Pidgoreckiy castle in Lviv, How to get there and description

Podgoreckiy Castle

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Podgoreckiy castle: brief history

The castle was founded in 1640. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that two architects worked simultaneously on the project and combined the gracefulness of the palace and the power of defensive fortifications. This combination attracts connoisseurs of art and lovers of such unusual architectural masterpieces.

Podgoretsky castle is a striking example of the change from the defensive to the palatial architecture of the noble residences.

The castle, like other ancient constructions in the region, was destroyed and rebuilt several times. In 1646, after the arrival of King Vladislav IV, the castle suffered its first destruction. In 1651, the restoration began, which lasted 20 years. But in eight years after the restoration the building was again shaken by the Tatar invasion.

The castle often changed hands of different owners or was passed on by inheritance.

Podgoreckiy Castle

During the Soviet Union times, the Lviv historical museum was entrusted with the castle, but it failed to take proper care of it.

Once there was even a sanatorium for people suffering from tuberculosis. It was like that till the period of Ukrainian independence. In 1997, the specialists undertook a grand restoration and Podgoretsky castle in Lviv began to take care of it. The Gallery of Art in Lviv was entrusted to take care of the historical monument.

Its exterior resembles a palace. To get to the courtyard you have to go through a big beautiful gate. Inside you can see an old sundial.

The gate of the castle

Although this ancient castle is no longer as rich in interior decoration, it delights with its unique architecture.

The architectural ensemble of the castle consists of:

  • the inn;
  • church;
  • park.

Adjacent park

A single-storey barrack-type inn was built for workers, but at the same time it served as a hotel with a tavern. It is one of the unique buildings of that kind in Ukraine.

The church is located opposite the castle gate. Its Baroque architecture enhances the beauty of the palace.

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Exaltation and St. Joseph Roman Catholic Church

Photo helps to create an irresistible desire to visit Podgoretsky castle. On the pictures it fascinates with its majesty. The chateau park is a rare monument of ancient park-garden art of the state level.

By its artistic conception the park is very interesting: it combines sculpture, relief, vegetation and architecture in an amazing way. In the past, exotic birds roamed through it, but today the park is decorated with old lindens, which add beauty to the place and give a wonderful linden fragrance to its visitors.

Podgoreckiy Castle Mystique of the castle

Locals often associate Podgoretsky castle with ghosts, because there are many mystical stories about the castle’s former owners and inhabitants. One of the unbelievable stories tells about the wife of Count Yablonsky, whose soul seems to walk sadly through the corridors of the castle at long nights.

Probably the rooms of the castle looked like that Podgorecki Castle: How to get there

You can get to the castle from Lviv by shuttle bus or bus. Public transportation leaves from the city bus station № 2. The first leg of the trip is to go to Brody, and then take a shuttle bus in the Zolochevsk direction to the village Podgortsy. The best way to get there on your own transport is the Kiev-Lvov highway, which will lead you straight to the castle.

Time of visit of the castle: in summer 11:00 – 18:00, in winter 10:00 – 17:00, on Sundays the working day is shortened: 12:00 – 17:00. Tours of the castle grounds are daily, except Mondays.

You can calculate the distance and fuel consumption for a drive from your city to Podgorecko Castle in this appendix.


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Podgoreckiy Castle

Podgoreckiy castle in Lviv region, Ukraine is well preserved and we can see its splendor and architectural solutions of the masters of the past.

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Podgoreckiy Castle, an architectural landmark and historical monument in the Western Ukraine, together with other old buildings is a part of the so-called “Golden Horseshoe” of Lviv region.

It is mentioned in written sources, that on site of the present castle already in the first half of the 16th century were erected defensive fortifications. A century later by orders of Hetman Konetspolski the construction of a two-storeyed palace with pavilions and a tower adjoined to it began.

Architect Andrea del Aqua gave his creation features typical for the late Renaissance and Baroque elements.

Due attention was also paid to the erection of fortifications. In case the enemy could break through the main fortifications, it would be stopped by a deep moat dug on three sides of the palace. Even in the courtyard near the outbuildings, which formed a square, it was possible to hold the defense for some time. The central entrance to the fortress was decorated with an arch with columns.

King Vladislav IV personally came to appreciate the work of the masters. The monarch’s visit was accompanied by magnificent celebrations and fireworks.

Already by the mid 17th century Podgoretsky castle was partially destroyed during the liberation war. A few years later the castle was restored. Heir to the hetman handed over the management of the castle and neighboring settlements to Jan Sobeskiy, who continued the restoration. But after the Tatar raid, the castle had to be rebuilt.

In 1820 Stanislaw Rzewuski bought these lands. His son Waclaw did a lot of work on the restoration and rebuilding of the castle. Now it is three-storeyed, and the guests are received in a new building – Hetman’s Drive, which is known for its sundial.

In the walls of the castle Wenceslas gathered a collection of art objects and weapons. Also part of the valuables from the Olesky castle was stored there.

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A printing house was functioning in the castle, and a theater group showed its performances for the guests. After the death of the castle owner, all the property was sold at auction, but the castle and neighbouring settlements were bought by his son Severin. He gained fame as an alchemist, treasure hunter, and elixir of eternal youth. Under him and the other heirs of the family the castle was gradually falling into disrepair.

In 1930 the fortress housed a museum, which belonged to Prince Sangushko. In the next decade, it passed under the control of the Historical Museum of Lviv.

During the hostilities of World War II, the castle was significantly damaged and looted. A few years after the war, the sanatorium for patients with tuberculosis was moved here. And that was not all of the damage the castle suffered – a huge fire almost completely destroyed part of the inner rooms. After restoration patients continued to be placed here for recovery, and only in the 90s it was transferred to the Gallery of Arts in Lviv. They started collecting charitable donations to restore the landmark.

The walls of the Knights’ Hall were decorated with rare weapons and armors, and in the Chinese Hall you could plunge into the atmosphere of the East. Among the objects of art were copies of paintings by Renaissance artists, as well as paintings on historical themes by Polish artists. In the dining room there was a marble table, on which the future King Jan III was once baptized. Portraits of famous historical figures and clergymen adorned the walls.

Talking about Podgoreckiy castle complex, we should mention the park. It was made in the best traditions of landscape gardening of Italian masters of those times. It is decorated with sculptures, located according to the terrain and the type of vegetation.

There used to be a rich collection of Hussar outfitters in the castle. Unfortunately it is not possible to see all the items in one place nowadays, because they are stored in the collections of Russia, Ukraine and Poland.

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The Church of the Exaltation, which is part of the castle complex, was originally conceived as a tomb where members of the Rzewuski family were supposed to rest. The baroque rotunda dates from the middle of the 18th century. It is decorated with sculptures by Fessinger and Leblas. The castle and the church are connected by a linden alley, which is about 300 meters long. Both Lviv masters and artists from Poland have worked on the painting of the interior walls. Nowadays, the church is managed by the Greek Catholic clergy.

The Ghost of Podgoreck Castle

Employees of the castle and its visitors have repeatedly encountered a manifestation of the supernatural here. A ghost has also been captured on photographs. It is possible that in her life the wraith lady was the wife of a noble lord who immured her alive into the wall of the castle.

There are even several versions of events and possible historical prototypes. The story of the jealous husband who married a young maiden at a respectable age. Eaten up by jealousy and essentially unfounded suspicions, he kept an eye on his wife and wouldn’t let her set foot without his permission. The poor girl liked to seclude herself in the park, avoiding her husband’s company. He ordered her to be walled up alive in one of the castle walls. It is said that it was because of such an unjust and terrible death that the soul cannot rest to this day.

According to another version, the reason for such a cruel massacre of his wife was not jealousy at all, but envy and paranoia. The alchemist Severin of Zhevussky had devoted much time and effort to discovering the elixir of youth. When his attempts failed, he turned all his frustration and rage to his young wife. Everyone loved the beautiful and generous Miss, who seemed to shine with her own special inner light. They were afraid of the unsuccessful researcher and tried not to meet him. So he decided desperate Severin that his wife knows a secret, in fact, it seemed that the years have no power over her. The alchemist did not believe her words about the need to enjoy life, to be considerate and responsive to others. He decided that she was just mocking him and did not give up the secret. That’s when he gave the order to wall the poor woman up in the castle wall.

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Whatever her story, her luminous silhouette continues to be seen in the palace of Podgorecko these days. Mysticism and psychic lovers visit the castle in the hope to unravel the mystery of the lady in white.

Address: Pidgoretsi, Brody district, Lviv region, Ukraine, 80660

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