Peyto Lake is a turquoise milkshake. Canada

All of Canada in 12 days: Nova Scotia + West and East

All the beauty of Canada in one tour! In 12 days of travel, you’ll travel from Nova Scotia to Western Canada. The most photographed sights, an educational program, and several wonders of the world await you in one tour: the Bay of Fundy with the world’s greatest tides, Niagara Falls, and the beauty of Banff and Jasper National Parks.

Program of the tour:

Day 1. Halifax

Arrival in Halifax, transfer with English-speaking driver to hotel.

Halifax sightseeing tour.

Halifax is the capital of the province of Nova Scotia, as well as a major fishing port and economic center of the eastern part of the country. The city has a rich history and many attractions. During your tour, you’ll walk through the cozy downtown streets, see Canada’s first English church, stroll along the city’s waterfront, and visit the memorials to fallen Canadian ships.


Day 2. Halifax – Lunenburg – Halifax

In the morning, visit the Titanic shipwreck memorial. You will learn some details about the lost and surviving passengers in this early 20th century tragedy.

Depart Halifax and drive to Cape Peggy where there is an old fishing village and famous lighthouse. You will see spectacular desert scenery and take stunning photographs.

Cape Peggy

Lunch (extra charge) at a restaurant overlooking the ocean. The restaurant is always fresh lobsters and other seafood.

Lobster Ready

Next you will go to the famous “Treasure Island. Here you’ll learn about the history of piracy in New England and the stories of the famous cutthroats of that brutal era (Blackbeard, Keech and Saladin). For 300 years, the search for the most valuable treasure in history has continued on this island.

In addition, you will admire the beauty of the island and its geological features.

Transfer to Lunenburg.

Lunenburg is Nova Scotia’s most unusual town, attracted by its unique architecture and history Source: . The city is unique in the preserved buildings of the British colonial settlement and the monuments of architecture under the protection of UNESCO. Source:

Return to Halifax.

Day 3. Halifax – Hopewell Rocks National Park – Shediac

Drive to Hopewell Rocks National Park, on the Gulf of Fundy. The Bay of Fundy is an incredibly beautiful place, located on the Atlantic coast of North America and stretching between such provinces as Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

For centuries, the wind and sea have carefully shaped graceful and majestic cliffs of the most intricate and mediocre forms, as well as deep caves of enormous size. For their interesting shapes the rocks have received such mediocre and original names as Dinosaur, Big Bear, Lizard, Elephant Rock and others. Among the caves can be found such as Step Cave, Tower Cave and Big Cave.

Hopewell Rocks

It is recommended to visit the park twice during the day to have an idea of the full tidal cycle. The height of the tide varies from day to day, on some days the tide can be as high as 16 meters, making Hopewell Rocks considered one of the highest tides in the world.

Transfer to Shediac, the lobster capital of the world. You will have the opportunity to be photographed with the largest lobster in the world and, of course, enjoy a fresh catch for dinner (extra charge).

Shediac - the lobster capital of the world

Day 4. Shediac – Montreal.

Transfer to the airport. Flights to Montreal. Meeting with guide.

Sightseeing tour of Montreal.


Montreal is one of the largest cities in Canada. The first Indian settlements appeared here more than 4,000 years ago. The historic district of Montreal takes the place of the first French village of Ville-Marie. Many beautiful architectural structures and monuments have been preserved here.

Falls Multnomah. Oregon. USA

In the evening, visit Aura light and music show at Notre Dame Basilica, the most beautiful Catholic cathedral in North America.

Aura light and music show at Notre Dame Basilica, Montreal

Day 5. Montreal – Quebec City – Montreal

Drive to Quebec City, the famous capital of “French” Canada. Walks in the old part of the city with a possible visit to the Cyclorama of Jerusalem (payment on the spot), and an introduction to St. Anne’s Cathedral, made in neo-Gothic style.

Quebec City

On return to Montreal, visit Montmorency Falls. Its height is 84 meters, which is 30 meters higher than the famous Niagara Falls. The water flow itself is not as powerful, but it is still an amazing sight.

Day 6. Montreal – Toronto.

Transfer by train to Toronto. Meeting your guide.

Sightseeing tour of Toronto.

Toronto is the largest and most famous city in Canada. Toronto is also known as the “economic engine” of Canada, is considered one of the leading metropolitan areas of the world. During excursion you will see the most interesting things in this city: Chinese city, Royal Museum and the Royal Pier, Financial Center, Old Town, City Hall, Parliament, University, Yorkville area.


Hotel accommodation. Rest.

Those who wish (extra charge) will go to the famous television tower CN Tower, which is 553 m high. The tower offers stunning views of the city and its surroundings. On a clear day with the sun shining from the observation deck of the tower you can even see the Niagara Falls and American city of Buffalo about 120 km far from Toronto. Dinner at the high-rise revolving restaurant (extra charge).

Day 7. Toronto – Niagara Falls – Toronto

Excursion to Niagara Falls (8-9 hrs).

Niagara Falls

Walk to the spectacular and breathtakingly majestic Niagara Cascade. The stream of water of this famous giant falls from a height of 53 meters and extends more than 1 km in width. Niagara Falls were formed during the natural earth crust fracture about 12 000 years ago. It was “mother” to Lake Erie, which emerged from the shore and formed the mighty Niagara River, which pours its waters directly into Lake Ontario. Perhaps Niagara Falls can be called the most spectacular natural break in the earth’s crust. This waterfall is rightfully considered the most amazing natural wonder of North America.

Visiting the city of Niagara Falls and tasting Niagara ice wines (extra charge). Those who wish may take part in the extreme boat rides (fee payable locally).

Return to Toronto. Rest.

Day 8. Toronto – Calgary – Banff.

In the morning, transfer to the airport. Flight to Calgary. Upon arrival – short tour of modern Calgary. Calgary is a city in southern Alberta where modernity meets tradition and where the pioneering spirit is still strong. Calgary became world famous after the Winter Olympics in 1988.

Transfer to Banff National Park. For those wishing – bathing in thermal springs (extra charge).

Overnight in the Rocky Mountains.

Day 9. Banff Park – Jasper Park – Banff Park.

A morning drive through Banff and Jasper National Parks, during which you’ll see some of Canada’s most scenic mountain lakes.

– Lake Louise.

The lake is located in the southern Rocky Mountains. It is surrounded by three high peaks – Mt. Fairview, Devils Tumb and St. Piran. Both winter and summer the beauty of the lake is incredible. The water is amazingly colored, the thick forests along the shores, and the white mountain peaks. The scenery is just delightful.

Bimini Road. Bahamas. Description, coordinates, photos.

Lake Louise

– Lake Moraine

Endlessly beautiful Lake Moraine in the Ten Peaks Valley is one of Canada’s iconic landmarks. The fantastic blue of the water is due to mineral deposits at the bottom of the lake. This effect is especially beautiful on cloudless weather when the color of the lake is enhanced by the reflection of the blue sky in its waters.

Lake Moraine

– Lake Peyto

This beautiful lake is located at an altitude of 1860 meters and is fed by the waters of the melting mountain peaks. Near the lake are mountain peaks such as Mount Jimmy Simpson, Caldron Peak, Mistaya Mountain, and Peyto Peak. The water in the lake has an interesting composition and color. In addition to the purest mountain water, the melting of nearby glaciers brings what is known as “glacial flour” into the lake. Minerals dissolved in the water combine with the glacial flour to create this incredible color. The water in the lake looks more like a turquoise milkshake.

Lake Peyto

Next, you’ll drive along the Icefield Parkway, which runs through amazingly beautiful terrain. You’ll also walk over a glass bridge over Glacier Valley.

Overnight in the Rocky Mountains.

Day 10. Banff Park to Vancouver.

Transfer to the airport. Flight to Vancouver.

Vancouver sightseeing tour.

Vancouver is a city that has been ranked by UNESCO many times as the first city on the planet in terms of quality of life. Here skyscrapers are juxtaposed with parks of century-old trees, and snow-capped peaks are reflected in the waters of the Pacific Bay.


Day 11. Vancouver .

Today you will take the Sea to Sky tour. Take in the spectacular views from one of the most beautiful roads in the world, which winds among the cliffs of the Pacific Coast. You’ll take the Gondola up to 850 meters for spectacular views of Howe Bay.

Lake Peyto, Canada – overview

Nature surprises man, mesmerizes with the beauty of its unique creations. Lake Peyto is one of such extraordinary places.

Brief description

The lake is located in Canadian Rocky Mountains, in Alberta province at an altitude of 1860 meters above sea level. The lake is almost three kilometers long and eight hundred meters wide. Lake Peyto occupies more than five square kilometers of territory. It is mostly fed by glaciers. Scientists believe that the lake itself was formed by a glacier. It is shaped like a big wolf’s head, which also attracts tourists.


The lake in Canada is one of the most picturesque and extraordinary places on earth. It is named after the traveler, explorer and discoverer of the lake Bill Peyto. In the early twentieth century, Bill explored the Rocky Mountains of western Canada. He took some pictures of the Peyto he liked, and the lake became famous almost immediately.

Today, many tourist bases are built around the reservoir, you can do fishing. Here are caught pike, trout, salmon.

Lake Peyto attracts tourists and the unusual turquoise color of the water. Many scientists believe that the melting waters of the glacier that feeds the lake, bring the mountain glacial flour and particles of rock. They turn the water stream into a thick turquoise.

In order to see the lake from a height, tourists have to go up the mountain, where it is very cold. Therefore, it is necessary to dress warmer. After climbing to a considerable height, one discovers a unique view. Peyto is one of the most often photographed places because of its picturesque pictures of nature.

Montreal Attractions. Canada. Description, photos.

There, in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, is the oldest national park in Banff. The sights of these places attract more and more tourists every year.

The park was established in 1885. Then these places were discovered hot springs, which they decided to combine into a protected area. Banff occupies about seven thousand square kilometers of territory. Nearby are such national parks as Yoho, Jasper and Kootenay. At the beginning of the twentieth century there was the first opportunity to visit the park by car, and soon there began to organize tours by bus. One of the longest highways, the Trans-Canada Highway, runs through the national park.

The center of the park is a small but cozy town of Banff. It has many museums and several art galleries. The town hosts film festivals and various cultural events. Next to the town is the small village of Lake Louise. It is a landmark on the edge of Lake Louise. This view is depicted on one of Canada’s banknotes.

There are three ski resorts within the park that are also attractions.

Banff Park has many glaciers, glacial fields, and dense forests. It is home to 56 species of mammals, including some rare ones.

Banff and Payto Lake are mesmerizing in their uniqueness and scenic beauty and are among the top five most visited places in America.

Peyto Lake is blue milk. Canada

The Rocky Mountains in Canada are literally full of unrealistically beautiful and magically attractive mountain lakes. Among them is Lake Peyto, which is called the most photographed lake in Canada. It is located in Alberta province in the southwest part of the country in the Banff National Park.

Peyto Lake on a map

  • Geographical coordinates are 51.722650, -116.521427.
  • Distance from Canada’s capital city of Ottawa approximately 3000 km as a straight line
  • The nearest airport is Calgary International Airport about 200 km

The beautiful lake is located at an altitude of 1860 meters and is fed by the waters of the melting mountain peaks. Near the lake are mountain peaks such as Mount Jimmy Simpson, Caldron Peak, Mistaya Mountain and Peyto Peak. The lake is about 2.8 kilometers long. The width reaches up to 800 meters. The surface area is about 5.3 km 2 .

Lake Peyto – the blue milk

Lake Peyto is called the most famous and beautiful lake in Canada. Here you can argue. Look at Lake Louise or Lake Moraine, which are also in this region a few tens of kilometers to the south, for comparison. In our opinion they are not inferior in beauty.

Although Lake Peyto is still different from other local bodies of water. Its water has an interesting composition and color. In addition to the purest mountain water, when the nearby glaciers melt, so-called “glacier flour” falls into the lake.

Minerals dissolved in the water combine with the glacial flour to create this incredible color. The water in the lake looks more like a turquoise milkshake. By the way, there are some similarities with the water in Iceland’s Blue Lagoon, too.

The color of Lake Peyto

The lake owes its name to the man who discovered it. He was the explorer and traveler William “Bill” Peyto. The exact date of the discovery of this attraction of the world is not known, but most likely at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, or early 20th century, as from 1913 to 1936 Ebenezer William Peyto (that is his full name, in the original Ebenezer William Peyto) was the caretaker of Banff National Park.

Mono Lake. California. USA

There are now campgrounds in the Peyto Lake area. Travelers are attracted here not only by the beauty of the lake itself, but also its surroundings, as well as stunningly clean mountain air and unspoiled nature. Despite the fact that the lake is in a national park, you can fish in it. You just need to get a special permit and comply with the requirements to preserve the ecosystem of the lake. The lake is home to salmon, pike, and rainbow trout.

Peyto Lake is just off of No. 93 Innsfield Parkway. There is a branch off the road that leads to Bow Summit Lookout. There is an excellent panoramic view of the entire lake.

Panoramic view of Lake Peyto

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Peyto Lake in the Rocky Mountains of Canada.

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains, Canada, stretches a beautiful lake, which not long ago was unknown to anyone. This place is so beautiful that you can not even believe that it exists in reality. Lake Peyto is located, which is the name it bears, thanks to its discoverer, William Peyto, in the National Park, with the colorful French name Banff. The general outline and shape of Lake Peyto struck a tourist, traveler, and he took a few photos and made it famous around the world. It resembles the head of a dog or even, most likely, a wolf, with protruding ears.

There is an ancient legend about this place. When the white man drove the Sioux Indians from their land, they found their shelter in these very rocks. It was an extremely harsh winter, and many did not survive the cold and hunger. And when it became absolutely unbearable, the dogs prayed to the Great Spirit. Manitou did not ignore this plea, and with one swipe of his finger made a hollow in the mountains, into which water flowed from the glacier. The lake was immediately filled with fish and the weather became warmer. In memory of the fact that the lake originated thanks to the dogs, the Great Spirit gave it such a bizarre shape.

Lake Peyto is located at an altitude of almost two thousandths, relative to sea level, so the air here, in a special way, rich and pleasant. The lake is of glacial origin, and when the glacier melts, it saturates the cool waters with a lot of so-called glacial flour. Because of its presence, the color of the lake is incredibly blue. At times it seems as if it is a piece of the sky nestled among the rocks. Peyto waters are not transparent, they are like a precious matte stone, dissolved by some unknown force. The most courageous tourists climb to the top of Bow Summit Mountain to see this strange beauty for themselves.

Come here, of course, better in the summer, when the melted ice saturates the blue waters to the extreme. You can stay in the nearby town of Banff, where there are several comfortable hotels. The locals are also willing to rent a house for tourists, and even equip them with all the necessary tools and equipment. But it’s better to stay at the tourist base right near the lake. Maybe here you will find “multistar” comfort, but the silence, beauty and peace, you will feel 100%!

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