Peloponnese Airport in Greece, photo and description

The air gateway of the Peloponnese – Araxos and Kalamata airports

The Peloponnese is a favorite destination for travelers from all over the world. During the high tourist season, Araxos and Kalamata are used as arrival airports for charter flights to the Peloponnese. The first is located in the western part of the peninsula, the second in its south.

The airport terminal and the Greek flag

The airport terminal and the Greek flag

Information about Araxos airport

The airport was created in 1941 for the needs of the Greek military. Passenger flights began to land on the local airfield only in the 1980s.

Today Araxos is an airport co-located with military and civil airlines. Passenger flights operate primarily in the summer, adjusting annually to serve civilian flights.


  • The name of the air harbor is Araxos Airport;
  • Country of residence – Greece;
  • Country code (ISO) – Gr;
  • Airport city – Patras;
  • IATA code – GPA;
  • ICAO code – LGRX;
  • Geographical coordinates: The Greek airport of Araxos, near Patras is located at latitude 38.151111000000 and longitude 21.425556000000;
  • The altitude is 14 m above sea level;
  • Actual and postal address is ARAXOS AIRPORT P.C. 25200 KATO AHAIA;
  • The official website is;
  • Main telephone number: 30 26930 54000;
  • Management: 30 26930 54000, ext. 3;
  • Email -.

More phone numbers are available on the official page about gpa airport at

Araxos on the map

Araxos on the map

Working schedule

Seasonality is a distinctive characteristic of charters arriving in the Peloponnese. The airport builds its schedule in accordance with their flight schedules.

The period of aircraft service is from May 01 to October 28.

Hours of passenger service:

  • From 01 to 31 May: Sunday-Thursday – 9:00-13:30, Friday – 9:00-21:30, Saturday – 9:00-14:00 and 22:00-24:00;
  • June 01 through September 30: Monday – 8:00-13:00, Tuesday – 8:30-19:00, Wednesday – 7:30-11:00 and 17:00-20:00, Thursday – 8:30-14:00, Friday – 9:00-21:30, Saturday – 6:30-15:00, Sunday – 7:00-12:00;
  • October 01-28: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday – 9:00-13:30, Tuesday -16:30-20:00, Thursday – 9:00-14:00, Friday – 9:00-21:30, Sunday – 8:30-12:30 and 16:30-18:30

Exit to the airfield

Entrance to the airfield

Important: Opening hours of the airport terminal may vary. The current schedule can be found at

Corinth Canal

The Corinth Canal

This canal separates the Peloponnese from the rest of mainland Greece and creates a visually powerful spectacle with its steep rock walls plunging into a blue-water chasm best admired from the sturdy pedestrian bridge crossing the canal. Although the ancient Greeks first attempted to create the canal more than two thousand years ago, it was not completed until 1893. The canal stretches the entire length of the isthmus, and you can book a tour boat ticket to admire this engineering feat.

And if you’re particularly adventurous, try bungee jumping to see the canal from a completely different perspective.

Flight Schedules

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Aircraft schedule with the airline carrier, flight number, airport of arrival or departure, arrival or departure time, which can be found at

An interesting service of the site is the flight radar, where you can track flights online on a map, including those to Patrai Gpa airport.

Ancient Olympia

Ancient Olympia.

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Almost 3000 years have passed since the first Olympic Games in honor of Zeus were held here, in the shadow of majestic Mount Kronos. Here you can find the remains of temples dedicated to Zeus and Hera, whose graceful columns are picturesque ruins that you can walk around freely. The flame of the modern Olympics still burns in front of the temple of Hera. The centerpiece of the site is the 200-meter (650-foot) walkway of the stadium itself, which is accessed by a long arched tunnel (pictured). The huge sanctuary complex, built to house competitors thousands of years ago, contains many artifacts on display at the Olympia Archaeological Museum .

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How to get to the airport of Patras Araxos

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Relevant ways to get to the airport terminal Araxos are cabs, as well as personal or rented transport. Previously, it was possible to use the buses of the company KTEL, which were adjusted to the flights of the carrier Ryanair. In 2017, this airline does not operate flights to Patrai Gpa airport.


The most important rule is that the car must be ordered in advance. There is almost no chance to take a car at the airport terminal building. The airports of Peloponnese do not have their own cab dispatch service.

There are several cab services in Patras that offer advance online booking. One of them is Patras Port Taxi, its official website is The company delivers its customers not only to the hotels of Patras, but also those located in other regions of Greece. The cost of a trip from Patrai Gpa to the city center is 70 euros.

You can use the service Kiwitaxi at, in this case the calculation of the cost is sent to the e-mail address of the customer. A trip to Athens with this service will cost from 350 euros.

Rent a car

On the website of the airport or any global rental service is possible to book a car, which will be waiting for the traveler upon arrival.

By the way, most often you can return the car not only at the place of receipt, but at any convenient to the client. This moment is specified in the online booking form.

The minimum cost of the car is 75 euros per day. It is necessary to remember that you can rent a car only if you have an international driver’s license.

The Ancient Corinth

Ancient Corinth

The crumbling, ornate columns of carved stone, standing out against the wide sky, testify to the architectural prowess of the ancient Greeks. The remains of ancient Corinth are ideal for those who love photography. In particular, the Temple of Apollo is a beautiful picture with fluted columns and pedestals surrounded by wildflowers and rocky mountain peaks in the background. Another favorite attraction of the ancient city is Acrocorinth, a hilltop fortress considered one of the finest in Greece, built thousands of years ago. Artifacts from the various excavations, such as mosaics, statues, sarcophagi and tools, are housed in the nearby Archaeological Museum of Ancient Corinth.

Infrastructure of Araxos

The airports of the Peloponnese, including Patrai Gpa, are very compact.

Araxos consists of a single one-story terminal. The signs inside the building are in English. The staff is contactable, ready to help with any problem that may arise.

Among the presented services are:

  • Cafe,
  • A grocery store.

There are duty-free pavilions and a souvenir shop in the departures area.

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No luggage packing and storage service. I can’t find a mother and baby lounge in the air terminal either.

Wi-Fi, as well as wired internet, is not available at the airport.

Despite the small number of services and compact size, the seasonal passenger traffic is more than 133,000 people.

The village of Monemvasia

Village of Monemvasia

Dramatic cliffs drop straight into the Aegean Sea, highlighting the beauty of this ancient stone village, connected to the Peloponnese mainland by a road. People have lived here for at least a thousand years, and many of the medieval buildings attract visitors with their picturesque simplicity. The exposed cliffs provided protection for the village during invasions and today offer stunning photo opportunities for visitors.

The ocean takes center stage on this tiny island, and you can engage in a variety of water sports, including scuba diving, sea kayaking and snorkeling.

Sicily, international and regional airports

Major airlines.

Aircraft at Araxos Airport

Aircraft at Araxos Airfield

International flights are operated by:

  1. Austrian Austrian,
  2. Russian NordStar,
  3. German Tuifly,
  4. Belgium’s Jetairfloo,
  5. Estonian Smartlynx,
  6. German Air Berlin.

Araksos airport, despite its size, is able to accept any type of aircraft, for which there are 5 parking spaces on the airfield. According to reviews of tourists, registration, inspection and boarding procedures are organized. The main thing you should pay attention to when traveling through the airport is how to get to and from the airport.

Nearest cities and hotels

Nearest cities to the airport of Araxos in Patras

The town of Andravida is located 34 km from Araxos Airport along ΕΟ Πάτρας Πύργου/ΕΟ9, Varda is 16 km along the same road, Kato Achaia is 17 km along ΕΟ Κάτω Αχαΐας Αράξου.

Hotels near the airport of Patras

Three-star hotels in Patras can be booked for about 50 euros. For example, the Airotel Patras Smart Hotel offers Greek breakfasts in the morning, free Wi-Fi, private bathrooms, and flat-screen TVs.

Patras Airport on a map.


The climate of the peninsula is Mediterranean, with dry summers and rainy, warm winters on the coast. Spring is stormy, filled with the scents of meadow flowers. You can sunbathe on the beaches from April, take sea baths from the middle of May. It is comfortable to swim in the sea until the end of October. The high season is July-August. Autumn is quiet and calm, with an abundance of fruit and an unusual palette of mountain forests. The November sun still gives warmth, but you have to swim only in the pool. From December to March, the mountains of Peloponnese are covered with snow, attracting fans of skiing and snowboarding.

Ruins of Mycenae

The Ruins of Mycenae

The charming ruins of a thriving civilization four thousand years ago are huge blocks of intricately shaped stone in excellent condition. You can still walk through the famous Lion’s Gate, climb into the secret cistern and explore the tombs of the royal tholos. The ruins of the Acropolis, which was once the home of the legendary Agamemnon and his wife Clytemnestra, extend across a wide observation deck over a valley and olive orchards. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view from all sides of the ancient layout of the city, the patchwork quilt of modern fertile fields and the layers of high mountain peaks beyond. For a more detailed view of the life of the people who lived here, visit the Mycenae Archaeology Museum, a little over a mile and a half from the ruins.

What to Bring

Hermes, the god of commerce, still dominates the shelves in the Peloponnese: his bronze, marble and ceramic figurines are a popular souvenir, as are the statuettes of the other Olympian gods. They are competed by amphorae, rhytons, funny figurines of donkeys, models of Greek churches. It is worth looking at locally made clothes and shoes that are inexpensive and of good quality. Good are also gold and silver jewelry, ceramic dishes, natural cosmetics based on olive oil, fragrant handmade soaps.

In the vicinity of Kalamata grows the best olives on the peninsula with a thin purple skin, the oil of which is beyond praise. In the monastery of St. Konstantin and St. Helena, in Kalamata, silk products are sold, woven by nuns on hand looms, preserved from Byzantine times, in the village of Pyrgos Dirou – excellent goat cheese “touloumissio tiri”, in the mountain village of Kaminia – warm sweaters of sheep’s wool, bound by local residents.

Beaches of Peloponnese

The beaches in the Peloponnese are sandy or sandy with small inclusions of small pebbles. Families with children should look at the northern coast of Achaea and Corinthia. The southern coast has deserted picturesque beaches.

Sagrada Familia by Antoni Gaudi in Barcelona

Tourists in Corinthia choose to stay on Loutraki or Xylokastro city beaches or on the pebbly coast of Sikia, which has earned a Blue Flag for the purity of its waters. In Argolis, the sandy beaches of Tolo, Plesi and Porto Heli are worth seeing. Those who choose pebbles for the transparency of sandy waters, should look out for Palea Epidavros, Ermioni or Arvantia.

In Laconia, another Blue Flag winner, Arhangelos beach, is very popular, while Simos Beach is traditionally number two. In Elida, the sandy beaches of Kourouta, Chrysi Akti and Zaharo (each of them also proudly flying the flag of the heavenly color) are good for swimming. Achaia invites to the pebbly beaches of Simpolitia and the sandy beaches of Kalogria. Arcadia is famous for its coasts Lako, Paralia Astros and Tigani.

As a rule, the beaches of Peloponnese have umbrellas and sun loungers for rent (umbrella + two sun loungers – 10-15 EUR), there are taverns, cafes, bars, food stands, stores with souvenirs and beach accessories. Fans of active recreation can go water-skiing for 25-35 EUR, fly a parachute for 70 EUR, ride a jet ski for 30-45 EUR.

Messinia is one of the most picturesque areas of the peninsula. Local beaches are the best proof of that. The coast of Costa Navarino and the unforgettable Voidokilia bay are worth your attention. The city beach of Kalamata, the capital of the region, is literally within walking distance of the city center. Mikri-Mantinia is worth a trip for those who like well-developed infrastructure: there are plenty of restaurants by the water. Other places of interest are the family beach of Stupa, 38 km from Kalamata, and the sandy beach of Petalidi and the coast of the former fishing village Finicounda. There are also a couple of beautiful sandy beaches near Pilos.

Baby food

Travelers not in vain praise Greek cuisine and recommend visiting tavernas with children. Indeed, many traditional Greek dishes are suitable for children’s table. If you are planning an independent holiday in the Peloponnese with children and are going to stay in a resort town, you can safely refuse to eat at the hotel and eat in tavernas.

But since many hotels and even apartments on the peninsula away from the settlements, there may simply be no nearby tavernas. In this case it is necessary to take care about the food at the hotel.

Choosing a hotel, where it is better with children, do not necessarily look for an “all inclusive” (although in the Peloponnese this system is quite common). In family hotels, working on the system “only breakfast” or “half board”, may offer a special children’s menu. Also in restaurants sometimes there is an opportunity to order a diet meal or puree for a child. Often equipped with a corner where you can heat up baby food.

Baby food is better to bring with you, as in Greece is a relatively small selection of mixes, porridges and purees.

If you want to cook on their own, then choosing where to stay in the Peloponnese, decide in favor of cities with developed infrastructure, so that there are supermarkets and markets nearby.

The air gateway of the Peloponnese – Araxos and Kalamata airports

Araxos airport, Peloponnese

The Peloponnese is a peninsula in southern Greece, but if they call it an island, it does not diverge from reality. The Corinth Canal makes the Peloponnese an island of 22,200 sq./km.

It is a favorite destination for tourists from all over the world and boasts a huge number of attractions. You can see the most beautiful parts of Greece and the ancient monuments of culture: Ancient Mycenae, Olympia, where the Olympic flame is lit and the legendary temple of Zeus.

There are two different airports in the Peloponnese: Araxos (west) and Kalamata (south), which host charter flights throughout the holiday season.

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Araxos and Kalamata airports

Araxos Airport, Peloponnese, Greece

Araxos is located 45 km from Patras. However, spending 25 minutes from Patras to Araxos is more comfortable than traveling 280 kilometers from Athens.

The airport was conceived on this site back in 1939, but in practice the construction began in 1941 by the Germans, occupying Greece. Until 1984 it functioned only as a military base, but since April ’84 it regularly receives charter flights. Despite this, Araxos is still a base of the Hellenic Air Force, and vacationers can occasionally see small military aircraft take off and land on its territory.

The runway of Araxos airfield is 3352 meters. In winter, it serves private flights, but with the arrival of the holiday season – which is from early spring to late fall – the airport receives charters from Europe, as well as cities in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

[The average annual traffic of passengers at Araxos airport is 130 thousand people. Those who arrive here for the first time are surprised – the airport is small, surrounded by fields.

Since 2008, there is a modern terminal, which includes a small duty-free shop. On its territory there is a cafe and a store where you can buy local souvenirs.

Kalamata Airport is named after the Greek city from which it is 7 km away. It began to operate in 1959, and in 1991 it was built a new terminal and the airport was transferred to the civil aviation. The length of the runway is 3016 meters.

The airport is designed mainly for the summer tourist flow and takes seasonal charter flights. There is one terminal, but usually there are no special delays. On the territory there is a parking lot, where a cab will be waiting for you, as well as restaurants and stores. There is an opportunity to exchange currency at a bank branch, a light snack at a bar or cafe. [direct3]

Transportation from Araxos Airport

Cab at Araxos airport, Peloponnese

Keep in mind that Araxos airport does not operate 24 hours a day, but strictly according to a schedule, which can be found on the official website. KTEL bus routes are connected with the arrivals of flights of European budget airline Ryanair and adjust to the schedule of this company.

The bus will take you to Patras for 4 euros, but it’s safer to take care of your transportation in advance. Of course, you can take a cab at the airport, but in high season demand for this service often exceeds supply. Limited working hours of the airport may deprive you of the opportunity to wait for a free car.

The best way to leave Araxos Airport is to order a cab through the online booking service Taxi Transfers for Greece. The service is convenient in that it will know the time of arrival of the flight, gives an approximate cost of the route and does not charge extra in case of a delay of the plane.

For those who are going to Killioni port the airport organized bus service on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The price of such a transfer ranges from 15 to 30 euros.

Transportation from Kalamata Airport

Kalamata Airport, Peloponnese, Greece

You can drive up to Kalamata Airport on the E55 and E65 highways. There is a car rental service at the airport, which you can take on the spot and a cab from the airport to Kalamata city will bring you for 12-15 Euros. There is also online car rental service Rentalcars, which has long been popular in Europe. The service allows you to instantly book a convenient option if you intend not only to drive from the airport to the hotel, but also freely move around the peninsula in the future.

At the exit of the airport there is a bus stop. Prices for the routes start from 3 euros and above – depending on the distance, but you should keep in mind that the bus traffic is mostly in the first half of the day. Therefore cabs are more reliable way of getting around. The calculation of the cost of a cab from the airport is about 1.5 euros per kilometer.

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Prices at airports in Peloponnese

Araxos Airport, Peloponnese, Greece

Although the airports in the Peloponnese are not large, you can have a rest, visit Duty Free, have a bite to eat and buy souvenirs at the airports. Prices are quite democratic, especially if you compare them with Moscow.

  • A liter of mineral water can be bought for 1 EUR;
  • A liter of Fanta or Coca-Cola – 1,30 EUR;
  • chips – 2 EUR;
  • Beer – depending on the variety and volume of the can – 2 to 5 EUR;
  • hamburger – 3,5 EUR;
  • coffee – 2-4 EUR;
  • ice-cream – 2,50 EUR;
  • For a meal in a cafe will cost about 10-12 EUR for two people.

In duty free is worth buying olive oil, honey or local wine. A couple of bottles of wine as a souvenir will cost from 20 EUR per pack, a small calendar – about 3 EUR, and a souvenir magnet on the fridge – 2-3 EUR. The most popular as souvenirs are figurines of Greek gods and various statuettes of alabaster. Their prices range from 8 to 15 euros. Here you can also buy a SIM card. It costs 10-20 euros, depending on which carrier you prefer. [direct4].

A bit of useful information

Peloponnese Airport, Greece

If you can’t find your luggage when you arrive at the airport, please contact the “Lost and Found” desk. Do not forget to declare all your valuables, otherwise if you can not prove that you bought them outside the Peloponnese, you may have to pay a fine of up to 1500 Euros.

Drink plenty of fluids on board, but do not abuse tea, coffee and especially alcohol. Excessive consumption can lead to a visit to the police station upon arrival.

Tourist Reviews

Airport of the Peloponnese

“Araxos airport is small, as a civilian is open until 3.00 pm, but we took it with understanding. We walked from the airfield to the lounge. Passport control was organized, without any fuss, we were with our kids, and they let us in without waiting in line, which was a pleasant surprise. (Galya, Leningrad)

“We were alone, waiting for our car, the silence was unreal, we even forgot that we were at the airport. We waited about 15 minutes, during which time we had a chance to drink Hellenicos coffee in a small cafe and peruse the duty-free shop. It took us about 30 minutes to get to Patras and we had a cabbie who had agreed a price of 65 euros, but he told us that the fare could be more expensive at night. (Zhenya, Kazan)

“Upon arrival in Araxos everyone settled into buses, and we were immediately glad that we had booked a car in advance – right at the airport – on the advice of acquaintances. The prospect of staying in an open field did not make us happy, in fact it is a tiny military airport in the middle of the Peloponnesian gardens. However, there were no flight delays, the airport copes and it is better not to strain yourself by driving from Athens. (Vladimir, Moscow)

Peninsula of the Peloponnese

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