Pinzolo is an Italian ski resort in the Dolomite Alps

When is the best time to go to Pinzolo in Italy?

Pinzolo is a ski resort in the Dolomite Alps in northern Italy, together with the neighboring ski centers is part of a single ski area Skirama Dolomiti.

The Pinzolo municipality is located in the Trentino-Alto Adige autonomous region in northeastern Italy. The region of Trentino-Alto Adige is divided into two autonomous provinces:

  • German-speaking Bolzano;
  • Italian-speaking Trento (Trentino).

Pinzolo is part of the autonomous province of Trento and belongs to the Italian-speaking area of the region. This ski resort belongs to the natural region of the Dolomite Alps, a mountain range in the Eastern Alps on the border of Italy with Austria and Switzerland.

How to get to the resort

Pinzolo is located in the mountains and it is connected to the outside world through 2 towns: Trento and Brescia. From Trento to Pinzolo, take the SS 45bis Gardesana Occidentale, then turn off at Sarcke on the SS 237, and around the village of Tione di Trento turn north on the SS 239. The distance from Trento to Pinzolo is 57 km. The second route is the SS 45bis Gardesana Occidentale leading from Brescia, at Tione di Trento turn north onto the SS 239. The distance along this route is 110 km.

Pinzolo is connected by bus routes to several cities in Northern Italy: Brescia, Bergamo, Verona and Trento. Brescia, Verona and Bergamo are the closest cities to Pinzolo with airports; there are flights from Russia only to Verona-Villafranca in Verona. From here you can get to Pinzolo via Trento by cab, bus or by booking a transfer at the hotel. Alternatively, you can take the Verona-Bolzano train and get out in Trento, from where you will get to Pinzolo along the mountain roads.

If you go by train, it is best to go to Trento, as it is the closest place to Pinzolo with a railway station. From there you can get to the ski resort by bus, cab or by ordering a transfer.

Climate and weather in Pinzolo

Located in the foothills, Pinzolo is characterized by an inland temperate climate. This is due to the influence of the altitude belt – as the altitude rises, the climate becomes colder. Pinzolo is characterized by dry winters with average temperatures below zero and humid warm summers.

The coldest months of the year are December and January, when the average temperature reaches -5°C. Winter comes to Pinzolo in November when the thermometer drops below zero and lasts until the end of March. At the same time in the village there is a permanent winter cover. On the mountain peaks the snow lies even longer. The winter in the Dolomites Alps is characterized by dry, sunny weather, with only 3-4 days of snow per month.

Spring in Pinzolo comes in late March and early April. In summer it is really warm – the average daytime temperature in July is +22°C, in June and August it is +21°C. However, the nights here are cold, as elsewhere in the mountains. Even in July and August the average night temperature is +11 ° C, and in June is kept at +8 ° C. So even during your summer trip to Pinzolo it will be nice to have some warm clothes with you. The downside of summer in Pinzolo is that it rains almost every day, but it only lasts for a short time and for the rest of the year it is always sunny.

Local cuisine

Italy is known to be a gastronomic paradise, and Pinzolo is no exception. Local cafes and restaurants can be called an inseparable part of the resort, because when it is light out the whole life moves here. Local cuisine is different from the usual ideas of Italian gastronomy, as it was greatly influenced by the neighboring Austria. The area only in the XX century became part of Italy and before that since the Middle Ages it was under the rule of the Austrian Crown. It is no coincidence that the second name of the province is South Tyrol. Although nowadays the majority of the population is Italian, the influence of Tyrolean cuisine is still huge.

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For this reason except for the traditional pasta, pizza, risotto and prosciutto you can find all kinds of dumplings, dumplings, roast beefs and soups. Especially popular are the Tyrolean dishes: gröstl (pork brisket with potatoes), Tyrolean bacon, sausages or Tyrolean-style Kaiserschmarrn.

Even familiar Italian and Austrian dishes can take on a regional twist in this province. For example, polenta, the corn porridge that was once the most popular food among the local peasants, has now gained a place in haute cuisine restaurants. There are many types of polenta in the Pinzolo cafes: with mushrooms, with meat, with onions, baked, with anchovies, etc. Another world famous Italian dish, risotto in Pinzolo has its regional variety – risotto with apples.

Another “chip” of the local gastronomy is the influence of the cuisine of the Ladins, a small people of the Rhaeto-Romanic group of languages that live exclusively in the Alpine mountains. The influence of the Ladins can be attributed to the appearance of dishes such as pearl barley soup, walnut and honey pies, capuni (stuffed cabbage rolls), etc. in Pinzolo restaurants.

Italian and Austrian traditions are also combined in alcoholic drinks. The basis of the alcohol menu is beer, wine of Italian and Austrian varieties, and of course, mulled wine, ideal for local conditions as a warming drink.

Pinzolo ski resort in winter

Pinzolo is a resort primarily designed for downhill skiing from the nearby mountains. In case there is not enough snow, the slopes are covered with artificial snow using special snow guns. Skiing is done on Mount Doss del Sabion, and since Pinzolo is connected by cable car to Madonna di Campiglio and other holiday villages, the total skiing area increases manifold.

In addition to skiing, Pinzolo has plenty of other fun things to do with snow and winter in one way or another. For those who prefer to ski on a flatter surface, cross-country ski trails are available. There is only one track in the area around Pinzolo, but it is not very long, 5 km. It is located in Carisolo, east of Pinzolo. As an alternative to the track are many hours of skiing in the surroundings of the resort to the local attractions.

Opened on the slope of Mount Doss del Sabion, Brenta Snow Park has become an iconic place for snowboarders. The park is served by a multi-lift and often hosts festivals and competitions among snowboarders. The snowboarding track consists of a halfpipe, several jumps and slopes. Park schedule: 09:30 a.m. to 16:00 p.m.

Also in winter you can ride a dog sled, try ice climbing, skate in the Ice Palace or go paragliding in winter. You can book a flight with an instructor directly in Pinzolo, just contact Wings 2fly in the office at 9 Roma Street. In winter, customers fly paragliders, with their shoes on skis, for a better landing.

What to do in the summer

Although Pinzolo is primarily positioned as a winter ski resort, there is also something to do in the summer. The mountains are beautiful in any season and, moreover, the infrastructure of Pinzolo makes it possible to have fun in any weather.

The most popular summer activity in Pinzolo is hiking. There are dozens of different routes of varying difficulty, duration and height to be covered. The routes may include visits to various attractions, for example, some of them lead to the famous Nardis waterfall at the mouth of the river of the same name.

An alternative to hiking is cycling. On Mount Doss del Sabion is the Brenta Park, where you can ride on more than 20 trails. Their complexity varies from trails for beginners to professional trails for extreme freeride. The park can be accessed by a ski elevator.

Another summer entertainment is horseback riding, which is organized in this area by Horse Trekking. One of the company’s stables is located near Pinzolo. Here you can book rides on a horse for a period ranging from 1 hour to several days. It is also possible to go on horseback rides for days to waterfalls or through the national park of Adamello Brenta.

In the summer you can also go paragliding, swim in the hotel pool or tour the neighboring towns, such as a trip to the famous Lake Garda.

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Pinzolo sights

A modest village with the status of a ski resort can not boast a wealth of attractions, because most of the ancient buildings were destroyed during a major fire in the early 20th century.

The oldest church in the village is the church of St. Vigilio, located in the local cemetery, which was built in the 14th century in Romanesque style of granite slabs. The southern wall of the church is covered with frescoes that were painted at different times. The most famous image is the Dance of Death by Simone Baskenis, painted in the 16th century. The fresco depicts representatives of all the estates of Renaissance Italy, including the Pope, and between the figures of living people dancing skeletons. According to the artist’s idea, this medieval allegorical subject should symbolize the equality of all people before the face of death. Address: Piazza Ciclamino. The temple is open to visitors from June 1 to September 30 (except Sundays), visiting hours: 09:30 – 11:30, 15:30 – 17:00.

Another ancient temple of Pinzolo is the Baroque Church of St. Lorenzo, built in the second half of the XVIII century. The author of the design of the temple was the Italian architect Pietro Bianchi, known for his buildings in neighboring villages. The main facade of the building is decorated with images of saints and a large inscription, otherwise the external appearance of the temple is quite modest. The church of St. Lorenzo became the main parish church of Pinzolo. Next to the church, a century later, a bell tower was built, which is now visible from all points of the village. The address of the church is Piazza Liberta, 13.

Another religious building in Pinzolo is the Chapel of St. Jerome (San Gerolamo). It is the oldest structure of the resort, as no one even knows the exact date of its construction. The chapel has been known since at least the sixteenth century. Recent renovations have uncovered frescoes from the 16th century and a wooden altar from the 17th century. Every year on St. Jerome’s Day, the locals gather for a service in the chapel, followed by a feast with refreshments. The address of the chapel is Gerolamo Square, 1.

How much money to take

Pinzolo is considered one of the most affordable resorts in the Italian Dolomite Alps. By comparison, the cost of accommodation in neighboring Madonna di Campiglio is higher by 2-3 times, given that the ski area in both resorts is the same. Therefore Madonna di Campiglio is considered a luxurious resort for the rich, and Pinzolo – a resort with democratic morals and prices.

However, democracy does not change the fact that any skiing – in itself an activity for non-poor citizens. For example, a ski pass (daily ticket to the slopes) in the low season will cost 41 EUR for adults and 20 EUR for children, in the high season – 46 EUR and 23 EUR respectively. During the Christmas and New Year vacations the prices are even higher. A ski pass allows unlimited skiing on all slopes during the day. A multi-day pass is cheaper: for example, a 10-day ski pass for adults during the low season costs 287 EUR. Most tourists come here without their own equipment, so you have to rent skis, equipment and ski suits.

Prices for accommodation start from 70 EUR per room per night, but in most cases you will have to pay at least 100 EUR. So to have a rest in Pinzolo you have to count on not less than 1500 EUR per person for a two-week stay.


Ski slopes in the vicinity of Pinzolo are located on the slopes of Doss del Sabion mountain. You can get to the top of the mountain by ski elevator. Its starting station is located in the center of Pinzolo next to the church of St. Vigilio.

Skiing on Doss del Sabion takes place at the top of the mountain at an altitude of 2,100 meters to a mark of 1,500 meters above sea level. There are almost no trees on the slopes of the mountain, so the skiing on the various tracks is comfortable and relatively safe.

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A total of 16 groomed slopes on the mountain Doss del Sabion. Most of the ski slopes Pinzolo – red, medium difficulty, suitable for advanced skiers, a total of 8 such slopes. 5 slopes are blue, suitable for beginners, 3 slopes are black, intended for experts in skiing. Blue and black slopes are 3 km each, and red ones are 20 km long. Despite the different gradations, all the slopes of Doss del Sabion are not particularly long, so those wishing to test themselves on the longer slopes are advised to go to nearby Madonna di Campiglio.

The longest track of Doss del Sabion is DoloMitica, its length from the top of the mountain to the end point near the village is 5,750 meters. The most difficult is the black trail Competition. Despite its modest length (1,100 m), the steepness of its slopes makes it the most dangerous in the area.

With the advent of the cable car that connects Pinzolo and Madonna di Campiglio, ski areas of both resorts merged into a single Campiglio Dolomiti. With Folgarida and Marilleva ski areas reached a total length of 150 km.

Tips for vacationers

Winter and summer hiking in the mountains implies an appropriate level of equipment and suitable clothing. Even in summer in the mountains can be quite cool, especially at night, so do not come here without a stock of warm clothes. Obligatory and comfortable shoes suitable for hours of hiking in the mountains. The winter ski tours around Pinzolo may require climbing in the mountains, so it is often necessary to use climbing crampons and ropes.

Inside Pinzolo, the best way to get around is on a special ski bus that runs from the nearby village of Massimeno to the elevators on Mount Doss del Sabion. A daily ticket on this bus costs 2 EUR, a weekly ticket costs 10 EUR, a seasonal ticket costs 40 EUR. This bus runs only in the winter season – from December 23 to April 2.

Supermarkets are a good alternative to the rather expensive restaurants and cafes in the area. Budget tourist can reduce the cost of food to 10 EUR per person per day. Another way to save money is to use couchsurfing – free accommodation. But you should remember that the couchsurfing movement is primarily an exchange of experience among travelers, not just providing free accommodation. So don’t take a consumerist attitude toward people who let you stay overnight for free. In any case, you need to bring some kind of benefit to the hosts.

Picturesque Pinzolo is an alternative to more expensive resorts in the Italian Dolomite Alps, such as Cortino d’Ampezzo or Anterselva. Holidays in Pinzolo are a good combination of relatively affordable prices, good infrastructure and the beauty of the Italian Alps.

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Pinzolo, Italy 2022: directions, hotels, attractions


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How to get to Pinzolo

Pinzolo ski resort is located in the Dolomite Alps, Italy, next door to another famous resort, Madonna di Campiglio. Pinzolo is a relatively small town and has a home ski area of about 30 km. However, the proximity to other resorts in the region allows you to buy a general ski pass and expand the ski area to 130 km.

The closest major city to Pinzolo is Verona, which has its own international arrival airport. You can also consider flying to Milan or Bergamo, but the distance is further.

By public transport: If you plan to use public transport, you can get from Verona to Pinzolo by train + bus. From Verona to Trento there is a direct train, travel time is about 1 hour. Then from Trento you can take a regional bus that goes directly to Pinzolo. Focus should be on the bus number 201. Travel time is about 2 hours. Check the train schedule on the service Raileurope, the bus schedule – on Ttesercizio .

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Also during the skiing season, from Italian airports to Pinzolo and other neighboring resorts there are bus and car transfers. In winter, group transfers are available from Verona, Milan and Bergamo. You can also order an individual transfer from any airport of your choice.

At the transfer: If you are traveling with ski equipment, a lot of luggage, or, for example, with small children, it is extremely difficult to travel by public transport. If you order a transfer, the driver will be waiting for you at the time of arrival with a nameplate, will help to bring and place luggage, and if you are traveling with children, you can order a child seat or booster in advance.

Also the car is usually equipped with bottled water and air conditioning. You can book an individual transfer in advance through various international services such as Kiwitaxi, Intui. Travel and other similar. The travel time from the airport of Verona is only 2 hours.

By car: You can also take a rental car from your airport in Pinzolo. To rent a car you will need an international driving license, a passport and a bank card. You can pre-book the desired car class at specialized services, such as Rentalcars, Discover Cars, Autoeurope, and others. This will save time and money. The road A22 / E45 connects Verona and Pinzolo (a distance of 140 km, travel time of about 2 hours), the road A4 connects Milan and Pinzolo (a distance of 208 km, travel time of about 3 hours), while the highways A4 and SS237 connect Bergamo and Pinzolo (a distance of 164 km, travel time of about 2.5 hours).

Pinzolo in summer

Eric de Redelijkheid/Pinzolo in summer

Pinzolo Hotels

Pinzolo is a relatively small resort town. It is possible to stay in hotels, apartments, B&Bs and guesthouses, but it is better to book in advance as the number of rooms is limited. It is also worth noting that Pinzolo is always popular among tourists also because the accommodation here is much cheaper than in neighboring Madonna di Campiglio, while the skiing area they share.

Lefay Resort & Spa Dolomiti 5* is a resort in Pinzolo, surrounded by a garden and located within walking distance of the ski elevator. It offers a restaurant, bar, indoor and outdoor pools, fitness center. You can stay in rooms of different capacities, including apartments. Each room is equipped with a coffee machine or a kettle. Breakfast is included in the price. Wi-Fi is available in the hotel rooms for free. There is a place to work on your laptop. Free private parking is available on site. Ski equipment rentals and ski storage facilities are available. The front desk serves guests 24 hours a day and provides luggage storage services;

Dolomeet Boutique Hotel 4* – the hotel has a good location, just 200 meters from the nearest ski elevators. It offers free bicycle rentals, sauna, whirlpool. There is also a restaurant, bar and garden. Guests can stay in rooms of different capacities. Buffet breakfast or half board is included in the room rate. Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel for free. Free private parking is available on site. A ski pass is for sale at the front desk, and ski storage facilities are available;

La Locanda 3* – The hotel is located in the center of Pinzolo. Nearby is a bus stop, thanks to which you can quickly reach the ski elevators and neighboring resorts. The hotel has a bar and a furnished garden. It has rooms of different sizes and apartments. Buffet breakfast is available for an additional fee. Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel and is free of charge. Free private parking is available on site. Luggage and ski storage services are offered at the front desk;

Hotel Wanda 3* – The hotel is in a picturesque location in Pinzolo, with a bus stop nearby that provides transportation to the elevators and neighboring towns. It offers a sauna, Turkish bath, hydromassage and a games room with table tennis and billiards. Guests can stay in single and double rooms. Breakfast, depending on the room, can be included or paid extra. Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel free of charge. Private on-site parking is available for an additional fee. A ski pass sale, ski equipment rental and storage space for luggage and skis are available at the front desk;

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Hotel Denny 3* – The hotel is located in the neighboring village of Carisolo to Pinzolo. The hotel has a wellness center, a gym, a restaurant and a terrace for relaxation. Guests can stay in rooms of different capacities, including family rooms. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel for free. Free private parking is available nearby. Ski access to the hotel is available in winter. The front desk offers ski equipment rentals, luggage and ski storage, and an ATM.

Streets of Pinzolo

Eric de Redelijkheid/ The streets of Pinzolo

Pinzolo sights

The main focus of the resort in Pinzolo is skiing. There are just over 30 km of slopes. In addition, there is also an opportunity to combine the home ski area with the neighboring Madonna di Campiglio ski area. Between the towns operates a common elevator Campiglio Express. In this case, the total ski area is about 150 km.

In the home zone of skiing, red slopes of medium complexity prevail. There are also a few blue (easy) and black (difficult) slopes. There is a snow park here. There are opportunities for cross-country skiing.

In the general skiing area (together with Madonna di Campiglio) there are 42 blue, 37 red and 21 black slopes for every taste. There are 4 snow parks, and the area for cross-country skiing has been greatly expanded. It takes about 20 minutes to get from Pinzolo to the general skiing area.

In addition to skiing, Pinzolo also offers many sporting activities, such as dog sledding or a visit to the local ice rink. The ice rink is covered and you can go skating as well as ice hockey or curling. If outdoor skating appeals to you, nearby Madonna di Campiglio has an outdoor ice rink on the lake.

The beauties of the outskirts of Pinzolo

Andrea Greselin/Beautiful near Pinzolo

Of the evening activities in Pinzolo, restaurants, bars, discos, and a movie theater are also available. In addition, many hotels offer spa services in their own wellness centers. Visits often include options such as sauna, whirlpool and regular massages, grooming treatments, Turkish baths, sensory showers and more.

During the summer, Pinzolo also opens its doors to tourists and travelers. There is an extensive network of hiking routes through the mountains, to waterfalls, picturesque valleys, etc., and for those who do not like long walks, the elevators continue to operate. Biking trails as well as horseback riding trails are also available. Also at any time of the year, whether in winter or summer, you can try extreme activities, such as paragliding, which is popular here.

For unwinding, the local spa, Centro Pineta, is perfect, spread over 500 square metres right in the center of Pinzolo. The spa has an indoor pool, Kneipp pool, Mediterranean pool, Jacuzzi, Caldarium (hot tub), Finnish sauna, sensory showers and relaxation area. The center is open daily from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. (pool only) and from 2:30 to 7 p.m. (all options). The cost of admission is 10 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child in the morning hours, 22 euros for an adult and 5 euros for a child in the afternoon hours.

In general, we can say that Pinzolo, despite its small size, can be a great alternative to the more famous neighboring resorts. Here is a quieter, more relaxed atmosphere, with active holidays can be combined with the options of neighboring resorts, because there are unified ski passes.

Winter Panorama of Pinzolo

Adriano Ongari/Winter Panorama of Pinzolo

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