 14200 rubles.

Bodaibo – Perevoz settlement

If you want to get to Perevozoz settlement from Bodaibo, you may drive to the gold mines in the northern part of the region by high-powered off-road vehicles, because the road is unpaved and cars cannot use it.

From the settlement Perevoz it is necessary to do rafting along the right bank of the river Khomolkho to the river Yeksekyulyakh, along the right bank to the “Nest of the fire eagle”. The length of the rafting is 50 kilometers.

How and by whom the cone-shaped crater was found

The Patom crater was found in 1949 by geologist V. Kolpakov, who traveled through the Bodaibo region, exploring previously unknown places, and made a detailed map of the USSR. He was told about it by local residents, who bypassed the mysterious natural phenomenon. Kolpakov’s team named their find after the Vitim-Patom Highlands, but in scientific circles the Patom crater became known as the “Kolpakov cone”.

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Description of the “Kolpakov cone”

Unusual in its characteristics, the Patom crater in the Irkutsk region has a circular structure with a bulk cone, it is composed of limestone and other rocks. It was formed about 500 years ago.

THIS IS INTERESTING! The crater is 76 meters in diameter, its highest point is about 40 meters, the Patom cone ends with a flat top. In the center of the crater is a slide up to 12 meters high. The estimated mass is 1 million tons.

The peculiarity of this place is that some of the blocks have had time to crumble, while others, as can be seen in the photo of the Patom crater, are fresh, they have not even had time to erode.

Theories of origin

Currently, there are several versions about the origin of the “Kolpakov cone”, some of them unusual and mysterious. In addition to the official version of the volcanic origin of the funnel, there are more than 10, but they are not confirmed by anything. The most common theories are:

  • A fragment of the famous Tunguska meteorite that fell on the Patom Highlands in 1908 caused the formation of the Patom cone, but studies have disproved this version;
  • A consequence of a nuclear strike during the Cold War;
  • fall of a superdense meteorite from another star system;
  • the strongest lightning strike;
  • Stalin’s Gulag (prisoners secretly mined minerals);
  • the crash of an alien ship;
  • created by human hands, as the place is similar in appearance to the mountains of waste rock;
  • remnants of giant Siberian volcanic lava (basalt), which erupted in the Permian period directly from large fissures in the ground, rather than from a volcano;
  • a young kimberlite pipe that came to the earth’s surface;
  • the result of geophysical processes deep in the Earth, a deep explosion – the most recent version of the origin of the Patom crater.
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In either case, studies show that the Patom Cone has a direct relationship to the abnormally high iron or other ferromagnetics in the area.

Expeditions and research

For some time Kolpakov could not draw attention to the Patomsky crater, so the first exploratory expedition of the Siberian Commission on Meteorites of the USSR visited it only in 1963, and in 1971 photos of the Patomsky crater were made from a helicopter. After that 4 complex expeditions were sent to “Kolpakov’s cone”:

  • 2005 – the trek was not completed because the head of the team, E. Vorobyov, died of heart problems;
  • 2006 – materials for research were collected, it turned out that the Patom crater in the Irkutsk region is of volcanic origin and consists of limestone with an admixture of sandstone, shale and quartz.
  • 2008 – we got new samples for researches and found out that this place had been formed in the period from the XV to the XVI centuries;
  • 2010 г. – 2010 – data obtained earlier were confirmed that the Patom cone is of volcanic origin.

Given all the research, many scientists have come to the conclusion that the “Kolpakov cone” (Patomsky) is a volcano created by methane emissions, rather than the classic for a volcano lava.

The mysteries and legends of the Fire Eagle’s Nest

The Patom cone is associated with several legends among the Yakuts:

  • A “firebird” flew in from the sky and left a crater;
  • everyone who lived near the crater died from the paws of bears or ended their lives by suicide;
  • it’s a cursed place, it’s dangerous to go there;
  • the crater attracts huge celestial bodies because of its strong energy;
  • death of the head of the expedition in 2005 was not an accident, the Patom crater in the Irkutsk region killed him, showing its power.

Unsolved mysteries of this place:

  • aircraft pilots cannot see the Patom cone even in clear weather, although it should be visible from afar because of its height;
  • near it, people start to feel an incomprehensible feeling of fear and panic;
  • a Yakut family that lived nearby disappeared, abandoning their valuables and personal belongings; they were never found;
  • The Patom cone is not radioactive, but there is a serious magnetic anomaly around it; uranium and strontium were found in the wood of the trees growing nearby;
  • it still changes its shape, sinking and sinking.
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But the main mystery of the “Nest of the Fire Eagle” lies in its origin, because even the most famous figures of science have not been able to identify it exactly until now. One of the most unexplained places on earth is the Patom crater in the Irkutsk region, it is interesting not only to researchers, but also to ordinary travelers. And this despite the fact that it is located in the deep taiga.

The most mysterious place on the planet – the Patom crater in the Irkutsk region

The Patom crater is a crater of crushed blocks on a mountain slope in the Patom Highlands, Irkutsk region, discovered in 1949 by Kolpakov.

It is far from always possible to understand and explain some natural phenomena. In Russia, in the deep taiga, which is thousands of kilometers from the nearest city of Buryatia, there is a very mysterious place, a grandiose object – Patom crater. Even from distant space you can see this place.

Many expensive expeditions were organized to the Patom crater, but, no study, no scientist could unequivocally answer the question: “How exactly and why did the Patom crater arise?”

Locals have nicknamed the Patom Crater – the Nest of the Fire Eagle. What is this mysterious place? It is worth saying right away that the Patom crater is the most mysterious geological place on planet Earth.

Residents of Yakutia believe that the Patom crater is not just an anomalous place, but a cursed place.

Is it really so?

The most mysterious place on the planet Patom crater

The main organizer of the very first scientific expedition to the crater – Evgeny Vorobiev – was unable to return from these anomalous places alive. He didn’t make it to the crater just a few hundred meters.

His tragic death shocked all members of the expedition. Sparrow simply stopped his heart …

Aokigahara forest in Japan, suicides in the forest

Scientists are not superstitious, but after visiting the Nest of the Fire Eagle, they felt very strange.

It is believed that the place where the Patom crater was formed has a strong energy, which attracts huge celestial bodies.

First, the famous Tunguska meteorite fell near the crater, and several years ago, the Vitim bolide fell.

The Yakuts were frightened, not by the falling bolide, but by the aftermath of its fall. Cockroaches and sparrows disappeared from the area.

Soon after the fall of the Vitim meteorite, local residents began to fall ill and die. Scientists have never been able to explain why so many people suddenly began to suffer from various deadly diseases.


The version of how the Patom crater was formed

The Patom crater is crushed limestone blocks on the mountainside of the Patom Highlands in the Bodaiba district of the Irkutsk region. Discovered in 1949 by geologist Vadim Viktorovich Kolpakov.

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