Placlay, a village of ghosts UK

The mystical village of Plockley.

The Mystic Village of Plakli

Did you know that in England officially keep a register of ghosts, from which they periodically cross out the spirits that are not more than fifty years? Only here, the entities in this mysterious country is not becoming less! Here even began to develop “mystical tourism”. And the leader of anomalies, is the English village of Placlay, more familiar to the general public as the “Village of Twelve Ghosts” or “Ghost Reserve”. It is located in the English county of Kent.

The Mystic Village of Plakli

The Mystic Village of Plakli

The Mystic Village of Plakli

In general, it is worth noting that in the UK otherworldly creatures are not only respected, trying not to disturb them, but even proud if the house has its own ghost, proudly telling potential buyers when selling their real estate. According to surveys, seventy percent of Britons believe in the existence of spirits, twelve – have seen them yourself, the rest – doubt, because until they saw their own eyes.

There are many haunted houses and castles in England, where residents successfully coexist with otherworldly forces, but in the village of Placlay – the anomalous zone of the country, their number is off the scale. It takes forty minutes by bus to get to Plakely village from the capital of England – London. According to ancient legends and stories of local residents, there are constantly inhabited by no less than twelve ghosts, which are seen not only by villagers, but also visitors. This is what draws to the village numerous curious, wishing to experience a keen sense, a splash of adrenaline and explorers of mystical and anomalous phenomena. The strange thing is that all these undead souls, out of thousands of English villages have chosen Plakely. But, locals have put up with this neighborhood and even learned not to be afraid of bezhestvennyh creatures, saying that they are harmless and can scare his unexpected appearance only unprepared man.

The Mystic Village of Plakli

The Mystic Village of Plakli

The Mystic Village of Plakli

The most interesting thing is that digital instruments do not register any magnetic anomaly, so one group of anomaly zone researchers suspected that this is a conspiracy of local residents, in order to attract tourists, and they came to Plakli the year before last to expose the deceivers. The day after their arrival, swarms of flies suddenly invaded the village, and it was the beginning of winter and the temperatures were low, which was in no way conducive to such an invasion. The flies increased in numbers every day while the researchers were there – millions of them, everywhere – with no chemical remedy at all. Then the scientists decided to leave the village of Plakley, and all the flies mysteriously disappeared. But in an Internet blog, the researchers promised to return in an attempt at the next reveal.

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So, what kind of ghosts can be seen in the English village of Pluckley?

An empty carriage pulled by four ghostly horses rides along the road that leads to the neighboring village of Malthmans Hill in Plakely several times a year. This carriage looks real, unlike the horses, only it is not worth approaching. They say that in 2007, the carriage saw a curious tourist who came to Plakli with friends. He jumped into it and the “infernal” horses carried him off in an unknown direction. He has been missing ever since.

At the ancient bridge across the creek, one often sees the ghost of an old gypsy woman smoking a pipe. The fact is that she was burned on this spot many centuries ago on charges of witchcraft. Now she waits for travelers who have come too late, and offers to give fortune-telling by hand.

Near the old mill you can meet the ghost of the miller, completely black. It is said that he can only be seen before a thunderstorm. Some say that he is black because he burned in the fire, others argue that this blackness is external, from the blackness of his rotten soul, mired in sins.

Near the mighty oak tree, located in an ancient local park, people often see a chronomirage: the execution of an outlaw that took place on this spot two centuries ago.

At Greystones Manor, which stands in the central part of the village, you can see the ghost of a monk strolling on the arm of a lady from Rosecourt. It is said that his soul was doomed to wander forever because he broke his vow of chastity while alive and had intercourse with this woman.

And this woman of the Rosecourt estate is also a ghost, for she committed suicide because of this secret relationship by drinking poison. There is also the mystical activity of a ghostly woman in this house.

There used to be a wood on the village outskirts, where at one time a colonel of an English military unit hanged himself, who was accused of a large monetary embezzlement. Now there is a pasture where, on moonlit nights, the silhouette of a man in uniform with a rope around his neck is seen strolling, which the locals assume is the colonel who hanged himself.

Another hangman is found in one of the streets of Plakli, near a sprawling laurel tree – it is a former schoolteacher who hanged himself because of unrequited love, just after the end of World War I. To this day he is still seen at night, swinging in a noose.

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The village of Plaquely is haunted by the ghosts of two sisters from the aristocratic Denning family: while the “Woman in White” is found in the central square, the “Woman in Red” strolls near St. Nicholas Church. Most interestingly, it is here in the family crypt, on the lower level, that her remains rest. It is said that her relatives, in order to end her restless otherworldly life, buried her body in seven coffins, according to the “matryoshka” principle, but this did nothing to soothe the troubled soul.

Behind the local railroad station is a clay pit where the ghost of a worker who died centuries ago in a sudden collapse of soil is often seen.

A rabid dog shot by police officers is another phantom, but it is rarely seen; more often locals and tourists hear the terrifying howl that spreads through the area at night.

Whether you believe in the otherworldly forces or think that ghosts live only in the imagination of some faint-hearted people, you have a great opportunity to check it for yourself. Tourists from different countries, to the mystical village of Placlay, go by thousands, at least one eye to see something mysterious, and according to their stories, many of them really succeed.

The ghosts of the English village of Placlay

Great Britain – the land of mists, ancient castles and ghosts. According to surveys, 70% of the population does not even consider the existence of otherworldly people near them strange, and 12% have seen them with their own eyes. But even with these statistics the village of Placlay, located southeast of London in Kent, has broken all records of anomalousness.


This small area is home to a dozen human and animal ghosts. It’s called the Village of Twelve Ghosts. According to the locals, the phantoms can be found in those places in the village where death once overtook people.Only it is unclear: why are not all those who died a violent death wander around, but only these twelve?

The population has long since put up with such a neighborhood, not afraid of ghosts, as they are harmless and can only scare unprepared people.

Why do ghosts like this particular village? After all, it is no different from hundreds of others – the same small houses, church, railway station, clay pit and meadows with grazing herds. Some skeptics suggested that the villagers, by telling their horror stories, were trying to advertise and attract tourists.

One could agree if it were about the same ghost, but it is impossible to come up with so many stories. And random strangers have seen ghosts more than once.

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It is interesting that the specialists who study the paranormal phenomena tried to capture the ghosts on photos and video, but the digital equipment, unlike the human eye, could not do it. There is an opinion that there is a special air in these places: acting in a certain way on the eyesight, it creates images of the heroes of scary stories.

Nevertheless, the people of Plakely are probably the only people in England who do not celebrate Halloween – apparently, they have enough evil stuff in their lives without it.

It’s also surprising that Placliff is mentioned in the Book of Doomsday, England’s general land and property census, commissioned by King William the Conqueror in 1086.


Strange creatures in a photo taken at Placlay

There’s a place in the village called Freight Corner, which means “nook of fear.” Once upon a time there was a huge majestic hollow oak tree. A few centuries ago an outlaw was murdered near this oak. He died a horrible death: he was nailed to the tree with a spear by his accomplices.

Each night, the long-gone oak appears in a gray haze, and the ghostly robbers reprisal the one who wanted to steal the loot. As soon as it dawns, the oak, the treasure, and the participants in the bloody drama vanish into thin air. Hard to believe? But there are quite a few who have seen it with their own eyes!

One of the rare places in Placlay where you don’t have to fear encountering ghosts is Parkwood. It used to be a dense, impenetrable forest. Then the woods were cut down, the area was cleared and turned into pasture. It is said that a colonel of one of the military units standing nearby once hanged himself in that wood. He was accused of either financial fraud or grand larceny.

The colonel committed suicide to avoid the disgrace. As long as the forest existed, the ghost of the forest colonel, as he is called here, wandered among the trees with a scrap of rope around his neck. Now he can be seen elsewhere in the village, but not here.

However, there are two men hanged here. At the end of the First World War, a village schoolmaster hanged himself from a laurel tree, then growing beside Dickie Basses Lane. The story goes that the reason for the suicide was unrequited love. To this day his ghost can be seen dangling in a noose in the wind, on the very laurel tree. Especially often the phantom appears to passersby in inclement weather.

The people of Plakli are so used to ghosts that they even joke about the appearance of some of them. For example, they say that the approach of a thunderstorm can be determined without special devices and forecasts of weather forecasters. Allegedly, they have their own “forecaster” – a ghost called the Black Miller. Shortly before the first thunderstorm clouds appear at the ruins of the old mill, this ghost appears. A man dressed in black and with a completely black face.

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His story is unknown to the locals. They can only assume that once during a thunderstorm, lightning destroyed the mill and the miller who was there burned. Some say he sinned so much in his lifetime that he turned black under the weight of his sins and his soul finds no rest in eternal wandering on earth.

Not far from the railway station there is a small brickyard. The ghost of a screaming man dwells there. It is said that he died while working at the clay pit when the ground collapsed. The poor man was screaming and screaming for help, but by the time they pulled him out from under the cave-in, he was already dead. Now once a week, in the evening, his ghost appears there, screaming as much in fear and pain as he did in his dying hour.

Another member of the male ghosts appears at Greystone Manor. This is the ghostly monk. He is usually seen on the arm of a female ghost. True, no one knows how he died or what bonded them while they were alive.


In the central square of Plakli in the late evening you can meet the ghost of the Woman in White. Most likely, this woman belonged to the noble family of Dering. Interestingly, there is also a ghost called the Woman in Red who is supposedly the sister of the Woman in White. The ancestors of the Deringes settled in these parts centuries ago.

They previously owned a huge manor house, but in 1952 it burned down, and now their descendants live in a modest two-story house. The owners of the manor believe that the Woman in White is the ghost of their great-great-grandmother, who used to wear white clothes. The Woman in Red, on the other hand, is most often seen in the village cemetery adjacent to St. Nicholas Church.

Her mortal remains rest in an underground church crypt. It is as if her relatives foresaw that after her death her soul would find no rest, so they buried the girl in seven nested lead coffins. Only, as time has shown, this did not prevent her ghost from getting out of the crypt and wandering in her native places.

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There’s a haunted house of its own in Plakely, Rosecourt Manor. Its owner once killed herself by concocting a potion of poisonous berries. It happened between 4:00 and 5:00 p.m. No one knows what the reason for the suicide, but since then, at this time the ghost of the mistress of the manor with mournfully bowed head can be seen in one of the windows. It is with her that the ghostly monk walks through the village. Could it be because of him that the woman committed suicide?

Another ghostly woman with a pipe in her teeth frightens the late passers-by by offering to give them fortune-telling by hand. This is the ghost of a gypsy woman who was once burned near the creek on charges of witchcraft.


Ghost encounters occur outside the village as well. A carriage drawn by four horses is often sighted on the road from Placlay to Maltman’s Hill. On a dark night, rumor has it, you can hear the clatter of horses’ hooves and the squeak of carriage wheels as they drive along the deserted road.

It is interesting that the carriage, unlike the horses, is quite tangible. You can touch it and look inside. True, it is empty on the inside. They say that in 2007, a brave man ventured into it. And the horses carried it toward the pasture. No one has seen it since.

Finally, the ghost of a rabid dog shot by a police officer. Unlike the other ghostly inhabitants of Plaklee, it rarely shows itself to people’s eyes. But its ominous howl, broadcast from the woods, can be heard throughout the neighborhood.


In 2011, an amateur team of anomalous phenomena researchers arrived in Plakly. The experts were skeptical. It happened just before winter, when temperatures were just above zero. And suddenly at that very moment, hordes of flies descended on the village. The insects were everywhere, they flooded the houses, interfering with car traffic.

Residents bought up all the remedies for the pesky insects at local stores. But the preponderance of forces in the war with the flies was on the side of the latter. An emergency meeting of the parish council even had to be called about the “fly attack. Surprisingly, after the researchers-explorers left the village of Plakli, unable to carry out their plan because of the insects, all the flies disappeared. This phenomenon could not be explained even by scientists.

Nevertheless, none of the residents wanted to leave Plakli. According to them, since they are used to ghosts, they might as well get used to flies.

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